Sunday, March 15, 2015

Becoming more harmonious

Dear Beloveds!

These are intense times! We are learning about balance when it comes to living our lives in the New. We are becoming more Soul integrated. How many times in the past did we take on responsibilities that were beyond our own? How many times we created a false sense of burden, when this was truly unnecessary? As Ascension Pioneers, we always carry an innate sense of inner knowing and being of greater service to the Whole, and yet it can also happen that we filter this higher purpose through a false sense of servitude and taking on responsibilities that are not our own. We are Now asked to surrender anything that creates a lack of inner balance and return to inner Harmony of Soul. When we are naturally Soul aligned, we simply do what is within our own scope and Soul responsibility, without taking on responsibilities of others. We do everything as it comes to us naturally, without any unnatural filters.

A lot of times our own bodies will show us when this is taking place, and we will begin to feel stressed over overburdened. There is great mastery in learning to balance the grand scales and to return back to inner paradise. There will always be chaos in the external world, and yet we can always live from our inner state of Peace and Wholeness regardless. As this is so, we begin to feel lighter and more carefree. When we do things through inner freedom, all will naturally align and fall into its place. When we begin to trust the world at large, the world will trust us as well. When we stop resisting the world, the world will cease to show us resistance. We will become Masters of Harmony and we will harmonize all around us simply by being authentic and living our natural Divinity.

I had my own example this week. Meet our newest Family member ... little Spitz called Avalon. I got him as an early birthday present for my mother. It all happened so fast, so we are still not totally getting it, because everything was a bit unplanned and very much in the Now. We need to adjust to having a new baby who needs so much attention and Love. He shows us our ways of the old and the new, so it's an adjustment period where we are seeking out a new level of freedom.

Our true state of Freedom is Divine in nature, and not limited to external conditions of our Humanity. It is an Essence that we can always experience no matter what is taking place. No one is truly free without knowing of true Freedom that is completely Divine. Before this is fully embraced in our "I AM-ness", we are simply experiencing partial freedom, not fully remembering our Truth as perfected Light Beings. Remember that You are always free, for You come of Source!

A lot is changing externally as well! Right Now there is a theme of persistence and perseverance. Saturn, the planet of natural laws, responsibility and commitment will go retrograde this weekend, and so we are Now being asked to see where we can be more strong willed and determined. During this time leading into the late Summer, we will be stepping up to a new level of commitment, whatever that represents for us. This is how we will be training in the new grounds that await.

We are all receiving new assignments that are helping us with that. The archetype of Capricorn represents persistence and stamina. We are also in the year of the Goat in Chinese astrology, and Saturn rules Capricorn. It is also called the lord of karma, so it implies initiation on many different levels, depending on where we are in our own Soul awareness and journey. This will be a time of being more practical, responsible, reliable and Self-disciplined. This is also a message of continuing on our path which can sometimes feel rather challenging, especially with all the current alignments and energetic shifts. We are being "bombarded" with major Solar activity at this time, and we just had an X-class Solar flare. This is all beginning a new level of our initiation. When this is so, it becomes important to truly partake in Life through more depth and inner understanding, for that will create more resourcefulness in direct situations as well.

It is not only important to know when we have energy shifts and Solar impacts, but also how they effect us and our Soul's expansion. For each one of us this will be felt differently, and yet it's a powerful time for all of us. Capricorn can represent that crucial initiation, when we already see the peak ahead of us, and yet we know that we have some work to do before we reach it. This is an even more important part of the journey than reaching the peak itself. During that journey, we discover so many new things about ourselves that before we might have not even considered.

It feels like we are learning to be our own best shepherd, through trusting the Divine Hand of God that always points the Way up. These are very special times of major changes!

We are also co-creating a new cycle of harvest and abundance. This week I woke up with a following decree:

"I AM abundance in Me Now,
I AM prosperity in free flow.
I manifest things without fear,
So I can truly make things real.
Financial flow abounds,
I fulfill my Soul's vows!"

An offering is at hand here. It is important that we are creating from our inner sacred trinity, the perfection and wholeness of all things. When we reach that level of inner unification, we create through Spirit rather than physical form, and so the physical form is always that which follows the natural perfection of Spirit. True abundance is when we are free to experience things through the Core of our Divine Self and co-create with it in physicality.

The other message is this. There are always cycles of growth and expansion in Life, for they always come and go. Sometimes we can feel like we are "stuck" and cannot handle the void, and yet even the void has its purpose. The purpose of the void is to constantly re-direct us into the New, so that our creations can always come from a fresh space, rather than a stagnant energy zone.

If we have been feeling stagnant for a while, Now a new cycle has yet to begin. This cycle culminates all the past efforts and hard work, and it brings prosperity from the hidden realms into matter, where it can be seen and used for the highest good. True prosperity is when we are always working in tandem with Spirit, rather than our own personal agenda. Spirit connected Human always creates within Divine perfection and Beauty, and therefore these creations bring spiritual precipitation needed to overflow and Self fulfill.

We are still in times of purification through the sacred fire of our Spirit through Soul awareness. The Grand cardinal square is already activated and the direct alignment is to take place on March 16/17th, so we are in a time of accelerated changes that move from inside out, rising deeper to the surface of all that we know as real and raw. This asks us to move deep into the Core of our Soul, down to the bare essentials in order to see the naked truth of our Being. Through all that we have undergone, we Now know that true wholeness is all that it takes for us to truly live a life of Soul integration. Our Soul holds all the keys for us, and our deep inner feelings rise to the surface every time that we are not fully honest with ourselves. So many times we already speak that truth to ourselves, and whether that is when we talk too others or cry our own tears of releasing, we already know the answers that lie hidden inside of our Heart.

How many times do we wave our hands and simply say: "It's okay. I can take it?" How many times do we deny the inner callings of our Soul? Sometimes we almost convince ourselves that we are happy and try to find Joy through something that we think it's supposed to make us happy on the outside. And yet, the only true happiness comes from living our Soul alignment, not from something external. Whenever we feel like another person or outside conditions are governing us, we will fail to feel that true inner fulfillment. We need to surrender the old ways if we truly wish to feel happy on a higher level. Momentary happiness is not the same as Soul fulfillment, so it takes a great deal more to become aligned with our Soul's Bliss through taking a chance on a life that is fully lived by our Presence.

Sometimes we think that the life that we live is fully our own, and yet there are so many other energies and even distractions that actually dictate the way we are going and what we are doing. From time to time we will awake from that hazy sleep and begin to see tiny realizations that maybe that is not the right way to go for our Soul. In those precious moments, a tear or two will spring out our internal well of Soul, and we will see what we are being shown as a greater picture. We are here to become Self realized which does not happen without Soul fulfillment. Inner resonance shows us what that path is for us, and because we are all unique, we cannot compare the way we live our lives and mix our own internal cycles with those of others. We are a sovereign Whole that is here to create a Life by their own image and likeness of the inner I AM. That is the true path of Self mastery and realization.

Seek that which already Is within You and live it fully!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn