Friday, November 3, 2017

Higher vibrational spirituality & Cosmic Light training

Dear Beloveds! 

We are walking through a powerful New Gateway of illumination and vibrational spirituality. Many Beings of Light on the path of a volunteer Soul are beginning a new level of spiritual Light training through embarking on an advanced spiritual path. This path requires a Self welcoming back home, which means that we have never been away from it, but our spiritual Essence did not yet graduate and enter into Self realized state. This is a dharmic path of every ascending Being, which is to physically ascend within the Earth's template and become an empowered messenger of Gaia. However, many Souls have been holding residual memory of past experiences which needed to be integrated in order for this New level to unfold. The only recognition that was required was that everything was merely an experience. Therefore it was for our Soul expansion and fully neutral. Whatever was still perceived through Human filters or held within darkness was unable to shift energetically so that we could move forward. With this Self liberation there comes an acknowledgment that every experience was a part of Self mastery training, so that our Soul could eventually blossom in a state of Divine perfection and help guide other Souls in their own Ascension. What is Now required is a state of radical acceptance of every part of physical experiencing, because it all served our inner mastery through discernment, trust and integrity. Out of this sacred rite, a New Self is being born, which means that another "descended" aspect is ready to remember itself as fully ascended, so that it can become fully illumined and overlighted. This is the road that every Initiate of Spirit must travel, to move beyond the shadow and light, back into the Unity of the One, for enlightenment is the unified space of polarity fully integrated! 

Watch my latest Ascension update for November here:

The Galactics: "A relatively small percentage of Humans are dedicating their lives fully to planetary Ascension!" This is absolute Truth, because the majority of people are still dealing with personal issues and desires, and they can't see beyond that reality. Besides, Earth is a free will planet where everyone can choose for themselves, which also means that they can easily forget what it means to be a part of a greater group/Unity collective and selflessly serve by devoting their entire Being to Ascension. The path of planetary Life service requires all of You, not just your thoughts ... it requires your full embodiment and engagement with Gaia and helping to raise the planetary Life force!

Our keyword at this time is "illumination". We are moving deeper within in order to reflect upon our Ascension journey and deepen our Spirit communication. When we know and affirm that we are always connected, our connection will grow stronger, and going within will feel like a journey of liquid Magic which we can't wait to participate in. It feels like we will desire more alone time not just for introspection, but also to clarify what we truly desire beyond all external influences and circumstances. Sometimes we think we already have it all figured out, until a New wave of energy comes. As we deepen our inner knowing through meditation and contemplative way of living, our vibration will rise even more and act as a conduit for Light which moves from the unified Whole back into the whole.

November is a month of Scorpio energy, death and transition, which begins with Samhain/Halloween, and "Remembrance day". On the third dimensional level, we celebrate the honoring of those who have passed and our ancestors, gifts of the past and the meaning of the cycles of life and death. On a higher ascended level, we internalize this energy in order to merge deeper in our Self Union. As Humans we have created so many holidays with a specific focus, however it's very rare that we deeply connect with the energy on a deep internal level. We cannot integrate what we can't internalize. For instance, those who have passed are symbolic for the energies that were present around us in our life, and "remembering" them should truly bring our focus to the inner reverence of how we were meant to integrate those energies that these individuals mirrored for us in our reality. It should actually be the remembrance of the aspects of our Being that we might have "lost", which was truly just a feeling showing us that we have left aspects behind instead of integrating them.

Our inner realms are vast and deep, and Now is such a perfect time as the Sun in the sign of Scorpio, and so is Jupiter. As Humans we so often say: "I miss that person so much", instead of truly focusing on the aspects of us that we associate with those individuals who played an important role in our Life and feeling the gratitude in our Heart, not the surface level of the status quo. On a Human level we see everything on the level of individuality, while on the Soul level we see everything on the level of evolution and expansion, which is where our awakened focus should truly be. People focus on buying things and decorating graveyards on the outside, while they could be spending time and focus on that which wants to be brought into the Light Now. Those who have passed are showing us to live, for they are Now in another form, and so their message is to focus on the energy of Life as much as we can. This includes honoring Life through Love, spending time in conscious circles with those we love and celebrating Life. And perhaps, creating rituals of deepened insight in our circle of Light! Be the Light!

What Essence wants to deeply awaken and be a daily part of your life on this journey of Soul expansion in your Human embodiment? What is being called out of You to serve the Light?

Beyond death there is Life, and any fears we may be holding over this transition process are unnecessary. This means that the death/transformation we are currently experiencing is a good kind of death, where we are surrendering one part of vibrational living for a new embodiment level. Death is a natural part of Life in Creation and it moves through cycles we have no control over. However, there is a kind of death that brings a Life lived for the better, with more dedication to the Light in deeper awareness. This is the kind of process we are currently undergoing, as the shedding process has been unfolding all year long. Now this letting go that occurs in stages can suddenly produce something totally unimaginable. We don't have to suffer while dying to the old and for the New.

Imagine meeting a devotional Life partner after years of waiting, where the lives of both people involved get turned upside down for a while, until they adjust to a new way of living and working together. Even the positive can be shocking and leave us to watch things dissolve one by one as we simply observe the process from our new ground. There needs to be letting go present, because we are making room for something much bigger, more beautiful and deeply enriching for our Soul. Therefore, we have to let go of the idea that dying has to be a painful process and embrace a higher perspective as we vibrationally move into a higher octave of physical Life on Earth. Only allowing this death process to occur will make us open to new visions and Divine inspirations, for we will vibrationally align with a bigger dream of Creation! Hold on tight, there is nothing to fear!

Even though the energy of death is present at this time and days of sunlight are getting shorter, there is an incoming wave of Light present. A New Gateway has opened, that of higher vibrational spirituality and higher Life force mastery. By moving through this next step of the Soul initiation, we shall witness more Light filled existence and plant the seeds for a New Era. A New cycle is blooming, and we are the gentle caretakers who are effortlessly moving with the waves of Creation as conscious vessels, moving along the path of a Life Force Master and planetary Life server. Let there Be Light! So be it, and so it is!

Oh yes, we are being showered with New energies which is causing us to feel a temporary standstill. This is of a transient nature, which means that as we process the energy, we want to put other things on hold. Why? Because our bodies are going through a lot and we don't wish to overwhelm them with unnecessary physical things that can wait. As a part of the planetary Ascension process, we can feel all kinds of different states, from supercharged elevation to supreme exhaustion, or even boredom. This is because we are so highly tuned in to higher energetic possibilities while still needing to remain in a physical world. This often discourages us, although on a long term phase we are being prepared for something New, so that we can bring more of this higher Light into our physical reality, which gradually influences and alters the planetary energetic makeup. So when we feel a little energetically "down", we can focus on selfless service, communing with the Essence of Gaia through daily intention, meditation or prayer. In these shifting times, we are required as messengers of Gaia, which means we don't just sit around and do nothing. This also doesn't mean that we need to be radical in our expressions of change. However, we must act responsibly and appropriately in each moment. This means that we are always in a "standby" mode, ready and prepared to carry out Divine tasks and share messages of Unity consciousness. Too often we will think something "grandiose" is required of us and neglecting the small, the humble and the simplistic, which is required as the solid base for everything that we are here to create. Actions speak louder than words, because planetary Ascension is not a mental process, so we must not be disembodied. We must get grounded and oriented through clarity, so that we are always aware of where we stand and what our physical requirements are. And so we walk through a Gateway of luminosity every day, fully open, willing and ready ... for anything!

Many are finding themselves in a time of transition which always brings with it a new level of transformation. This transformation is different for everyone, and yet what lies at the very Core remains. The Heart of Creation knows only the Truth which lies beyond all the personal truths of various realities. As we deepen our inner Mastery, the path will often lead us beneath all the superficial things and Life expressions that no longer suffice. At such times we will come to know a void which is not always pleasant, and it will often even seem challenging. But Spirit says that challenges are the Essence of what motivates us internally and keeps us moving, so that there is a constant evolution of consciousness present. The wheel of Life keeps on turning, and only our everlasting Core remains. 

At such times of deep transition we will not always see a clear road ahead or a way forward, but even temporary "blindness" serves a purpose. It is when our senses get sharpened, and when we become more conscious of Life within and around us. Think of a blindfolded person who needs to learn a whole new way of navigation while deepening a sense of inner connection and interconnectedness with Life. The majority of Human kind has gotten lost in an ocean of materialism and false values that don't align with the natural Law. And the awakened One will always feel such disconnection when they witness it. However, they must not confuse that for a sense of not being supported where they are in Life of conscious awareness. It is a state of awareness that we are in which holds our reality together and creates everything for us, not the external circumstances. The nature of expanded consciousness is constant motion, always moving forward in the awareness of both seen and unseen. It is this higher consciousness that births Life through Life Force, not the other way around as the majority thinks. To be in a state of constant acceptance of change requires unfathomable trust and perseverance. Not everyone will be able to move through such courageous acts of Soul integrity, because it requires a constant integration and application of that higher knowledge.

The inner knower within us is often mistaken for an intuitive force which we are all connected too, and it's that part of us that helps to discern between various energies, so that we can read them, translate and emanate proper energetic responses. However, a Higher Force is also Present, which is only available to us when we transcend the personal dealings and move into a higher octave of Being. This inner knower is a Divine Will attuned Presence which understands natural Law and higher spiritual laws. Through this knowing, we can attune to a higher spirituality which is not personal. In fact, it's deeply transpersonal, and as long as we are still dealing with personal world dramas and choices, we will not be able to live in that state. The surface level "spirituality" in our world is still very egoic, materialistic and based on separation. Higher spirituality begins on a transpersonal level, which is the level of the inner Mystic Self. When people begin to understand that everything they are experiencing belongs to a greater World and start discovering that deeper World by dropping the veils of illusion that prevent them for fully seeing it, they will begin to discover what Self realization truly means. It is not merely a realization of personal drives, motives and desires, but rather a greater understanding of how we fit into the bigger Whole. Until our personal values fully align with the transpersonal world, our Soul will not be allowed entry into it. And yet that entrance shall swiftly open the moment we will be ready!

Those of us who are here as volunteer Souls, employees of Spirit and Beloved Gaia, receive and process energy through Light packages. Each Light package represents a new level of our Soul training and a new level for Gaia's mastery and movement into a fully ascended state. Those who are here as planetary Light servers, have to unify a whole lot of energies that were once discordant, out of tune and held in duality for far too long. We do this by first initiating a New Light cycle, which is done through our Higher Self that is always working in tandem with our physical body. During the initiation stage we feel a light and expanded energy. This energy then travels into all the dark corners of the planetary structures held in separation. We then have to process this energy through our bodies, which we do through Life Force mastery. During that stage we will be called to be very active, because a whole lot of energy will need to move through our bodies.

The more masterful we are in translating and processing energy, the greater responsibility we will have in this process. During the last phases of this culmination, the "push and pull" and the resistance of duality will seem the hardest, most challenging and difficult. We will feel a "climax" of energy of duality which will often make us feel energetically drained, agitated, explosive or even discouraged. It is at those times that we must persist the hardest and maintain the balance as much as we can. This work is not a piece of cake, and it's not physical and yet it is, because it takes place in our physical body. Disembodied Souls who are not grounded and hold a lot of Soul fragmentation cannot do this, for they do not hold the proper strength yet. This process requires only the most resilient Souls who are capable of this work. When this last stage is complete, we will neutralize the energy and embody a New level of creative energy, so that a New cycle of initiative can begin. And so it goes, on and on with great Love and devotion! 

Who are the Dream walkers as descending Beings?

During the process of physical Ascension it's completely natural to experience waves of change, while sometimes holding the perception of moving backwards or stagnating. In Truth, the ascending Soul must revisit and integrate every single aspect of their Human experience into Unity consciousness, which will often give a feeling of retrograding. However, the lack of enthusiasm over things which used to bring Joy merely showcases a passageway into a new vibrational embodiment. Temporary periods of "downfall" are just reflections of the Soul at what used to be from a higher perspective which was recently gained. In these periods we need to reflect and focus on Self integration within this new vibrational space, rather than becoming overly self absorbed and pitiful. It is that attitude of Self awareness and higher perception which indicates that we surely are ascending and always moving deeper while going forward!

As a New Human, we have to understand that our devotional work is of a higher Essence and quality, which means that it's completely orchestrated through Spirit and Divine Will. Because of that, we have to drop away all the ideas how our devotional work has to be seen and recognized by others and the world at large. This is firstly because the conscious Life force knows exactly what it's creating through us as the vessel for Divine manifestation. We cannot analyze this process because we don't always see with the advanced foresight that is needed to see the work which spans across time in a multidimensional way. All we can do is stay devoted each day, not letting ourselves get discouraged due to external circumstances. This happens every time that we begin to rationalize the value of our work through our own perceptions of what value means.

This is often true when we witness a lack of response or feedback to our work. We do not see everything as Spirit sees it, but the more conscious we become, the more horizons will expand for us and make us susceptible to refined vision. When our steps are surrendered and we trust the Divine unconditionally, we begin to trust ourselves just the same way, for we are the manifesting force through which Spirit creates. The greater our contribution to the Whole is, the more expanded our vista will have to become. As we trust, we will be shown our contributions and the footprints that we are leaving on this planet. We will know what we know without needing to justify or rationalize it. This way we will stay centered in each moment, knowing what each Now requires of us for the highest good of All. In this state, each revelation comes in perfect Divine timing and we are anchoring Divine Light wherever we are.

This higher focus is on selfless service and energy work that impacts the Whole. That path is not always physically secure, because it's not "safe". Too often we don't know where our resources will come from, or whether we are being seen and our work honored and respected. The moment we begin to worry over such things, we fall into a lower vibration. We somehow temporarily lose confidence and forget about the bigger Spirit picture, but then we rise again and start out fresh. The path of a true "Master" who devotedly serves Spirit will always be unsure, unsafe and mystical. And yet, it is also the most rewarding path where we always reap what we have sown. Sadly too many individuals still live in the comfort zone or give only when resources are granted to them. But what about when this is either not promised or guaranteed? Can we still remain in our mastery and trust? Every true Spirit initiate will have to pass those trials and give of themselves selflessly and not safely, for the road of true mastery requires that of us!

The volunteer Souls who are here to work on a vibrational level of Earth transformation are deeply involved and engaged in planting seeds of the New. This means that we have harnessed enough Light quotient to work with energies of separation on a collective level through archetypes. Whenever a Divine archetype gets out of alignment with its Source Essence, it begins to densify, often to the degree that natural Light transference is no longer possible. We all work in our home environments and through our family lineages, although this energetic work is much broader and vaster. It is a long term project we are engaged with, and so it will involve many stages of energetic dissolution and seeding of the New vibrational templates. For example, when a distorted energy pattern presents itself to us, it will feel like a bolt of energy that rushes through our body without any obvious reason. Our work will be the identification of this energy pattern through conscious meditation in the Light, which is the compassionate observer consciousness seeded in our Cosmic Heart. This Essence will show us which pattern wants to come forth.

For example, I have been presented to work with "humiliation" energy and so I had to vibrationally dissolve it into the Light of its Core Essence, which is respect, compassion and Divine communication. The energy that was unable to move forward then experienced reconciliation, which set it free on all levels, through all the ancestral lineages, etc. This is because we don't work with individuals directly, for we work with energy not on the individual level, because we see it as distorted energy patterns that want to move back into their Core frequency through the unified Light. The moment we recognize a discordant energy pattern, we have to channel a proper energetic response that will shift the dense energy that's been building for Eons of time as various Humans kept co-creating it in duality. This way we plant the seeds of Unity consciousness through vibrational spirituality.

For more, get my mini audio book on Cosmic training for Volunteer Souls!

Tune into the nature of Cosmic training for volunteer Souls in my mini audio book. The audio book on Cosmic training and selfless service is a walk through the various training levels of Self mastery that each volunteer Soul has to go through both in Spirit and physical experience. The recording focuses on the different levels that lead into the embodiment of a Universal guide, descender (or dreamwalker) and Creation Pillar consciousness. The purpose of this knowing is to facilitate Galactic awareness and Cosmic service through devotion, uniqueness and specialization within Unity consciousness.
A genuine Hermit always keeps on walking, paving the way and not always knowing where to next, allowing the Force of Life to reveal a true Spirit course. A genuine Hermit is not afraid to be alone and to walk the path which not many have walked before, going deeper than the majority will allow themselves to go. The real Hermit just keeps on walking, not because he has to, but because for him there is no other way, no other choice!
For every seeming fall, we rise back up again. 
For every disappointment, we turn on the Light of Hope. 
For every sense of stagnation, we begin a new celebration. 
For every disillusionment, we motivate ourselves into inspiration. 
For every Heart break, we turn back to Love! 
We are the Rainbow warriors of the illumined Heart of One! 

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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