Friday, January 16, 2015

Freedom of New Life

Dear Beloveds!

We have begun an exciting New Year of 2015/8 numerology. This is the Year of the Magician, the great Cosmic Alchemist that is working with the Essence of Soul alchemy to achieve great Self mastery in deep Soul integration/unification, infinite abundance and expansion of the Soul's freedom. This year the first Ascension wave will move into a new wave of Being, and have a great impact in collective service to All Life in Creation. The year began with a powerful Cancer Full Moon, which gave us the proper lift off into the realms of true Home/belonging here on this planet and how we live our lives in a New reality. All of this New is impacting us greatly, and yet it feels exciting and magical, for we have finally entered the realms of the Great unknown in Cosmic Self mastery. We are the Masters of the New Era. What does that mean? 

Here is my latest Ascension update on our Self mastery in this New Era:

Life is easing up for us, can You feel it? This is not because we now suddenly deserve it or we became a better person. That simply does not exist, for we are always perfect in the eyes of Divine Truth. The only thing that changed is our perception of wholeness and deserving. We Now deeply feel that we deserve all the abundance and the riches of the world, simply to show others how marvelous it is to live in deep Presence of the Soul in Bliss and Divine ecstasy. This true Joy is not found without, for we can lead a very simple life, and yet our perception of everything becomes pure and magical. We become like magical children that see the whole world as our oyster, and we no longer believe in the old programs and suffering. This is called personal Ascension. Ready for the lift off? 

Here is my video on this topic:

I visited my Twin lakes last weekend, right before the 11.1. mini portal, and it was the first time that I saw them partially covered up with ice. Spirit gave me a message of softening and glazing through our lives in the New. I was anchoring the energy of ease and Grace all day long, while walking a round tour around the lake.

The vibration of this year is bringing us into the first wave of Ascension, and here we no longer "work" or strive for ... we simply are and we magnetically crate our experiences through our initiated Self, becoming our Soul in the body. We still might have parts of us that think and feel otherwise, so we need to be patient with all of our parts shifting into the New. If there is any kind of resistance still coming up to the surface, we can only bless it and release, while we engage in things through a new way of Being. We are easing into our New lives.

It is time to honor our magical inner child that creates everything simply by being pure, innocent and open. It is time that we assimilate that same position, becoming the pure crystalline children that we truly are in Soul.

Have some fun and see where it leads You!

So we experienced a mini but powerful shift on 11.1. of a 8 Universal year. This energy might bring up feelings of breakthroughs and strongly moving on in some way or another. The powerful energy of 1 and 11 always brings some kind of a new beginning or a new idea that is about to burst out of us. 1 implies our ability to gather our thoughts and learn to amplify them in deep focus, and 11 brings the mastery over that process. We also might be guided to clean up old things and make room for more of the New.

We are in a time of breakthroughs and new guidance from Spirit. At this time we might be receiving important messages and ideas, as the veils are once again very thin. If You are guided to meditate, create a sacred ceremony for your intentions or do some automatic writing, now is a perfect timing for this. There are also new guides coming in, as we have expanded and are now ready to work on higher levels of Being. Remember that our Divine assignments and knowing will always directly reflect our level of Soul expansion. We can ask for new guides within the Light of One to enter our reality, and feel them in our Hearts as One with us on all levels of Being. There is no separation and there never was.

There is another important message here. Sometimes we expect Divine guidance to come a certain way and very specifically, and yet it can be very subtle. Sometimes we don't even have to meditate with a specific intent, but we only sit in deep Silence and all of a sudden divinely inspired thoughts and ideas will come rushing through us. Have You ever tried this practice? Usually it happens spontaneously as our focus shifts and our eyes begin to glaze at a certain "non focal" direction.

This is a sign of us entering an altered state of consciousness and then simply downloading from this higher ethereal space. Whatever comes to us is of the Divine, for in our ascended reality there is no more separation between ego and Soul. We have merged with our Self and what comes through us is always Divine guidance and authority. We simply need to trust and intend to always be in a space of highest integrity of Soul.

Watch your thoughts and ideas and feel into the energy surrounding You and what is different/new to it!

So we had a really powerful shift, and those of us who are really tuned into the Cosmic unveiling have surely felt it in one way or another. For me it felt like a deep knowing to leave the old ways and welcome in a new way of Divine service with more authenticity and Self mastery. This will always cause things to fall away externally as well. There was another void and a cycle has become complete. A new level is beginning for many of us. We can receive and create much more effortlessly at this point, for we embody more of the Soul and we know the power of our Being that always flows through us. There is no need to struggle or travel against the flow.

I was meditating by my rocks and the waterfall this week, when suddenly I began to download all the guidance about the changes to make in the near future. What we are receiving now is very important for our current path and we need to pay attention to it!

Watch my video on how we create in our dream time as well:

We are in a ring of Fire, and lots is happening all around us, but mostly its arising within us. Know that everything that comes up for us arises within is and it's not externally conditioned. The beauty of it is that we may feel deep Peace amongst the greatest chaos and confusion, which is a sign of our expansion of the Soul in body and alignment with our greater good. This is a definite sign of Self mastery. We might feel void for a while, or not knowing what to do in particular, although there is always so much to be done. Remember that everything always makes sense, even if we are not consciously aware of it. Everything serves a purpose, and it's unfolding for the greater good of our Soul embodiment. When we allow the void, we also allow the abundance and Self nourishment and fulfillment.

We are receiving so much richness at this time, but only when we take the devotion to truly be in the Essence of it, we will truly activate it deep within us. We can be offered so much abundance and yet fail to recognize it or even refuse it when it comes to us. For example, when someone offers us assistance or a gift, are we going to see it as the Divine speaking to us and through us, or will we fail to receive it? We are the Masters that draw everything into our experience of reality that we are creating, and therefore all comes through us and is magnetized through our Soul, even though it may come through another or an external situation. Remember that in Truth, nothing is external, as all comes through Soul Essence.

We cannot only think abundance and splendor, for it needs to be a deep feeling experience in Soul integration. We can have anything that we desire when it's Soul aligned, for the Soul longing is there for a reason, and the reason is always Divine purpose. All that rests within us is already experienced through the Heart, so we no longer need goals and intellectual pursuits, only Now centered living, where everything perfectly unfolds for us each step of the way. It is time to feel instead of only thinking about it ... and to really taste life and all that it has to offer us in the beauty of our ascended state.

Thread lightly and treat yourself and others kindly, and You will feel the simplest and yet the richest abundance ever!

May You nurture yourself today and every moment! The middle path is that of great balance and equilibrium!

Here is to new beginnings!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn