Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Living the Law of Grace

Dear Beloveds!

The the keyword at this time is "Allowing Grace." Grace is the Law of Life, which is the Law of Love. Divine Love always flows through the sacred Breath of the Holy Spirit, and it moves all Life in Creation in most beautiful and profound ways, through constant expansion of the infinite Soul. Living the Law of Life means that we always live in the flow of our authentic Soul, always reaping what we have sown, and always living in the infinite Presence of knowing that we are Divine Sparks of All. The more that we live through the Law of Grace, the more Love we will feel and vice versa. Grace is not something that we have to earn or become, as a natural state of Grace already and always Is, and is the reason behind all things that are of Love, and is the Essence of all that is alive with the sacred Breath of Holy Spirit.

I recently began with a new Divinely guided project, the so-called Holy Spirit messages with Celestial attunements, which I will create as guided by Holy Spirit. This is a new upgrade to my previous monthly energy updates. The first message is about the Holy Spirit introduction and You can find it here!

Here is my latest video on Soul alignment, Grace and Holy Spirit:

We can very easily learn more about Grace in reflections of our relationships. Relationships serve us in a way of deepening our personal reflections and Self intimacy, because there is only a certain level of growth that occurs when we are alone or in isolation. A whole new level of growth can occur through conscious relating to others and deepening our trust in others that we are relating to. Therefore a lot of us might feel a desire to deepen our Human connections and live a more relationship based life! When we practice the art of giving and receiving, we are not just in a state of constantly thinking what our relation means to us and what is it for, but rather we consider it as a part of a bigger Whole. We begin to see ourselves as One with all others, even when we don't feel guided to spend time with them or form deep and intimate relationships with them. We simply understand our value and placing within the vastness of All, and we know that we are all somehow interrelated, therefore we don't always have to understand all of those relations.

Every relationship that we are experiencing is a Gift of the Divine, and therefore it serves us, the other and the Whole at large. Even when we don't always understand the reason for our coupling and sharing with another (or others as a part of a bigger collective), the reason still exists, and the reason behind all reasons is always Grace. Grace is a paradox, and yet it's so simple to feel it and invite it into our lives. As we open up and expand our perspective on what Grace is, we will naturally see it reflected in others as well, for they become our extensions just as we become theirs as well. We literally begin to see just how much our internal shifts and conscious choices help to expand the reality of others as well, and just how much our healthy and balanced choices influence the Whole at large. To be a Divine Lover is to always show up in the right time and place, with one burning question in mind: "How may I serve Love as Love embodied?"

Now is a time to become a Divine Lover, so we might be called to invite in new Soul connections or feel them coming our way! Soul connections are those of the Heart and we will most easily feel them when our Heart is fully open and free to love without conditions! For that our awareness has to continuously rise, and so we are to keep our eyes open! When we decide to live a more conscious life, we see signs of Grace everywhere, as we will more easily recognize what is true for us and supports us on our path! We are here to love and Love is enjoyment through Bliss as well! When we share our Love and the way that we personally show and express Love, the world becomes a much wider place, a warmer place where different Divine Lovers can meet, reunite and play.

It is important to be open, to continue to expand and extend our lighthearted energy to others and to embrace the fact that every person we feel pulled towards has something for us, just as we have something for them as well. Nothing is random and every Soul exchange causes ripples and waves that spread out and permeate all Existence. We are all helping each other to grow and evolve, but it's important to listen and pay attention to our guidance about every relationship and our responsibility towards it. One thing is to take it for granted, and another is to co-create with it! Giving and receiving are crucial here, and they are always one and the same!

Enjoying life's little luxuries becomes important when we remember Grace as well, so it's important to spend time alone or those that we truly love and co-create with! In order for us to be truly happy, we sometimes have to take a step away from the known and familiar, for we might have already outgrown it! We will know what no longer serves us because it will no longer ring true for us, it won't feel as magical and it will leave us thirsty for more! This is a time to seek out new connections and opportunities, as Venus just moved direct as well! It's time to try something new, relax instead of worry and stress over old matters and maybe even take a trip to somewhere we've never been!

All that we do within our truth is based on Love of Self and the Love of All!

So many of us are coming together with our Soul family, which includes primary and extended Soul family members and Soul connections! A mutual give and take is a part of these enlightened Unions and Self respect plays an important role, for it's our healthy boundaries that make us aware of what is truly good for us and being the best judge of what's right! In the past we all experienced conflicting relations that showed us our shadow and self imposed restraints, but once we clear them we can only experience Love and understanding! The planetary energy is opening towards these loving Unions where the focus is mutual support and expansion, and so as we shift with the planet and ascend, we begin to magnetize such Unions and form true partnerships within the Heart!

It all begins with us, for such Unions are role models for others, so we need to be deeply aware of what we are commuting to! The partnership energy is calling us, and Venus Now moves direct and calls us to embrace a new level of loving partnership in our lives! The kind of partnership that opens the gates to true Love and mutual reception! We are ready ... Are You ready to dance the dance of the sacred Lover?

The message of authentic choosing continues, as we are asked to be authentic with our Soul choices while also taking new risks! How does that go hand in hand? Perfectly, because taking risks means opening for more that Life has to offer us and then discovering new spaces of integrity within each new field of expansion that we uncover! Living our Truth means to live with integrity, and that is not the same as living in opposition and constant self imposed limitation! Taking risks means discovering new adventures and territories which will expand us and then test our boundaries within that newfound space of freedom! Learning about restriction is simply about learning how to choose, until we fully master trusting ourselves!

This requires us to find a proper balance between the already established and familiar and the new and unknown without any judgments and false restraints! To be free to create anything is not the same as going against the Universal Law where All Beings and Life forms are considered! To Be free is to choose through the Wisdom of the Soul that knows what to choose best in each Now moment! We have to put our assumptions and projections aside if we desire to live an authentic Life of freedom, a Life of true Love!

What are You choosing for yourself?

We are riding the High octave waves Now which ask us to go deep within and align our focus with our New Divine Self template, the Self that is fully authentic, transparent and abundant! Recently we had a new energy wave that rushed in with the Pisces Full Moon! It made us ask ourselves about our deepest desires and Soul yearnings! Now it's time to make our approach to these desires practical and to plant the seeds of what we want to experience in our physical reality! New experiences want to come in at this time, but in order for that to flourish, we sometimes have to pluck out the old weeds, so that the previous experiences can dissolve into the great void, where they can transform and become something new!

Many times we know what we desire, but we still give our time, attention and resources to things that we are not fully resonating with. We then get safely comfortable with those experiences, but seeking new realities simultaneously! Well, in Truth we are the creators who get to choose and sometimes we simply need to do what needs to be done, whether that is ending a situation we have outgrown, releasing expectations within the old and stop investing our time in something that doesn't fully fit into our Soul's path!

This is not always easy, for most can only walk away or set healthy boundaries when something comes to an extreme or feels negative to them, although boundaries should always be in tact, whether we perceive something as positive or negative! Let's say something looks nice and fine on the surface, but it just doesn't fully feel right when we connect in our Hearts and feel into it! This is a sign! Are we brave enough to trust our feelings completely? A new wave of abundance will come as we take that next step and make those healthy and balanced choices for ourselves!

Become your one and only authority!!! You decide!
How do we master our sovereignty through Grace? My video goes deeper into this topic!

As we move deeper into our true Soul alignment, we connect to greater levels of Cosmic service and we begin to enter the Group Soul complex that we are on grander levels of Being. How do we operate on group levels where greater good is concerned? The keywords are Divine timing and synchronicity, patience, sacrifice and consolation! We are currently moving through a wave of action based energy, but this is a very subtle moving force that is drawing us to create on a new level that is more refined and attuned to a group Soul level where our devotion and efforts are not just for us personally, but a larger collective of Souls! This asks us to take heed in the direction of higher ideals, dreams and visions that are directed towards the highest good, for they are of a higher Essence!

The timing for such new pursuits that begin as newly awakened consciousness is at hand and we are being called to something much larger and greater! This level of 'work' requires more of our dedication and therefore more patience as well, for such levels often require a lot of planning and action behind the scenes, as well as preparation! As Jupiter travels through Virgo this year, we won't have much difficulty with that, for this alignment greatly favors more devotion and orientation towards details! We might feel ourselves as constantly working on something, but this is not just any type of work, because it's unfolding on a much broader bandwidth, where a lot of group energy of the collective is stored, so it can feel very passionate and its focus is always devotional service ... To Humanity and a greater Cosmic brotherhood and sisterhood!

It is Now time to leave petty concerns, trivial worries and dramas behind and embrace our devoted co-creation on a much bigger level! With this in mind, we need to be adaptable and flexible, for the Divine has its own plan for us, and it's definitely one our Soul will fully enjoy partaking in!

Watch my video on this topic!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn