Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A New kind of Unknown

Dear Beloveds!

A new astrological year began! We are in a new energetic month of April, which is all about a new state of our Human evolution! Many of us have been energetically preparing for this, creating a space of void for new pathways that await. This feels like a totally new territory, almost like somewhere we haven't quite gone before! A new Gateway lies before us, and here we will be asked to strip naked and enter into full acceptance in order to see everything as our Human extension and resource, for there is no division for us anymore! We are no longer separated into categories and movement, for Ascension Pioneers are all unique Beings with one same mission to serve Divine Love, so we can only unite under that One cause that includes everything. What we are creating and playing with Now is New, which means something that we have yet to explore and draw out potential from. The power of desire constantly pushes us beyond the finite world, altering our perceptions of it and making it infinite.

This current spiritual journey is occurring within us first, for we are ascending and descending to higher planes of awareness, wisdom and love. For that to occur we need to let all past spiritual perceptions go and keep only distilled Wisdom. Anything else would only hold us down. This is a significant point in our Soul's evolution, and therefore we can't escape it as it's our Divine Destiny as Pioneering Souls. It might feel as a rare and major event, for we are rediscovering our inner Magic and how to best use it for our sovereign mastery! 

There will be new initiations for us, all bringing us favorable results and eternal blessings. There are cycles of great wisdom and love from this point on! We continue our journey forward, and yet our skills and current resources will be used in a new way, which everyone of us will figure out in their own Divine timing. We either fly or "die" Now!

April brought in a total rebirth for many of us, which feels like our personal 'New year.' The energy is full of blessings and new opportunities, and this is because something is brewing deep under the surface. Many things which seem to be are quite different in Truth, and the more that we are being cleansed of old perceptions and distorted filters, the more we can see the Light of the new day! There are messages being sent our way, and we can almost feel like the Essence of Magic itself. "What is this," we can ask ourselves, as our mind wants to understand these new ways of Being, as it slowly catches up with our Self. Yes, we are beginning to feel a deep fusion of Mind, Heart and root of our Human experiences, and once this process is completely integrated, we will be completely liberated and free as Divine Humans, the New Masters of conscious Soul embodiment.

What we are Now walking through and into has never happened before in our Human Existence, and yet the roots of it go back to our celestial nature of being a Divine Lover. When we become so deeply whole unto ourselves, our every interaction becomes Divine, and our every move guided through the engaged presence of our Life force. As we free ourselves, we also free others, and by no longer wanting to make others our everything, we realize that they already are everything. We already are everything and by no longer living a life of expectations, our reality Now has the potential to become pure Bliss! It truly is that simple Now, so don't make it complicated!

This is almost like the energy of a "new year", for this is when the great wheels of time renew all that is natural and organic, and the more that we embrace our Galactic heritage, the more we are attuned to the natural world and our own role within it. We are shifting as One with the planet as we raise our frequency, and every rebirth leads us into a new phase of resurrection. Physical Ascension is like resurrection, for we keep our body, but we move it into higher octaves of Being through our Soul alchemy. 

At this current point, many ascending Souls are being woken from their heavy sense of responsibility and duty ("lightwork") into a playful embrace of Life full of magical creativity ("lightplay"). If Ascension used to be perceived as a duty, obligation or a selective path of limitation, Now it can be seen as choice through simplicity of living through the Art of Divine Love. 

It really is that simple, and as our Divine child nature awakens, it wants to lead us into new experiences with more openness and a willingness to surrender all concerns, and even old dreams and ideas that we have already achieved ... maybe only in a slightly different way than first imagined. It's time to let go of lesser dreams and loves in order to empty ourselves out, so that bigger visions and dreams can Now become a part of our reality. But we need to believe in them and keep on choosing the path of our highest attainment! That means that we need to always surrender that which we have already transcended in order to move into new pathways with Joy! Choose what feels right in the moment and don't worry about the rest!

We may feel a strong excitement for something new and yet unknown at this time. Even if this is not yet here for us as a physical manifestation, new doorways are opening and energetic opportunities and potentials to explore are waiting for us to discover them. The more we are at peace and inwardly focused, the easier it will be to tune into those potentials and feel them. This all comes from Self alignment, nothing external. This is the paradox of higher Essence living, for the more inward activity creates a more profound external activity. Now we are ready to co-create on a new level, through partnering with Spirit, with more passion and vigor, pure Magic and zest for Life! This is a time for more action and activity, and if a part of us felt like it's sleeping, Now will be time to reawaken it!

Here is my video on creating New pathways through Joy:

The more we master ourselves, the more we know how to work with the Essence of opportunity, because we no longer live in fear of missing out on something, for we know that we are Beings of frequency and that there is always so much Life to participate with, an endless playground of energy mastery! When we live as conscious co-creators rather than passive 'victims' of circumstances, we know how to withhold our Life force and then laser beam it into anything that we currently desire on a Soul level. So many Beings are presently moving from "karmic" levels of creation into the destined realms of pure Soul alchemy, where Love and Wisdom meet as One. This is where we become our Higher Self, and we no longer look at anything as a hierarchy, only Divine ordering. Here we will be entering into sacred partnerships, meet new tribes of like Hearts and co-create new magical experiences! Life can be much more easier and peaceful as we enter into those refined levels of vibration. And Life is about to get much more fun for us!

Here is my video on enlightened living as a Cosmic Beloved:

A lot of us are being moved into embracing more of Life through simplicity. This is where our Heart, mind and the root merge together as One, and so we are beginning to feel the first glimpses of how it is to live in Unity consciousness. This is a new space where not many have gone before! This can feel so different that our first reaction to it might cause us to doubt and worry about what is happening "to us". Here we don't just talk about Unity anymore, for once deeply united from within, all of our Soul aspects are equally reflected and experienced on the stage of our Life. Here is where we can feel our deep wishes of Soul being granted by a larger Whole, which we can call the Universe, the Great Divine, or the One Supreme Being! We feel all of our Divine companions as extensions of us, and because of that we no longer deny them their Existence. All is being played out on the stage of Life so perfectly, and all is for our humble integration!

We are to simply allow everything to take its stage in Life as it needs to, and once it does, we are fully liberated and free. We need to be fully free in order to form Divine partnerships through our own Union. Here is where we are beginning to feel and act as a bigger part of the Whole, a larger sum of Life that we are co-creating together. Everyone on our path is a gift from the Divine, and separation is only a temporary optical illusion. How can we feel closer to others and form loving relationships that are beyond our individual selves? How can we set ourselves and others free? By knowing that they are already everything, and therefore we don't have to control them and make them everything! We just have to drop all of our pretenses and defenses and be who we already are!

The game of Life is to be enjoyed fully, and there is no better way to start but letting others in our sacred world that we created! We are fully safe in doing so, for we are Masters of the New!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn 

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