Sunday, October 11, 2015

Living in a Miraculous World

Dear Beloveds!

Can You believe these amazing times we are living in? How do we truly live in a Miraculous World? This month holds a lot of that energy for us, since every astrological number pattern is doubled. This week it began with a very important day of change, a 5.5. energy day of immense outpouring of Light. It was able to be felt all over the world by those of us tuning into New paradigm possibilities. From time to time the Magic of the Rainbow Light pours onto this plane of Existence more deeply and with precision, and today was one of such Gateways. We are in a new energy wave and this is bringing us a sense of upliftment and wonder! We can feel the changes rising up to the surface and a new healing wave is washing over us! The Stars of Hope are renewing our faith and creativity so that we can move on from the releasing phase of the last Eclipse!

Then we also had a triple 10 instant manifestation day! The 10-10-10 code was activated within the day, date and Universal year date, so it's almost impossible for us not to see the higher vision of what we are to bring forth in this New reality we are co-creating for ourselves and the Whole. Our purpose is pure Joy, and to blissfully create our highest visions is to be aligned with the Divine timing of our personal and collective manifestations. The energy of the 10 carries within it culmination and completion, as well as new beginnings of that 1! We are One and together we can co-create so much more in mutual reception and co-operation of community effort through support and respect of our unique but group paths as One! Let us embrace each other in that One singular thought and choose all other thoughts that come and go with great observation and in Divine Love!

This is all leading us into the 11-11 portal on 11th of November, which is very important this year, since it's occurring within an 8 Universal year.

Here is my latest video update about living in a Miraculous world:

We can expect new events, surprises and situations that will open up new doorways for us! We are also in a time of harvesting so it's good to pay attention to what is bringing us dividends and consider paying more attention to that which works and flows, not that which is stagnant and what no longer works and makes our Heart beat faster! Mercury Now moved direct, so we are experiencing a new wave of renewal in opportunities being presented to us.

It's also a time of connecting with others and increasing partnership and community energy in our life! How can we be better partners to others and ourselves? One of the most simple and profound things is increasing our ability to listen and pay attention to others, as well as being truly open and intimate! Are we constantly in a state of paying it forward? Is our focus on selfless service? There are no sparks of Magic without real sharing and bonding! It looks like a magical time ahead, and yet Magic lies in seizing every moment as a Divine opportunity, a Now moment Gift waiting to be opened! We still have that grand square energy, but at the end of the week Venus moves out of her shadow and into the sign of Virgo, and then Mercury goes direct as well, so expect an increased level of fun and spontaneity through fluent communication towards the end of the week!

The most important question is, what is staying behind and what is moving forward? Are You ready to move forward?

As Ascension Pioneers, we are the establishments or embodiments of the New paradigm, which means going where others have not gone before and doing things in a new way, which means that a lot of our focus will be on discovering how to work with energy in a new way. Being a Pioneer of consciousness also means that we have to hold the Light of the Pillar from our own foundation that is rock solid, which means creating peace among chaos and creating with Love where there were extreme lacks of Love before, including natural and man made spaces of Creation. 

We are here to Be in light, to be joyful and live in Bliss by showing the New Way of being a Divine Human Being, which is a sovereign right of every Galactic citizen. We are showing how it is to Be a Human Being, not just a citizen or a certain identity. We are here to show the Way of the Soul template in its complete attainment in Human form! It is up to us to claim our Divine role and escort others into this sacred space of utter Divinity!

An important message at this time for fellow Ascension Pioneers is about having fun and being playful! Joy is the highest frequency and often we forget how important it is to set aside time to generate high vibrational fun in our lives! In fact, having fun should be balanced with all other activities rather than seen as something we have to occasionally set time aside for! As we radiate Joy, we elevate our personal vibration and radiate out into the Whole! To Be in Joy as ascended Humans is a big part of our Ascension purpose! Just as Ascension is something important and seriously responsible, it's also fun and joyful! If we are not yet experiencing both sides of the same coin, then we are surely not balancing ourselves perfectly and missing out on our integrated Divinity in Human form! 

Intentional Joy is of the highest Essence, and it means consciously and devotionally elevate the frequency of the Whole in celebration and ceremony! The planet is going through major shifts at this time and it's important to celebrate this passing to keep the frequencies up and to honor this passageway on all levels, from personal, planetary and Universal! Having fun on a daily basis is the next step of our ascending path! We are the way showers who are here to usher in this new paradigm so we are not to allow others to dim our Light with their beliefs and lack of Joy, for we are to show the way of the New through Joy and Divine Love for All Life! All of Life is constantly in celebration, are we?

Here is my video update:

The most recent energy wave has brought us a new sense of wonder and Joy, and the more ascended we are, the more we can feel infinite Bliss regardless of the external circumstances or situations! We have come so far already, and yet we deeply feel that there is so much more awaiting us, as infinite students of Life! The more open we are, the more opportunities can be presented to us, for we will be deeply susceptible to them! There are always seen and unseen helpers around us, for the more ascended we feel, the more joyful experiences we will create! We are also receiving new Divine assignments, and although we may feel like we have too much on our plate at times, we will always receive just as much as we can handle!

The more we engage with Life as a conscious observer, contributor and co-creator, the more Life will seem like a magical carpet ride! We don't need control when we ride the waves of Spirit! We might even be called to drastic changes at this time, especially when Mercury goes back direct, and although such changes can be accompanied with a sense of fear and a lack of trust, we are being highly encouraged at this time! We can do it and constant increasing of our faith will continue to fuel the fire of our passionate Soul! Passion is an Essence that constantly drives us to new things and experiences and should never be watered down within us! Passion is the voice of our Soul and at this time our Soul speaks to us loudly, talking about moving our energy, thinking about the changes we wish to see and then taking those first desired steps into the New unknown!

Getting out of our comfort zone and learning new things and pursuits is crucial at this shifting time! A whole new vision might crystallize for us before the endow this year and we are ready! We have risen in our vibration and so we can do it! We will do it!!!

We are crossing an important threshold at this time and so we are being encouraged to expand our thinking and move into the vast new potential of who we truly are! As Ascension Pioneers we always see immense potential and beauty in others, but not always do we realize it within ourselves! Recently we were experiencing a sort of Self evaluation where we were shown just how much genuine Self value and inner worth do we actually hold! 

Our value of Source does not come from the outside sources but often people tend to seek this in others, creating all sorts of filters and diversions so that they could get the attention that their ego thinks they deserve! In Truth this limits our receiving of Love only through certain conditions and measures and leaves us closed up for its infinite supply!

In Truth, Love is Universal and it does not equal attention but the infinite stream of Divinity and Bliss available to All Life in Creation! We are moving through a very important rite of passage at this time, and only our inner strength and virtue will be able to recognize and admit those unhealthy patterns and beliefs that we may hold! These beliefs only tend to keep us in separation and dim our light! No one is less or more worthy but often we act as immature children who want more attention than others! The Love of Unity does not come this way, so we need to pass this initiation and look at the Absolute Truth that is here, it always was! We are moving through major breakthroughs and personal rebirths as we step into this next initiation phase of our lives!

The Universe expands as we move beyond our comfort zone! Our Light within is brightening as we release such burdens and heavy old patterns, and we are susceptible to receiving so much more! This is a transformation of the spirit-self, the rites of passage for the soul! Each testing period ends when we make a new conscious choice, and this is our time for a breakthrough! See yourself on the other side! You are a bright Light of vastness, never forget that!

Our Venus moved into the sign of Virgo after her retrograde period, which is the archetype of health, healing and inner Purity through Divine service. This will bring us a new depth of knowing about where we are and how we stand within the Divine service offering that is our unique personal way of Soul expression. As Ascension Pioneers, we often undervalue ourselves and all that we are capable of conceiving and achieving through our devotion to Truth and the vastness of our infinite Being. 

Devotion to Truth does not only mean the devotion to light, because the separation game of duality between light and dark has been ongoing for far too long. In Truth, all we need to do is carry within us the righteous flame of Divine Love, which sparks up the Whole through our own Presence of the Initiate. Yes, all it takes is one truly enlightened (Christed) Being to turn the "game" around. We are that Christ seed about to blossom. So far, Humanity has been experiencing such extremes due to the lack of integration of Unity, which made everything spin only from one side of the coin, and we all know that each coin has two sides of the same "story." It is Now time for the integrated Polarity in Unity consciousness!

At this time we have a chance to turn everything around, but we need to begin trusting our Divinity to guide us through any perceived difficulties and challenges. In Truth, challenges only represent necessary changes, which we can either resist or embrace through deep compassion for All. We are here to dissolve the old patterns of serving through "self sacrifice", which were mistaken and misunderstood in the past. The only sacrifice that truly has meaning is the "sacrifice"/giving up of the egoic/separate self in order to make room for the Divine Self to lead and be in command. 

In Truth, we cannot sacrifice our Self, the Essence of our Divine Spark of God/Goddess within us, the Light that never dies and dissolves. The only thing that can dissolve through the Flame of Divine Love is the separate identity that we continue to play with and recreate over and over again. This, of course, can end at any time we choose to, as we are all Masters of our own Self in complete sovereignty.

We were never meant to serve through "self sacrifice" as a giving up of our true Self in order to please others or help them be better without a sense that we are receiving from the Fountain of All as well. The moment when we feel that something is not balanced or worthy of our Presence, that truly is so, but often these "sacrificial" patterns have kept us in the dark, which means that we were unaware of what "sacrifice" truly means. 

To serve the Truth is to serve through the Highest Truth of our Being as well, which means that we are free to serve in our own natural way that does not feel like we are giving ourselves away in any way or form. True Divine service is Universal, and therefore it never feels like we need to give certain portions of ourselves away in order to serve the bigger picture. 

When we truly serve the Whole, we serve as whole and complete as well, and so our personal service to All will feel vibrant and joyful. We are meant to live our truest Self expression in form, and that is what physical Ascension brings us!

Here is my video on living in an Ascended Reality:

How do we experience a bit of a Self reward for all the work that we have done and all the physical integration we went through? Whenever we complete a certain cycle, it's truly important that we take some time to stop and slow down, so that our inner shift can stabilize and leave a door open for Spirit! When our Human and Spirit Self co-create as One, we take a bit of both to be where we want to be! Our Human self makes a few steps forward in order to then make a step backward as well, so that Spirit can enter and do the rest! The Magic of co-creation is lived through a flow of action and non action! During the phase of slowing down and taking a break, we allow things to happen in the background without us needing to control every single detail! 

As we stop and let things be, it's also important to increase the vibration through joy and playfulness, for that creates a sacred space for Spirit to enter and overlight our experience! Our desires are already within reach, but we must not try so hard to attain them, for they will be created naturally when we trust each phase of our co-creation journey! To live in a miraculous world is to not just believe in miracles, but create them through allowance! Mercury the messenger went stationary direct, so it's important to observe what is occurring Now, for these things require our attention and show us the green light of moving forward! At the time of Mercury's passing it's best to create a void space of receptivity and neutral observation, instead of pushing through by force!

Action times will follow with the New Moon in Libra, but Now it's time for some rest, enjoyment and play! Self romance is calling!

This month holds a lot of Self Mastery for us. Today is the 11-11 day in numerology, since every day of this month is doubled, and so this prepares us for a powerful month of new beginnings and 11.11 portal in November! We are being restored and upgraded to a new frequency, and so this whole month serves as a mini gateway for that Divine entrance! Today is a portal day when we can really tap into the infinite and connect with our dreams, feelings and deep intuitive knowing! Visions of a new reality might be shown to us and all we need to do is remain in an open state! A lot of us have been preparing to enter into a clear and egoless state where we allow our Soul to lead the way through our Human embodiment! This preparation Now results in a sense of veils being lifted and difficulties resolved! A new sense of lightness and ease is coming when we do this inner alignment with the Soul as the body follows as well!

The more patient and compassionate we are with our earthly reality, the easier our bodies can align and adjust to the new frequency! If we had experienced difficulties in the past, we are Now being informed of their coming to an end! This is because our internal reality has shifted into Love! We are Now to bring this awareness into perfect alignment of body, mind and spirit! The balancing, further adjusting and aligning with clearing is our only task at this time, which deepens with the Libra New Moon coming at the beginning of this week! We are ready for a new chapter with much more balance, wholeness and completion!

We see ourselves standing in front of the Gate as it opens and invites us in! We see a giant scale there and we feel how it's coming unto itself in perfect balance! We are that scale, we are the perfect equilibrium of our Divine Spark!

We are asked by Spirit to take some time to simply observe how we feel and what desires to shift in our reality, so that we can truly enter into living in a Miraculous world of 5th density and beyond! Take some time to reflect, evaluate and ponder on all that comes as guidance through inner feeling! Our dreams are emphasized strongly as well! What are You receiving for yourself at this time?

I also have something special to share! Something amazing happened to me with a dream I had recently. I had a dream about receiving a gift, and I've seen something crystalline (almost like a sparkly chandelier), and a value of 1,000 USD, and then I also got a name "AMORA." Two days after this dream still didn't leave me alone, so I Googled it, and I found out that a company called AMORA really exists, and they sell precious sparkly diamonds and wedding rings, and I was simply amazed at the precision of the information that I got within my dream. Even the value of their merchandise matches, for it begins somewhere at 1,000 USD.

Our Soul gifts are expanding so much, and I AM simply in awe and my jaw drops so many times these days! The ultimate meaning of the dream has yet to reveal itself to me and it's just for me personally! I believe the message speaks about the crystal sacred marriage, the kind of sacred marriage this Earth plane has not yet witnessed so far! It goes deep and it's quite special and transcendental!

In our Ascension a lot of us are not just working with the Ascended Masters, but embodying our own Sacred Master through the unique Essence that we hold in Spirit. The more we unify with the masters, the less we perceive them as "on the outside of us", and the more we merge with them in a unified way. The Masters connect to us and All Life in Creation through a Unity field, which is a sacred pool of Light that serves as an entry point of Illumination for the worlds of Creation. The more we master ourselves, the more "access" we have to this sacred pool of the Mahatma Light, and the more we understand our very role as a unique Master on Earth and in the Cosmos.

Our sacred Divine assignments as a Master of the Self are constantly shifting, and they are presented to us through the rites of passage, which we can associate with the archetype of the staff, which is our personal wand of the Creation Self. As an Ascended Master, we work both through our individual Essence and the Essence of All Masters in Unity consciousness, for the main "goal" of the Masters in pure benevolence is to send forth and overlight with the Essence which needs to come through in Unity for the greater good of All. 

There is no separation in the White Light of Unity, only true Divine understanding, Divine Love and the act of Divine service through humble devotion. The Masters serve through the inner planes of Shambhala, which is where they gather their unique Lights to act as One forcefield of Divine Love and Light.
I was guided to create a Shambhala Light activation, which I was shown through Spirit a while ago. It goes alongside my advanced Mastery course on Group Soul consciousness and Enlightened Partnership where we work with Shambhala, but it can also be attuned to independently. The activation is a rather long journey of preparation in consciousness. The description is as follows: "In this Shambhala Light activation, You are guided to visit the inner planes of Shambhala, the sacred Pool of Masters of Light, through devoted preparation in consciousness! You will learn about the inner planes of Being and how to attain the awareness of bringing this Light into your physical embodiment and become Holy."

You can get the activation on my page!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn