Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter & Resurrection

Dear Beloveds!

This year's Easter happens right after the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, so the message of Resurrection is stronger than ever before. It also happens on a 5 energy day within the 17/8 Universal day, which is the infinity number, and the 17 is the Star card in tarot, so 5 the number of changes becomes inspired by 17/8 of new hopes and renewed faith. It truly is time to move on! The planet of expansion and spirituality, Jupiter, also goes direct this week, on April 8th, so it will enrich all of us in some way. We were in a culmination phase for quite a while, and this powerful Resurrection energy is leading us forward, especially towards the Aries New Moon that happens this month. April holds immense potential to advance and expand, so let's get busy with it! Here in our Mountain portal, we had some intense shifting weather during this whole Eclipse season, which amplified with the Blood Moon Eclipse, and we had our first lightnings of the year in the Mountains, with snow and very cold weather for this time of the year. Eclipses usually bring colder weather, but this was quite extreme, with strong winds as well.

We also had a Solar filament eruption during the 4/4 Eclipse, and the Eclipse itself had a beautiful numerology to it. Here where I live it occurred at 14:04, which is also the Seraphim activation code 144 for our Core Creation Self blueprint, and the gateway being the strongest until 14:44. On a powerful 4/4 numerology day, and lasting around 4:44 minutes! WOW! 

We are at a crucial point in our journey this year, and we are birthing something new. The time between the Eclipses invited us to enter the space of inner Silence that leads to new ways of our creative Self expression. When our inner womb (whether we are male or female) is too full, we can't always birth through steady devotion to what we desire to create in Soul. Therefore, an emptying needs to occur at first. Is there something we need to release?
Watch my video about this topic here:

The Eclipse was a Red/Blood Moon, which will definitely "eclipse" something out of our lives during its continuation process. It is not an event, it always relates to a process of unfolding in our creation of reality we live in. That which we are asked to let go is actually nothing that we would truly need. It is simply something that served its purpose and Now it rather distracts our co-creative process. Everything begins as a neutral Essence of Divine Love, but when we bring it down into matter and make it physical, we either make it constructive or destructive, positive or negative. It is therefore very important to be aware of what we are creating, and how pure the Core Essence of our creations remains. We are always the only one held responsible for our precious womb.

If we have been distracting ourselves with millions of things to do, or dealing with external dramas, other people's scenarios and projections ... the energy of this upcoming Eclipse is asking us to let that go and move into a space of creative Silence. We always have the Power to create our own Reality. The sacred breath is important here, as well as the silence of the sacred "OM", which is the sound of the Creation in this Universe and beyond and it's therefore directly connected with our own Divine womb. Our womb needs to be nurtured and paid attention to, for if we tend to neglect it, that will be directly reflected in our creations and relationships as well.

Every single thought and action goes into our womb, and many times our thoughts and actions are not even our own, for they belong to the energy of other people and the collective. Therefore our Divine womb needs to be purified, so that we can only hear and nurture the space of our own "I AM." We are in the middle of that process during this Eclipse season, and something new will be birthed and come into Life. The energy of this profound Eclipse season will be carried all the way into Autumn and bring lasting changes up until 2018.

It is time to make things solid and lasting! The month of April carries a lot of Red energy, which holds the potential for everything to manifest in the physical, so we can even work with the Essence of Red and continue to release its magical force through our womb, the inner gestation of Life in our Being.

How are You treating your womb? If it feels too full, then maybe it's time to "shake it off" before dedicating to your new birth!

The energy truly aligns with the perfect balance and harmony of our internal/external Self in Unity consciousness. Have You felt a shift, was it subtle, intense or profound? Did You receive a powerful messenger dream or a Soul revelation? This is all possible at this highly intuitive time, and we can connect more deeply with this energy by being artistic, spontaneous and peaceful, engaging in any form of meditation, even if that simply means listening to very soft music and turning on our "alpha" state or Divine receptivity.

This Lunar Eclipse is all about inner harmonization and balance. This is perfectly aligned with the Full Moon in Libra. The way of true temperance is the way of inner harmony, when all aspects of the Self reside in perfect balance. On a physical level of our Existence, we experience the integration of polarity through relationships, which serve as our mirrors. They are always our helpers, never blockers. Through each and every relationship we integrate a certain aspect of the Self, which comes through as a particular Soul Essence, and this applies for more intimate relationships and even those we would not primarily consider as very important in our life. Every single relationship or physical encounter has a purpose behind it, and the more we reflect on it, the more knowledgeable we will become of our true Self.
Here is my video Light activation for this:

Sometimes what we consider as a complete opposite to our experience, might hold the greatest gift for us, and we grow immensely through it. The thing is that we cannot escape our destined Spirit initiations, and sometimes certain relating experiences need to occur for us to deepen the strength of the Self in our Human form. As a Human collective, we are all one big family, and this is actually how we assist one another to progress and evolve further on the ladder of Love. When the integration of a particular Soul Essence is complete, we will know it, and we will feel like that initial "opposition" has become the greatest gift in our life. It is not only the beautiful and the easy that enriches our lives, for sometimes the most challenging aspects of relating enrich our lives the most in the end.

During this most important time it's recommended to reflect on all our relationships and the way we commune with the Self through them, and how they assisted us on our journey of personal Ascension. There are no rights or wrongs, and we can never truly make a mistake. All that is left is Love, and when we realize the deeper Soul embodiment process that is behind every single relation we have ever experienced, we will know only unconditional Love in Unity. This is what we are here, as Masters of Polarity in Unity consciousness that we call Ascension.

What is a true Ascension Pioneer? Its purpose is all about mending bridges and finding new pathways. As Ascension Pioneers, we need to be aware of the fact that we are always "in training" for Self mastery. We experience life situations and oftentimes many extremes that strengthen our Spirit embodiment and Self empowerment. We witness many things and scenarios, in order to create bridges wherever we may go and whatever we may get ourselves involved with. Many times things just seek us out. A lot of times it's simply a matter of bringing our energy to a certain part of the old and dying system. A lot of times it's about remembering our true power of the inner Magi, and that is why we need direct triggers and "push buttons" to activate deeper Self mastery within us. We have been "in training" our whole life, and we shall continue to be ... for a Pioneer never stops.

If You find yourself in situations where your rational Human logic cannot make sense of what is happening, there is often a Higher force and meaning behind everything that You are co-creating, even when it's something You don't feel like it belongs to your own energy resonance. Our path as an Ascension Pioneer has nothing to do with only pleasant scenarios and dreamy landscapes. We are here to bridge the gaps of the old and the New. We cannot do that without our conscious participation in what is taking place on this planet. We cannot alter the shifting timelines from not participating in Life or hiding somewhere in our cave. The "cave" is something a true Pioneer can never actually afford, for it's not why we are here. This doesn't mean that we have to take external scenarios and dramas at heart, or make them our own responsibility. This simply means that we are a part of a much greater healing/wholing than merely our own.

Remember the path of a true Ascension Pioneer and don't feel sorry for yourself or things in your life that don't go a certain way. Trust that they are going in the perfect direction for the greater advancement of the Whole. A true Pioneer is always dedicated to a greater unified Whole!

An Ascension Pioneer also balances the inner and the outer, always finding enough time for inner retreats. We are Now in a time of personal "getaways", retreats of the Soul. We are all invited into the sound of sacred Silence, by the power of the Ancient Wisdom and our higher guidance. The Ancients used to follow such traditions, so as an important time of alignment came, they used to move into an inner retreat of the Soul for quite some time. They did it with great depth and devotion. They considered this to be a natural practice, a way of living.

So how do we, "modern" Humans, make this transition Now, and not just take a holiday and go on a trip for a few days, but really moving deep within our Soul while leaving all the external to rest for a while. It is like pressing a "pause" button without really going away. This simply means moving an octave deeper into our Being, and knowing that life will still exist and that nothing won't go away as we "leave" the external world for a while.

Whenever we notice that there is not much activity and stimulation in our personal lives, our Soul is already naturally guiding us towards this inner sate of Being. It is time to replenish the Soul and move deeper, in order to receive new guidance and align ourselves with the higher octave that we have been anchoring in our bodies for a while now, especially during the time between the Eclipses.

This is a special Eclipse season, because the first one (the Solar Eclipse) occurred in the last degree of the last sign of the Zodiac. So something is ending at large, and we might feel it stronger than with previous Eclipses. Going deep within is crucial for gaining a deeper understanding of what inside us is ready to leave. With this second Lunar Eclipse, we are entering a deeper state of Balance and equilibrium, within ourselves and then carrying this forward onto all of our relationships. We will know when a shift has occurred, because we will feel greater depth activated within us, and we will feel that it's time to come back to the "surface."

All the shifts occur naturally, but if the feeling isn't such, it's simply us swimming against the flow of Cosmos. We are learning how to swim with the current of Love and allowing it to naturally unfold for us!

Talking about Easter, which is linked to the Goddess Ostara (Eostre) in pagan tradition, it really is time to nest and aim for that new birth. Instead of Easter eggs, how about precious Mandala stones?

My latest stone grid was made out of a sacred Mountain stone in the middle, painted Mandala stones and fortune cards. The red square is about the physical level, the yellow square is about our mental stability, the orange square is about our desires and creativity, the blue square is about our clear communication, and the green outer square is about the Heart and Nature. The four main squares (East, North, West and South positions) represent the four basic elements. The cards represent the Key in the middle (what is our Core), while the vertical is about transformation, moving from old to the New, and the vertical is about moving from the mind to the Heart where true happiness and inner fulfillment can be found. What are the impressions You receive from this sacred stone mandala? 

And this is my sacred altar for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse! We are integrating polarity, and so we hold this knowing/awareness in our mind, heart and cellular knowing as One, invoking the past, present and future as One, and the cause, effect, record and memory come into a point of unified singularity. The power of the Yin & Yang is released, and we are becoming Masters of polarity. The vertical and horizontal are One, and the three folded flame of Love, Wisdom and Power is ignited and burns brightly within and without, reaching out to all! Open your Heart to inner Love harmonization in Unity ... and the Cosmic Christ of All!

We hold this intention in our sacred space of the "I AM" and our ascending collective, thanking our Ascension team and all of the White Brotherhood who serve the Law of One!

May we unite in all ways!
Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn