Saturday, April 11, 2015

Time to integrate!

Dear Beloveds!

We are in intense integration times! This time is all about higher spiritual education, new learning/teaching, short trips and our neighborhood, and these are all ruled by the 3rd house. This is the Gemini house, and our planet of Love and value, Venus, moves into Gemini today, April 11th. Our energy focus will be shifting towards exchanging information, speaking or writing, researching and possibly developing new tools and methods of spiritual teachings. This is especially true for all higher spiritual pursuits, which are ruled by the 12th (Piscean) house of spirituality, higher causes, service and transcendence. We might even find new Love through the exchange and sharing of information, community or the online world. But we will definitely be using what we are receiving for serving a greater Whole.

Watch my video on portal activity here:

Much is surfacing through our subconscious at this time, and we may find ourselves taking a walk down the "memory lane", which means that we already know these things on a higher level. It will feel old and new at the same time. The information we are receiving is not new, for it comes through our Higher Self and our collective Soul group. To tap into the superconscious it's important to spend much time alone, in solitary silence and the center of our Cosmic Heart. This is when we create enough space for the Higher octave to enter into our Existence.

We are receiving so much at this time, and we have entered a strong integration phase after the Eclipse season, which will feel like a rapid "download" period. We may experience sudden bursts of ideas, energetic impulses, which include being guided to take a random trip, explore and do something new, try out something that we have never done before ... for this all has a clue for something that we need on this part of our journey. We have recently expanded our physical vehicle, which now craves for new experiences.

New experiences are being built through the resurfacing of this new understanding that flows through our current Soul awareness. Whenever we think that this is all that there is, and that nothing much is happening, we need to think of a great saying that goes: "There is always something happening in the world." Truly there is always something shifting, changing, experiencing, and we are now given the "awareness goggles" to see everything from a different perspective, change the environment, try out something different and benefit from all this new opening that took place recently. We can notice the most subtle and profound shifts Now!

We are here as guardians of the New who are keeping the gates open!

Recently Spirit showed me the importance of creating sacred circles, not just those with people, but also those in Nature, with sacred items that we consecrate as special, as they will then hold the frequency of the New Earth which we will be learning to direct along the main energy lines! If You are guided to do so, please create your own sacred circle in Nature and give it special blessings of New Earth! 

This is my own circle! As we sit as One with the shifting planet, we feel and see a golden-white spiral moving in in the rhythm of Ascension!

Watch my video about this here:

You can use my New Earth grid as a visual, for it truly supports this as a sacred tool of Light!

The planet of expansion, intuition, spirituality and exploration/pioneering, Jupiter, finally went direct again on April 8th. This was the 8th day in a 12/3 Universal month, in an 8th Universal year, so this forward movement really amplifies the 8 code of abundance and prosperity through personal empowerment and Self mastery.

This motion takes place in the sign of Leo, which is all about the expansion of the Heart and shining our Light. Whenever we work on always amplifying that inner Light, we work towards becoming the untouchable Being of Divinity, which means that only that of Love can enter into our field. Even if it initially is not of Love, it will transform or dissolve by us staying focused on that Light of Truth. 

This means that if there is anything that we perceive as negative or disturbing in our reality, which is lacking the Truth of Love, we have the power within to transform it through Love. This does not mean that we work towards changing it directly ... this simply means that we allow it to change naturally by allowing Divine Love to run its course.

With Jupiter moving direct again, we will be more able to tune into ways of how that can be done through our Core Self. The level of intuition and Self trust will increase. The archetype of Leo can also be very externally focused, shining like the Sun, so this tells us that the answer to more Love is not to dim our Light, or not exposing ourselves to everything that surrounds us.

We don't have to hide. Love is always the answer. So if there is anything that might worry us or makes us feel bad, the answer is not to go into our hiding place or face the situation with scarcity and fear. The answer is always to shine our Light into every matter at hand. We can do that by simply visualizing that Light and how it moves in and through us, and how it then reaches every single thing and situation we encounter, including all the relationships in our lives.

With Jupiter in Leo we will be expanding more and reaching to the external reality by integrating all of our current Soul expansion. It truly is integration time, and it's time to do it in a grandiose way! We are children of the Sun!

Great creativity is at hand if we only gather all of our focus and radiate it towards what we desire most. Freedom of Being is our natural birth right, never forget that!

Happy me, making my music out in Nature!

There are great Galactic changes happening, and with so many new energy bursts, there is also a lot of strange phenomena taking place, because it's effecting everyone differently and many are seeking to plug into those who are carrying the Light frequency inside their loving Hearts. Divine protection is a necessity, and when we begin to shield ourselves through Love (not control), we naturally begin to take care of ourselves and our healthy boundaries. 

This calls for Angelic assistance, especially that of AA Michael. Whenever we surrender our physical issues to a greater unfolding, we lean on the Divine to walk us through anything hand in hand. We don't need to face anything alone, so even if we feel like we are alone, we never truly are. Sometimes we just forget to call in Divine guardians that are always here to support us in our planetary transition.

This also speaks of healthy boundaries that we set in our own life. How many times do we say "NO"? Do we know that saying "no" to something is actually saying "yes" to something else, so it's not negative at all? Choosing to say either "yes" or "no" is simply making a choice of conscious alignment, so that eventually all that we choose to do and participate in occurs through our Heart center.

It is all about Balance! The more we will be saying "no" to the old things that no longer resonate and feel good, because there is no Joy there, the more we will be saying "yes" to blissful new things that truly spark up our inner Magician. The Wiser we become, the more we realize that everything in our Life is a choice. Sometimes we feel like others are imposing their own free will against us, and as they go against us, we feel like we are not free in our own choices.

That is not really true from the higher perspective, for we have a choice in how we will respond to simply everything that surrounds us by how we feel on the inside. The moment when we realize why things are the way they are and the expansion they bring us, they will dissolve through Love and our growth will move on to the next level.

We don't have to constantly worry about things and spend time locked in our own mind, because this only stops us from being in the Heart. Instead, we can integrate every single thought form of the old and familiar into the New by fully embracing it, but then choosing something that feels more expanded, like a new thought form and feeling. This way we don't deny or negate anything, but we simply don't decide for it. So we consider everything, but we choose only that which feels true and loving for us on our own Ascension path. Always hold your ground!

The path of Ascension is also a path of conscious dedication to sacred Union in perfect Divine Trust. There is a strong importance of Purity in all forms of Love, especially "eros", so that it's not based on desire and longing of lower levels and attachment. When true Love is approached from "upside down" rather than from "downside up", we can truly begin to experience the kind of Unions that are lasting, the so-called "match made in Heaven." 

What does this mean, anyway? This saying means that the Essence that flows through a relationship has its root in the spiritual Essence of our Beingness, not carnal desires. When we surrender any sort of lower desires to be filled with true Love, then and only then can we truly experience true Love in a sacred Union.

Each relationship in Ascension has to go through such a purification, in order to be fully Divine in its Essence and form, and it's even better than we start this purification from within ourselves, so that we will already approach all relationships from that internal wholeness. We then won't have to sacrifice our lower desires, for there won't be any to begin with in the first place. The place where to lovers will meet, will rather be a place of Divine communion and trust and the bond eternal and solid, "as above, so below." The focus will be on radiating Love and being of Cosmic service. There is a transitioning in our relationships occurring, but it can only happen through us with our conscious participation. We need to become more conscious in our relationships, and know what kind of a "contract" we are entering from the very beginning.

In the beginning stages of a relationship, everything can be seen through the "rose pink glasses" if there is not enough Divine Wisdom within. Through that deep Wisdom of Soul, we will see our relationships differently. We need to become more conscious of what we are choosing in our relationships. When we are on the path of Ascension, it becomes extremely important that we choose to co-create with those who are on the similar path, and who devote their lives to the same embodiment of the Law of One. When that is not so, we will never know what we are getting ourselves into, and there will often be confusion and unnecessary drama. The more conscious we become of our ascending path, the more everything on that path becomes crystallized and clear, including the relationships that we choose to enter. Sometimes it's truly better to be alone than in a relationships that isn't built on Unity.

Spirit reminded me that it's not so much the words people use to describe themselves, or how "spiritual" they are. It is the actions that speak louder than words, and the lifestyle of every individual on this planet is already speaking loud enough through embodiment. The patterns of our choosing are directly reflected in the way we create our reality, so if we only consciously observe, we will quickly see what kind of a path others are also choosing for themselves.

Then it is time to ask ourselves these very important questions: "Is this what I would like to choose? Is it in alignment with my path? Can I participate in this? Does it reflect my own nature and dedication in Ascension? AM I willing to sacrifice myself and how I feel for it? How far would I go to please another and lose a part of my true Self? Where are my boundaries and how do I set them?" In knowing these few basic answers, we will always know our priority and keep an open space for that which always radiates Purity in Ascension.

It is time to enter conscious relationships!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn