Tuesday, January 6, 2015

My Holidays & the New year 2015

Dear Beloveds!

Welcome to the New year 2015, the year of infinite possibilities of Spirit! These endless options are not self obvious, though. We all have to go on a "spiritual quest" from time to time, in order to move deeper into our Soul Essence, where new options and choices will constantly be presented to us. We are very unique in Essence, and yet we constantly continue to expand as all of consciousness evolves. If we remain stagnant, we will only continue to spin in circles, and yet our highest potential lies in reaching beyond the limits and the known, into the magic and mystery of the unknown.

Here is my first video of the year that focuses on that:

In each cycle of our Soul evolution and completion/culmination, we often think that Now we have it all figured out, and this is how things will be, up until the point where we are presented with something new ... a vision, a perspective, a new blossoming dream. And then new choices come as well, which we will need to discern with our entire Being, not just a part of what we think makes us who we are.

We are all so much more than what we think, and new opportunities are constantly revealing themselves to us. And yet, when we live as a spiritual Master of the Self, we will know that all truly takes place within, and we won't be afraid to withdraw, go on an inner quest, make new choices and change our reality. We won't be afraid to take leaps into the unknown, and we will always remain pure, humble and open. And we also won't have difficulty with freely sharing this with others in a genuine way.

It is then and only then, that Spirit will truly guide us in perfect flow of the Now. Everything is so much brighter and expanded when we live the middle path of inner knowing and not knowing of the Absolute and surrendering to the Oneness of Divine Love. It is then, that we will truly live as an inner alchemist, the Master of inner Light and Love as One.

It is time to venture on a new spiritual quest and leave the familiar behind. This is what this year 2015 is all about!

Can You believe that it's already 2015? Unbelievable! 2014 went by so fast. First there was the December Solstice and we went with the speed of Light after it. Everything was happening simultaneously. We had an immense Solar outburst producing an X-class Solar flare, which was right before the December Solstice. Talk about a big bang! Our Ascension is moving deeper, but we can do it. It is not always an easy experience to transform our physicality, but let us all remember that we agreed to it, which means that we will always be perfectly guided and we will know just what to do in perfect Divine timing.

These are our Mountains right after the Sun going down on the shortest day of the year, before moving back up on Christmas.

The last week of December began with such an intensity, and I already felt it as I was waking up. It is still time for self nurture and inner gardening/blossoming, but things are coming up for us to break through and break free from. So many things are still coming up for us as we flow through our realities.

Inner "work" continues as always. During the Holidays we performed a circle of Light meditation/activation in our close family circle, and it was amazing. Spirit reminded us that "Light work" is the most important part of our purpose as Ascension Pioneers ... more than anything else that we do. Working with the energy of the unseen and embodying it will become more important during the next few years and beyond.

We are waving goodbye to the vibration of the number 7 that brought us so much expansion in our inner spirituality, and we are welcoming the magic of the vibration 8, which will bring us the gifts of magic and alchemy of Soul. We are receiving many messages and gifts from the Divine at this time ... on the threshold of the New year ahead.

This year was amazingly intense, and yet it brought us all so much growth and opening. There is so much Magic and expansion in the air, and we simply need to learn to surrender more. There will always be even more, so we need to be daring and allow ourselves to take the risk of the unknown New. The more we allow Divine Love to flow through us, the deeper our experiences will be, and the bigger our expansion.

Here is my short yearly guidance on the first Full Moon of the New year! We are moving into a new Light of our Being, while expanding the horizons of our personal journey. The Star is here to remind us of the infinite Light within, and how to be of service within that Light. We entered a new year as Cosmic servants, belonging to the infinite Light of the One, the Illumination of the Holy ones is always within us. We are awakening the sleeping part of us deeply, while there are new messages flying all around. We need to be observant, take some downtime to truly tune into the vibration of this year and see how we are guided to integrate it.

I also made a yearly tarot reading, which I will go deeper into each month with my energy updates! 

Here is the first one for the month of January!

I also want to thank You for being a part of our ascending community in Divine Love. Remember that we are stronger together than we are alone, and that is why loving unions and Heart centered communities are truly important in our personal Ascension. We are asked to put our differences aside and rather focus on what unites us. We might not always like everything and everyone, but let us remember that true Love surely is not about likes and dislikes, it's about deep compassion and Oneness. 

Instead of perfectionism and control, let us welcome in companionship and partnership, which help us comes together and show us where we can unite in Unity consciousness. Let us leave separation and duality as the old once and for all, and open up our loving Hearts into the unknown. The more we open up and allow the New to enter, the more abundance there will be available for us, and we will learn to use our inner magician ... we will become pure Magic! Together we can thrive!

May we all be touched by Divine Grace in so many ways, and open ourselves to our unlimited Divine potential! This year on Christmas day we went to our waterfalls and raised the vibration by singing the songs of the Seraphim ... the whole of rocky altar vibrated and it was amazing, buzzing all over! We got a visit these holidays, so we were enjoying ourselves and the holiday festivities! 

I was therefore absent during this Holiday season, as we were deeply tuning into relations in the New. This was the most beautiful Holiday of my Life, spent in such a nice company and Soul activities of Joy. Our fellowship is growing every year, as more of us are coming closer in Union of the Heart.

I would like to thank everyone for being a part of our extended Light Family, as we walk into this New year of 2015!

Here are some of the activities that we engaged in this Holiday season:

There was a lot of playfulness!

There were some Mountains included as well!

We did a lot of Elven singing and we even recorded our own music!

We enjoyed making juicy vegan/Light food.

We did some snow sleighing.

The slopes were amazing.

We awaited the New year in Graz, Austria.

We went to a beautiful classical concert before midnight.

I so enjoyed the magical golden-white halls!I felt like a true Princess.

I got a Beloved message just before midnight as well, these two kissing ones are amazing, and we simply stumbled upon them rather randomly. Spirit knows best!

Not to mention that Graz has a beautiful castle on top of a hill ... how magical!

After the New year's eve it was time for some Mountains again. We went to St.Mary's hill and did some winter hiking.

The landscape was simply amazing!

We were really blessed with nice weather and crispy snow.

Yes, we went all the way up there and ended up rolling down on our behinds. 

The view was totally worth it!

I enjoy every moment when I AM in the Mountains ... it's so deep.

And then it was also a time to explore Mountain valleys, do some crazy sleighing and ...

... Elven singing in an enchanted land.

Everything stands still just before waking up again ... and in those moments we truly feel the Divine.

To be playful is to be fully open for Magic and deeply enter the unknown.
Yes ... this Holiday season someone got a new camera! This is my first interchangeable lens camera (DSLR), and I AM so happy that my Light photos will be able to come even more alive, which includes my amazing sacred Mountain space, the crystalline stones and my precious Soul Art.

I AM deeply grateful and humble!

With my new camera I can finally truly capture the beauty of our Mountains and the pink skies, which are with us ever since this beautiful New year began.

Many Pink skies of Divine Love to all!

Happy 2015, fellow Ascension Pioneers!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn