Sunday, October 29, 2017

The Era of the Galactic Human

Dear Beloveds!

Those ascended Beings who are ready on a Soul level, are Now walking through a Gateway of Life force cultivation where we are learning to embrace manifesting/creating through Life force as ultimate surrendered flow. When we undergo this initiation, there will be an endless ocean of inner peace which will overflow our every cell with the Light of illumination. The first prerequisite to this initiation is the dissolution of all old patterns and false structures that do not support living through the organic flow of Life force or a complete state of Grace. The second step will be becoming pure, transparent and unconditional, so that our body will be able to translate the uninterrupted flow of Life force driven creativity. The third step will be becoming a pure vessel for Spirit in constant dedication and devotion to selfless service through Life force. This is the next step for all the Galactic Humans.

There must be absolutely no polarization left within us to embrace this step and fully walk through the Gateway. Our Soul must be ready, so there must be no old "leftovers" left. We have to consciously say "yes" to serving the Divine Will in direct embodiment, which means fully walking our talk. This step seals the Gateway and we pass our initiation into the Divine Human Being on Earth as Spirit/Life force embodied. All personal/free will becomes subordinate to a greater Will and constant calling of the ultimate freedom of Life force. The New Moon in Libra shows us how to walk this path in conscious partnership with others as Divine equals. We move forward fearlessly, with Grace and Gratitude for what was, and the joy of what Now is and can be birthed through our fully embodied Divinity.

Here is a call out to all the Cosmic planetary Light servers to rise:

Where to begin lately?! I went on a special sacred journey to the Carnic Alps in October, and ever since I came back home, I'm just being called to places through Gaia and it's Her Life Force energy calling out and showing me where I need to go and how to serve. My only question remains: "How may I serve the Divine Will?" And everything magically aligns and takes care of itself. This week we were guided to this special region of our country, where a lot of forest damage has been done and they are chopping down the trees like crazy. We were being called to these energy points that exist there, and then we did a Light infusion walk. 

At the end we ended up by this lodge where I spent my birthday last year and we got to know this caretaker woman who instantly fell in love with us. She was so happy to see us again and she gave us free food because we did not bring our wallet with us, and then we helped her with energy healing and compassionately spoke to her as she experienced so much difficulty. Situations like this always remind me how deeply in love I AM with Humanity and that as long as I live, I intend to spend my every pulse of Life to help with the liberation of this planet. So many people living in the 3rd dimension only are experiencing immense manipulation and energy distortion, instead of living as free Beings. Please remember that we are not here to do lip service, because true volunteer Souls are not here for themselves. We are here for others and Gaia. We are here to help, and we are here to walk as One with Life force which always brings us to that which is in need of our Light infusion at that time. We are not here to be "spiritual" as gaining entitlement, we are here to be Angels on Earth, to walk and act with Divine Grace, helping to raise the Life of Humanity and Gaia! We need to engage with Life and reach out to that which is reaching towards us!

Watch my latest Elohim channeling and Light activation on planetary Light service:

Recently I have received a very important message. You might have noticed an increased activity in our skies, with massive cover ups through chemtrails, etc. I asked my Light Family this simple question: "For how long will this be going on?" You might be asking yourself similar questions, and You might be wondering why this artificial phenomena continues to increase in intensity? The majority of people are aware of this issue, and they have realized that we are being "sprayed" all over, but they do not know why. So why is this happening? My Light Family has shown me a clear image of Gaia as She is ascending, and how in order to do so, She has to cross the "threshold". 

This state of transition in terms of magnetic exposure makes Her rather vulnerable and susceptible to everything. This is the same as with our personal Ascension, where we are in between states of embodiment, activated but not yet fully integrated in a New vibrational space, which leaves us open to all kinds of energy. It's the same with Earth. As She is moving through this threshold, She is increasing Her "spin", which is raising Her physical frequency. Vibration is a physical thing, so the integration process must occur. 

The forces of dark that do not wish this process to occur, are doing everything in their power to prevent it, so they are using this "vulnerable" period as a "loop hole". And that is exactly why many of us volunteer Souls are here at this time. We are helping the planet to move through the threshold as She reaches for Her New embodiment level. It's quite a vast undertaking, but this is our primary initiative and calling. And with our Light infusion, we are helping the planet during this intense and chaotic transition. When the stage of the embodiment will be complete, we won't be required in such large numbers anymore, and many will start to feel an easier flow of earthly living. It won't feel as chaotic and turbulent. However, we are currently enduring the most intense energy waves, and so our planetary Light service is deeply needed. We will be moving lots of energy around, and so this vibrational work is our highest priority.

A life of Self mastery is a constant dedication to change and outgrowing of what was once familiar, for what is once outgrown can no longer serve as a means of comfort and safety. In a way it's like walking over a cliff, because it's dangerous and exposed, and yet it brings the only true freedom and liberation to live such a life of what the mind would call "dangerous". There truly is no external safety on this level of Existence, only the safety of inner alignment in integrity. When the mind is integrated in this space of higher awareness, it becomes a humble servant to this greater guidance, which continuously seeks to open one up and expand what used to be into what is the highest potential in the Now. 

Choosing to align with a path of a "Master" requires the greatest strength, endurance and patience, which only devotion to serve Spirit can deliver. Those who may be blinded by false illusions of serving the Highest while actually still only scratching the surface, will never know what it means to lead a dangerous life, because they only know safety and comfort of the material world. For us to truly serve Spirit, we have to become as pure, raw and liberating as Spirit itself. That is because no true service comes through passing on "lip service" for an actual state of embodiment. It has to be pure and from the Heart of the spiritual warrior who is not afraid of the casting shadows and temporary illusions, for they truly are of the temporary world only. That which is everlasting is a state of consciousness which once reached, can never be lost anymore. If something feels like "lost", it was never truly there in the first place.

There are always times when we feel vulnerable or insecure in moving forward, and that is why confronting ourselves and our feelings is the only thing that will start moving the energy forward in a positive manner. But how often do we allow the higher Truth of Divine discernment to pour through once we've shared our insecurities and hardships with the Divine? Firstly, it's important to know that the truest confidant is always the Core Self, not other people. The inner resolve cannot come from an external world. The deepest understanding will have to come from ourselves, hence it should not be looked after in the external world. Secondly, we have to allow ourselves to listen, not just speak, because otherwise our communication will become one sided and our Light will dim. 

After claiming our challenges, we have to allow for a greater wave of Truth to wash over us, otherwise we are merely stirring the pot where the never ending stories and dramas reside. The Light of expansion comes through the humble allowance, observance and silence. Clarity will not come if we are not ready to accept Divine Truth, for we will only be watering it down with more of our own perceptions. Humbly staying open and vulnerable is the key to the actualization of our inner strength and resolve. The Master within is waiting to be recognized, but it will come as it is, without illusions and false perceptions, which must be surrendered in order to move forward with Grace. This is how we turn a sense of "heavy lifting" into a truly honorable strength and perseverance of Soul born integrity! 

So many Humans forget that we are here to learn about Love, which means remembering who we truly are as Divine Beings and start living as Love in all forms. We do not evolve as Souls if we don't apply Love in all that we do. We can do a thousand things, but that's just distraction, because we don't evolve without Love, but we stagnate as a Soul. On the other hand, Love has become such a modern "cliche" because everyone is saying it as if it's the latest motivational motto. However, true Love cannot be sold to us as the next best thing. If Love is not true, Love will not evolve us into the next stage of Human evolution. Love is not just personal, and it's not just about loving another person we resonate with or call our "soulmate". 

Love as transcendental in nature is Truth, and therefore true Love that is fully illumined, is Love for All Life in Creation, which includes all living creatures and Life forms. This is how Creator loves, and it is far away from Truth to think that we cannot love and live in such a way as Humans. To love the Divine and all that it creates with all our Heart and Soul is an act of Grace. We were created and born to live as Creators, hence the words "in the image and likeness of God was man created" were given to us. When our only aim is not Love, we forget who we are, and we continue to forget until we are reminded to the extent that one day ... we remember again. And when we embrace ourselves as complete and perfect Divine Love, we become the biggest blessing to this world and the entire Creation, for we have remembered our true Divine heritage! Let your drive be only Love!

What is a Galactic Human, really?


We were born to become miraculous, to change the ways of the old through the absolution of Life force. It is magical and miraculous when we are always abundant, energized and charged up with the particles of Life. And when we embody the purity of Life force, what was once seen as magical and miraculous becomes the New normal in the Now, permeating our overall Life experience with complete Grace. And so we live in the abundant state of constant giving and receiving as One, following our Divine guidance effortlessly, in endless bliss!

Every day we watch the emotional tides go up and down, which is not only true for us Humans, but rather the whole planet itself. The Whole of Life is in a constant expression of feeling. As we feel into each day since the first moment we open our eyes as we wake, we will deepen our understanding beyond the mental capacities of reason and logic. Nature is the purest Home we have as Humans, and it helps us to feel into that balanced ebb and flow of Life which we can tap into and share through our own consciousness, building new pathways of conscious understanding through compassionate feeling and the nature of contemplative reflection.

While aspects of us are dying off, new experiences are being born, for such is the cycle of Life in Soul evolution. It's a natural process over which we don't have any control, so it's best to relax and trust the process. That which lies within the Core of our Being will never die, and that is our eternal nature of the Core Self. We are all built as strong, and only low frequency of fear makes us feel weak. The more we remember that we were built to last and enter into "immortality", the more we bring this Self empowerment into our consciousness and in our physical embodiment through the infinite Life force!

The transcendent nature of change has to occur at the level of pure consciousness if we truly wish to change and evolve as a humankind. Change is not merely replacing one a set of circumstances for a different set of circumstances. That kind of change only takes place at a surface level where no true change deep within our Being can occur. For us to truly open up the door to Spirit, we have to embrace the nature of change which is radical, evolutionary and goes deep into the true nature of our Being. It just so happens that the planet of Soul expansion Jupiter is Now moving through the sign of Scorpio, which gives us a whole year to look deep within and applying change on all levels that truly matter from the level of Soul awareness and our true Life purpose. Know yourself, for knowledge of awareness means power and that Self empowerment naturally brings change! 

How to participate in the vibrational shift through our own embodiment? For a while Now, just Be. Be without guilt, obligation or a sense of constant responsibility of Human "doingness". It's enough to just Be, so allow yourself this freedom of Being and relax. Listen to the song of your Heart, and allow that melody to unwind your every moment as the most precious Creation of Life. And eventually, such You will become, naturally and effortlessly, struggle free, as a Divine Human embodiment on Earth.

I speak about the pure and raw creation through the Life Force in my video here:

As I was away on my Spirit retreat, we had a Libra New Moon. This was the Spirit message received during this time. True Love requires honesty, transparency and genuine Heart devotion. Too often we project our own lack of Soul embodiment or clarity within Divine Truth to that which seems to oppose us on the outside. We then formulate so many beliefs around what holds us back on the outside instead of clearly looking into our own shadow. Recently someone asked if the dark is trying to prevent Divine Union with Divine counterparts. The Truth is that if something doesn't seem to be working or flowing effortlessly, it's usually either not meant to be or it's our own shadow aspect that is holding us back. No external darkness or mass control can prevent anything when that is established through the purity of Divine Love. 

Darkness can only manipulate through the lower frequency of fear, ignorance and unawareness. So telling ourselves these tiny lies that it's others and external forces that are holding us back will not help our inner Union process. Divine Union is an internal state of Being directly related to consciousness. And no one can come in between us and our consciousness when we are aware of everything, the shadow and the light. Only unaware people will blame others or external circumstances, and this is mainly because they are unwilling to drop the veils of their perception. 

It's these veils of illusion that are keeping them away from a state of complete Union, not some external darkness. Again, no darkness can manipulate the fully integrated inner shadow that has returned to the pure Light of awareness. In that state we merely work on refining our own selves, our devotion, integrity and loyalty. This includes loyalty to ourselves, others and of course, the eternal Spirit! That Essence is so pure that nothing else but Love can penetrate it. Work on yourselves and forget about these tiny lies we can tell ourselves, as they are merely keeping us locked in the old duality consciousness. It's time to fully merge the inner polarities and become fully illumined! 


If You wish to read more about my Spirit journey to the Carnic Alps and see some beautiful photography of the Alps, You can continue reading ...

I have been called to the Carnic Alps since this Summer, and I was merely waiting for the perfect Divine timing, as I knew I had a mission there. I have been diligently and devotedly working on my latest projects and courses for quite a while, and suddenly my body has guided me into relaxation and Self nurture. It was time to be the hermit for a while and take advantage of the gorgeous Alpine Fall weather with its amazing colors. So I took a personal retreat, as it was Now time to visit a new part of the Alps I've not been to before and set out for an adventure.

The journey itself has been a bit of a process, since my body had to fully unwind before coming there. As always it's all about perfect Divine timing. Already on my first day of driving there, settling in and climbing my first Mountain peak with a panoramic view of the whole Carnic Alps, I was completely enchanted and mesmerized by the landscape and of course, my favorite Alpine high energy! My first peak was overcome, and I was all loved up by my Alps, in my favorite Nature's paradise!

On my first day of coming here to Carnic Alps, I kept seeing Hearts everywhere. Nature really embraced me as I embraced it with my entire humble Heart as well!  

The days in Carnic Alps were super sunny and gorgeous, so my intention was to have a Mountain climb every day. I don't usually do mountaineering without intermissions and rest because it's pretty intense for the body, but it was just so gorgeous to discover all those new Mountain peaks and driving on steep Mountain roads with my Suzuki baby!

Whenever I visit a place I have not been to before, I first need to connect to the land. I can't connect to anything on the surface of things, I have to go to the Core of Gaia on an Essence level. I wonder how people can travel all over the world but not considering this Truth. They are collecting "experiences" on the material plane, but true connection comes from making a sacred attempt through the spiritual Essence of all things, the living Life Force of all through the Codex of Life known as the great Creatrix! That is the way to embodying a true Nature connection and becoming the One who selflessly serves Life by living in constant devotion!

I had many Nature companions along the way, including a black snake, but this guy was simply the cutest. Grasshopper was my dominant animal messenger at the time, assuring me to trust the leaps of faith that I am constantly guided to make. I asked him to wait as I take a photo of him, and he was holding really still. As I was done I let him jump off again! I swear that animals can understand us as we communicate with them vibrationally through Love!

This was my second elevation since my arrival. I climbed one of the tallest peaks in Italian Carnic Alps. It is said that the Pope Janez Pavel II climbed it too, and Now my humble Self just as well. It was quite interesting, because the first western climb was rather steep and exposed, which was super challenging, even for me. At the top I met some people and returned with them on the other side. It was the most beautiful turn of events after all, which is what makes us Human ... experience and sharing among each other. All the way down I was helping this Italian woman with her walking, and we shared some lovely conversations. She was laughing at my generosity and serving nature as I was constantly making sure that she's okay. She told me I'm very strong and brave for doing this all on my own. Yes, it's what sharpens and refines You better than anything else. Oh, Mountains ... You help to connect people and bring them back home to themselves!

I fell in love with this majestic beauty right away. The peak is so big and wide, and I've literally walked all around it in a spiral, starting from south to west, through north and east, and back to south! It's the Mountains and their majestic Presence that have taught me both humility and respect for such Majestic grandiosity of Mother Nature. I tread on their paths lightly, but with great reverence and respect which does not have a goal to overcome summits and gather peaks as my trophies, but rather to let them guide me into their abode naturally, as I connect with each Mountain's unique Essence and character. For instance, this wide majestic beauty is rather grand, but it's also very nurturing and supportive, so it's as wide as a mother's lap of selfless Love. I could just as easily call it a "gentle Giant". Thank You great Mother peak, for letting me in your world!

And here is some Mother Mary for everyone! These statues that Italians have everywhere, including at their highest Mountain peaks, bring in a much nicer and gentler energy of graceful Presence than those images of "Jesus on the cross" which promote a false ideology of Human suffering that was all man made. As people we have to wake up. We are here to Love and be loved in return as we devote to the highest state of Grace and compassionate service to All Life! 

This was my third climb and my favorite of them all, with far reaching views and wide landscapes, and another set of "twin lakes", reminding me of those back home.  

There was no other Human being there, just me and the vastness of endless Mountain ranges. 

As I came on the top, there was a white feather waiting there for me. I began to cry out of pure bliss as I felt so much Presence with me, cheering me on and singing Creation songs together with me. 

For a while I was just lying there, soaking it all in! Such bliss, no words! 

Late afternoon is my favorite time in the Mountains. It gets so peaceful and quiet and it's truly a gift when You find yourself all alone there amongst the Great Giants. You can truly feel your heartbeat and experience the calmest mind ever. I'm always climbing way up high to catch the last rays of the Sun, returning home at late hours, but truly feeling like my day is Now complete. I've been walking like crazy all day long, doing circles all around, and I just had to have this last view, even if it cost me my last breath. I still managed to come down in daylight with super speed! The Angels keep singing me the song "This girl is on fire". And I truly felt like it!

This was my fourth peak in a row. There were so few people in the high Alps, in spite of the weather being sublime. The sun just kept on shining, so it was kind of hard to say "no" to these gorgeous peaks! This tour was another round one. I kept wondering how my body could do so many peaks in a row, because I don't usually hike this way without any rest in between. But my body surprised me and I discovered a new part of myself, an even stronger and more peaceful one, deeply centered and relaxed. Mountains, thank You! 

The Majestic Presence of these great Ones leaves You breathless time after time again. Those true Mountain lovers don't climb them for sport and adventure, but they feel a deeper connection when in their Spirit Presence. This is how connecting with them feels like in the higher dimensional awareness. It truly is a communion with the Gods if we are aware of them as Divine living Beings! 

A perfect moment cannot be sought after or captured, and if it lasts only a few moments, it's not the perfect moment. The only perfect moment is the eternal Presence of the Now. When we can feel perfection through blissful Presence in anything and anytime ... that is when we truly understand what perfection of the moment means.

And I saved the "best" for the last! This was my fifth Mountain peak in five days, and also the most challenging one to overcome. It had 2 ferrata climbing routes on different sides, and they weren't the easiest ones. I've climbed many but the upper one was quite steep and narrow, it required some whole body pulling! But it was so totally worth it, as I love climbing in the Mountains and I love being on top of the Alps all alone. 

It feels kind of special, like the whole peak was reserved only for your Majesty! This peak completed my 5 day Carnic mountaineering tour, but I'll sure be back to climb some more one day!

Climbing this way helps to dissolve all self imposed limitations and old fears, so that we can be a pure vessel for Life force. Well, it surely is one of my favorite ways. Each climb feels more void and free, as if no more obstacles actually exist in our consciousness, and therefore in our created reality.

This was "The Hand of God" rock, I was totally mesmerized by it, I even went to sit on top of it! It had five fingers and everything, holy molly! I spoke of the Mountains as Home of the Gods, so this was truly a blessed confirmation.   

I always see so many Beings in Mountain rocks and walls. This was my Spirit gift and a nice confirmation of Union, with the two Beings kissing each other in the Mountain walls. The male is on the right, the female on the left, and there is a Spirit Being watching them like a "ghost" on the right (with two big eyes), the Holy Ghost ... meaning the Union born of Holy Spirit, sacred marriage!  

Before leaving the place on the last day, I spent some time in the main Mountain village and took a walk by the river, to bring all that Life force gathered in the High Mountains back down into the valley. I simply live in the moment and let Spirit show me what to do next, always for the highest good of All and serving the planetary Life Force!

So I started and finished my journey in the Carnic Alps by the Alpine river, embraced by the waterfalls that hold the highest Life force energy on the planet. Such a Spirit guided journey it was, and what a Divine blessing! 
It was time to journal (journey) about my Spirit adventure here in the Carnic Alps. A new aspect of my Self was embraced and embodied, this was truly the most magical adventure of a lifetime. My Elohim consciousness is awakening more and more in the Majestic Presence of these sacred Mountains!  

When we journey somewhere, we exit the daily routine which we have created in our local home environment. As we exit that "astral" cloud of mental processing which we quickly get used to as Human Beings, we enter the realm of unknown and unfamiliar. Only in this sacred space can we give birth to new aspects of ourselves which we will then co-create with on a whole new level. Here's to never ending adventures of Spirit that feed our Soul and expand our Human nature! 

In the last few moments spent there, I was guided to have a Life force walk, to cement my new embodiment level. And so I was simply walking a footless path into the unknown, feeling where I'm being pulled by the flow of Life force, and it was the most profound experience. 

I even had to undress to cross the water because I was guided to return on the other side. I can't do this back at home since I practically know almost every trail, but coming into a new area is so liberating and deeply invigorating for the Soul! 

As You know, beginnings usually come together with endings. I had my own example of this Truth today. Well, this is how it is with sacred Spirit journeys, for they are not physical travels only. They have their beginning which serves as an energy opening, and then they have their ending, which completes the journey in a circle. As I took my last walk after lunch, I was strongly pulled to go follow a forest trail. The sun already went down, but something was still pulling me further, and before turning around I had to stop there. And there it was ... a dead mouse, just where I stood. I thought to myself how is this possible, to stop exactly where the tiny creature's body laid. I picked it up and the inner "voice" said to bury it. 

And so I did, and as I did so, I was shown how this is metaphoric for my own journey. As a totem, mice can represent strict observation, often worry and deep attention to detail. And this Spirit synchronicity showed me how that aspect of me can Now die off ... go to rest. As I buried the creature (like I did that bird in the Summer), I closed that chapter and opened up to more Light. I had major goosebumps and tears of inner knowing. It was indeed the most perfect sign of this journey being complete and I was able to return home.  

I have climbed five major peaks in five days, and still an endless ocean of them remains. That's why this cannot be approached as a goal, because it has no end. Every goal has an end, while walking a goal-less journey is the ultimate Bliss. Five is a number of constant change! 

After coming back home I felt different, New like never before. This trip wasn't just about fulfilling my dream, it was something much deeper and initiating. The thing is that Spirit initiations cannot be forced, for they happen organically in their own Divine timing when the Soul is ready, and the Human counterpart as well. Many times people head out for a spiritual journey with an intent (and expectation) of that being so. The mind then constantly needs to affirm what we perceive should occur for us or what is "spiritual", but it's forced, not natural.

Spirit initiations occur spontaneously and when we least expect it. We are so innocently and without any knowledge being led into a new level of Self mastery, which later reveals itself to us. By knowing in advance we would not hold such a high state of surrender and receptivity. The expectation itself puts a dim light on it all. In Truth, everything has to perfectly align and come together in the most refined way possible. I Now see that this trip could not have happened sooner or later, as the manifestation in this Now was perfect from all the angles of Creation. Observing this made me realize that I've always known the best and highest for myself, it was just about realizing this simple Truth. After coming home from such a journey which I never did before, I was in such a deep state of peace and in awe. I was crying subtle tears of joy when I captured the Essence of it all. It was simply an artwork of Divine perfection, a true masterpiece ... and who better to create it all but the inner Master Self!

However, after 6 whole days of walking in the Carnic Alps, the mission was not yet complete, so I felt the pull to visit one of our local hills to seal the energy. We have had a very warm October which is Now slowly coming to a close, so it was a great day to spend it with my mom and enjoy some of our Mountain views. After 7 days of constant walking, it was about time to rest on the 8th one ... complete the cycle and prepare for a New incoming energy wave of Divine inspiration and creativity.

This is what this journey was about ... sacred initiation into a whole New embodiment level. When You are truly awake, You will notice every fine detail in Creation, as You will become fully One with the natural world, with your Heart and eyes wide open. And You will love everything as everything else!  

P.S. Live your authentic dreams, or they will keep chasing You until You do! 

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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