Sunday, April 19, 2015

Time for new beginnings!

Dear Beloveds!

We have entered through a portal of Freedom, so many of us! We are in a stage of completion of one chapter, as we prepare for moving into a new one. These are amazing times of the New! We might feel an increased state of flow, and things will fall into place more naturally by us simply allowing them to. We no longer feel the new to struggle and go against the flow. If there is movement and something works, it will be felt very easily, and if not, then we will learn to notice that as well. The key is always conscious observation and then learning to integrate what we are taking notice of. We are also in a creative cycle, for all this forward movement is bringing us a sense of beginning a new project, or simply finishing something we have been pondering on for quite a while. 

There is a great new wave of Cosmic abundance at our disposal. We need to learn how to breathe with that Grand Cosmic wave. In order to Be truly abundant, we have to first let go of our constant busyness and enter a state of void. When we know how to Be the void, we will know how to receive from the Cosmic womb of infinite Love. The more we open up and surrender, the more we will receive. Why

Because we enter a natural flow of Divine creativity rather than being constantly occupied and full of things to do. This does not mean that we will not become creative Beings who manifest Heaven on Earth. This does not mean that we will never do anything anymore. This simply means that what we will only do that which is truly guided by Soul, rather than live in the constant busyness of the lower and our mind telling us that we need to constantly do, strive for and achieve.

Watch my latest Ascension update here:

We are entering a new stage of prosperity on a new and much Higher Octave, but in order to truly align with that frequency, we first need to become that frequency ourselves. It is time to drop our "to do" lists and personal goals, even when it comes to our New Moon manifestations of desires. Our Soul already knows our desires, because those that are of Soul are already felt internally.

Any kind of list making does not change anything if we don't consciously align with what we desire to experience. The most simple form of manifestation is to learn to sit with our Presence, breathe deeply, create a sacred space of the sacred Breath of Life and see a crystal globe or a shinny translucent diamond, and then simply observe what is coming through it without any filters and distortions of the lower nature. When we do so, we are becoming a neutral observer of our desires, and we lean to separate those true Soul desires from those that are coming from the lower mind especially.

The next stage is learning to surrender them, and living our life in conscious knowing that all of our steps are already guided by those natural desires and longings of Soul that come from that crystal Diamond Core! This is how we will embrace the New wave, and replace the complex and hard with simple and easy!

New Cosmic Master guides are coming in with this new frequency wave as well, and we are inviting them in with an open Heart. It is time to allow Love to run its Magic and take care of everything that needs to be taken care of without us having the main control. We are a leader, and at the same time we are a part of a greater collective ... an Ascension team. When we outgrow a previous guidance system, we move on to the next one, and with this, new guides will come forth, and we will feel them by feeling different and new. With each increased vibratory level, our guidance feels more natural and integrated in our daily reality. We no longer have to tune into everything and receive much information, for all comes forth naturally by us simply living our lives in flow and ease. This is the new wave of Cosmic Grace, a dispensation for this planetary shift that we are undergoing.

We are also asked to immerse in our inner child, find someone to play with, and experiment with different ways and forms of creativity. We are learning about the simple fact of "conglomeration", which simply means to use a bit of everything in the mix, without the need to identify ourselves with merely one task and form of creativity, or one particular Divine archetype. We are intrinsically connected with all Divine archetypes, and we can experience them without being attached to any particular role or way of Being. We are pure Spirit in action and form!

This creative process is a consequence of our inner fusion. Two polarized Essences are coming together, getting closer and closer ... just about ready to burst and create something. What will come of it is something new, something that was not yet here, and as unpredictable as it might be in its new form, not to mention fragile and new, it's also very beautiful, and we need to learn about the Art of sitting with our Creations and infusing them with great Love, dedication and care/nurture. We are opening our Heart to more true Love. If we still don't believe in miracles, we need to begin to imagine the impossible, if even with small thoughts during our day, which will fuel our inspiration and makes us trust the mysterious ways of Life in Creation.

Life is unpredictable, but that is the beauty of it ... how else would we feel surprised and in awe, if not deeply immersing in trusting Life in every way? Serendipity is our key word Now! We can all experience true Love and relentless happiness through allowing in more Love and new experiences. Only we can open the gates of the heart and allow more Love to enter, for there is never truly enough of Love ... there is always more, and it's always in correspondence with our level of Soul expansion in form. A beautiful swan Essence is entering our Cosmic Heart space, delivering Grace.

What is the nature of receiving Grace? It is when we are able to simply feel such a flow of great Divine dispensation that we can almost feel like we are the center of the Universe and that all Life conspires and works for us, to have the desires outcomes that we so deeply yearn for. If they are aligned with the Divine Grace of Spirit, they will eventually come into Being, so patience is still key, but there is definitely Magic afoot with all this alchemy present, If we will allow ourselves to be touched by the Supreme Divine and feel like the untouchable, then that is what we will experience and become. The Universe is waiting for us to make that choice. And we are the ones who will do this in this current form ... we don't have to wait for future generations of Humans to do this ... we are the ones who can do it right here and Now.

There is also great importance of community in this equation, so something we are creating from inside out is co-creating relationship energy, connecting, sharing, exchanging and thriving as One. We are working with the sacred pulse of the Galactic Core and we transcending duality and moving into communion with Source and balanced community in Unity. We can still be different, and yet there will be a sense of coming together in spite of our apparent differences, for our Souls desire expansion through the merging of these seeming opposites.

May Divine Grace enter and may every Human feel the profound touch of Cosmic Love!

The eternal flame inside of us always beats and pulsates with our own "I AM." There is a strong infatuation with the external when a Soul begins to experience Creation in its myriad ways and forms, but when the Soul begins to return to the Self, the knowledge of our unique individualization starts to awaken again. The rise of the Self begins to be felt from deep within, and our Heart begins to pulsate with the living Light of the Creator that uniquely expresses itself through us. Only we can feel and know the way that we do, and seeking external validation and belonging only brings us further away from that Self. No one will ever be exactly like us and we can never have full 111% resonance on the outside, that is why it's important to develop a sense of deep internal resonance and belonging from our internal state of Being.

In this Age of information many Beings seek to know everything about their environment and understand how things work. There is a tendency to analyze and rationalize everything, which leaves no space for Magic and Mystery. Mystery is a part of the Divine equation in triangulation, which means that the two which are creating the third (the holy trinity) will create something New that won't always be predictable.

That is the whole point of Creation ... spontaneous evolution through Mystery of the Divine. With triangulation there is constant evolution, which brings a sense of expansion of the Soul and all Life forms evolving with that evolution of the Soul. It is the evolution of Soul that triggers the evolution of all other living forms as well, as all Divine constructs begin to expand and awaken through the Magic of Life. The eternal flame reminds us to leave a space for Magic, for the unknown ... for the eternal Mystery of the Divine void/womb.

Too many times we are constantly pursuing the next best thing, the latest technology and physical pleasure to pursuit, and we try to control every single aspect of the Universe that we call "known" and understood. But in Truth, there will always be something new, and always something that is not yet known. We merely have to align with the knowing of its perfection, and embrace it as our living Truth in Creation and respect it with great reverence as the Ancients once did. We need to remember that Prime Spark and hold it firmly in our Hearts!

Enjoy the pulsating Presence of pure Being! At this time we are all asked to enjoy the simplicity of Life. This calls for enjoying the simple pleasures of Life and to fall in love with all that we do and all that is natural. The energies are very abundant at this time, and much is to be deeply felt and experienced. We are being showered with so many Divine gifts, but if we won't take time to be with the Self to feel them, they will pass us by. Sometimes our mind is not used to all this pleasure and natural enjoyment, and it may wonder and continue to ask: "But what should I do?" We will not miss out on anything ... we need to trust and enjoy Life when it offers us new gifts of pleasure.

There are times in the great cycles of Life, where we are called to simply Being more than ever before, and this is one of such times. When we engage in Being, we begin to immerse in deep feeling from within, and explore all that is around us, but we might not notice it when we are too busy and active. This is an energy of a soft invitation to rest, to play and explore Nature and all of its beauties. The natural world is felt more deeply in higher dimensional awareness, and the more present we are with it, the more we will receive new ideas on how to co-create with it. And when the time comes, we will use those new ideas in a new action wave!

Enjoy Life and let it guide You through simple beauties and treasured moments of fun and play!

From time to time we just have to unplug from everything external and just follow the voice of the Heart ... take that road trip, visit a special place dear to our Heart, spread our seeds of Love by shining our Light outwardly, have joyful fun, embracing a wide space of Nature with our sacred enlightened Presence, and awaken the magical inner child within. So crucial for our personal Ascension!

This sacred mandala was created on a 13/4 Creation day, inspired by Spirit. It speaks about Yin/yang integration of our polarities into Unity consciousness of our 12-Galactic consciousness within the 13th octave in the middle as Source. It took quite a while to make this beauty ... proud of it!

Honoring the Twin Soul Spark within us all! 

This is my Light grid for this Aries New Moon! This Moon had no challenging aspects to it, so the message is about positivity and learning new things, new knowledge coming in. It's time for something new and innovative, maybe a complete "make-over". 

The Light grid is all about Yin/Yang polarities merging into Unity ... Black and White becoming Silver and Gold! The Masculine and Feminine Divine are truly One! Enjoy all of the New that is being felt first before coming into a tangible form!

It was also my mother's birthday on the day of the New Moon, so it was a very special day for us here!

This is an Alchemical Light grid and Spirit reading after the New Moon in Aries. What are You desiring to manifest? This begins our new astrological year ahead! EARTH: Dietary change, time to detox. Taking great care of our physical body, exercise routines. WATER: Have faith. Staying true to our path and inner feelings. AIR: You are safe. Working with Divine protection and taking good care of ourselves mentally, feeling free. FIRE: Flow of prosperity. Working our inner Magician. Abundant waves. ETHER (SPIRIT): Imagine. The world is our co-creative playground. What do we desire to create in Soul alignment? Knowing anything is possible and living that Truth in Love!

For those asking me, I have created a short video guide to working with Divination tools, so that You can begin to take not of your inner voice more and thrive in your inner guidance!

Watch the video here:

This New Moon was especially potent, so if You are called to cleanse your sacred space and prepare for the New, be sure to go ahead. We have washed our windows and I have cleansed the basement too, with the help of my neighbor. It felt amazing, but then it didn't end there ... because we went on a walk and cleansing our precious Mountain beach, helping mother Nature ... feeling so refreshed Now, with so much energy. The opening for the New is here!

We have so much Divine support right now ... it's amazing!

Please know ...

There is nothing that needs to happen, and nowhere we need to be ... except to be fully free.

In freedom of Being, all will be revealed so naturally!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn