Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Solstice Light: New path unfolding

Dear Beloveds!

We are in the time of the June Solstice, which occurs on June 21st. In Wikipedia, the Solstice is referenced as the "midsummer, which occurs when a planet's rotational axis, or geographic pole on either its northern or its southern hemisphere, is most inclined toward the star that it orbits. This happens twice each year (once in each hemisphere), when the Sun reaches its highest position in the sky as seen from the north or south pole." It is one of the two main points on our planet that are important for our personal and collective transmission of Light. This year especially, the Solstice marks a very important new beginning, with a new sacred path unfolding within the greatness of Creation. How do we know this is so? Firstly, there is no physical guarantee that this is unfolding for us, but every single initiate of Spirit and the Ascension pathway will feel this within themselves as their own Soul will show them in their own Divine timing. And secondly, if we are really tapped into the Wisdom of the Creatrix itself, it will show us everything through complete Divine revelation.

The road of our Ascension has been long and it often felt complex. This was because not all puzzle pieces were complete for us until Now, but a journey of synthesis is nearing its completion. The first half of this year of 1 Essence still held "lessons" and culminations of all the previous years, but in a more integrative manner than before. It was our time to step into our full power and embody all that we have learned in the past 9 years. The Essence of 1 invited us into new leadership positions, for many Souls are Now completing their lessons of physicality and even the need for physicality in general, and they are in need of stepping away so that New "Teachers of Light" who have been humbly staying in the background can emerge and showcase a New way.

What has been is truly ending at this time, and whether we can feel it or not ... it's happening. We are each feeling this in our own way, but it's presented as a lighter feeling, a sense of deeper ease and tranquility. There are still things that we need to do as our Divine tasks and responsibilities, and yet it Now all feels much lighter and transparent. We have learned to fully trust and surrender to the Divine Plan, for our own blueprint of Creation is fully held and supported within it.

A huge part of this synthesis journey is the level of increased transparency we have Now accomplished as ascended Beings of Light. This level of transparency Now makes us see beyond any deceptions, illusions, misconceptions, lies and deceit. But not only that, it helps us tap into the Universal Principles of Creation through our growing Galactic consciousness. We might wonder about how we did not see all this in the past, but this all relates to our Soul initiations. There might be a sense of not "learning" that much new, but rather focusing on more integration, which is all a part of this synthesis process. We cannot be fully ascended in our Human form if this is not done, because it links in our Higher levels of Light and God Code (Source Self) and our physical foundation here on Earth.

Every physical experience (regardless of how non important we consider it) that we ever had is Now serving as a synthesizing point of this New emergence, which will create a new blossoming, a new growth for all of us here on Gaia. It's helping us to be a pure vessel and conduit of Light that connects to the Core of Gaia and the Core Creation Self in constant streaming and Light infusion. Light is Life force, which is fully encoded and transparent ... it knows no agenda but pure Being, it knows exactly where it's headed through serving the Divine Plan, and it always does so through activating the highest potential. Whenever any potential is fully explored and integrated, it becomes whole unto itself on all levels, from spiritual to the physical, and then a New cycle of experience can begin. This is what many Souls are Now ready to experience. One cannot mentally understand this, it's simply happening as it is, and it can be felt and understood on subtle Soul levels of our integrated sovereign.

We also have a New Moon in the sign of Cancer on June 24th. This all perfectly coincides with our Solstice point, and Neptune going retrograde on June 16th until 22nd of November to deepen our metaphysical experience of it all.  This marks a time of our deepening of the Core spirituality and our Ascension through the Higher Heart. We also move in the sign of Cancer at the same time, which again coincides with our new birthing point, for the sign of Cancer the crab is the archetype of the sacred feminine and the nurturing of Creative Light. It is the mothering and motherhood, family and familiar, and yet this is coming from the point of emergence of the Primordial Creation waters of Life. If we just take some time off to truly explore this New energy space, we will know that we are surrounded by ever increasing Greatness, and that same fire is also exponentially building up and increasing within us. This can be felt within the energy dynamic of our expanding Gaia and our own connection with it through our Ascension. With each new integration wave, we are inviting more Light in, which creates a safe space for Divine Love to blossom and flourish. Nothing integrates without Love, so this is a process of Divine Union and Life force cultivation. This will be a deeply nurturing time of major new growth.

All that have eyes to see, will hear, and all that will have the ears to hear will see!

The waters of Life are flowing,
The ebb of Life's flow is glowing,
The Light of Creation is ongoing.

The more ascended we are, the more our physical reality and our own physical body will reflect our true Spirit nature through the "as above so below" principle. Ascension is not a wishful thinking process, and it does not occur on the mental planes of reality. We have to align our Heart and Mind to operate in Union, so that we may cross the threshold of Unity consciousness. We need to work on the connection of heart felt guidance and mind's directive to bring the Heart what it desires to create in the physical. The more we will know our Core, the more we will understand our ascended reality and direct the flow of our life in such a manner that it's always guided through Life force. So many believe that our thoughts create our reality, and therefore identify themselves through their thinking body. But this is not who we are, and our mental reality encompasses only a very minimum fraction of our totality. We have to start creating from our Heart, because that's the organic Ascension pathway through the activation of the higher Heart.

So, how to manifest in the 5th dimensional template of creating our reality? Watch my video about this here:

Our Spirit is our true Home, and in this belonging space we find our true connection to create in the physical realm. We cannot master ourselves without that understanding. Our Heart is our discernment operator, and through it we immediately know what is meant for us and what is not, without trying to logically understand it. True understanding is born through the Heart, which is the gateway to higher consciousness. As we master that balance of inner polarity, we immediately know what serves us and what does not. And when something doesn't serve us, we have to use boundaries to align us with our Core, so that we don't create half manifestations and non desired outcomes when we learn how to create within a 5th dimensional reality. For many Beings, the ground work is Now complete, and our focus will need to shift to various different things that Spirit is calling us to. So saying "no" to what transpired is saying "yes" to what is New and will inspire us in the Now!

It's time for the planetary Light servers to unite as One:

Jupiter went direct, and much New begins to unfold for us Now. Magical blessings are happening as this is a powerful time of synthesis and many things coming together as if by Magic. Magic is a living reality of the 5th dimension, and it's how we create through the Core of our Heart. We move beyond the mental planes and collective reality into the Core of our unified Heart which is fully merged with the Higher Divine Mind. We become a powerful Creator through our Light body Self, and this is how Spirit and matter merge. There is no more separation, only Union. Spirit is really working through us as Life force made manifest, can You not feel it? Can You not hear the longing of that Core which absolutely knows your Ascended Truth? Enjoy and relax into the flow of the living Life Force, which is fully encoded with the higher Light!

At this time I would also like to remind You of the sacred Light transmission writing which I received during the December Solstice (back in 2016), as it deeply relates to our Light mission as ascended Beings of Light:

"The Sun’s main two points for this Earthly realm of being and experience are the two Solstice points, so the June and December Solstice. This is when the precipitation of Light influx is at its highest capacity in terms of energy moving in and out. The emphasis of the incoming stream of information is at its strongest point at June Solstice on the northern hemisphere, which is known as the receiving point, and the December Solstice on the southern hemisphere, moving through the entire North/South globe of the planet in a toroidal motion. It is vice versa for the outgoing steam of Light from our station onto elsewhere. This strongly represents the polarity consciousness of the upper and lower, left and right, North and South. It all meets in the middle as One, which is the Core of the planet, the central Earth. This is where the information flow is always in perfect balance, in constant stasis, regardless of the external circumstances that appear to be on the surface of the planet. The energy moves more “inwards” during the Winter season of the northern hemisphere and vice versa on the southern hemisphere. This is because the polarized balance is always in alignment this way, with one pole activating and receiving while the other one is in the outpouring and integrating phase. What the “inward” phase also means for those who are more conscious of this energy exchange process, is the direct channeling of energy where the Soul moves more inward and is withdrawn from the external participation within this reality, in order to send the signals through the Sun in the direction known as the “outgoing” direction. This is how the signal moves from the Soul and its gathered Light codes in this experience, and it streams through mostly an outgoing signal mode. This stands for the northern hemisphere and is vice versa for the other hemisphere which is then in its “incoming” mode. This is how the Light infusion process is equalized on both poles, with the perfect equilibrium always in tact.

There are many entry points for the Light. The Solstice points are two of the strongest points of receiving and emitting the codes of Light that go from this Solar system and planetary Existence and beyond. At these points the interstellar connections are most heightened due to the Core mechanics and physics that is behind this process. And that is why it can be called a Gateway, because quite literally a “Cosmic Highway” doorway is widely open, with the streaming of Light encoding that is needed for the next cycle of Creation occurring on both ends and in both directions. When this very simple Creation Principle is understood, it can be practiced and utilized in the most simple way. For example, many Souls who have a more direct awareness connection and purpose of engagement in this process of Light streaming, are able to feel the current phases of transmission very strongly. When the main channel of energy is turned towards and focused on emitting of everything they themselves have gathered in their own cycle and integrated since their receiving phase, they will go further inward and vice versa when the focus for them comes into receiving mode. That is how we can benefit from the understanding of this natural process of “upload and download” and focus on the energy as it is, by simply letting everything happen organically as it should. In such a way the streaming of Light will be more conscious and balanced without much interference and personal projection towards it. We can even move into deeper states of receptive meditation and practices of acceptance around transmission days, allowing this to occur as non interrupted as possible. The nature of this process is very simple. We either gather what we are meant to receive or emit the gathered and already processed information. This is a both way multidimensional communication stream, so what we have emitted at a certain stage of our development, will come to us as a renewed receiving wave of Light intelligence on the other end. And so it goes, in multiple streams of Light traveling through all the planetary bodies in this Solar system and beyond into other dimensional realities, and from there on back again, in cycles of weaving energy (like loops), each one more refined and informed, with enhanced evolved levels of New information."

I also made a video about that on the December Solstice. Remember it?

P.S. Personally I AM experiencing this time as a huge "Creative pressure", as so much is coming to conscious Light awareness and wants to be used to create a lasting legacy of Light for generations to come. It's a lot to handle, but I AM using this time to work on my GRAND DESIGN books, which will Now come in 3 separate volumes, as individual topics within one domain. Lots of work awaits, but I'm pretty excited about the whole creative process in Divine timing! My vision is to translate this higher understanding in an easily comprehensible manner that simplifies our view of Ascension and our role in the Grand Design, the Divine Plan of Perfection and the Pulse of Life! I was so full of everything that I needed to take a week long vacation from everything, and Now that I'm back in our Mountain portal it's time to deepen the Tantrika yoga practice for Life force mastery. It serves as a point of creative stimulation for all the work I'm doing for my Grand Design books!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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