Friday, September 1, 2017

The uprising of the 144,000 Light Beings

Dear Beloveds!

Welcome to the energy of September, which is a 19/1 Universal month of new beginnings. We are in a period of the post Eclipse integration, which brings us new ideas, awareness and imaginative creative sparks. This is especially so after Mercury goes direct again on September 5th, followed by a Pisces Full Moon that acts as a bridge between the higher celestial reality and how to merge it with our physical Universe, with its own laws of Creation. As we open up more and follow those sacred laws by utmost reverence and respect, we create a vast opening for the outpouring of Divine Love, which comes through the Heart of the Divine Mother. Something is ripe Now and wants to manifest, and we are more deeply looking into what we truly desire, so it can refine our own Creator's dream and make it happen through the flow of riding the great Cosmic wave. For that to occur, we need to unify from within so that both our Divine feminine magnetic force of Creation and the Divine masculine electric Nature of Divine Light can join and co-create as One. 

I have channeled an ILLUMINED UNION PROJECT AND 144,000 LIGHT BEINGS MINI AUDIO BOOK which is available on my Home page!


Tune into the Illumined Union project & 144,000 Light Beings mini audio book, which takes You on a journey of the original illumined Priesthood, the cycles of Creation and the illumined project, the Atlantean timeline and the seeding of the 144,000 Light Beings as planetary Light serves. The purpose of this book is to bring the awareness of the cycles of illumined Union within the graduating Souls are completing their Ascension journey within Divine Union!

Here is my latest Ascension update for September:

Many of us are stepping into the Era of the Galactic Human, and this time represents our spiritual maturation and physical graduation. Of course not everyone is ready yet, but either way we are gradually shifting in our bodies so that we can become a full embodiment of a multidimensional Galactic Human. At this important time we are restructuring everything about ourselves, within our renewed bodies, which affects everything from our diet, relationships and the way we produce energy through Life force. The time for the first generation of these precious Light Beings has begun. Are You ready to challenge your Humanness in order to become your fullest Galactic expression? This month acts as a Gateway into this awareness. Take your time, be gentle with yourself but resourceful and find the "missing" links that act as a doorway into your newfound connection and embodiment. The time is Now!  

The Galactic Human Being is fully One, unified and guided by the universal Life force of Spirit. The transmission and translation of Light that comes in through the Galactic Pulse of Life and travels through the meridians as particles of Light is fully established, in flow and unified. This means that the unified Life force cultivated from within guides the Light Human as the illumined One in everything that they do and create. They co-exist and co-create as One with everything in All Life in Creation, and they infuse themselves and the Whole through the Cosmic Divine manna, the planetary Life force and the cultivated kundalini Shakti Life force from within the Human body template. This enables the perfection of Divine Trinity or triangulation in Human form, making the Light Being fully connected with their Light body form, while simultaneously anchoring it in the physical as the earthly embodiment of the highest Spirit potential. This is the mission and establishment of the first Galactic Human prototypes as they carry their powerful emanations of the New crystalline Human genome out into the world! 

I keep hearing: "The time for the New Galactic Humans has come." Yes, we are becoming New Galactic Humans. How does that change our DNA, our physical bodies and the whole Light processing mechanism? When You merge with your whole Self, your conscious, subconscious and higher conscious or superconscious blend in and co-create together. You can see yourself as a powerful Creator Being who is dancing the dance of Life. If You could sing or dance anything into Being, what would that be? Imagine and feel it Now. Allow that to then become a dance of Life. The flow of your body movement creates. Your voice creates. Your hands create. When You are spinning, it's your physical cells that are spinning, and You are bringing the world of antimatter into matter through the animated Life force that moves through You. You create by entering into your personal Vortex as You create a proper vibratory spin that moves your atoms (the nature of your physical You-niverse) and merges with the Light particles (the non physical You-niverse). 

Here is my video on the upgrade into the Galactic Human:

Although the overshadowing of the Eclipse which we just passed through might have felt challenging and intense, this was an inner pulse of awakening that triggered an even bigger expansion within us. It acted as a doorway into receiving more multidimensional Light and expanding our perspectives to live in a more limitless flow. This greater Cosmic Light has always existed and always has been, but from our Earth's perspective there is at this time a greater allowance into receiving from its maternal nourishment and direction. This Divine direction leads us into creating through the Galactic Pulse, the Life force of Holy Spirit and integrating all the spiraling waves of Cosmic Light that we are being overflown with. 

This expansion is causing a harmonious flow, and a spontaneous coming together with all that is seeking us. That natural guidance system is helping us to break through all the past barriers and seeming blockages. In Truth, we were born to be limitless and to co-create with that which resonates within our Heart's home, the Cosmic spark of our Divinity. If we may have forgotten how to commune with our Source or Creator, which often happens during challenging life periods, it is Now time to reawaken this and speak to our Source to create more intimacy and sacredness in our life. Remember, when we pray we create a space for allowance of miracles of higher consciousness, and when we meditate and listen in quiet solitude, we receive from the Divine as it answers as Grace through Divine guidance.
A whole new chapter is beginning for so many of us. We have stepped through a powerful Gateway during this time of the Solar Eclipse, and although so much has been said about this activation of Light, we can still only have our personal experience with it. Perhaps we were guided to retreat during this integration time, visit a special sacred space or just hold the Light of our Soul embodiment somewhere outside in Nature. Remember that the codes of Light always come strongly through the natural grid of this planet and intersect in between its grid points. Being called by a particular grid point means that we have something to anchor there during this planetary and Stellar activation. Although there seems to be a perception of the overshadowing or the "eclipsing" of Light, what takes place in actuality is the "void" so that the outpouring and precipitation of New Light can be stronger!

So many of us are here as bridges between the old and New, and our mission is not to create an even bigger gap between the seeming opposites, for it's not what they truly are. Our mission is to dissolve any seeming gaps, so that in the end only the New remains, which is only the living consciousness of Truth in our New Era of the Galactic Human. We do that by bringing everything closer together and helping to unify it. We are creating this bridging process gradually, step by step. Our first assignment is to create this unification within ourselves, then we extend it to our Light community of the resonating Light individuals, until we are eventually ready to carry it even further out into the world, extending it to all of Humanity! Bridges have always been symbolic of the linking system that we utilize in the process of creating new Light pathways as more of the inner consciousness merge takes place. Anyone can become a bridge and work on this subtle energy level. Start now by tearing down the walls of old illusions and step into the pathway of a Wayshower.
There is much talk about the so-called 144.000 Beings of Light. But who are they, or better yet, what are they? Why are they here at this time? From the very beginning of the seed of Life, the prime code of Creation design existed. It represented the very basic design of the Creatrix. However, it was first written within a very particular Soul group that was the first one to carry the code of the illumined DNA into the worlds of Creation. Many reference that as the particular number of the 144 thousand Light Beings who belong to this group, and many also relate it to the servants of Earth who are here at this particular time to help with the planetary activation and awakening. This number can be explored from the many directions of Light, as different angles of Creation and its manifestation. 

Here is my video on the uprising of the 144,000 Light Beings:

I also wish to speak about yoga and our physical body. Yoga means Union of all our bodies, not exercise. Everyone of us has a unique physical DNA and body, and because of it we develop different abilities and body requirements. Certain body parts of ours can be more developed and flexible, while others might experience more challenges and even difficulties. As volunteer Souls, we are very expanded in our Soul, as advanced Souls who are here working within Light body template of the crystalline New Human. 

And so we understand that our physical DNA is shifting through the direct translation of our Light DNA. And although we might work out, exercise and continue to stretch our bodies, the biggest shifts within our physical vessels occur naturally through the crystalline DNA infusion. As a Tantrika Being, it is my deepest passion and Life purpose to discover how this Light DNA translation affects our Human bodies as opposed to only working with our bodies on the physical level, as the majority of Humanity does. It is beautiful to explore the realms of our body's capabilities, including going to extremes in order to test the limits of physicality, but it's even more profound to merge the realms of working with the Light and body as One. This is a deep unifying process and gradual transformation of our lower bodies as we awaken the crystalline DNA within us! And this is what the original yogis were doing as Masters of Life force!

Watch my New body of a Galactic Human video here:


Here is my Tantrika video about the creation within illumined Union:

Please remember that any sense of energetic intensity comes from all the lower energies that are being released on a planetary level as the Gateway pours in New Light. The New Light is never intense or draining, but it is rather what comes up as a result of this deep purging process. Whenever such a powerful Gateway opens, with the increased Solar activity as well, the bodies of the sensitive Ones of Gaia will strongly feel it. We might feel the energetic process of Gaia herself in our own body, as a part of bigger evolutionary cycles that are unfolding. 

There is so much coming up at this time, and those who are here as volunteer Souls often have the most "difficult" task or responsibility to handle. We are always in service to Gaia, and that is why we are always supported, but this path does not come without its challenges. There is a strong "uprising" present at this time, but that does not only relate to the rebellion of the dark, but mostly of the allegiance of Light and all that belongs to this sacred path. However confused or scattered we might be feeling at this time, we must not forget that we are deeply supported by our team, and that we are a part of a bigger mission collective. We are not this isolated Being doing it all alone. Although what we personally go through is experienced as "alone", we are still a part of something much greater and vaster that sustains us and all Life upon the planet. This high uprising of the Light is also known as the 144,000 Light Beings or Light quotient. Let us not forget to tune into that Light collective that serves Unity consciousness through pure devotion and commitment, and may the Spirit of unbounded joy and bliss be with us no matter what, regardless of seeming external circumstance!
The Eclipse is always a powerful Gateway of Light, because it brings the Divine Light into the shadow aspects of the Human collective experience. How can You assist with this process? Here is a Light activation You can do anytime, not just during the Eclipses. Firstly, it's important to be deeply grounded and rooted into the Earth. Secondly, You wish to create a golden circle of Light that interconnects, whether by yourself, within partnership or a group dynamics. This circle has a soft white Light core which is not static, but rather fluid and electric, and it helps to activate and anchor your Creation Pillar of White Light. Thirdly, You wish to expand your circle of golden Light into everything, connecting it with all fellow Light Beings within a flower of Light formation, until it encircles all of Earth, leaving it wrapped with a golden hue or a halo. Then see three rotating spirals that are the Earth, the Moon and the Sun. This aligns You with the Eclipse formation and alignment. Then see this golden Light expanding into the Moon and reaching the Sun, and by doing so it creates a golden tube of Light, or an archway. This arc then creates the proper "download" mechanism which acts as a "siphon" device for the multidimensional Light to pour through. Now reach the Sun and the Solar Logos portal, and see this infinite expansion of the Creation Light that is all encompassing. Simultaneously see yourself with arms wide open to receive it, with your Pillar center grounded into the Earth. Now see an infinite precipitation of liquid golden Light that pours through this Gateway or arc, and see yourself channeling it through your entire body, with golden roots extending to the Earth's Core and painting it all golden. Feel both the electric nature of the Sun and the magnetic nature of Earth, with You as a powerful vessel for Life force translation in between. You are the grounded One helping to bring this Light "down" into the physical embodiment. This exercise is not just for the time of the Eclipse, but every time You feel called and guided to assist this anchoring process.

The most important thing at this time is to hold a sacred space of higher frequency, to tend to the Self in such a way that creates this Vortex momentum, and to join with others within the Light Being group of Unity consciousness, either physically or non physically through the crystalline grid and the Heart-telepathic network of Light we are co-creating as One!

Watch my entire video on this Light activation here:

Allow yourself to receive the multidimensional Light which only seeks to expand and unify You! It is pure Creation Light of illumination, wisdom and higher understanding born of Divine Love. It is not always easy to be the shining Light amidst the dark, by volunteering to be the bringer of dawn amidst so much chaos and confusion of the fallen frequencies. However, when this path of Light radiance is fully accepted on all levels, so that nothing outside of us is being sought after any longer, then it all becomes much easier and effortless. You see, the old "patriarchal" paradigm was teaching Humanity that we must constantly go out and do, achieve and materialize. There is nothing wrong with the art of learning to create, but when approached only from this perspective, we lose a sense of inner connection with our radiance that already Is everything, that magnetically creates everything by simply drawing it in within its field of Divine Love. 

So many have temporarily lost their inner radiance, and they went out to strive for doing and achieving, but neglecting the Divine Mother flow of Holy Spirit Light which already Is and knows how to create everything with its Presence alone. When we begin to allow this inner radiance, the Light of Holy Spirit simply starts to flow and act through us. We are not passive, but we have surrendered to a higher Will which can bring to us any opportunity that we truly need for our Divine Life purpose. And so anything unnecessary falls away in the Presence of Holy Spirit, any unnatural burden or creation through the lower perspective only. And so a new perspective of Being opens up, and we begin to live through allowingness of Life force. All it takes is a conscious invitation of it through a gift of Divine surrender. That is the New energy mastery, the New Human, and the New Earth! Many fear to let go of the old way of creating, but it must fall away completely if we wish to fully step into the New. Trust your radiance, trust Source completely!

Create away, as anything can happen Now. The matter and antimatter meet. We begin a new journey, with a new cycle. We are as if born again. See it, feel it! Bathe in the incoming Light that touches You Now and co-creates this New reality with You!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

For those who know me from Facebook, I have a very important update! As a part of the many changes going on, and creating on higher levels of selfless service, I have created a Facebook page instead of my personal profile, which I will no longer be using. I wish I could delete it, but then I could not have my pages online. So besides my already established page ASCENSION PIONEERS, You can Now follow and enjoy the posts on my personal page. As ASCENSION PIONEERS is focused mainly on Ascension, my personal page will focus on Life force mastery and sacred Life force retreats. This will come in perfect Divine timing, but make sure You like the page and stay updated when all these changes will come. It's a simple switch, but my Facebook profile has been sort of energetically dead for me for quite a while. Now it's time to level up and move into a higher gear! I will see You on my page Polona Aurea Dawn Somrak, and of course here on Instagram! 

I AM looking forward to sharing all these changes with You!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

P.S. I developed a new course that goes in alignment with that point of synthesis. This is a GALACTIC CONSCIOUSNESS course, which is an in depth course on activating your Galactic consciousness, your Galactic DNA and integration of Soul individualization through the nature of Divine archetypes, tarot, fixed Stars, etc. The course has both theory and practice, through which You will gain a deep understanding of the nature of Creation and yourself as a part of the Whole. You will learn about the basic structure of 12-folded nature of Galactic consciousness and how to operate within it.

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