Thursday, September 24, 2015

The powerful culmination Eclipse & Twin Gateway

Dear Beloveds!

We are moving into a culmination and new creative potential through the Eclipse Gateway! The Twin Gateway is coming into a completion! Recently many of us Ascension Pioneers were faced with new choices and opportunities, and for that to be truly experienced in the times to come, we needed to let go of the past, our old ways of behaving and our self limiting patterns and ideas! That is why our Soul created the kind of situations that showed us where we still hold fears, projections and assumptions, so that we could fully liberate ourselves and step into the New! We recently went through a mental clearing that got us out of an old spinning wheel and into a new creative cycle! The powerful culmination Eclipse that we are moving through holds the potential to be a powerful game changer!!!

Many things are changing on our Ascension path. Are You one of those Beings constantly seeing 11:11 and other Unification symbols? It has begun, and the signs are simply exponentially increasing and magnifying what we have been building towards behind the scenes for a long time ... not just in this realm but across time and space and throughout dimensions! This is a multidimensional and operational "project" of Unity consciousness in Divine Love!

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In the past couple of days and weeks, the "Twin Gateway" has been stabilizing, and many of us have been receiving signs and messages of Divine Reunion in the physical. Back in the Spring when the first pair of Eclipses began, we had a strong Twin Gateway, which took some time to stabilize and integrate this Diamond Essence, which occurred during the Venus retrograde, and Now this stabilization is coming into a powerful culmination. Those of us who are Pillars of Light, Light holders that serve within certain Power points on the planet, have been feeling this for a while on, and the energy has just been building up, constantly and continuously. It has been truly intense at times, and only our inner knowing kept us going at times ... but Now the bubble is about to burst, as we enter into this last Eclipse, which marks a pivotal point for a new beginning on a whole New level.

The Twin Reunion grid that we have been preparing for and holding on the ethereal planes is going to begin to descend into the physical plane more and more, which will begin a new level of stabilization and grounding into this reality Creatrix, and this will require our complete focus and perfect balance, for to hold such a strong level of Light, we need to truly be anchored into Divine Grace. There is no other Way but complete trust and surrender! Our leap of Faith is required on all levels! This is just the beginning of something truly wonderful, and the more we believe in the miraculous world of the fifth dimension that we are seeding and planting here in our ascending reality, the more it's coming into actuality through our Manifest Destiny.

The time is Now! May we Reunite across time and space in all ways!

There are powerful messages being delivered to us at this special time! On the day of the Equinox I had a very intense and vivid dream about meeting our Heart's desires! Sometimes what we might have been waiting and preparing for can come so suddenly and out of the blue that it will totally shock and surprise us, and we might feel nervous and too anxious to even recognize it as a possibility, because it can almost seem too intense and surreal to be true! But yes, our ethereal and earthly levels are merging, and Heaven is coming to Earth through our diamond Core Essence! This is a message about readiness and perfect timing, to know and trust our visions, goals and objectives! We need to also let bygones be bygones as we divorce the old and embrace a whole new package of yummy goodness!

The driving forces of Spirit are showing us the right pathways for us, are we ready to notice them? Do we pay attention on all levels? Catching our dreams is a process because it requires not only our openness but also our readiness when our dreams do come true! Now is the time to show whether we believe in the miraculous world of the fifth dimension and beyond and embrace ourselves and our Reality as brand New! As ascending Souls we are no longer who we used to be, even just months and days ago! We are Now ready for bigger and brighter things, and we allow them to come naturally and effortlessly ... For we are the flow of the Universe! Believe in miracles, as they are happening ... Always and Now!

The energy of this time holds a strong potential for finding new spiritual pathways and creative endeavors! We are asked to become a leader, and a true leader always guides through Love, and Love is also Self respect! If we don't respect ourselves and our path, then who will respect us? We need to claim our role as a Warrior of Love in Truth and dedicate ourselves to that which truly deserves our attention and focus! This might feel challenging at first, especially if we are still clinging on to the past or compare ourselves with others, but we can do it ... And we will do it!

Here is my video on holding the Light of the Ascension and our Homecoming!

As difficult as things might feel at times, the energy of these new steps is liberating and portends a new, fresh perspective that will follow! We don't need to struggle with situations in our life, we simply need to let them go and trust that our Divine Self is perfectly guiding us along those lines! We are being asked to move through this transition easily and with Grace, devoting ourselves to projects that we truly enjoy and surround ourselves with Divine Beauty in all shapes and forms!

We are moving through the equalizing point of the Equinox and the Eclipse at the end of the week, which will totally reset the old energy and wrap us with the New energy wings of Divine Love! We simply need to trust the process and know that we are loved and protected all the way! There is Divine assistance here for us at all times! We simply need to ask and then allow ourselves to receive!

The Equinox served as the balancing and harmonizing point of our personal Ascension and Divine Reunion! Many of us are being faced with major decisions Now! Will we continue with our lives in an old, traditional way, or will we begin to open up to new adventures and forms of Self expression? We truly are coming into a culmination point, which will present to us all that we have already established and gathered as our own! We can either keep it that way and keep going in that direction, or open up to even more to what life truly has to offer! Each time we expand a little more in Soul, we are asked to integrate it in our bodies, and so these giant energy waves rush over us like giant waves, stripping us of all the old and outworn! 

This Equinox requires us to express our individuality through the unique expression of our Self, to trust in what we truly desire and that we are magnetizing it into form little by little! If there is anything left unexpressed, we will just drag it along behind us, so it's important that we express everything and close any unattended chapters of our life before fully beginning to write new ones! We are emotionally freeing ourselves and with that we are generating far more abundance than ever before, and even that is just a beginning! We can take some time to reflect on what needs more Joy in our Life, and how can we create it? Being open and vulnerable without holding back from anything truly unlocks the gates for the New! We are worthy of all of this, because it's merely our own expression reflected back to us! Step into the New and Be free!!!

Recently there has been so much going on energy wise, and Now our bodies require some downtime to process it all! The balance of what we receive if the ether and grounding it on the earthly level comes into the forefront Now! It is time to take care of our body and know that our spirituality needs to be balanced with our practicality, because our bodies are important and we must honor and cherish them deeply!

The Equinox is the perfect balancing and harmonizing point of entry for that! As we do so, we will naturally take care of our light body as well! Lately so many of us have been feeling the expansion of our Angelic Self, and as this natural process occurs, it's easy to forget sometimes, that in order to truly fly, we also need to ground and come back down to Earth, so as we are ascending, we are also descending! Our light body is definitely expanding, and the entry point for our physical Ascension is the Cosmic Heart, and it's the space where we can feel our celestial wings hook into our back! 

As we process and integrate the new coming energies, it's important to know that to be an Earth Angel is to be in the perfect balance and equilibrium of our celestial and terrestrial Self! Our lives need to become a perfect reflection and representation of that Truth! Both selves are One, and as we care for and nurture one, we also do so for another, as they are intertwined! Our earthly vehicles are no less or more precious than our celestial light bodies, so it's important to come into a point of this awareness and integration! We are becoming an Angelic Human in our Soul embodiment, and there is no way going back!

Enjoy this inner transformation and outer blossoming as You embrace the fullness of You through complete openness to All that You are!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn