Sunday, October 22, 2017

Galactic & planetary Light servers arise!

Dear Beloveds!

We opened a New doorway with a Full Moon in Aries, a sign of individuality, new life and beginnings. It was followed by a Libra New Moon of Self liberation. It is very important to build a solid foundation here on Earth, in order to ground our Light in the physical. However, we must do that attachment free, and as ascended Beings we must learn to create abundance from our inner Spirit. There are still a lot of material concerns on this planet, which are a part of collective disengagement with the physical body and the planetary body of Gaia. Yes, we exist in our bodies, but creating through Soul embodiment is not the same as being attached to the material reality. Co-creating with Gaia through the embodied beauty of our sacred vessels is a process of deep merging, not separation and disengagement. There are still so many who are deeply disconnected from the creative power of their bodies, and they don't know the Divine gift of using them in the right way, the Way of sacred creation.

Those who recognize the sacredness of Life shall always receive abundance from Life itself, as the manifesting Life force in the physical. Those who selflessly serve the planet will always be abundant and provided for, although there might still be insecurities or anxiety along the process of completely trusting this flow of Life force. This is not something that can be understood mentally, but only through deep reverence and higher consciousness.

When we follow through our planetary mission and assignments, we are always abundantly rewarded in perfect Divine timing. However, our trust must be fully embodied and our lower will completely surrendered. It is time to remember that we are not here only to take abundance from the planetary/natural resources, but co-create it together as keepers of sacred wisdom and Divine guardians. It is absolute Truth that those who give selflessly and unconditionally shall always receive in an equal manner which the mind cannot evaluate properly. The true value understanding must therefore be born within the sacred Heart, where true gratitude and recognition of everything as a sacred Gift of Life is held.

Our physical Ascension is a process of complete alchemical Union or sacred merging/marriage, which in turn produces a higher embodiment of consciousness which flows through our Galactic Male and Female, or polarized Creation forces in Union. In this embodiment, we do not just mentally understand ourselves as both masculine and feminine, or understand this through our awareness, but we also fully embody this sacred merge. This means that we will no longer lean towards one side of gender polarity expression, but rather express it in a fully unified manner. This will end all expressions of polarization which will result in an opportunity to finally see Ascension through the unified eyes of mastery. There is an uprising of the "sacred feminine" or the so-called "Goddess" movement at this time, but this is not sacred if it doesn't incorporate the act of sacred masculinity and the total Union of respecting both as equal. Divine equals do not teach each other, they rather naturally reflect and learn from each other. This is a natural process of complete acceptance and allowance, in which either "women or men" do not play more important roles.

Physical Ascension is possible only through embracing all as One and aligning our actions, words and deeds with that highest integrity. We then become an Advocate for illumined Union, in which we don't address only the women, or only the men. We don't see any separation between "us and them", for it has always been only "Us", choosing to incorporate gender only as a component of the learning process in this evolution through polarity integration that results in physical Ascension. There are partial understandings within the ascending pathways that lead into full Ascension, and then there is the fully illumined Ascension Truth of Creation. You are only truly Holy in embodiment when You remember this sacredness of Life and live it through non gender specific roles. What we have done in our "modern spirituality" is that we have only replaced certain gender specific roles and with new ones. It's Now time to go beyond this and transcend a world of duality to truly unify!

Watch my Elohim video on the topic of transcending gender roles and moving into illumined Union:

The only true Union that is everlasting is illumined Union. This is because the Light quotient achieved as an internal state of Being is no longer dependent on external validation, recognition or relating from another. This internal independence births a deeper level of interdependence, which is an "infinity symbol" type of connection that is more like a constant communion. Whether that infinite state temporarily births an external union with another does not influence an internal state of Being that is illumined Union of bliss. Therefore temporarily not relating to someone would not influence a state of inner Union. 

That bliss-charged true Love that arises from within is not a temporary experience of the mind, which is impermanent. It can only be permanent when the whole Being experiences it through direct consciousness realization and embodiment. Such a state of Union is always potent, always creating, and yet independent of material creations alone, meaning that a greater level of transcendence creates a level of communion in which only that which is for the greater good in selfless Divine service will be created. This naturally dissolves all mental ways of relating, which are not rooted in the sacredness of the Cosmic Heart, which is always just as Whole and complete as the Heart of the Universe itself. This means that the state of Universal Wisdom can always flow through such an empty chalice which is then able to constantly create a surplus of energy, because it is in a state of Divine Trinity that is infinitely creative in its Essence. Only that makes any Soul Union aligned with the Core of Creation Truth.

As Galactic Humans, we are becoming more in tune with the subtle realms and co-creating together with a vast majority of Presence, through the spiritual hierarchy of or planet, the Ancient keepers and logos of our planet, as well as the higher dimensions. In this higher space, we dream bigger dreams together as a unified collective, and although we often feel that we are alone, we never truly are. The nature of a Galactic Human is a design of interdimensional connectivity, which makes us bring through energies that are not only of this reality. We do a lot of this Light infusion and transfusion in the dream planes, the inner planes and the higher dimensional (or extraterrestrial) planes of reality. 

Through each new dream weaving process, we bring in a new dimensional component that has not yet been explored and embraced on this planet before. Through this process, we help to bring more of dimensional fusion into the physical reality by merging the physical and non physical components, including the vast resources of the extraterrestrial or exo-planetary experience. In our dream time, we are always "scanning" through a vast component of new resources, which we will then integrate into the physical reality. This is both a conscious and subconscious Light process, in which we engage with greater awareness as our Light quotient grows and we become more in tune with the higher consciousness perspective of Unity. 

As sensitive higher consciousness Beings here on Earth, we have chosen to experience many "external conditions" as a part of our Light training, which would help us to materialize a fully balanced polarity, strength and endurance. Why? As a part of Galactic initiative, we have undergone numerous training in different realities and Star systems, which have prepared groundwork necessary for what is Now occurring on this planet. You see, this planet was chosen to integrate polarity through the most adverse conditions that the choice of free will brings. All the chaos that we daily witness in this world is a result of "free will" and the various forms of its clashing. 

There is nothing wrong with free will in its own design, only when it comes to the clashes of duality which make one act of "will" act against another. As this was playing out for Eons of time, many have grew stronger and evolved to the level of an "old Soul". These Souls are Now ready to culminate in their personal development by creating a masterful foundation, while simultaneously becoming prototypes and advocates of the New reality as New Humans. Of course we still experience separation in the external world, and as long as it's happening, we must use it not to fight against it, but rather integrate greater stamina and perseverance as a part of this mastership. This will increase our power of planetary Light service, for our personal Light quotient will grow beyond any separation and hence allow the full Light body merge process. However, during this process we must not identify with the external circumstances and what goes on around us, for those are choices of others who are still learning. We must unify, power through and unite as One!

Beloved Ones of Gaia! In the New ascended reality we do not measure time linearly. We measure it through the greater cycles of Galactic nature, influencing the Solar cycles of our Solar system which then influences cycles here on Earth. As a part of Earth consciousness, our personal bodies and cycles are being influenced as well, which we will each experience individually. The more we connect with the body of Gaia and Sol (the planetary and Solar logos), the less we will feel the need for artificial timing and measuring time as we do now, sequentially and as the main four (cardinal) season. A higher dimensional Earth is connected to the Spiral of Creation (the Pulse of Life) and so are we. We will therefore greatly benefit from aligning with these energetic pulses of incoming Cosmic frequency rather than the old outdated (man made) structures.

Remember that abundance is not an external condition, it's not money and it's not always getting what we want. True Life force abundance is an eternal flow of the infinite support of everything that we need for our Life mission. This abundance originates from the purity of our Essence Self, which then precipitates through the physical form as complete Self fulfillment and well being of our body, mind and Spirit in complete Divine Union. Lack of abundant flow only implies a form of disconnect from the infinite Source and the understanding of how to embody this Divine Light. Liberate yourself of old beliefs and realize that abundance is who You are, as a Divine Lover of Life!

The Aries Full Moon was aligned with many celestial alignments which all pointed to major new beginnings. However, the first part of experiencing these beginnings will always be a crumbling down of everything old, familiar and outworn. For all ascending Beings, this Aries lunation also marked the establishment of the New Human body. Yes, it's challenging to experience this transition into a New body, because the old body is literally "shedding" right before our eyes. Any yet, the New body holds new DNA links and capacity for our New Human form, and so we must allow this transformation to naturally occur.

This metamorphosis is an actual body transfiguration that is a natural part of the Ascension triad of transformation, transmutation and transfiguration as that last stage of development in the whole integration process. In the first part we transform ourselves by shifting in our awareness, in the second part we transmute everything of the old through this newly arisen consciousness of being fully awake, whereas in the third stage we experience literal changes in our physical body that are the result of this Ascension process. As we complete the whole process itself, we exist as a fully activated and enlightened Human Being of higher consciousness in illumined physical form. The preparations for the third stage can be somewhat challenging, because we will experience a lot of "loss" relating to our old body. But we must focus on all the changes we simultaneously experience in our New body, for eventually there will only Be the New body, which is the ascended body of New Earth!

Here is my Ascension update about the body's transfiguration process:

To be a planetary Light server means to dedicate your whole Life to assisting the planetary consciousness into moving in a new frequency. Therefore, You must first leave behind the ego driven world of personal desires and dedicate yourself fully to selfless Divine service. This means that your personal graduation process of Soul maturation and Self realization is not only a requirement, but a natural consequence of aligning with this process where Spirit becomes your only "employee" and You create everything through the beauty and purity of Life Force. On this path, your every activity becomes a sacred devotion and your surrendered flow of living corresponds to the daily chores and Divine tasks that serve the consciousness of Gaia for the highest good! This is not a life of wishful thinking, but rather a constant dedication to the planetary mission!

Here is my Elohim channeling about the seeding of Life:

When it comes to vitality, there is a deeper component than just anchoring and increasing our personal vitality from "raw personal power", which is working with the Universal Life force and Gaia's planetary Life force. The personal component is only a small part of the Whole, and as we open up to the vastness of limitless energy supply, we have to transcend the "personal self" only. The majority of Humans perceive "vitality" as something they need to work hard on accessing and achieving, which can result in difficult workout, etc.

In greater Truth, vitality is a direct manifestation of Universal Life force, which we are all entitled through our birthright as Divine Beings. Therefore, embodied vitality can be accessed and harnessed through Grace and natural flow. Everything we have to work hard for comes through ego, and it is often created through resistance. Therefore the result of it is still finite and mortal. When we create through Life force, we are powerful through a gentle sense of vulnerability and deep allowance which eventually becomes immortal. The more we allow, the more we will strengthen our personal Vortex through a natural infusion of Life force, instead of "hard work" and rigid achievement. 


Cosmic dance is when your whole body speaks Light language of the infinite Life Force! 

This course is designed to increase your body's Divine intelligence. With the knowledge and embodiment of Life Force cultivation, translation and infusion, You will learn how to become an embodied Master of Life Force. This course provides both theory and practice with helpful exercises to attune to your Life Force body mastery.


As You join this advanced Mastery course, You will learn about the nature of becoming a Galactic Human embodiment. This is an extended 4 hour long course which focuses on Life Force mastery through manifestation through pure Spirit/Life Force alone, multidimensional awareness of time/timelines and understanding the natural laws, the Galactic decree/mission, the higher chakric system and the New body template. This course comes together with many additional exercises and a Light activation through the High council consciousness, by embracing the Multidimensional Cosmic Master Self that is also a planetary server of Life through Life Force infusion. In this way, You will learn to become a true planetary advocate as a New Human, steward and guardian.

P.S. We also had a 10-10-10 portal of Light this montj and Jupiter moving into the sign of Scorpio. I was so wrapped around my latest course recording that I was so "presently" absent from consciously remembering that. Due to external circumstances where I live, I suddenly had to grab my things and run outside into Nature. And how magnificently She embraced me! I was doing Life Force cultivation for hours, regardless of an "insomniac" night. The energies were super high, and Now I know why, but not knowing what still keeps me up after such intensity and hard work on recording for hours after getting back home ... so blessings to all and to all a good night!

Oh, Sun, how You greeting us is Divine! May we cherish every moment of Creation, letting nothing simply go by!  

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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