Sunday, March 22, 2015

Solar Eclipse & the Equinox

Dear Beloveds!

At this time there is great alignment at hand! We are completing one level of our initiation on this planet and moving into a new one. The "last" and 7th gateway/Pluto and Uranus square alignment reached its climax and it brought forth the seventh initiation on our path of Ascension. 7 is the number of Spirit and it is also often associated with the 7 veils of illusion ... the 7 initiations of the Soul as it remembers the state of the 7th density, which is the so-called 7th Heaven/our Angelic Self. It is therefore very important to take some time for ceremony, solitude and meditation. Many illusions can dissolve at this important time, and there can be great unveiling! The more focused and Present we are during the time of the Eclipse, the more we will be able to tap into all of the New. Many of us also experienced many things during this time, which were all a reflection of a greater unification taking place. Our Souls are so hungry for this conscious merge beyond any separation.

Spring is here ... I love the freshness that the Equinox brought us! 

I also recoded a special Equinox message from Spirit for all Ascension Pioneers: 

My first big news is that I finally published my new web page at the beginning of this week. Serapina Light is now finally born!

I share about this project and Life chapter in this video:

On this note Spirit also wants to share on the topic of accomplishment. How do we really know that we have accomplished something and that we are Now ready for a new phase? First of all, we need to let go of the need to accomplish, because it always comes with expectations and it's not centered in Presence. Secondly, there is an innate sense of a constant need to accomplish something engraved in the Human psyche, and yet in the New we are moving more towards a sense of Being and Self fulfilling. Self fulfillment has nothing to do with a sense of accomplishment. Have You ever noticed that often when we truly accomplish something, it can still be accompanied with an empty feeling inside? That is only because we have mistaken Self fulfillment and completion of one cycle for a determined accomplishment of a goal. In Truth, we will always be creating something, and yet we also need to partake in those creations, which means that we need to enjoy them and feel their Essence deep within us.

A lot of times we engage in projects and things that don't truly bring us a sense of completion and belonging. They can feel rather external, and so we are then always moving from one thing to the next. That is also why many Humans like to jump from one excitement to the next, always forgetting about something truly important ... a true sense of Joy through inner completion. A true sense of completion is an inner state of wholeness, and it's not related to whatever project or goal we have just completed. If we are attached to what we have created, we might make it even worse, because we are again removing ourselves from our creations, while becoming too much entangled and involved in their making.

In Truth, we need to create through our magical inner child, but not for a certain reason, a goal, or to give to others. We always birth and give through Source, so our sense of completion also cannot come through others. Others do not give us validation or a sense of value. The creation of what we have just birthed through us is a value of its own already ... if only we create through constant Self fulfillment rather than a sense of achievement.

Take a moment to observe your reality. Does it reflect a sense of constant achievement and a need to create, or does it reflect a sense of inner Spirit completion no matter where You are in your Soul journey and what You do?

Here is my latest Ascension update about being limitless:

The dance of major alignments is here. Something big is coming out ... it's emerging and we can only move forward at this time. It is very important to honor ourselves enough to create a sacred space for all that wants to leave our reality and to invite in everything that wants to come in. Ceremony/sacred ritual is very important Now, and it's time to honor ourselves and all of our shifts. During the period of these 7 Grand square alignments that came together through the magical Essence of the 7, we have been processing a lot, and Now these two main planets will slowly be moving apart from each other, which will take until 2018 to unfold. We have entered a doorway of the great unveiling, and it's almost like the "last" 7th veil of initiation was dissolving. Now we will walk through different levels of Self integration in dedication to Mastery. We will be able to walk as One with the Angels and Masters without any separation. There is nothing to fear, only to embrace.

This road hasn't always been easy, and so at this time we can invite the sacred healing of our Group OverSoul. We can ask it to descend into our Being and make the proper changes that we need. We have expanded immensely during this time, which also means that old things Now rather limit us. What we have outgrown has already served its purpose in our lives, and Now it will be time for a new level of living in our own reality. What do we wish to invite in after this stage of completion is done? What do we wish to take with us, and what would we rather leave behind? If anything makes us feel like our Angelic wings are clipped, it means that it no longer fits us, and that it's Now time to adjust to a new scenario. Who is really writing the script?

The energy of healing/Soul integration is deeply present, and as we take our first steps in this new energy, it's important to take enough downtime to process all that comes to us through a new level of expansion. When we function on an automatic pilot mode, we can often neglect our true Heart's compass. We are working with the Angels, so it's time to pay attention to guidance that comes through deep Silence in moments of healing. Self healing is the state of our Soul alignment when this takes place so naturally as we welcome in our New expansion.

Remember that Unity consciousness does not separate, so it's important to make peace with all that is and comes into our reality, not just the "good"/"positive" or the expected. When we expect the so-called "worst", which means that we are open and prepared for everything, we can experience the best as well, for we don't live in separation and therefore we always see beyond any superficial distractions and illusions. Instead of living in dualistic polarization we move into a Quantum field of Unity. With this in mind, we become more stable and grounded in our Life experiences, and we are guided from within, but we also know how to take grounded action steps to live in the New reality. We are embracing so many changes at this time, and yet it's most important to trust ourselves on all levels, beyond what we know as light and dark ... so that we can move in the totality of All Life in Creation through Divine Love.

This last culmination of the Grand Cardinal square has brought immense intensity of events and things unfolding in our Soul expansion. So much is coming up in order to be truly felt and dealt with. We are all spinning on a wheel that is bringing us deeper into our truth. This past week has been of the most challenging ones for us, and yet there is Beauty in this, for there is the awakening of our true Self Present. We no longer wish to live with our Angelic wings only half extended out. We wish to experience the full freedom and Self completion and fulfillment at all times ... that which is ever Present. This happens instantly when we remember our true Power! We are not powerless ... we are powerful and we have always been in charge! So much awaits when we cross this important threshold.
Here is my latest Self Mastery video:

At this time Spirit spoke through me with a Soul song:

"Everything will come,
All of the New,
All so beautiful,
All so true."

This is a time of illuminating and shining our radiating Self. We are at a peak experience of our culminating cycle in Ascension before a new cycle begins, and our Light has reached a profound new level. These past few days have had an amazing energetic charge, which works best when we spend time in solitude, meditation and reflection. This is how we integrate the New. The Divine is showing us so much new Beauty in Divine potential. New pathways are being revealed, new romantic feelings deep within are being stirred, and tears of Joy may fall if we open up to our true vulnerable nature of Soul.

At this point it no longer matters how much we have achieved physically, but more so how much we achieved in our Soul alignment. The natural Soul alignment that we embody does a magnificent work of luminescence that goes out as ripples and waves, as electric and magnetic nature of our Existence. We are at a very important juncture, where our Creative Self/Magical inner Child is almost about ready to burst. There is immense explosive power within us, but it's not something that explodes as a ticking bomb. It's something that constantly gives away Light in tiny particles that reach the unreachable and touch the untouchable. We are truly beginning to feel how good it can be to live this Human experience and how our lives are all profoundly intertwined.

We are being re-acquainted with our deepest desires and Self fulfillment. Venus moved into her own sign of Taurus Now. She is the messenger of personal values, but with the initiative of our Beloved "I AM" they can also transcend and become the desires that overlight the Whole. The more our personal desires are aligned with Soul expansion, the more we have to offer to the Whole, and because we do, our abundance is rippled out into the world. When Venus shows up as a Divine Essence, it definitely means that Love is in the air. But what is that true Agape Love, the Love of joyful Presence? It is the Love for Life itself, and making love to it by joyfully engaging in our Soul passions in simplicity.

Overall there was a huge shift in the collective consciousness field. Remember that just as much Light is being released, the same amount of darkness resurfaces as well. We are in Unity field, which does not separate the polarization of All. Although this planet is anchored in 5th dimension already, all the living Life forms need to Now follow that same principle as well, so there is constant transformation of each particle to attune to that same inner and outer Self fulfillment and remember its Quantum nature. Venus is our guide when it comes to matters of the Heart, and it encourages us on our path of trusting our Heart. The Cosmic Heart of Venus is like a Galactic pulse of the joyful Presence within our magical inner child, who is limitless and timeless in its creations.

Although recently there was a great collective purging with the latest Grand Cardinal square, there is also so much of the new Divine creativity emerging. With each step that we take in our Cosmic alignment we invite in more of all that we already are. We don't need to fight for the things we love and being abundant. We simply need to remember who we already are and attain that state in our physicality step by step in Spirit guidance. And who better to guide us into our physicality and all of the senses than Venus? Venus can open our Hearts to Agape Love in an instant. When our internal aspect of Venus expands, we can feel like a magical playful child that cannot be stopped, as its Divine potential cannot be tamed or put into a box.

Venus also asks us to marvel at the Beauty of Creation, to take the time to sit for a while and be inspired by Divine Beauty. There is so much coming out to the Light and so much to create ... and inner blossoming is huge at this time! Just take a moment to relax and breathe deeply to feel that. You can be hyper and uplifted too, and see if that captures the Essence more. Whatever way it comes to You ... remember that it comes through You ... and that You are all Life in Creation ... You are That ... I AM! Let us be open and always expect the highest ... while having a magnificent New experience here on Earth!  

This was a direct Solar alignment of the Sun and our pyramidal Mountain, where the sacred portal is located, on the day of the March Equinox. The energy was amazing and it felt like a new beginning altogether.

This is a short Spirit guidance for the Equinox! It is time to take it easy, to absorb and integrate all of this new Light. The Hermit invites us within, into a deeply meditative state and silent reflection. We are to enjoy the Beauty of Life. We are also here to come out of our "cave" and enter into joyful celebration with others, to connect and share our experiences. We are to celebrate our Life in new and lasting Unions! The energy of Magic, fun and creativity is here for us, so let us take the lead!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn