Sunday, September 24, 2017

Equinox: The point of Gaia's Graduation

Dear Beloveds!

The Equinox point always brings a unifying force of Light when there is seeming balance on the whole planet, with equal length of day/night. Gaia is graduating. All those on it are faced with challenging decisions. To vibrationally move along with Her or go? This planet has experienced many cycles and so-called "Grand experiments" which we all participated within. We are one of many such experiments to neutralize polarity by merging it. What does this mean for us personally and as a Human collective? We might not be fully aware of it, but our planet (not just us as individuals) is rushing through a powerful phase of completion. This is also called the "graduation" phase, and although it might not seem very apparent, it is something we are intuitively feeling as connected individuals and the collective of Humanity.

The external conditions might not always point to that reality, as there is yet so much chaos and unrest in this world, and yet there is meaning even in that ... there is meaning in all of it. In these times of great upheaval, remember that in Truth, darkness at its core was created to serve the Light as it continues to evolve in its physical expression. And only at the Core of Spirit, there is no darkness at all. What we are Now experiencing and going through as individuals and the collective, is a part of the Grand experiment to merge polarities and step into a unified reality. It might not seem like it on the surface level, but if we look closely and deeply enough, we will see that all the "viruses" which we have been harboring for so long, can no longer be held at the level of vibration we are Now moving into on this planet.

The planet is shifting gears, as it's also graduating in its own merging process of polarity integration. The moment when there is Unity consciousness, there is nothing but compassion and Divine neutrality. Ask yourself at this crucial time, not how You can achieve it, but how You can Be the Essence of that Divine neutrality in merged inner polarities. There is total peace of Union, and every graduating Soul will feel the inner merge in spite of the external chaos. This is because our inner merge has to occur independently from the external reality and what it appears to be, and this is how we get to shift it from inside out. This is how we change it one step at a time, as One consciously aware Human Being at a time, connecting through the greater web of Unity Light! Remember who You are and stay centered and calm. You are the hope and the Light of this world, as the bearer of Light through the activated Cosmic Heart! And we are doing it!

We had a New Moon in Virgo on September 20th. Those of us who are Virgos in astrology carry the codes of understanding of this archetype, although the archetype itself lies in everyone. Amongst the many things that Virgo is, the most primal nature is that of the Divine Mother, for no one knows how to serve as those who have deeply tapped into the Essence of the Divine Mother of All Life in Creation. Virgo is the Divine feminine principle within its Trinity, which is the maiden (child), crone (wise one) and the Mother of Life. As we embrace and embody all archetypes in Unity, we become not only a servant of Life, but a Giver of Life itself. In my Spirit Essence, this is the main energy signature which I embody. The Virgo as a Master (often called the "hermit") is not only a nurturer, caretaker and service to others oriented Being. 

She is the Essence of Life in form itself, and as we awaken this primordial Source nature within us, we will be taken on a deep Spirit quest of its complete embodiment. This is a journey, not a destination. It is paved with one initiation of Spirit after another, all serving the Divine Plan of Perfection, so that the Essence of Purity would eventually reach all Life in physical form, and all would know Self fulfillment and realization through the completion of the Whole. We are being reminded of the sacred vows which we took to partake on this journey, as the advanced Souls who wanted to experience utter Soul liberation and physical Ascension through the alchemy of our physical bodies. There is no one who knows the laws of the physical body as the Virgo does, and so we advance ourselves physically through its Cosmic wisdom of Soul embodiment.

Virgo also represents "Home". As conscious Light Beings here on Earth, we often ask ourselves about our true "whereabouts" and "home". Our consciousness is so advanced for this place, and although we feel such Love for this planet and all Life on it, we also often feel the "irritating" component of living in this immense density. Only those who have completely withdrawn from the world have externally removed themselves from the collective experience, although the energy of the collective remains. We cannot not feel it. We cannot not be the sensitive Galactic empaths that we are. And that is how we also know that our true "Home" is wherever we are, for it lives within our Heart. 

As we move our energy across the planet (physically or non physically), we will witness and experience both light and shadow, lightness and density, freedom and intensity. Our immense Light and the Love of Truth will draw out every fiber of darkness and suppression, so that all aspects of Creation could be liberated and set free. It is not an easy task we have, and it often leaves us questioning the unfolding events and doubting our steps. And yet, we also feel that there are no mistakes, and that whatever we feel is of the greater Whole that wants to be illuminated and set free. So no matter what, we continue moving our energy, for it's the only true source of our fulfillment, to serve the Divine Plan in Unity consciousness. 

Life transitions ... we are all constantly experiencing them, from minor to greater ones. The awareness which we held yesterday is no longer tuning into the same perspectives which are available to us today. Rigidity is to continuously hold on to the same beliefs, while flexibility is awakening each day totally anew. It might be challenging for our mind, but we must keep rising up to the New every day, with every single breath. When we consciously meditate and ponder on expansion, we will always infinitely expand. Nothing or no one ever stays the same, although as Humans we love to say things like: "Stay as You are!" In Truth, Creation always ebbs and flows, trying new things and implementations for the fulfillment of the infinitely creative Divine Plan of Perfection. From that "zero point" or the Core Self, we receive all the codes necessary for our own personal transformation within the ever evolving Whole. That's why our goal should always be to expand rather than to stabilize and conform. There is stability in flexibility that is far greater than rigid stability which feels fixed and motionless. When You move with Life, Life will always move You from the very Core!

How do we assist the process of the collective shift through our internal shift?! We are asked to become peaceful warriors with the widest and brightest "zen garden" living within us. One might wonder how we can be at such tranquil peace while there are "stormy skies" out in the world? How can we be as playful children when there is so much going on in the world? How can we be unaffected when we are so highly sensitive and loving? The key of course, lies in a state of Divine Love. You see, Divine Love does not differentiate between good or bad, light versus dark. Divine Love knows only the Divine Source Light through which all is created, as it constantly pulsates and beats. Source is Love, and since we are Source, everyone of us can achieve this internal state by connecting to the Source within. And as we do, we will gain momentum and responsibility in this world.

We will be asked to be the pure conduits of Spirit in this chaotic world of transition. This world is in a process, and there is nothing we can do about that, as there is absolutely nothing to change. It must be done, it has to be completed. And only Source knows this perfection of the Divine Plan and sends it through all of us through the uniqueness of our own Divine Plan. If Source is Love, we are Love. How can we more consciously assist this process? Firstly, always ask yourself what Love would do. Secondly, build a White column of Light as the Ascension Pillar wherever You are, wherever You travel. Your conscious impact will grow because of it. And thirdly, nurture your inner "zen garden" by nurturing yourself. When You are in a safe and protected environment, You have greater clarity and therefore also a greater impact on the Whole through your Light dedication work. Walk consciously, breathe willingly, as every breath of Love You make counts. Be that change within yourself, so that change in the world will be a natural result of it. Be the Cosmic Heart of One, and death will turn into New Life.

As volunteer Souls we often work with the energy of different places on the planet without needing to be physically present at specific locations. I often find myself deeply drawn to a specific place or location, and I end up strongly feeling into it. As I do so, I create a space for energy opening, through which I can help to infuse this place with Life force. This is my main mission on this planet as a Creation Pillar and I do all this work behind the scenes. How is this done, You might ask yourself? The simplest of answers of course, is Love. It is not done by us, it is being done through us. As we hold the Creation level Love for an aspect of consciousness, we are already helping to infuse its potency or energetic potential. There are many places on the planet where there is extreme chaos and unrest happening at the moment.

There is water precipitation happening all over the planet at this time. Why? Water is Life, and whenever our planet goes through such cycles, She is being cleansed and moved into a new energetic frequency and form. When You spend time in Nature and tune into the ascended Essence of Gaia, You will only get Spirit messages of perfection, balance and Love. You will witness the spectacle of Gaia's Ascension firsthand, as not only the awakened observer, but also a conscious participant of the physical Ascension process, as it moves every single cell in your body and illuminates the codes of your Cosmic Light DNA!

Please know that when You learn to master your Life force through high vibration of your physical body, You can be of great assistance to any planetary condition. You don't need to be physically present somewhere to have an impact, You only have to have devotion to serving through Spirit and the Life Force infusion that is being sent through You and the crystalline grid.

Watch my Birthday message video here:

Equinox message: When the Love of the "above" meets the world of the "below", awakening to the Truth that there is no separation in between, and that there is only One, Life shall be brought into the highest perspective of Divine Love in perfect balance and liberation!

How do we work with unifying perspectives into One? In order to embrace the truest perspective for ourselves in each moment, we have to first allow the possibility of all perspectives to co-exist. This will create a dynamic of flow instead of a separation based mentality of "either/or". We will move into the unified perspective where all can exist as a potential, depending on the angle of the awareness point we are viewing it from. Beliefs create perspectives, which then shape timelines, and these create realities. When we embrace the service to others polarity through selfless Love, we realize that the infinite Life Force always feeds into the Whole, so by serving the Whole we are always abundant and prosperous beyond measure, which is also the source of all Wisdom and humility!

Watch my video about this here: 

Embracing all perspectives as valid and true on some level, while holding the resonant connection to your own Pillar of Ascension Light that holds your highest destiny point of Divine Will in each moment is the center stage of enlightenment, the flow of non resistance and the stability of your illumination in Soul embodiment! As long as any part of us still holds that resistance to the Whole, we are still struggling. The moment we release that resistance, the struggle is over and the flow is established and permanently anchored from within. Through this deep transformation of our consciousness, all of Life becomes valid and all experiences through various perspectives embraced as One.
Be the grounded Pillar of your Core Creation Self, the tree of Life within your unique Creatrix, which is the design of Life for each variation of Creation. The question is not how to work with the Creation Pillar, but rather how to become it! In Truth there is no right or wrong path, for that is duality thinking. In Unity, there is only "The path", and all turns and crossroads are a part of that path. Wherever we go, we are always Home. The beginning and the end are One and the same, and in even higher perspective, we never actually left what we call "Home", because we are it!

As I came back from my holiday, once again the same thing happened which always does, again and again, time after time. Whenever I come back I feel it so deeply, the comeback and the welcoming, it feels like Gaia and the Whole of Life celebrates together with me. I have such a sacred connection with my Soul home here in the Alps, that I always begin to cry when I return after not being at home for a while. My Heart just sparks up and I AM moved so deeply, feeling such joy and bliss of belonging. After this string surge of Light I suddenly channeled a song called "My Soul's Home" which will be on my "Songs of Creation" album. Have You found your Soul's true home? This is the sacred place that holds the codes of your Soul mission together with You, celebrating Life as You walk your true path!

I love all the cycles of Creation and how they all work together in unison. I usually experience a 3 day activation phase, followed by a 3 day integration period, which when completed produces a New wave of energy through which I cultivate Life Force that is required to infuse a new creative cycle. When You understand how Creation operates, You will also learn to observe and master it through your own personal Core Creation mastery. Always try to begin and end your day with meditation, so that You shift your focus inwardly. Anchor the White Ascension Pillar wherever You are, so that your greatness can work with You, through You and as You! This is Paradise on Earth that we are co-creating everywhere we go, anchoring the White Ascension Pillar and the innocent Heart of Purity!

I channeled the Elohim message on Creation Pillar consciousness and how to work with Ascension Pillar and Life force infusion:

When You tune into the consciousness of Gaia and Her ascended form, You feel the ascended Truth or version of reality. It is often when we tune into man made structures and templates that we are actually feeling the reality of the false matrix which has been sustained through collective consciousness for Eons of time. However, once we tune into the natural world and its consciousness as a living organic Being, we will feel the codes of Ascension, the codes of Life. Constantly shifting in between the two is a task of many volunteer Souls as powerful taskmasters of reality, who are here to work with the energies of the planetary shift. It is our role and it's not always easy, but as we work with the White Ascension Light as the Vortex/Pillar of Light, we move into the unified timeline, which is where we operate and work at our best. The more You tune into the planetary Ascension timeline, the more You feed those Light codes in your own Ascension timeline, creating a sustainable reality of longevity. As You recognize yourself as such a taskmaster, You will be perfectly guided by Spirit to co-create within Unity consciousness of physical Ascension.
After returning to my Alpine Mountain portal, I channeled a very simple but deeply powerful mantra. You can use it whenever You feel that wave of bliss or when You feel somehow disconnected from the Universal flow of Love, it matters not. But You will definitely feel its effect when approaching it with a humble Heart of Purity! Here it is: "Oh Life, how You love! Oh how loved I truly AM. Oh how loved we all are!" 

At this time of such deep intensity, we can assist ourselves with natural remedies, such as plant medicine. When You are working with oil blends, You can gently rub it into your Heart chakra, and then spread the scent through your body from there. You will notice an increased flow of bliss, as your cells are being activated with Life force, and your DNA begins to spark up and remember. We remember and activate a lot of Light codes through scent, as it travels deep into the recesses of our subconscious, to merge it with the conscious and the superconscious. As Humans we need to dissolve our ideas about aging, because they are based on false death programming. We are animated Life Force from Spirit which infuses our Souls with everything that they need during our conscious embodiment. As we grow into this natural awareness of Life force, we crystallize our DNA and become timeless and ageless!
We are in a time of the Libra Sun, which always brings us gifts of the relationship and powerful Soul contracts. This is an exciting new Life phase, as Now Venus and Mars are traveling together since the Equinox, and Jupiter will shift into the sign of intimacy and Union, Scorpio, on October 10th. This is all deepening our journey of Self intimacy and the intimacy of Love which is shared through Divine companionship. This Union of illumination is guided through the purity of Life force and selfless service, not personal ("free") will, but rather Divine Will in its purest state of Divine Perfection. Enjoy this time and co-create Magic for yourself and All wherever You may Be!

We are being reminded of the intensity that comes through the learning of the Self through the eyes and the reflection of another. Every relationship on Earth is about learning more about ourselves, which is always accompanied with the hidden or not yet recognized aspects of ourselves. We do that until we master our personal domain and move into greater selfless service to the Divine Plan. The majority of the relationships on this planet follow this principle, however there are a few relationships of the highest order of Spirit, which embody the perfection of Divine Union. These are destined partnerships that are meant to serve the Whole through the greatness of their illumination and selfless service. Those of us who are on this path have been in constant preparation mode for several years Now, and as I was meditating in Nature I heard the words from my Higher Self: "The Union is Now in its completion stage!" All those of You who feel a sense of destined partnership through which You will serve this planet with your unique Soul gifts of illumination, rejoice and celebrate the graduation time of your inner Union. We have grown so much from every part of this journey, and Now it's time for something greater than ourselves to unfold. Have faith and trust!  

Remember that as ascended Beings we no longer measure our time here in a linear fashion. We do so in terms of cycles, which are One with the Great Spiral of Life and sacred geometry that makes all form. In this way we are becoming ageless, timeless and infinite! Don't leave things when they feel incomplete, for not all potential has been explored and expanded into, which will create a constant repetition in physical form. As a master of your reality You are here to learn how to energize the timelines so that the realities lived through them would eventually fulfill themselves fully and Self realize. Therefore, "leave" only once You have fully converged the energies of co-creation and all is integrated and unified. In this awareness, there will be no opposing or conflicting perceptions. And so nothing will endlessly repeat itself, because You will learn how to balance, neutralize and integrate the energies within the unified field of consciousness. In this space, there is no perspective of "leaving" anyway, only constant cycles of birth and completion that lead into the realization of the Whole, in the Divine Plan of Perfection.  

I observe people a lot, and I see how often they take our bright Star for granted, like it's so obvious that it sits there every day, that we don't even have to pay attention. But it shines for us, it shines for Life of consciousness to hold expression in form, and to know ourselves as Light in the physical experience. So do not ever take it for granted, soak up every moment of it, with every cell of your body and every fiber of your Being. 

Gratitude for the Sun, and for the gift of this Life! We are animating the physical through the song of our Souls, so that the sacredness may finally return. 

People often say: "Let the Sun shine down on You!" I say: "Be the Sun that shines through You!" 
Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn


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