Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Eclipse season & new foundations

Dear Beloveds!

We are in between the Eclipse season, which is always prominent for strange turn of events and things moving in and out of our lives faster than usual, with strong Soul messages and experiences. This invites us into the law of detachment, to view all of the world as a stage, and to simply invite in fresh experiences without fearing that they will eventually transpire. We are brave Souls when we live in such a manner, and one who has mastered the art of detachment, truly knows inner Peace. A lot of times things happen without our full understanding, and yet they are important for our Soul expansion. We might not see everything that unfolds behind the scenes when a certain roll of events is taking place, and yet we are being asked to trust and hold the space.

April will be an interesting month, with lots of action and energy of movement/exploration of the New. We are simply asked to continue to be open, for whatever is meant to enter into our lives. Things will always continue to come and go, and what will stay is that which is meant to and serves our path and our personal Ascension. Everything truly serves our Ascension!

You can tune into my energy podcast for the month of April here:

The Eclipse season always "eclipses" something out of our lives, and whether we consider that to be positive or negative ... it simply just Is, and it's always what our Soul needs so that we can embody it more. Humans tend to be attached to everything in their lives, including their most valuable possessions and Divine companions, and yet we are all passengers who are passing by and expanding in our own way, as we are blossoming in Soul understanding. When we see Life as a natural and organic thing, we will begin to tap into a greater understanding that is the God force behind everything, even that which we are most attached to and what we cannot yet fully understand. The mere force of knowing already begins to work with our intention, so all it takes is a desire for us to become as God, and that we shall Be.

There is a strong sense of something leaving us, and yet the Truth behind it is good, and it brings a new beginning ... a fresh new start! What if the real question is not what we are saying goodbye to, but what we are welcoming in?

We are in a culmination experience that is enriching our lives. We are moving into a new cycle of productivity and excitement, and our creative thinking and acting will be enhanced. This will be stimulated through our inner sensuality, which is the ability to engage in Life more fully, and this makes us become a more conscious participant of Life. The more we open up to the juicy flow of Life and its ebbs and flows, the more we embrace all of Life as our teacher. The more we are open, the more we can feel, for the feeling side of Life is very important for our productive creativity. When we know how to become stimulated by organic Life, instead of being attached to external stimulation through many various things and objects of our desire, the more our Soul desires will naturally bring us inner fulfillment.

This is definitely the energy of inner fulfillment, and to be whole from inside out means that we don't just feel whole when externally stimulated, but also when our inner senses are always wide awake and stimulated from within to without. It also goes the other way, so we don't just feel whole and complete when alone and isolated, in our own bubble of Love, but also when we move our energy and spread Light outwardly, with deep inner inspiration and upliftment. When the Beauty of Life itself becomes our only inspiration, we will always live as a sensual Human, the kind of Being that is wide awake, alert and present, becoming One with the organic flow of Nature's creativity. When we are stimulated by inner sensuality, there is not much else we wish to add to that, because the flow of Life becomes so simple and lively ... and the New Human loves simplicity.

The upcoming Full Moon on April 4th (notice the 4/4) will be a total Libra Lunar Eclipse, the so-called Red Moon. The color of our burning sensuality is also Red, and the color for the month of April is Red as well. Let us use the current Aries energy to move forward with new ways of expressing ourselves, however that may come for us!

The Full Moon is in Libra, which is all about relationships. How many of us are devoted to true Love that is here to ground the Essence of the Higher Realms on this planet? We will know that we are one of these individuals because we yearn for something deeper and much more profound. The already known and established does not interest us. This is often known as "Venus and Neptune" connection in astrology, and it serves as the embodiment of a higher octave of Divine Love. Those who carry this knowing within themselves, will always seek greater Beauty and spirituality in Love that is not just personal, but transpersonal and devoted to a higher cause. To embody Love in Divine action and perfection also means to master Divine patience and trust. When we trust in Life and our unique path, we will know that we have chosen it just right, especially when it comes to our path of the Beloved.

There are still many who seek the "Beloved" as an external person that will finally fulfill them and help them live their true purpose. In Truth, we need to first embody the Beloved to live that purpose in physical Union as well, for the embodiment of the Self is the inner "twinning" process when we merge with our Twin Soul nature as a perfectly whole Being of Divine Love. When we master this within ourselves, we will have no difficulty with following the law of Divine timing. The path of the Beloved in Higher Form is also meant to inspire others, but it's not just a love of fiction and fairy tale. Fairy tales can become real, but not through escapism and illusion, but through the grounded application of such. True Love is not fleeting, and it always endures, and we will know that Love when we first master living it ourselves ... when our inner Flame burns brightly for that Love that is always selfless, just and perfect!

Many are in the embodiment process of the Highest expression of Love from on High into physical form. The chariot of Love delivers this from Heavenly Realms into illuminated form through the Beloveds who pave the Way forward by shining their Divine Light.

The I AM THAT ... I AM is a mystery and yet we can embody its state of Being:

We are returning to the integration of our Divine masculine/feminine polarities in Unity, and understanding how powerful we actually become when this is embodied. Imagine moving beyond the appearance of your gender, and going deeper into the realization of your androgenous nature of the Soul. When we understand that no matter what kind of form our body takes, we are always made by the Image and likeness of the Creator, we know that we can always function by the very same Principles of our Whole Creation Self. Our Core Creation Self is already perfectly balanced, for it's created in Unity consciousness through Divine Love.

When we begin to feel this, we unify from within, and we know that the guidance we receive and the action that we take to create our reality, does not come separately from either our feminine or masculine nature. We need to begin to feel how our inner male-female polarity works in a unified synergy, so that the totality of our Being guides us and lives through us as the "I AM." When we live as a perfectly Divine masculine-feminine Being in Unity consciousness, we can do and create just about anything, for our Prime energies unify and work in a tandem. It is time to merge our inner male and female as One, and bring back the higher Wisdom that they are together.

I recently made a video about all the archetypes of the Goddess:

The Divine Goddess has many different faces/archetypes, and when we live to embody all of them, whether we are male or female, we become fully merged with Source and Creation as One, and our inner Power becomes immense. This is the Power of Divine Love, where Purity walks hand in hand with Integrity, and Wisdom and Innocence are One. The White and Black Goddess are actually just two sides of the same coin, as they present the manifest and the not yet manifest, the seen and the unseen.

The completely balanced Whole individuals will begin to activate a greater sense of purpose and Cosmic Wisdom. The knowing of our Soul actually expands through that integrated wholeness of male-female polarities into one singularity, which also brings the activation of our Quantum Self. What is the Quantum Self? It is that Prime Self before all else took place in density, so the actual "real" Self in our true Cosmic nature as a Being of Divine Love. It is time to remember that and awaken our cells with this knowledge, so that we will begin to exist on a higher frequency of our personal "bandwidth". It is time to live our Divine purpose on a higher octave of Being.

How about Divine protection? I share about this in my video update on Self empowerment:

How about community and grouping together as One? We are being asked about what a true Heart community represents to us! Stars always group together, and the Galaxies do so as well, so we get Galaxy clusters and super clusters. We know of the principle "As above, so below", which means that everything that happens on a grander/Universal/macrocosm scale, also happens on our microcosm scale. We are all sovereign individuals, and yet we have an innate sense of grouping together and forming communities. Of course, we need to do so in proper balance, in order to establish them on solid foundations, rather than attached ways of codependent existence. True communities of the Heart in the New Earth are definitely not built on codependency, but a natural sense to connect, share and co-create.

There are many things happening on our planet at this time, and we are much stronger in going through them together as One, than feeling as if we were the only one experiencing this. No one is alone, and we all have a minor community at hand if we only observe well enough. Not everyone will be on the same level of awareness as we go through these changes, and yet a healthy community is not built on that, but a loving Heart space, where all the sharing comes from Divine Love. We can begin to see ourselves as a part of a greater community, a living structure of the Divine, and plant the seeds of a new way of living ... where every member of a greater Whole has something unique to offer and contribute. As we do so, these seeds will one day blossom and flourish into something wonderful. This is where we are Now, at the threshold into the New Age which holds the Aquarian Principle of sovereign Community.

What does sovereign community mean to You? How can You view your family, friends, neighbors and associates (locally and globally) as a part of a grander Community?

How about the Community of New Earth? How does it feel like and what does it look like?

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn