Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Gateway of illumined Union

Dear Beloveds!

Happy new energetic month of October! This is an 11/2 energetic month of rooted stability and harmonious partnership, with ourselves, others and the living planetary Being we know as Gaia. The most powerful energetic influences of this month are Jupiter moving into the sign of Scorpio and Mars/Venus conjunction. There's no doubt that this all points to a deepening within the path of Divine Union which also corresponds with those who are on the path of illumined Union. We have been activating and gathering inner resources, so that our strength could multiply in Divine partnership in perfect Divine timing. This month holds the energy of reaching a stability within our Union that points towards a stage of completion. Through this journey we are dissolving all that is inauthentic to our Cosmic Beloved path, embracing only true Love and selfless service through Life force. For us to be in a partnership that supports planetary Ascension service, we have to first fully embody this ourselves, as nothing comes outside of us, especially on the path of Cosmic mastery. Nothing is a given, everything is Self created, and we are offered a dispensation of "going the distance".

This perseverance is also not a given, for it is built upon and strengthened every day. Eventually enough Light quotient is built that all programs of duality, hardship and challenges are released. Cosmic servants of Life do not learn lessons, they are merely in constant training mode, as employees of Spirit's Life Force. This is not a path of exclusion, but a path that includes and embraces everything and everyone. And Now a New vital stream of Life force with a powerful "yang" component of action and determination is awakening within us. We can feel this if we truly connect to our Hearts. We are much stronger and resilient than ever before, and this will serve our personal mastery and planetary service in the long run, in these challenging times of transition that lie ahead. Anchor and ground your White Pillar daily and watch out for miraculous expansion! The Summer felt like a long preparation period, and September began with a bang, with all the intense Solar activity and geomagnetic storms. It was a warped time month, and the acceleration of frequency is bringing us many changes in October and beyond. Pace yourself and get ready for a wild ride! We are currently moving through another rapid energy acceleration, can You feel it?

Watch my latest Ascension update here:

October is another Gateway month, because it holds the Pillar energy of 11, which we see as an invitation into an archway that acts as a powerful doorway. But we cannot fully step through this doorway without recognizing that we are in a constant communion and relationship with everything and everyone. Here is where the relating aspect of this number comes in, for the 11 becomes the 2. Before we cross it, we will be asked by our inner teacher whether we are embracing All as equally One while maintaining our unique Light and Soul resonance.

We will be asked whether we hold firm to our personal values of Soul integrity and dignity, so that we don't enter into or formulate relationships through a sense of egoic need and superficial desires, but rather a mutual contribution that benefits everyone who is included. Why is this important? Being true to physical interpretation of anything in life is always limited and it passes away, while Soul values are forever. That is why being congruent is so important for us as we cross another threshold of our personal mastery and selfless service to all Life! Our reason of Being is seeing everything as valuable and giving meaning to everything, which cannot be before we know our own meaning and value, and act as the most precious Being of Light that considers all through the values of Divine Love, which are devotion, respect and integrity! Know your worth and value in order to treat all Life as equally sacred!

In this world, everyone looks for a form of relationship that would fulfill their personal desires, while very few are matured enough not to search for anything outside of themselves, knowing that we are already in a relationship with everything and everyone, constantly. Instead, through the approach of Self mastery and inner expansion we work on refining our own Self, and our own way of relating to everything and everyone through the sacredness of Life. When we understand the sacredness of Life, we are naturally respectful towards everyone and everything. We don't strive to make our will prevail, and we also don't apologize for anything, because we are merely striving for our highest Life force expression in every moment. And so we bring the meaning of relating into "real time" instead of some hopeful future (or past) projection of what could be.

In order for us to live completely in Divine Union with ourselves and others, we have to marry every aspect of our authentic Self and wear it in transparency. When we are transparent, we are vulnerable, because we are exposed, and only the Light does not fear being totally exposed, for it is completely pure and genuine. So in our quest for a "perfect relationship" let us come into realization that on a Human level of experience, there is none. But simultaneously, there is resonance and there is the freedom to choose.

True Soul partnership based on illumination is Self fulfilling and in selfless service to All, meaning that it doesn't ask itself how can its personal ego desires be fulfilled, but rather how the Wholeness can be served through our own contribution. And in this way, our inner refinement of Self perfection in the highest good eventually gives birth to external perfection which is mirrored to us through our inner Master, the One who knows that mutual co-creation requires devotion and commitment to sharing in transparent intimacy of Union on both ends. Only in this Self perfection can we birth true lasting partnerships based on cooperation and respect. It has to go deep into the Core and beyond any masks created through establishing our personal will only. It's time to cherish all as One!

Spirit guidance for Now is very simple and yet deeply necessary for our path of Ascension and Soul embodiment. A lot of people think they can just ascend by being "good", but physical Ascension has nothing to do with being good or self betterment. In order to ascend, we have to shift every timeline/lifetime experience and integrating the polarities, until all aspects come back into the unified Light. Ascension is not merely "love and light" movement, it is way more and it's what the Soul chooses to experience once it's utterly ready to move into the unification within the White Light. So simply thinking good or "positive" thoughts is not all it requires, for we also need to embrace every shadow aspect that we have ever suppressed and hidden from ourselves. In physical Ascension as resurrection, nothing stays hidden.

Many are trying hard and doing all it takes to integrate themselves within the Light, while forgetting to work with the shadow. This in turn, creates even bigger polarization. Every Gateway of Cosmic Light expansion we move through helps us to move through those unrecognized and fully owned illusions. Yes, Ascension is about upliftment and enchantment of true Soul Magic, but it's also about disenchantment with all that we are not as Light Beings of Divine Love. So as each Gateway of expanding multidimensional potentials comes, we can choose to unify on a deeper level. That's what devotion stands for, but it's not enough on its own, for it's not just that we become fully devoted ... it's also about knowing what we devote ourselves to. When our devotion truly aligns with Ascension, everything else in our reality will align as well and fully support us on our path. A lot of people mean well, but lack proper discernment to align with Truth and causes/acts that really stem from it. Choose to wake up a bit more every day! 

I have recently spoken about the "completion stage" of the inner Union process, which is leading us into the edge of our personal mastery. But what lies beyond that edge of our expansion and mastery? Well, many of us have integrated enough Light quotient at this time to gently carry us forward into the New Age of sovereign mastership. Are You ready to become fully responsible for your Life, as if nothing external influences your reality, merely co-creates with it in unique contribution?

Are You ready to experience full ownership of your reality while leaving behind the picking of fragmented pieces after external realities that others are creating? Are You ready to live with full respect, integrity and compassion for yourself and others? Do You respect all Life and its Life forms as equal, all vital for the growth and evolution of the Whole? Are You seeing yourself as great and fully capable rather than small and incapable? Are You living each moment as it comes and goes, with no demands, expectations or projections? Are You paying attention to those around You in a neutrally observing state of Divine neutrality while holding the highest Essence of Divine Love in your Heart? Can You feel bliss regardless of any circumstance which seems challenging? Are You celebrating Life for what Is in each moment, recognizing how vital physical experience of Life is for the Whole of Creation in its ever expanding evolution? If the answers are all "yes" without any self illusion and egoic traps of non integrated shadow aspects, then You are ready! You are ready to fully wear your mastership and leaving behind the "apprenticeship" stage, in exchange for selfless service in the next cycle of your Soul embodiment! Rejoice and behold, it's far You have come!

Here is my Elohim message about true Unity through a path of discernment:

P.S. Oh, and You can learn more about the Elohim Family of Light here, in one of my audio books!

FYI ... I don't go to the Mountains to receive Spirit guidance. I simply go to fully empty myself, so that my head is clear and my thinking free of everything. When I'm there, I'm completely empty and I can completely tune into the Now. I go to feel my free Spirit and fully liberate myself time and time again. Because to live as free as a bird is a constant game of dedication to your true Self and your authentic path.

A big part of our ascended Source connection is maintaining our communication with Divinity. It is so important to meet your inner Master, the inner Wise Elder that wants to sit and commune with You. Here is a ceremony You can do to enter into this sacred space of communion:  

"You can imagine meeting your Master on a bench, sitting in a pristine natural environment that represents the purity of consciousness, preferably next to a body of water which represents infinite flow. Imagine a bright White Light, out of which a majestic Being suddenly appears. How does this Being look, how do they approach You and what Essence do they emanate? Now imagine them sitting next to You as your best friend, with whom You can have any conversation You would like. See the infinity flow of connection that takes place between both of You, and how your sacred hearts are interconnected as One, speaking the language of the Divine. Then ask a question for your highest good (which is not a "yes/no" answer question) and watch your Master respond with Love. What insights are being offered to You? How can You expand through a higher perception which was just offered to You? How can You embody this Divine intelligence in your grounded physical reality? Then feel a wave of gratitude for everything You have received and joy overflowing your entire Being. You are at Oneness with your inner teacher, and You can sit in devoted communion at any time. You can use this daily communion as a part of your regular Ascension practice. Enjoy!"

As a Tantrika Being, the Cosmic dance of the sacred Life Force has become a part of my daily routine, leading me into full Soul embodiment. As each individual chakra is embraced and activated, there shall be a calling to integrate and embody the energy physically. This will eventually lead into the merging and unifying of the basic 7-chakric system or template into the White column of Light. From there on, we will embrace a higher 12/13-chakric system of our Galactic/multidimensional Human Self. This Tantrika dance then represents the full embodiment of Soul through the basic chakric system in a unified Light. The kundalini dance becomes the dance of the sacred Life force where all the energies and moves are embraced and expressed simultaneously, not individually. On this level, the Spirit Life Force takes over, leaving our body in total surrender, ecstasy and Cosmic bliss of Divine Union.

How do we create more Self intimacy? Do You know how deeply we limit each other by perceiving ourselves linearly, in a rigid sense ... as a certain personality type? We are not a "type", nor do we hold a dominant personality. These are simply certain moods we can either associate with or not. Our true personality is our Soul personality, which is a unique Essence of Source that we can only experience by having the most intimate experience with our vulnerable Self that continues to open up, blossoming and expanding. For example, the majority of my time here on Earth I am in a position of teaching, although I hardly associate myself as a teacher.

A "teacher" is an aspect of my Being that is very important in my Soul mission, but it's no more important than all my other aspects, because they all co-exist, intertwine and co-create with each other. I'm also a very playful childlike Being who enjoys humor and entertainment. I'm just as hilarious and goofy as I AM serious and wise, for these cannot co-exist without each other, and in my opinion they are best friends that are so vital for the expansion of each other. This is a true humble approach to our Being, without labeling ourselves as a certain "someone". We are way more, we are a rich and juicy Being so vibrant with Life! And Life is only rich and deep when explored and experienced from all those different angles. And as for those "labels", I most associate with simply Being a Divine Lover of Life, above all else, which is what I call our "Core Creation Self"!

We are asked to co-create joy and happiness through the little devotional offerings and communion with others, fellow travelers of the Heart path. Do You know that feeling when You are in anticipation while devotedly preparing for something beautiful and sacred? You don't do it by passively "waiting". Instead, You do it by consciously acknowledging your current achievements and completions, while joyfully celebrating that which You wish to see in its arrival state, with awe and determination.

Happiness lives in each Now moment, and whenever we bring that conscious action through co-creation with Life into every single routine, even the most "mundane" can be wrapped around in Magic. When Magic becomes the only Essence of Life, You can expect nothing but Magic as a physical result. Use your multidimensional awareness and creativity skills to turn your Life around, so that it will emanate a higher vibrational frequency and become the living manifestation of pure Spirit Life force!

We are becoming more natural and organic every day. Letting go and living in flow is not something that we do or try to achieve, it's the Essence of who we are as an infinitely expanding Being of Light. Whenever we forcefully want to let something go, it doesn't have the chance to occur organically. Our mind will interfere and want to make things happen "by hard". The changes we go through on a Soul level through deep transformation all happen organically. When we observe the changing seasons of the year, we see an ebb and flow of Life which is so intricately interwoven that the changes occur in such a seamless fashion. It's hardly obvious how they took place, we simply know and acknowledge that they did. We carry that same organic nature within us, so in Truth we don't have to "let things go", we simply need to become the pure Essence of Life that does everything naturally and automatically. When we accept ourselves as Life itself, we become a natural component of Creation, an organic Being that simply allows the Essence of Life to be lived through them without resistance or interruption. And thus, we become a conscious co-creator with Divinity!

Peacock and peacock feathers have lately been coming in really strongly, affirming our path of Soul royalty through the deepest sacredness of Life, honor and respect. Many would think that respect is something born of ego, and yet this is only partially true. Why?! It's because only asking for respect of others is born of ego, because we condition ourselves into thinking that we need it from others as external validation to our Truth.

Being aligned with Truth has nothing to do with asking for respect, but it has everything to do with aligning with the Essence of respect, honor and dignity, which are the main qualities of Soul integrity. So next time You want to demand respect from others, remember the inner royal Peacock that already lives within You and acts through all that You do, in committed honesty and genuine transparency, for it's that kind of authenticity that makes You royal from within, not without. You don't need to ask for anything, You simply become it with all of your Being, which makes You a noble Soul!

Speaking of royalty and nobility ... Someone sent me this Magenta Pink box of chocolates for my birthday, and I was called to make these Golden Beloved cards with sacred words written on them. Each time I will pull 3 as a combined unique Essence which wants to come through, and occasionally I will share a Beloved Union Spirit message.

My first message was: "The alchemical Union of inner yin/yang energies creates Divine Union." What a perfect message of utter Truth, the depth of lasting true Love that co-creates with the Purity of Spirit is the Essence of our Cosmic Beloved!

And here is another BIG NEWS!!! I finally finished with the creation of my Beloved Union/Illumined Union Malas, which are devotional necklaces that resonate with the Essence of true lasting Union in infinite flow of abundance and selfless service! There is a limited amount of them only!

You were meant to shine, Beloved! Your illumined Self wants to come to the surface and make love to All Life. It will not always be super obvious or even pleasant, for the Light of illumination often comes into the deepest darkness in order to enliven it with Life force and true Wisdom of Divine Love. It's also not always perfect in the way the Human self sees it, but the Heart of the Beloved recognizes everything as perfectly being of the Divine Plan and belonging to the breath of Life in Creation! 

There can never be too much Light, for the living Life force sustenance for all Life and its Life forms is infinite. Therefore, there also isn't a certain amount of Love and how much we can give/receive. The moment You accept yourself as infinite, it's exactly that You shall become!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

P.S. And here's some EXTRA Love from Nature for everyone!!!

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