Sunday, October 4, 2015

Our passageway into the New

Dear Beloveds!

We are in the last wave of this current Mercury retrograde, as we prepare for a huge new leap forward! We also have the Grand square that teaches us about action and Self empowerment. The shift can already be felt for many Ascension Pioneers who are moving forward in the New. We are working with the collective/planetary ascending waves and so we are always in flux between releasing in integrating, and yet many tend to get "stuck" in the releasing game. The message of true liberation that I received from Spirit goes like this: "It's all good and fine to be in a releasing phase, for this is what we do to get deeper into the New. But we cannot stay with that phase forever, and at a certain point ... we must break free from the illusion of separation, and this is where every shift can occur almost instantaneously, with such precision and Magic!" We are entering fabulous times of personal liberation, and those of You who can already feel this, please hold the space of escorting your brothers and sisters through this powerful threshold! Be the Love, show the Light!

Here is my video update on Self liberation:

Here is to our emergence in the New! We are in the process of the making, which is the making of the New Self! This last Eclipse was the making of the new chapter for us, a huge reset of some sorts! We are growing through all of the self imposed limitations that we might have been experiencing on our path as Ascension Pioneers, and we are learning about how it truly is to Be Masters of the New! We are not here to constantly negate aspects of us that desire expression, and we don't need to think in terms of lack and isolation in order to gain Self Mastery anymore! We are here to Be and share the Bliss of awareness in many ways and forms, including the most fun ways we could ever imagine! We are to fully trust the guidance and initiative of our Soul and learn to say 'Yes' more, not just 'No' while doubting ourselves and what our Soul delivers to us as an expression and extension of who we are!

Every aspect that we meet in the physical has a Gift for us, and our newfound Mastery lies in learning what these gifts are and how we can benefit from them not just personally, but using them for a greater Divine service! The more we live our Mastery through Divine Grace, the more we emerge, and the more we are called to benevolent service to All Life in Creation, but not through saving or helping out of need, but just sharing the Bliss of our Self Mastery and sharing how to attain it with other fellow initiates of Light in Truth! A Master of Truth knows that everything is already perfect, and as we do so, we know that we are living in Mastery and Self attainment!

This is not the same as being nonchalant, because we do care for our fellow Human, but through rites of passage and benevolent Purity, always in deep compassion and reverence! When we live as such, we know that everyone who crosses our path has a gift of further extension and expansion for us as well, not just us for them ... This is how we begin embracing Unity consciousness through Divine equality!

We are about to go through a combustion phase and explode with this awareness as we move through the 1st planetary Ascension wave, and this is a good sign of our arrival! We have arrived and more awaits from here on!

Here is my latest Ascension update:

Since the Lunar Eclipse the Solar flare activity has increased as well. Please know that we are receiving many upgrades at this special time, and that we are influenced not only by the Solar Flares, but Galactic (Milky Way center) Flares as well, as the Grand central Sun sends us New Light frequencies, and we are here to integrate and embody them. We are receiving both from Source and Spirit, Mother and Father aspects of our Divine Self! If You have moments of feeling void and anxious, know that these Flares are causing tiny "resets" in our old energy grids of the body, as we are already in the co-creation of the new body template of our ascended Self!

Go easy on yourself! We are in times of the shifting realities where it's really important to be in the Present moment while dreaming of the future! We have just entered into a new energetic month of October which is of a 9 overlighting frequency! This is an Essence of culmination and preparation! We are at a pivotal point Now, where we address and assess what worked for us so far and what didn't! Here is where we make choices from the present moment! We are asked to make Peace with what Is and fully embrace our life, for we are the ones creating it! If there are aspects of it that we don't particularly like, we can ask ourselves why it is so, and whether it's just a shifting condition or a permanent lack of satisfaction with what we continue to choose for ourselves!

Yes, we can always choose differently, as we have all the freedom at our disposal! Looking at our life from a neutral and balanced perspective will reveal where we are and where do we wish to travel to next! After the recent shift, we will be integrating these energies for a while Now, as we move into the next year, which is also of 9 vibration! We have gathered much Wisdom, and Now it's time to wear it on all levels! If there is more drawing us, then it means there is more expansion that awaits, and so there is more to dream into Being and create! As we fully embrace our dreams, we will see that they require time and patience, and that is why our higher selves are asking us to have that patience and endurance! Only the separate self wants to hurry and control!

All the things that are of lasting value take time, so it's important that we address our desires from a grounded perspective and know that everything occurs in perfect Divine timing! We can dream and will anything into Being, but it will always require devotion and a steady commitment through Self respect and Love! Nothing happens over night and completely on its own ... So we stay focused and do our part!

We are in a strong releasing wave that has its grip on us, which is actually a good thing, because as Mercury is retrograde for one more week, we will have an opportunity to let go of old situations, emotions and emotional pain! We are also supported through the Sun, as we had several flares this week! Our Sun is as active as the energy needs to be for the greater good of the planet and those of us on it! When we take some time out in Silence, situations will start popping out, which is why many individuals rather keep themselves constantly busy than facing their feelings!

How can we master our emotions and generate new and neutral feelings of Love, if we are not even confronted with our emotional center? It's our emotional center that serves as a passageway into the Core center of our Being, which is where only pure Love resides! True Love can only be discovered by moving through all the other layers and guards that keep us locked from our Truth of Divine Love! As we choose to feel good, it won't mean that Now we will suddenly ignore things that are there as our feelings, but it will mean our conscious choice to embrace them and deal with them through Self compassion! All the unloved parts need to be loved and as we make such healthy choices for ourselves, the internal shift within us will change our external reality!

All the power to do this lies in our own hands, or better yet our hearts! Venus moves out of her shadow next week too, so the more releasing work we do, the more we will live in Joy of what we embrace as our newly accepted reality! We will be more direct and responsive with our deepest desires, because we will no longer suppress them! Remember this golden rule that says that the more light enters, the more shadow is released, for in the Truth of neutral polarity they are balanced and not separate, and only this pure awareness creates wholeness in our Being! Do we stay in the old and continue to hope something will just magically change for us on the outside ... Or do we consciously engage in change through Self knowing?

We all know what we need to do to live in the Magic of Being, but are we doing it? Are we creating it?

Here is my video on the New Grid of Light:

A new creative way of harmony is there for us, but we are still in the process and progress of making choices and changes! The reason why we might not always be getting clear answers from our direct Higher Self connection is because we need to develop a sense of trusting our inner Human feeling as well, which always moves with the flow of Now! We need to develop a sense of playing our own harmonic music with melodies of our own Heart beat! So as we are learning how to choose, we are actually empowering ourselves as make choices from a space of Love! Our ability to decide comes from our ability to choose ourselves first, through unconditional Self Love and acceptance! As we do so, we can move out into the world feeling loving and joyful!
A new sense of empowered yang action is coming through the increased wave of the electric Divine masculine, which is slowly increasing on the planet! As we rise in our inner masculine drive, we will not only know what we want with great clarity, but we will also know how to get it! It's time to claim our desires through empowered and joyful action steps and move through the most recent 'cloud' of releasing! When we are in a 'releasing' mode it can often feel like we don't know how we will ever get out of it! In Truth it's more simple! As our inner clearing will be complete, a new doorway will open up and present itself ... And then we will be asked to step through it! This is one of those times!

Step through the gates and enjoy taking all the action steps that come from the Union of your Higher and Human Self as One!

 Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn