Sunday, August 23, 2015

Mastering our Life Force

Dear Beloveds!

Our Sun Now moved into Virgo, and we are stepping into a clean slate of our Being. We are letting go of the past in order to step into something new and more creative! True desires of our Soul don't change from minute to minute! They stay centered in our Heart and if we have the patience and the courage to walk our talk, all will reveal itself on our path in perfect Divine timing! So instead of crying over spilled milk we are asked to open up to new possibilities, even if we can't see them yet! In a perfect moment the forces of Universal Love will come and say: 'Let's go this way and do this!' We simply need to trust that what we are feeling deep inside is real and worth waiting for! But we don't simply wait, we focus on living a magical life moment by moment, always being creative from the Core of our Being!

As we are ascending, our Life force will begin to increase. We will be learning/remembering how it feels to master our personal tantric levels through raising our Soul's kundalini, which is a creative Life force within us. What is Tantra and how do we use it in Purity? As co-creator Beings we function through the sacred Breath of Holy Spirit, the giver of Life. This potential lives through all of us, and the more we work with Tantra (personal and greater Life force) in Purity, reverence and respect, the more we can use it to co-create, in maturity, mutual understanding and cooperation.

Here is my video on cultivating Tantra:

We can feel a lot of passion and sensuality as well, because Venus and Mars will be conjunct soon, so we may experience some deep inner feelings at this time! We don't need to keep them inside, for it's far better to admit them to ourselves and to feel them so deeply that the material reality has the ability to shift and align with what we are choosing through our feelings! Patience is one of the most challenging feelings for Human Beings who want everything right away, and yet we need to remember that in Truth everything in the Universe is happening simultaneously! In the Law of timelessness we can fall in love every day, be artistic and creative all the time and fully live our Bliss ... Because every choice is Now!!!

The second part of my Tantra video focuses on a more practical usage of our Life force in relationships:

How can we engage in pursuing Tantra in relationships as something deeply sacred? It all begins with creating an opening, approaching it through utmost Purity and honoring and respect for the Self and another. As we mature in our Life force energy exchange, we will be able to create relationships that nourish, Self sustain and co-create! We can engage in some practical exercises that are to be used in order to deepen the intimacy that the right usage of Tantra can bring to an ascending individual!

Virgo can often be seen as a Hermit, but a true hermit is not an island, an isolated individual! He or she is simply someone who understands the power of withdrawal in order to grow deeper into their own Wisdom, and a search for a deeper meaning of Life in order to utilize themselves in greater service to the Whole! There is need to rest, ponder and just Be with the Soul! As we turn inwards, our Soul will bring us a new message or two, about the humble pursuits to be taken next! But for Now, we rest and just stay with the Soul, in the humble abode of our Heart!

Our Soul speaks to us in myriad of ways, always with a touch of Magic and Grace! How can we deepen our inner Soul connection? Firstly, we need to take time for ourselves, and as we do so, more space is created! Sometimes this means leaving the worldly and material pursuits for a while and allow simplicity to speak! As we are touched by a new wave of feeling, we need to humbly trust that this is our inner voice! All of our inner initiations in fact serve the Whole, so we are not missing out on anything by taking a short break, rest or silent contemplative retreat! When distractions fall away, we can feel ourselves much deeper and communication begins! The result of healthy and balanced contemplation is always more Wisdom!

Virgo is also seen as the Divine Mother. We are all on our own path within all paths that walk through Spirit! The Divine Mother of All Life in Creation is calling to us with all Her Grace, asking us to trust our inner voice, to believe in our inner teacher, guide and guru! We are maturing spiritually, so we are asked to increase and deepen our discernment and to follow the guidance of our Heart more! Many times we choose to follow others rather than pursuing the voice of our own Heart! We can't build an external sense of trust without fully trusting internally! At this time we are called to just sit with our Heart for a while, and find true inner resonance! No matter how wise, powerful or all knowing other teachers and Masters are, they are merely tuning into their own inner Vortex, and everyone has to find a way to do this for themselves! This is what the Virgo teaches us ... inner Purity through deep integrity.

Virgo focuses on the attention to details, discernment and precision! We are going through some kind of a rebirth in those regards, as our inner vision sharpens and our vistas expand to new horizons! What is the secret to holding a higher vision and perspective and yet focusing on the tiny details? It is the knowing that Source is in the details, and that the more we pay attention to the small things in Life, the more we can feel Spirit, and as we do so, this elevates our perspective to that of the highest good! The more we surrender to every message of guidance that Life offers us, the more we can listen, stay neutral and alert, and our senses awaken to that of higher perception and reception! Something major is shifting within us, and we can allow our Phoenix to come to the surface and rise! There will be Eclipses in September, and one of them will be in Virgo, the other one in Aries. Powerful times indeed!

There are no shortcuts to our spiritual maturity, for its blossoming with every discerning Heart choice that we make! We are asked to create our own sacred temple and fully embrace living from that space of our Divinity! The Virgo archetype is all about honoring our sacred body temple. It's much easier but very disempowering to give our choices to others, for this way we don't take the full responsibility for our own awareness and where we stand in life! We need to find a way to become a neutral observer and participant of Life, but to do it gently and compassionately like all Masters do! We are becoming a spiritual sovereign and our personal integrity continues to rise every time that we make a choice for ourselves first, from our wise and loving Heart space!

Virgo is also about harvesting and material abundance through grounded work/work routine. At this shifting time it's truly important to feel into how supported we are, and how Divine Grace never ceases to amaze us! Support can come in many ways, including through other people! But it's important to remember that the more intimate and open we are, the more we allow ourselves to receive! 

Sometimes this includes asking others for a helping hand, because this will truly open our Heart and make us more receptive! To be receptive is to be in allowance, which is revealing our innermost selves to others and allowing Life to take us by the hand! If on the other hand You haven't felt quite supported recently, begin to see a grouping of energy forming around You, and then allow the Divine to fill in that collective group space with whatever it is You need in the moment! This way You step away from isolation and into the mutual reception and Universal brotherhood/sisterhood!

We are always creating foundations through initiation and constant progress! Each step that we make adds up to the mandala circle of our Life's journey! With each step we are walking through initiations that our Soul needs in order to unlock and open certain doors! We always have the potential to unlock something important with our choices! 

Here is my video on integrating Universal Abundance:

To reach a state of Universal Abundance we first need to free ourselves. The cross is not only a symbol of carrying the burden, it's a symbol of destiny through conscious choice! There are no wrong choices, only limited perceptions in awareness, and yet each choice leads us to the cross/destiny we are choosing for ourselves! If we sometimes feel like stuck in a loop of repetitive ways and patterns, we can always get out of that perception by replacing it with something different!

Each ring of the mandala (of our personal journey) offers us a new perspective and so we jump in our awareness and shift timeliness constantly! We are the ones who are choosing, there are no victims! What is meant to be we create on a Soul level! And even if we feel like we are going around in a circle, it's not true, because we are actually moving through the spiral of Spirit which goes around and then up! Certain things might feel old and familiar, but they will only be there as mirrors and reminders to what we have already experienced and we can then consciously continue to move forward! Like it our not, our Soul continuously expands and always moves forward!  

Changing our perspective on destiny changes the destiny itself!!!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn