Friday, January 9, 2015

Becoming conscious co-creators & working with intent

Dear Beloveds!

As I have already shared, we are in the Year of the Magician, and we will be learning about how to more consciously work with energy and its reverberation. This year we are also invited to look into all areas where we still perceive that we need to receive before we give. We are creating a pure platform for our Magician Self. Do we really need something before we reach out and be of Cosmic service? Giving and receiving are in fact One, and they do not exist without each other in true Divine partnership and harmony. Sometimes we might desire to receive gifts, confirmations and feel safe before making a step further or reaching out in our service, and yet this is still conditional. We need to find the courage to act in the moment without any expectations. We are invited to bask in the Joy of selfless service, which only comes through pure compassion. When we know that true service is sharing rather than giving out of lack and need, everything comes to us naturally, and others also come to serve us, so that the Grand scales of All That Is are always in balance.

For the past few years, we have worked on the levels of subconscious and emotional clearing a lot. We are moving into the conscious realms of full Self empowerment now. We are reminded to use what is coming up from the subconscious as a positive energy flow, rather than creating unnecessary fears and illusions. In Truth, there is no opposition, no "terrorist"/threat and no victim and perpetrator. In Truth, everything is there in order for us to learn and grow and remember our true Divinity. Everything lives inside of us, and it is much easier to think there is something out there causing fear than to recognize it as an internal process of expansion. This also reminds us to look deep inside our watery nature and not to fear what might come up. There will be messages, there will be dreams, and they all carry messages that only our mind cannot interpret. We need to move deeper into discernment of our Soul that knows beyond and expands from it. 

Ever since this New year began, I keep spotting horseshoes everywhere. I see them even in the places that I have passed by numerous times, and yet Spirit points them out for me for the first time ever, which brings me a deep Soul message. These things are never random, for they are always of Divine guidance. This is a message that Spirit gave me through their meaning.

A horseshoe usually represents luck, blessings and good fortune. But since last year was the year of the Horse, their message is even deeper. This means that whatever we truly devoted ourselves to in our Soul through investment of energy last year, will magnify for us this year. There will be many rewards for our work of devotion and many gifts from Spirit. Anything that we truly strive for, will have a potential to become our New reality from this year on. All the efforts and devotions will come back in a ripple effect or huge luck and good fortune this year, for all who are selfless and compassionately serve the greater good. This includes us letting go of all expectations and allow Divine Gifts to come to us naturally.

Let us pay attention to what we are co-creating!

The basis for more conscious awareness is to live a life of simplicity, as this will amplify our focus and give more meaning to what is truly important in life. To live a simple life in the New is not a goal, and it's not a destination to reach in our Ascension. Our life is already simple when we know what truly matters to our Soul and that keep that focus in pure alignment. The deeper we move into our personal Ascension and commit to it, the more goals and needs will fall away and make room for Divine creativity in the Now.

This is about energy work through the power of nature and being aware of our power over thoughts, feelings and words; either written, spoken or unspoken. We are learning to be truly responsible for all that we engage in and all the energy traces that we leave behind. Many times we are conscious of this process, but at other times we are still not fully aware of it.

I have been receiving messages to be really aware of the words we speak and how we think and feel, for they will affect our reality greatly, now that so many of us stand tall in the embodiment of our Soul. This also stands for how we feel about and perceive others and their reality. We have much greater Power in our body as we used to, so therefore our words are almost like fire, and this way they have the power either to create or to destroy, to focus on the positive or the negative.

Here is my latest video on this subject:

With great awareness and precision, we will know how to merge all polarities into one and create a path of neutrality, where only Divine Love dwells. With practice of conscious assessment and empowerment, we shall have more dominion over our own energy and how we work with it. We need to learn to tame it first, so that we can direct it with great focus and power and create only things of Love, not of fear.

When we observe our reality, we will quickly see how our own expansion is mirrored in everything and everyone. Even other people show us what we think and how we perceive reality. So let us take some time to really ponder on what is happening around us, and then consciously step into the knowing that we participated in it, whether we were aware of it or not. And if something feels like negative, we need to take responsibility for it and then create something else. This is how we will be continuously learning to work with energy and intent this year and the coming years ahead, always through Self focus and mastery.

Have You ever felt such deep Presence that You felt nothing and everything at the same time? Have You ever been in a state without any goals and desires, only pure Being? Most of the times we don't allow ourselves to be fully void, because we are afraid of losing something, and we so like to hold on to things. When we truly allow ourselves to fully empty out, we will experience a profound shift in awareness, which will take us to a whole new level of Being. 

Nature does that automatically, as She empties out during the Winter, so that She can replenish once again in Spring and begin anew. There is such profound guidance in deep stillness, and yet most of us have forgotten how to "reach" that state and then stay in it. We might have glimpses and moments in that state, and yet to live this way in full Divine expression remains illusive to us until we truly understand how the Divine functions. When we allow ourselves to Be nothing but Divine, then our experiences will truly anchor the depth of the present moment.

There is such richness in the void! There is such beauty when all Life comes to a point of stillness. We can learn so much in those precious moments as we allow everything come to us naturally.

We ponder and we reflect.

This happened for me, as the whole Creation story has revealed itself to me in my sacred Mountain rocks, right at the very pivotal Vortex point where the energy of the waterfall descends down into the valley. On the top of the rock rests the giant head of the Prime Creator, known also as Eru or Illuvatar in the Creation story of Sylmarilion (by Tolkien). That Creation story simply reflects many other Creation stories that we know as Humans. There the Eru sends out 7 Great extensions of His Presence, which become almighty Creator Beings, known as the Valars. He says to them: "Go out and create," whole giving them Divine songs of Creation to work on and expand from. In our tradition, they are also known to us as the Great 7 Elohim. These are all Creation Beings who understand the sacred laws of Creation and how to use them to create worlds and realities.

Below the Illuvatar rests the council of 7, which consists of these Beings. The main Essence is the emanating Pillar of Golden-White Light in the middle, which drops down as the Twin Soul Essence of the sacred Divine feminine and masculine of Creation. Around that vertical Pillar, there are 7 Master Beings of Creation, who horizontally spread out through the rocks.

With my new camera, I can finally make nice close-ups of our Beloved Alps.

Rocks are full of mystery and magic. They can attune us to the energy of pure Creation and show us the magic of high vibration in embodiment, for they hold such a pure frequency and yet they are so dense. Whenever I touch rocks, I immediately feel at peace and the Essence of deep belonging welcomes me back Home.

All the messenger rocks have faces in them. I usually spot them right away, and when I look at the image of it, I tune into the particular energy Essence of it even more.

Do You see a Seraphim Angel in a horizontal position? This One is full of Golden-White Light and has many messages to share with us about our natural co-creation abilities. Its Angelic Wings stretch far out, as there are no limits to its Power and Grace. That is also our own Divine potential to expand into.

Nature is always full of wonder and excitement. She always paints the most beautiful pictures, and blessed are those who recognize them in their Heart.

"1, 2, 3 ... what do You see?"

Go forth with great precision and focus on details!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn 

P.S. Meet this cute Buddha snowman that I met on my walk today. He brings us a message of fun and Joy, which are all a part of living as an enlightened Being of Divine Love.