Monday, March 14, 2016

The Powerful Eclipse season

Dear Beloveds!

We are in the Eclipse season and the first Eclipse just happened ... and we are in for more Heart openings and major revelations to come. If there are currently any worries present, we need to release them to be in better receiving and fluent mode so that we will have a maximum benefit from the Light of the Eclipse transmission. If we worry too much, we continue to create mental blocks that prevent us from being fully receptive. If we are experiencing distorted sleep patterns at this time, this is also due to the Eclipse, for our bodies are being recalibrated as we move even deeper into our Light body merge! The key Gateway for this particular timeline of our Ascension is deep intimacy, because we are rooting ourselves to the very Root of our existence as consciousness fully embodied and experienced in our unified Self.

This makes us susceptible to higher Light particles which are speeding up our Ascension integration and creating New Earth physical manifestations, which are the new Soul gifts and abilities. They will of course vary for each of us and our Soul evolution and maturity. This means we will each be responsible for these gifts and abilities as well. New guides are also coming in, and they will present themselves to us when we are ready. Again, all it takes is complete presence and openness, and meditation and dream observation with analysis are also very important! If we are experiencing similar or repetitive dreams, they are here to help us discover the missing link, which is that New that this Eclipse will help us to break through and manifest on the physical plane. The seed of the knowing what that is for us already lies within us.

Yes, the flood gates of all sorts of feelings are opening, and our inner Master-teacher and guide will know exactly which doors to close and which new ones to open! Be very observant of what is currently taking place in your reality and follow through with clear guidance! This is a very important time indeed!

Here is my video about this very important time of refined Self Mastery:

Although the energy of the Eclipse Gateway will feel extremely intense (and it's ongoing), it will also help us push beyond our old norms, limitations and outgrown pursuits. Our New Self is blossoming and emerging, breaking through the cracks of the old! Our Life force is unlimited and non static Now, for it moves swiftly and with poise. This is what it means to embody our Ascension. We may outgrow things and situations very fast, even over night in some extreme cases. This is not because there would be anything wrong with us or our perception, but simply because our Life force is embodied Now and it knows where to go and how! We are beyond doubt and self questioning, for our heart and mind intelligence are merged as One unified Whole! This is not a matter of left or right, wrong or right, mind or heart ... only Unity!

We are sovereign and free, no longer held captive and imprisoned with doubt! When our Life force is embodied at its very root, we will know and feel everything that we need and although there will always be challengers and those who may try to oppose it, we will need to trust ourselves and do as we feel deep inside, with our emerging body's intelligence. We are no longer fragmented or scattered in our focus, we are embodied and whole and we know how to be and serve from that space of our utmost purity and devotion, which is the Holy grail of our ascended Presence. We are Creation Masters, and so our vertical married our horizontal and we are One synthesized unit! We may feel a deep sense of personal and transpersonal freedom ... and this is where the next chapter for many of us begins! 

So we have walked through the Gateway of the Solar Eclipse and many of us may be feeling a sense of deepening, of greater longing and calling to our peaceful Presence. Those who are on the path of Self mastery have never had it easy, and although their path has often led them through many earthly perils, all were there to help them master and distill the Wisdom of the Higher Realms to be lived on Earth. This path can lead us through periods of isolation and many deaths of that which is untrue, always listening to the inner integrity of the Golden Self. To be a Luminary is to walk the Golden path and simply show its Way. To show the way is often the most challenging task, because it's not either about 'spiritual' businesses and pursuits nor teaching others. But that path also requires a lot from us, to always show up with absolute purity and dedication to higher service.

A Master of Self can only direct the Way into the path of Mystery of Life. Everything else simply falls away. The mystical path guides the Master's path and although this is neither a job nor occupation, it still requires constant devotion and energy investment, even more so than anything else, for it's the preserving and maintaining of that true Essence, the meaning of the Life that we are as a Master of Creation. For many this path is only just beginning, and we will recognize this path as the disillusionment and the loss of interest over anything else but the expansion into mastery. When all else feels too "flat" for us, a subtle call for mastery will enter our knowing. The Golden Light begins to drive us so strongly that nothing else can have a firm grip on us anymore, for we know our guide and we know what we live! It's time for many to spread their wings and become their own Master of pure integrity and show the way beyond all other requirements!

The potency of the Eclipse is a long lasting energetic influence that is gradually moving us in a new direction, so it may feel like we are in between worlds for quite a while, and this void period is also felt because we are in the last zodiacal sign of Pisces Now, which is all about the death of our old spiritual self before a rebirth into a new one occurs! This in between phase may serve us as an anchor point to tap into our deepest dreams and desires, some of which we have even been hiding from ourselves for quite some time. The opportunities Now come for us to not see this as negative or plain withdrawal, but simply a stage for us to play out our deepest fantasies and Soul yearnings. 

We don't have to act on things or plan them out perfectly right away. We are to be with the mystery of death and rebirth, and the Solar return of our new astrological year, a brand new solar cycle! What can we wrap up during this cycle, what requires our completion? We have to trust the process even when we don't always feel the way forward. Sometimes the lack of knowing is also a part of our guidance, which tells us to rest, rejuvenate and prepare for new and slightly different adventures! The Sun shines brightly on them and we will know exactly when to move ahead with our new map and who to do it with!

A lot of us have recently felt a reset point that will Now slowly but steadily begin to push us in a new direction. This "new" is still all us, for we travel a unified path of Spirit, and yet what feels New is our expansion and the growing into more of the unlimited potential. We may be guided to explore new playgrounds, try new things, travel long or short distances, gather with like minds or simply refresh and renew the way we present ourselves and our persona. We may feel inspired to change our image to better align with our inner expansion. We may suddenly feel like we are on top of the world, with renewed clarity and perspective of our New-Earth Human! The New Earth consciousness is changing us just as much as we are also transforming it from inside out! We must Now learn to love all and everything through a detached middle way of Self mastery.

Not wearing the "illusion" glasses will make us more susceptible to what truly Is, for dreaming of too far away is not who we are anymore. We are New Earth Humans Now, and all the Life force to create can only come from our synthesized Now! We have to see and feel things as they come and go, by how they present themselves to us in the Now, without making projections through promises, beliefs and filters. What Is can only survive in the Now! A New Earth is created through us every single moment, by every conscious choice that we make. What are we participating with? Are we forcing our interactions and outcomes, or are we simply going with the flow of Life? Pushing and striving is of old, conscious awareness and creation is our New Now! What we truly desire needs to be embodied within us first! 

We are the ones making our New Life reality happen! Let us know this and travel to any new realms possible, for nothing is impossible anymore!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn 

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