Sunday, October 18, 2015

Ascending & descending as One

Dear Beloveds!

For a while Now we were in the void of the New Moon and this Libra energy emphasis is bringing us a greater sense of balance and flow, if only we are willing to take those conscious steps of aligning with this space and co-creating this equilibrium in our reality! This is where the true Self Mastery of Ascension and descension begins. Great new waves of prosperous abundance are here for us, but we need to be willing to stop clinging to old situations, things and relationships that are out of balance! If there is a withdrawal of energy in any area of our life, we need to make an introspection and clear the energy through awareness to realize where the core of this withdrawal originates from! Sometimes we are the ones holding ourselves back and therefore creating this withdrawal from receiving, and at other times we give our power to others who then become an energy representation of this withdrawal that drains our energy and creates discord! At times there is nothing else to do but get to the naked Truth and resolve it by simply walking away in how we feed it energy!

Whatever we feed consciously or unconsciously has the power to grow, so why not choose to feed Love and Joy? Our spiritual gifts are increased during this time of the dark Moon and we are receiving clear messages from Spirit either consciously or in our dream state! If there is something we clearly desire to release but it still lurks there in our dreams, it also shows us that a part of our attention lies there, so this gives us further validation on what desires to be released on all levels, not just partially! 

The easiest way of releasing is gently talking to that part of us that still holds on! We can ask it for a reason why it does that and then send it loving compassion that brings deep understanding! In the Present moment there are gifts that await us Now, so why continue to postpone them for later? Life is too precious for that, so we need to reward ourselves with a compassionate release of what continues to drain our energy and holds us back!

It is time to move forward and reap the abundant rewards and blessings that this New Moon holds in store for us!

There is so much abundance available at our disposal, but as Humans we often tend to forget the source of true Abundance, which is Love! True prosperity does not come from the outside, although we often act, ask and pray as if that is the truth! The real Truth behind all abundance is Universal and it's our basic choice of what reality we will believe in and create! Sometimes beautiful things happen to us and we perceive them as miracles that are God given, when in Truth we merely opened up to another layer of us that is miraculous! We are God and we are the source of Life! The more we love, the more alive we will feel and the more Love we will generate as abundance! There are always infinite blessings at our disposal, but it's our inner Love force field that determines how we will pursue and utilize them for the highest good of All!

The abundance that we generate through Love and for the highest good of All is not only for us, it's for the well being of All! When we know how to cultivate the sacred Life force of Holy Spirit, we will not just become abundant, but we will also know how to utilize that abundance on all levels of Divine prosperity in Unity consciousness! We simply need to shift our perspective and everything will change, for it's already changing! We are the driving force of Creation, we are the fuel that makes things happen, and we are the driver that also gets to enjoy this beautiful ride of Being and sharing Love! No dreams ever come true without Love, and nothing is of lasting value without Love!

When we know this so deeply, we no longer wish to change or save the world ... We just want to love it! Love it All!!!

Here is my video on Ascension & descension as One:

We are all experiencing major life changes and transitions at this time, which mostly include opening our hearts wider to new experiences of Love! With so much change it can suddenly feel like we have so many choices at our disposal and we don't know what to choose and which road to travel! It's actually perfect to have many options, because this almost pushes us into deep feeling of our Heart! The Heart will feel through the Essence of our Soul and the more we go with the highest potential of each experience, the more we can trust the flow of where we are being guided! 

If we have many options and we don't know which path to pursue, we can know that sometimes we only need those experiences to know that Love is infinite and therefore we always have options, but in the end our Heart needs to know what to choose in absolute clarity! This creates our highest pathway and if we are unsure of things, we need to at least be sure of the Love in our Heart! This new way of choosing will create a solid foundation for our living reality and the building blocks of our Soul will begin to come together and fit perfectly! Sometimes the chaos of shifting energies actually brings even greater Peace and alignment after we fully embrace the nature of change! We are infinite and so we don't have to fear the consequences of our choosing and creating changes, because we will always be guided in each situation and experience!

We can never get lost when we trust our Heart! Self questioning is also a natural part of this experience and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it! We are being regenerated into what we believed it died off, for in Truth it just went through a huge death and rebirth phase as it transformed completely! It's time to open our Heart to new waves of Love, which does include our physical experiences, so allowing and embracing new people, situations and Soul travels! The Higher Heart portal is strengthening and stabilizing within us and so we feel how solid and firm we are when we live in our personal Vortex!

Here is my video on living through Love:

After the Libra New Moon it feels like our relationships or ways of relating are undergoing a huge transition, which is not easy and yet new expansion levels and horizons are presented to us with changed perspectives and simplistic orientations! We are asked to connect to the Divine in order to truly tune into the calling of our Heart! If anything in our life feels restrictive and like it keeps our wings from spreading, we need to start thinking about the alternatives through a practical approach! Oftentimes the desire is aligned, but our approach is not! What is it that we truly need in this moment, what makes us happy? Too often we know exactly what that is, but we continue to do the opposite, so it feels like that which we truly desire in the Present moment just eludes us! The perception then is chasing our dreams and being joyful rather than instantly feeling them in the moment.

The more real we are about ourselves and our life desires, the more realistic and practical we will become in our physical embodiment! The more we tend to all of our needs on all levels of Being, the more we unify from within and embrace the infinite choices that present themselves to us! A lot of us are already living in an ascended reality, but it takes some time getting used to this new way of living, especially because old ways and limiting perspectives can still get in the way! We are Ascension Pioneers, which means that we will constantly need to make new adjustments and seek out new ways of co-creating with this ascending reality!

No one ever said that it will be easy, but we are here and we simply lay one step in front of the other as we pave a new path! When dealing with life situations, we constantly need to drift between the Divine guidance and a practical Human approach, in order to live the Middle path of a Master of Self! We are in the dark of the New Moon, which is a time when we allow new expansion to present itself to us, and when it does, we need to tune into our Heart to feel what changes we are called to make, so that we may live with more passion, joy and abundance!

How do we truly unify and integrate our Being into our physical embodiment? Ascension and descension are One, and on our path of spiritual sovereignty and maturation we begin to merge them as a One Unity field of understanding in Truth. The more we unify from within, the more we know that every aspect of Being serves us to integrate ourselves through Cosmic Love. The more we ascend, the more we also descend.

It is so simple to only talk about Ascension as an "upward movement" and it can be quite challenging to actually show up and do the authentic work through our Being, to walk our talk in full sovereign integrity! Ascension, in Truth, is also a "downward movement" where we bring the Light of Illumination into every cell of our Being, which includes our physical body ... the vehicle of our Soul. We are lovers of the ultimate, the Truth of Absolute, but our awakening nature at this time also needs to love all the pathways in between, as everything and All constitutes of Truth anyway, even what we create as an illusion! We are here to love it all and embrace all of Life in Creation, the Love Universal and the Human unconditional Love and acceptance.

We have truly entered a time when we are leaving the past behind so that we can start fresh! Every ending of a cycle also denotes the beginning of a new one, with fresh perspectives and opportunities that we have created with the seeds of a previous cycle! Now these seeds are in their blossoming stage and we get to decide how we will proceed in the times to come! This all relates to our co-creative relationships! We are raising the commitments to ourselves and others and as our inner Love life is ascending, so is our external reality! The more we deepen our engagement with life and our conscious interactions in it, the more intimacy we create!

This new intimacy opens new inner doorways to our psyche! We get more active instead of passive! The excuses dissolve! As we do inner work of blossoming we will often see how deeply rooted certain pattern are! The reactions we form from them emanate straight from our cellular memory, which is now being cleansed with emotional illumination and maturity, so that new Starlight can enter! We are all Star children, and often we act like we have forgotten about that! Yes, we do live on this planet called Earth, but our prosperity goes beyond just this planet ... It's Galactic and Universal ... Cosmic!

The more we talk to our cells and engage in new ways of relating to ourselves and others, through conscious and loving practice, the more we will develop new tools of understanding how we function in all worlds and dimensions, which will generate fresh new cellular memory which will shift our reactive ways into new conscious patterns of creativity! Every time we want to react out of the old engraved ways, we can stop and take a few breaths and ask what our Cosmic Self would do as we allow more Star Light to enter our physical reality!

Our body is our Home and a place where our Heart resides, so when we engage our body in these new responsive ways, our whole Being will shift! It is time to step out of the cyclical wheel and into a new spiral of Life! New visions await and it's time to believe in our higher aspirations and dreams more than ever before!

On our path as Ascension Pioneers it's very important to stay balanced within our Self and knowing ourselves as bridges into a New Reality. To be a bridge is to be in Love, which means to radiate and share in loving kindness of Unity consciousness with full respect to All Existence. In this space there is no more "us vs. them" and things are not seen as black or white, but they fit together just perfectly through loving compassion. Our path as a bridge worker begins with true Love which is the Love of All Life in Creation without focusing on separation but instead seeding more of what brings us together, which is always ... Love!

The Key, as always ... Is more Love! 

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

And here is my video on Crystalline Unions: