Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Core Ascension & the point of synthesis

Dear Beloveds!

Happy July, everyone! This is a 17/8 Universal month with the keyword "synthesis"! This Essence of Soul culmination is present with us for a while Now, but it culminates during this month for everyone whose Soul is ready to undergo this ascending process where all the individual Soul aspects are not just gathered into the White Light and our Core Self, but there is also a new template being created for our new ascended Being, full of increased Soul potentiality and optimization. This is not something one can perform with mere curiosity. Deep Spirit initiation is always about pure workings of Spirit. We do not do this in order to find out more about ourselves, wanting egoic self approval etc. This is about fully trusting our Soul and Spirit, knowing that this is a natural process of readiness.

Deep triggers are happening for us at this time as well, because with every culmination there needs to be a period of conscious reflection and contemplation. It's important to know that they are always blessings, because they shift us from one trajectory that no longer works for us as it's too small and limited for our new Soul template, into the New trajectory full of exciting new opportunities for Soul evolution and expansion. Basically it's how Source creates, and the more ascended we are, the more we naturally become aligned with this flow of Spirit creativity. We might notice a lot of things leaving us as a part of this expanding "framework", but it's all a part of Divine perfection, leading us deeper into our Core Self!

We are approaching the Capricorn Full Moon which occurs on July 9th (8th) which is also known to us as the "Ancestors" lunation, or the "Grandfather" Moon, because the sign of Capricorn is ruled by Saturn the Wise Ancient Grandfather time who keeps us aligned with our Soul initiations and initiatives. Therefore, we are culminating in our own integrated Wisdom of this current year, cycle and cycles beyond cycles ... and this absolutely aligns with the point of synthesis. This is also a time of hard work, completion and perseverance. Capricorn rules all those things, and it's simply minding its own business as it's climbing up the stairway of Spirit, or the tall Mountain which represents our own path of Self mastery. The point of masterful culmination will serve us to serve the greater good with all that we have acquired. Divine knowledge will come to us more easily when we will be oriented towards a higher Divine service, which is our anchor point for greater mastery of Creation Light and Divine Plan.

When we are One with the planetary Life force, we will be provided with everything that we need. Because we are devoted to serving this planet in its ascending transition, we are given all the proper ingredients such as guidance, messages, natural food and other resources that we physically need. What's truly guiding us is the unified Life force, for its no longer just "us" as individuals, but we're connected with the planetary and group consciousness in order to serve All Life unconditionally. And in Truth, it's exactly that unconditional selfless service trajectory that keeps us in alignment with the Higher plan, and it frees us from the necessary physical experience with the purpose of Soul evolution. From here on, our physical experiences become a chosen experience in order to serve as teachers of the Light!

Here is my latest Ascension update:

The New Source creative space is that of free-flow, and for us to truly tap into that New Essence potential and anchor it into our physical structures, we must be brave and willing to go beyond what we perceived of ourselves and this reality so far. We must go beyond the known, into the realms of the not yet explored!

This process carries the potential for deep transformation through our Core and the Union with Self which leads to illumined Union of true Love in lasting Divine partnership. Because this is so important within the Divine Plan of Perfection, many Souls who are Now undergoing a powerful synthesis journey of their own personal crystallization and Angelic "crowning" are moving through lots of emotional release. In our synthesis journey, all Soul aspects that were ever created as individuals need to eventually "return home" so that true Soul individualization process can unfold. For many, this is right on the verge of happening, and so as true ascending Light Beings we will have experiences that don't always reflect only the "love and light", but they will reflect all the past distortions of many timelines which Now need to be gathered into the Soul absorption of the Whole, where they return to their state of immaculate Purity.

At the deepest Core Self, we are the White Light of Creation. And therefore we can only ascend from our Core. Ascending from our Core is like the process of a Star that eventually becomes a Supernova. All of the aspects that our Soul has created (individual lives) are gathered through the synthesis process, as they return to the Whole, to the All-ness of the Self that we are. That first requires our full sovereign Self individualization of Soul, complete Self absorption into the Core and then "exploding" from that Core like the giant Supernova which is ready to give Self birth on a whole new level and template of ascended Creation.

Here is my Light activation for that process:

These experiences will Now be felt as the returning to our very organic nature of the Soul perspective. The focus on certain Soul aspects is still vital and important before this synthesis process is finalized and complete, because it keeps the focus on the gathering of the aspects together into the Core of our Being. The calling to return and the calling from the Core occur naturally in mutual correspondence, for there has never been separation from our Core anyway, and so each aspect already know its pathway towards that "Home". Also, before that process is fully complete, we will not yet be fully focused on our new creations, for the template of the New Self has not yet been fully created. There will be a feeling of this and a link to it through the Light body, and yet our full time awareness will shift after the New template has been fully set into motion as a part of this synthesis, absorption and resurrection process.

This will bring unpleasant events or "Soul memories" of those aspects, because the drive to purify will occur through the stimulation that will come as a result of this triggering process. When we will fully release within those timelines from where we are Now, Magic will occur, for that particular aspect has fully returned to the Whole, as fully rebirthed through Divine Love in Unity consciousness. We must not push ourselves to be somewhere or do something in order to be "more ascended", for this is almost like not knowing that we already are Source itself, and that the magical alchemy truly unfolds through the blessing of the natural Soul processes that are set into motion via these unpleasant events or old record memories that are being brought into Unity.

The result of Unity perspective is of course, Soul Union, and Union with other counterparts of this experience, which means that those who will do the Soul absorption work will naturally meet aspects of themselves in full recognition and wholeness through others and possibly Divine partnership leading into illumined Union which is a gift of service to the Divine Plan. There is no illumined Union without selfless service to the Grand Design, and those who are walking along those pathways know this simple and yet absolute Truth in their all encompassing Hearts of Divine Love.

What a beautiful time this is! The planetary Life Force is rising, and so many awakening Humans are becoming aware that everything exists within its own Logos and Divine Plan! There is great emergence present, and the blossoming into a New Era of the ascended experience. If we feel that we still have some "work" to finish, it's probably because we do, and it's a part of our Soul agreement. When we follow through with that guidance, everything else will naturally fall into place.

What else is NEW? I developed a course on Galactic consciousness which is a LEVEL 2 initiation following the LEVEL 1 initiation of the Galactic signature course. Together they both represent the MICRO and the MACRO perspective of our individualized Soul.

You can also get both two courses together for a reduced energy exchange!

The video workshop is an in depth course on activating your Galactic consciousness, your Galactic DNA and integration of Soul individualization through the nature of Divine archetypes, tarot, fixed Stars, etc. The course has both theory and practice, through which You will gain a deep understanding of the nature of Creation and yourself as a part of the Whole. You will learn about the basic structure of 12-folded nature of Galactic consciousness and how to operate within it.

 See my video presentation here:

P.S. My books on the Grand Design are still in the making, as I AM working on all 3 volumes simultaneously. Still lots of work, but it's gradually and beautifully coming together to serve the Higher Divine Plan and the Creation knowledge of everything ready to be shared through the Purity of Holy Spirit!

You might have noticed a decreased number of Spirit messages on my page. This is because this Creation Angel is fully dedicated to book writing at this time. It's quite a handful, because I'm working on all 3 book volumes of the Grand Design at once. They are one book in 3 volumes, which will cover personal Self mastery, Core Creation mastery and Life force mastery. Yes, Spirit guidance is confirming that the commitments which we make on the Human level of experience is what we have already committed to in Spirit. This was a predestined Soul service which I have chosen, and so Now it's time to follow through. With all the work on my books I have zero desire to write even more, so this is just how things are for the time being until the books are all finished! Thank You for understanding and supporting my selfless service path of pure devotion to the Truth of Ascension!

"We are all getting lost in order to be found, we are all Alices in a magical world of the New Dawn! We must simply align with these higher worlds and frequencies in order to fully experience them!"

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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