Sunday, September 10, 2017

Cosmic Heart & The New Earth guardianship

Dear Beloveds!

We experienced a very potent full Moon in Pisces on September 6th, which was the first lunation post the Eclipse. For many of volunteer Souls, this brings a powerful infusion of Light like never before. It is the activation of our inner Light Being which is now getting ready to function at the highest level of potentiality in terms of merging with the physical Universe form. Through this infusion of Light that is deepening the knowing of the Home within as Source and our unique source of Soul origin, we are being shown many new insights about our current embodiment here on Earth. We see the interconnectedness of everything and get insights directly from the Unity of spiritual hierarchies and our Higher Self. This is resulting in a major (post Eclipse) integration wave that is bringing our Heart center in a different alignment, which is the alignment with the Galactic Pulse of Life in accordance to our new regional position of Earth in the Galaxy. This is a major change, as it's one that aligns us with the New reality like never before. You can visualize this as your own inner alignment with the Heart center, which then creates a tube torus that interconnects it with the Cosmic Heart of this Galaxy. This feels like a sense of completion and wholeness at a whole new level. We are being aligned to what will act as a future Gateway of the New Age, as the first guardians of this planetary New consciousness and all Life forms on it. The key of course, is regaining a full consciousness which the majority was "cut off" from. The return to the Galactic center through the Core of our Creation Self awaits!

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The newest one is the Creation Principles & holy Elohim mini audio book, which is a deepened understanding about the seed of Life, the meaning of Life in Creation, the nature and structure of Creation and Divine hierarchy, the Divine order of higher forces that govern all Life in Creation, and the consciousness and purpose of the holy Elohim, the holders of form as the sacred givers of Life.

You can see a channeled message from the Elohim Light family here:

Many of us are in a state of Life transition, especially after the effect of the most powerful Solar Eclipse followed by intense Solar activity. These energetic charges are aimed towards us in order to help move us along the lines of our renewed lifestyle and living conditions. Perhaps up until this point, we haven't always felt very rooted in our living spaces or we could not fully connect to our environment. Perhaps for some reason we felt it as only a space of transition, awaiting for that more permanent and solid base. What we are asked to do at this time, is use our imagination to manifest this new reality for ourselves, or better said become the empty vessel for Divine manifestation. We have been programmed to manifest through hard effort and hardship, which isn't really our true Divine nature through our Galactic heritage. The Human Being is foremost a creative Being, which is done through the process of creative envisioning. We often don't even dare to daydream of something which our lower mind already decides is impossible. We say: "That is simply unimaginable!"

In Truth, nothing is really unimaginable, and for us to expand our perceptions back into Divine innocence and originality of our inner Creator, we have to sometimes think outside of the box, branch out creatively or even visit a new place which will help us to energetically expand our horizons and show us new opportunities. As we expand our energy this way, it is no longer contracted. It feels liberated, free and able to fully energize those new creative venues through which we want to branch out. As our energy widens, which is a natural process within the shift of consciousness, we have a lot more potential at our disposal, which we wish to energize. It takes both magnetic and electric force to do so, as we work with the primary Essences of Creation itself. Taking some time off to reflect, stepping away from the routine or mundane, daydreaming or even physically moving somewhere new, are all a part of this process. The matter aspect wants to merge with the antimatter aspect of our New crystalline reality. May You go forth and create!

Do You know how instantly everything in your Being and your reality shifts when You are grateful!? This doesn't only include gratitude for all your numerous blessings, but rather the overall gratitude for Life and being alive and in awe of all experiences, the uplifting and the challenging parts of Life. To truly be grateful for both your blessings and your challenges makes You see everything in the Light of Unity, as You come to see that all was chosen by You as an equally valuable experience. In Truth, everything is really a blessing.

True Abundance is for all to receive, not just You and me. We are not created to serve only the self, for we are born into a larger unit of Light Family. It's the Universal Life Force of Spirit which truly provides for all of our needs, once we shift into selfless service within Unity.

Watch my Galactic update on the mission of guardianship:

This Pisces lunation occured at 13 degrees, which is the Avatar Star code degree. Therefore, the manifestation of this current energy is bringing us deep insights and clues into our fully renewed and revitalized path of Self mastery, which begins to outwardly manifest after the Virgo New Moon on September 20th. We also have Mercury going direct right at the point of the Eclipse degree, so everything we have been infused with during this major activation will Now continue to integrate until the Virgo New Moon. During this time it's important to objectively observe from the higher perspective what we are completing during this cycle, what is ending for us and what may be just beginning. 

Ideas and inspirations will come, for the Pisces archetype has the power to pierce through the physical reality and connect with the subtle realms, seeing the links and connections between everything and everyone. This is how we are growing in our power of true Divine heritage within our Galactic Human consciousness. The Pisces within us looks for the ideal version of ourselves as that highest potential, while the Virgo nature seeks to employ and materialize that in the physical realm. So keep on dreaming that Divine dream, Starborn, and then make sure You get up and do it!

Watch my video update on the activation of the Cosmic Heart Pulse: 


Remember ... Illumination is not something You do, deal with or pursue. It is an absolute state of who You are!!!
We have recently been literally "hit" with massive Solar ejections, which have resulted in a powerful new Pulse of Life stimulation that re-animated our Heart center. That re-alignment is a constant process of ever greater merge with our Galactic center. The alignment with the Galactic center is shifting us into becoming the Galactic Humans, fully conscious and aware of our Core Self and our spiritual gifts. Have You recently felt more like your true Self? Well, look back into the many gradual re-alignments which You already experienced in the past, and You will see an underlying pattern. 

With each activation and expansion came a greater Self awareness and expression, which resulted in the greater integration of your authentic Being. This integration also brought a proper releasing of what no longer felt true or resonated at the Core. The current experience, although unique for every individual, expanded the Higher Heart center so that it could more easily merge with the mental nature of this Universe, thus making the laws of Creation and the process of creativity through Love deeply interconnected. This way, we don't have to constantly use our mental awareness to solve problems, as we are already unified with the greater nature of Universal Wisdom or gnostic. At this level, there is no problems, and therefore there are also no solutions. Everything is already at its perfect state of re-shaping, re-structuring and transforming. With that knowing, our Heart and Mind of the Divine Self can fully unify and resonate together within Unity. This makes us deeply authentic, loving, communicative, creative, playful and joyful.

Watch my video update about the merging of the matter and antimatter through the Angelic Code:

And last but not least ...
Welcome to a channeled Light activation, which takes You into the Core of your Pulse of Light, the Cosmic Heart attunement and purifying from everything that is not of the crystalline Essence. Never forget that inside You lives an Angel! This Angelic Self's only concern is to continue to open your Heart to the purity of Divine Love and embodying it in every way. When You are happy and fulfilled, your Angelic Self can selflessly serve through many wonderful blessings and opportunities that are constantly offered to You!


And guess what? It's my BIRTHDAY this upcoming week, and I was guided to "move back" into my childhood this week!

Do You ever travel back in time to remember what You were like as a child, and see what messages of joy your inner child has for You? Recently I was talking to someone about how we were like as kids. And then this photo came into my mind, because it so beautifully portrays who I AM. I have my hands on my Heart center, almost as if I knew where Home truly is. I always loved Nature and being outdoors. I adored animals and this photo was actually taken on an annual event where they celebrate the arrival of the cows from the mountains back into the valley. This event always fell on my birthday, September 15th, and I so loved going there with my parents and grandparents. I was always different and to others it felt weird, and it was many years later that I have remembered my true mission as a volunteer Soul on this planet and understood why I was so hypersensitive. Sometimes it's good to look back, as it brings new insights and revelations. Remember, your kid self was super smart and it understood many things on a deep intuitive level. It was Heart centered and guided, and only external influences and other people might have numbed that down for a short while. Somewhere inside You is still that playful child that holds everything and everyone in Love.  

You have Now awakened and You remembered anyway who You truly are. And Now You know!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

P.S. I developed a new course that goes in alignment with that point of synthesis. This is a GALACTIC CONSCIOUSNESS course, which is an in depth course on activating your Galactic consciousness, your Galactic DNA and integration of Soul individualization through the nature of Divine archetypes, tarot, fixed Stars, etc. The course has both theory and practice, through which You will gain a deep understanding of the nature of Creation and yourself as a part of the Whole. You will learn about the basic structure of 12-folded nature of Galactic consciousness and how to operate within it.

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