Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The path of a Divine Lover

Dear Beloveds!

Our whole planet is going through a balancing stage at this time, and this affects all life upon it! Our messenger planet Mercury also entered the sign of Libra, the archetype of balance and harmony! The pendulum is swinging from left to right, and sometimes we might feel this as extremes of polarity playing themselves out in our realities! We move from left to right as well, feeling intense feelings of elevation and then we come down to Earth again! We need to trust that this is all a part of a much greater planetary and Cosmic process! We also just had the Pisces Full Moon at the end of August, setting the tone for the month of September. This was a super Moon that will bring us many new spiritual insights and revelations! Life just isn't how it used to be anymore, but that is perfect and just how it needs to Be! A lot of us are Earth Angels who belong to the celestial Realms, and Now we are bringing this Light of illumination to this planet and all Life on it! We are a part of this intrinsic balancing act, for we are this balance of perfected polarities ... Inside out! This is the path of a Divine Lover!

Here is my personal sharing about what it means to embody the path of a Divine Lover:

Remember this and the nature of the ever spinning yin and yang as You go about your life! To know perfect Balance is to live in our middle space and Be Balance in Love!

Venus and Mars conjunct at this time and there is a potency for new openings in our feelings, a deepening experience of our intimacy and being ready for a new emotional experiences without projecting the past experiences onto our Now! This portends a possibility to enter into true friendships, Soul mate relations, compassion and kindness, or starting something New! Our intuitive abilities are very potent at this time, especially because we had a Pisces Full Moon this weekend! This occurred almost simultaneously with the conjunction of Mars and Venus. They are coming together to dance a sacred dance and to form a Union on all levels! This exact alignment and synchronization only happens every 32 years, which makes it even more special!

There are amazing opportunities for a deepening of romance, playfulness, receiving from the Beauty of Creation and then locking this precious feeling deep in our Hearts! We are here as Beings of Light who embody this and live the richness of true Love! It is always at our disposal, we simply need to open our Heart and invite in new and fresh experiences! The movement and decisions might be swift at this time, so we are being called to trust the impulsive nudges that we are receiving and then live them out without fear! Everything will be okay, simply because we learn to trust ourselves!

We are ready for Love, for Love is who we are!!!

Here is the latest Ascension update about all these shifts:

We are Beings meant to interact and exchange Love! Venus and Mars are conjunct Now, and they will be dancing this mutual Love dance until late November, but further than that their influence will have a lasting effect on all Life on this planet, especially on how we interact with each other! Our lives are intertwined so beautifully and as we come together in a unified field, we have the Power to move Mountains! This whole time is dedicated to relationship energy in the physical and honoring the Truth of Love!

So many individuals still want to ascend mentally and by acquiring more information! In Truth we are ascending through our Heart, expanding into our Cosmic Heart Beloved Essence, becoming Divine Lovers that we truly are! We are all Angels, and as we move deeper and become our Angelic Self in Human form, we enter a new reality that is so pure, beautiful and deeply unconditional! That marks the birth of our New Self and awakens the Magic within the Human Beingness! Then we begin to walk a new path of true Love, which opens the flood gates to more Light pouring through!

We are Light Beings returning Home through the Gates of Love!

Venus and Mars are still in conjunction and we are all deeply getting in touch with the part of us that wants to passionately relate to others and the world! The passion within us is rising as we begin to awaken to our deep yearnings in Love, Self care and Soul partnership! The masculine and feminine Essence are coming together within us and rejoining forces on this planet! It all begins with us, by honoring the Shiva/Shakti counter polarities within us and embodying the sacred partnership! We are becoming Divine partnership, which means to engage with Life through Unity and devotion to All! The masculine and feminine forces of Creation are One and we need to embrace and honor them both in Unity.

We are also beginning to remember that in Truth, the feeling of Soul comes first and before all thoughts! The thoughts are triggered after a feeling of Soul descends into our awareness! So we travel from Spirit knowing to Soul feeling and only later our Human counterpart gets to receive this and translate it into ideas and passions of the Heart! When we understand this and live by this simple Universal Law, our lives will begin to ease up and transform in a profound way!
On our Ascension path of the Beloved embodiment we will be asked to have extreme Faith in the unknown and to trust ourselves so deeply and unconditionally, especially at this time when there are major changes rushing through our lives! These changes are about to bring a deeper level of Self fulfillment and wealth in all levels, harmony and Grace! But how do we deepen Self trust? By knowing that every event we experience and every person we meet has been put in our path for a reason! A lot of times we might be tempted to over analyze and reason over things, but merely our head does not have all the answers!
Sometimes the most illogical and irrational things have the deepest meaning for our Soul and we need to trust our intuition, which acts like whispers from our Soul! Sometimes we feel something and then others will try to convince us into their perspective, which means that we will have to be even stronger, holding on to what we feel inside and what resonates with us as truth!

Although we are all One, we are also sovereign individuals and we are all making our own choices! By assessing them clearly and with awareness, we will be able to see which move us deeper into our Ascension and which take us further away from it! The moment we decide for ourselves and choose our own choices wisely, a whole new world opens up and we are overlighted by the Magic of our own Soul and its sovereign integrity! Faith and wisdom go hand in hand! 

Here is my video on Illumined Unions:

Divine Lovers are Lovers of all Life in Creation, and they are merely "Mirrors of true Love."

We began this week and a new energetic month of September with Venus and Mars conjunct in 14 degrees of the sign of Leo, which is all about our inner radiance and Self Love ... so this week the weekly guidance is dedicated to Love in relationships. This Essence that is being seeded on the planet at this time is leading us into the season of the Eclipses and beyond, transforming our lives in one way or another, but mostly this is going to have a profound effect on our close relationships and the one we have with ourselves, not just our Higher Self but also all of our other multidimensional forms and honoring all of them as One. Our relationship paradigm is changing, and so many people are being called on the path of the "Beloved One", a Divine Lover of all Life in Creation.

Yes, most Humans can still project their Love onto only a few people or seek for that one "special" person that they choose to spend their life with, and yet this new paradigm is ushering in a whole new cycle in Love and relationships. Venus and Mars dance this dance of Cosmic and planetary Union every 32 years, so this definitely speaks of a long term cycle of change in our earthly relations, and also how we perceive them on much grander levels of our Self Mastery and Cosmic Self. True Love is the Universal Love of all Life in Creation, where one naturally begins to feel an inclination to serve all Life forms and by offering their unique path to that of full Spirit illumination, becoming and Illumined/Christed Being of Divine service.

Our Ascension requires the need to find that inner place of tranquilly and stillness, to connect to the highest Will within us, the knowing of our Higher Self! This is a space where we leave all partial truths behind and welcome in the Truth of Unity consciousness and begin to bring it into every aspect of our lives! When we engage with our Soul this way, we begin to illuminate from within, and then the right companions for our journey naturally find their way to us and align with our truth in Unity! The space of true belonging can only be found within!

We are Now completing a major cycle and preparing ourselves to enter a new one with the last tetrad of the Eclipses in September! This preparation phase in between is meant for us to raise our frequency to the level of our newfound awareness and to integrate all these changes, to find our new belonging space! This sounds very simple and yet it isn't always the easiest task because it requires us to be fully authentic and transparent with ourselves!
To embrace a path of a Divine Lover is to be true to who we truly are on a Soul level, this means the 7th density individualized Soul aspect of who we are. Every relationship helps us with that in one way or another. Every relationship is either a conscious or an unconscious trigger of further Beloved awakening for the Being on the path of a Divine Lover.

Venus goes direct on September 6th, and we are Now at a time where the relationship energy is very potent and important in our personal and collective Ascension journey, and as we learn to embrace each relationship that we encounter as our Divine mirror/reflection, through mutual honoring and respect for one another, we will begin to form powerful Unions within the new Creatrix, and this new cycle that we are entering.

Love is calling us from all corners, and it's time to be neutral and surrendered in our choices in Love, which means no longer making past assumptions through old stories and dramas, and simply engaging through the Higher Cosmic Heart, which is our Ascension Gateway.

We will be joining forces with Soulmates, reuniting with Soul families, starting to form enlightened groups (physically or on a Soul level) and sharing our Love with one another. It doesn't matter how much knowledge we have, for this point in time and space is all about the increasing of Love in our Hearts, which will then pave the way for more Light to enter (and Light is information/knowledge), so it's time to open our Hearts, call in our Soulmates and enter into a Divine Union that nourishes us and the whole planet, for we are all here for that reason, as the mission of every Being on the planet is the same in those regards, and it's to Be and radiate Divine Love.

All else is secondary and comes through the unique awareness levels of our sovereign Soul. But it truly does all begin with Love, and we are all worthy of receiving it, because we are Love and we are beginning to deeply understand this and making it our Prime reality.

Every relationship that is being consciously formed at this powerful time, will deeply and profoundly effect our lives in times to come, so it's important to be open, caring, kind and neutrally observant, for we are moving through a changing phase where all is possible and much is happening in our collective Ascension group!

It is time to take chances in Love! This truly is an amazing time to Be alive and aware of all that is taking place for our further evolution!

I greet You in this simple awareness and Presence of Divine Love!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn