Sunday, September 20, 2015

Our ascending Group Soul

Dear Beloveds!

It's so good to be back from my seaside Holiday and here with all of You again! It feels like I never left anyway, for my Heart is always within Divine service to my fellow Ascension Pioneers!!! In these upcoming days I will be preparing much new material for my expanded work of service ... looking forward to this current Mercury retrograde phase ... it's indeed a huge blessing of the Divine, so that we can keep up with all that is shifting and prepare for his first ascending wave!!! We are currently moving through a rapid acceleration phase, which can feel like a powerful culmination, the coming together and the unification with our true ascended Self as we are in the higher density/ethereal template. This "homecoming" might feel very expansive and overwhelming at first, but we are simply moving through the first ascending wave of Light, and it's all occurring very naturally because it's the pathway of our organic personal and planetary Ascension.

Watch my latest Ascension update here!

The path of Christed Light that many of us are choosing for ourselves is the path of Divine Reunion! This is not an isolated path, because it includes illumined Unions that are Now coming together on our planet! These are Christed Unions for the betterment of the planetary service through conscious awareness! We are at an important juncture Now, where these Unions are starting to magically come together in the physical! A new doorway of Love is opening, and we are preparing ourselves to receive! Not everyone is on the path of Twin Soul illumined Reunion, although the ascending ones are all moving towards this New paradigm of sacred Union.

This new 'romantic' doorway represents the new paradigm where we move from relationships to sacred Unions! What is the main difference? In relating to one another there is reflecting and mirroring for the Soul growth and expansion, whereas in sacred Union the emphasis is on complete unification, total polarity balance and integration and service to others and the Whole through sacred creation which occurs in triangulation where the two are birthing the third energy as the Holy child archetype!

We are Now readying ourselves to receive such physical Unions, which is an important part of our Ascension, for Ascension and complete Self Reunion are one and the same! The message of receptivity is letting us know that everything is happening in perfect Divine timing and that it's our internal state of Being and the vibrational embodiment that magnetize the Reunion, not something external that we can control on our part! Things are magically and miraculously coming together step by step, always through the guidance of Spirit! The feminine awaits the masculine and every bride gets her Divine groom, and the sacred counterparts join hands in the Holy matrimony, a Union destined in Spirit ... Entering into the flesh! Those on this pathway will know, because they will feel it and receive crystal clear guidance and Spirit directive!

Watch my video on physical Illumined Unions here!

We are in times of Cosmic integration through Love and Spirit wants us to know that all things built on solid foundations come together in perfect Divine timing, and that all we have is here and Now! This does not mean that we are not responsible for our past actions, but that we also don't delve on the past and what was! All served us to Be who we are today! Every piece of the puzzle fits together perfectly, and each building block helps to move in the next one, as we are building our life and reality in general on our Soul path! To be a Human is important, for our brilliance also counts for here and Now, which means that our actions of Love need to be firm, grounded and responsible, without excuses and neglect!
We are attracting/manifesting things on much greater levels Now!

Our Human self is meant to reflect the Love of our Soul, and if our Human Self has forgotten about the Truth of Love, the Soul has forgotten as well! The good news is that we always have the chance to remember right here and Now ... We can always shift and improve our vision and make choices based on Love and Humility, not vanity and forgetfulness! As we grow and evolve, Love will become all that we truly need, and we will live it with the greatest respect and responsibility! Our every Human action matters, for the Soul is never separate from its Creation ... The Soul and flesh are One! Our true Brilliance can only Be revealed Now through conscious choices and actions ... There is no later or tomorrow ... All is Now! Stand up and show up ... Forget about excuses and live in the Light of Truth!!!

Hone up through the Cosmic integration through Love and claim your personal sovereignty!

We have entered a Mercury retrograde phase and receiving so many new insights and important guidance at this time, so just continue to stay open and observant to notice the signs that come in all ways and forms! We are in a rapid awakening phase and things are coming together perfectly, for we're tying up loose ends and gaining greater clarity than ever before! This Mercury retrograde will be slightly different than usual and very potent, for it occurs in the Eclipse season and so we are being "amped up" and our consciousness is being upgraded! It's not a time to just rest and rejuvenate, but also to reinvent and strategize in a new way!!!

Mercury went retrograde exactly on September 17th and Saturn Now finally moved into Sagittarius, which will offer us a more expanded view of reality and what we are committing to! In the past when Saturn moved through the sign of Scorpio a lot of us have been focusing on inner healing and relationships, and Now our focus and devotion are ready to shift to new things, to deeper commitment to Truth and Soul expansion! Many of us have been laying the foundations of this path, and Now more are ready to shift into this focus! At this time of direct shifts our intuitive perceptions are heightened, especially because we are still in between the two Eclipses, and so we might receive important new insights and inner callings, through meditation and connecting to our Angels and Ascension guides! 

This game changing time is great time for introspection, contemplation and retreat of the Soul! These new insights are causing an inner resonance, waves of Joy and feeling a new pathway that lies ahead! Many of us on the first ascending wave are feeling a sense of completion, and like we have come through on the other side, which will be sealed with the last Eclipse in Aries! We are breaking free from our old self and recreating a brand new One! It may have feel like we have come to the edge and there is nowhere to go but up ... How do we do it? Jump, of course! Our discernment and intuition are intact and perfectly aligned with the Divine and so it's safe to jump!

We need to claim our miracles on "the other side", as we begin to feel and experience the first seeds of our harvesting, of what we have been planting for all these years, the seeds of our new vibrational alignment, our fifth dimensional space of awareness and beyond! We will begin to experience these in a more tangible form at this time, as our inner and outer realities align and collide, for we are in times of deep Cosmic integration! The planetary vibration has risen and we've been assisting this process all along, so Now it's time to claim our Spirit rewards and initiate ourselves into this new level of Being! A new sense of devotion and purpose awaits here as well, and we will be walking together as a greater Group Soul collective.

Our current theme at this time is death, rebirth, regeneration and new opportunities! We are in the period of Mercury retrograde, and this is no ordinary Mercury retrograde for it occurs within the Eclipse season! We are asked to take action steps regarding the things we may have left behind but they need to be finished, as something major is nearing its completion phase! This is an opportunity for second chances which are available to us Now! If something felt like dead, Now is the time to revive it in a new authentic way, which will make it stronger and more lasting!

This will bring us new loyalties, for when we increase the loyalty to the Self and the Truth, we are being mirrored back reciprocally and so we are wiping the slates clean, getting divorced to the things and situations we no longer need and any hooks to the past that may have felt like karmic, so that we can rise in a new way again, getting married to the real authentic Self! This is also a time of a balanced pondering and action! Although Mercury is retrograde, Saturn Now moved into Sagittarius, which makes us feel more optimistic for the upcoming exciting new opportunities and we wish to jump for the first ball.

We are assured that this is a natural process and so we have enough time, for time is cyclical, not linear! Our 'losses' are naturally being replaced with something better and more powerful that is growing in our new vibrational sacred space! We are in a strong rebirth phase and the planetary shifts are reflecting this as well! Observe the weather/nature shifts and feel how they are one with yours! By the time of the second Eclipse at the end of the month Ascension Pioneers will feel like brand new! Destiny is being fulfilled in wondrous ways and we are preparing for a whole new cycle and journey ahead! We do what we must ... And so it begins and our death brings a new Cosmic birth!

What is the Art of this New receiving? We are currently in a Mercury retrograde phase and although we wish to already plan ahead and fly, we are asked to pause and reflect for a while! The Universe has important messages for us Now, and we won't hear them if we don't pay attention! Are there parts of us that are always busy and moving ahead? Even feeling overwhelmed is a part of fear that we are not already in a perfect place here and Now, aligned with the desires of our Soul! Every step of our path is Divine, even when we rest and take regular breaks! We always pause to regenerate our body, mind and Soul as one unified Whole! At this time we are in a rapid acceleration phase, and to vibrationally adjust to this new energy wave is more important than any work at this time!

Our body is going through many adjustments and changes! All that we think we need to do will wait for us, or simply magically get done by itself when we are not even aware of it, for it will unfold naturally and spontaneously! There is great Beauty in surrendering control and not knowing where to go next, even when we know where we are headed in the big scheme of things! We are asked to let go of any stressful and toxic situations so that our body can speak to us in peace and through Cosmic intelligence! We are getting ready for a new cycle which will bring all the change that we need naturally, so we needn't worry over it, because it's all unfolding in perfect Divine timing! If we feel like we've been overly giving, let us take a step back and remember that in Truth, giving and receiving are both One, so Cosmic inhale and exhale, and we can learn to breathe naturally, rhythmically and in perfect Divine harmony!

I have an important personal update to share! I will no longer be doing personal readings, because I will rather focus on teaching You how to activate yourself!!! The course on Galactic signature and our own Core Creation Self is coming soon, as well as an advanced Mastery course. I will be working on gathering all my knowledge into a basis for Self exploration within our Astrological chart and the understanding of our Soul/Self encodement. If You are interested in this knowledge, then I advise You to prepare through my Cosmic convergence workshop, which serves as the basis for this further Self understanding through the journey of our Cosmic heritage. You can find all the details here!

I will be working on more courses and products, including the Galactic signature video workshop to teach You how to tune into your Cosmic Self and Core Creation signature more deeply!

I also added a Photo Gallery to my web page Serapina Light. As I was at the seaside, we shot some amazing photos of me as the White Lady embodiment.

Remember who You are as an Ascension Pioneer!!!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn