Friday, July 14, 2017

Creation cycles & the Illumined project

Dear Beloveds!

In our Ascension journey, there are several timelines that are merging and converging. The first thing we need to understand is that we all belong to different cycles of Creation, because as we first began to experience Life in physicality, we have chosen to participate in different Creation cycles. These cycles are all a part of a much bigger Cosmic cycle/Cosmic day, which is playing our through all of these various experiences as "piercing" points of Creation, such as our own personal experiences within them at the most micro level of Creation expression. These cycles that we all participate within are of various structures and designs, but all belonging to one particular Grand cycle. The reason they are so diverse is so that Cosmic day/cycle can be explored and integrated from all angles of Creation which eventually lead to completion. What kept us moving within our own chosen cycle was the Pulse of Life, which simply moved us to where we needed to be next. The Spiral of Life is such that we always have to keep moving, as nothing in Creation is static. It feels naturally joyful to keep on moving forward without a sense of "pushing" or trying, but instead naturally moving with the creative space of change.

We are being reminded of the importance of change in Life and ascending reality, as we many times accustom ourselves to a certain living style or conditions. By embracing multidimensional opportunities we can expand beyond that, but we have to be sure what it is that we want and seeing ourselves at the threshold of this fulfillment. Too often it happens that we might have all the right ingredients, but we can't walk through the final doorway once we have energized the potential, because a part of us cannot imagine ourselves this way. We cannot see into this change completely, although we might truly desire it on every level. For us to live our dreams in the New, we have to engage the Higher Heart and literally see ourselves in this perfect New Earth scenario for ourselves. If something feels "too grand" for us, we can start with gradual steps of this absolute allowance. And so we want it, we feel it fully and this we receive it!

We have recently experienced a Capricorn Full Moon, which was one of the biggest completions for many of the ascending Souls. The energy of this lunation felt like a giant wave of "endings and beginnings" which always flow together in Unity. Each new lunation that is full brings a sense of completion. The Spiral of Life is such that we always have to keep moving, as nothing in Creation is static. It feels naturally joyful to keep on moving forward without a sense of "pushing" or trying, but instead naturally moving with the creative space of change. We might feel a sense of nostalgia for what used to be, as we can never fully recreate moments that have gone by. Even when we do something that feels the same, the structure of it will be different, as a new angle of Creation is being experienced and integrated. Therefore, we can simultaneously also feel a sense of joy and humble anticipation for all that is yet to come!

Now we are moving into a New Moon which happens on July 23rd, and it will be in 0 degrees of Leo, which is also where the North node of the Moon is currently at. This will activate (or announce) the Eclipse point, with the following New Moon (Eclipse) in 28 degrees of Leo, which is close to that Royal Star of the Lion degree, the Lion Star Regulus, which is a Fixed Star in 29 degrees of Leo. All of this is activating our Lion Hart, or the royal Heart Essence of illumination. Just before that, we will have a Full Moon in Aquarius on August 7th, which will occur right around the 8.8. Gateway (Sirian gateway) which occurs every August. With this activated, many devotees of Spirit will have a clearer understanding of what it truly means to walk an illumined pathway.

Watch my video on the nature of Creation cycles:

Nature truly reflects our Divinity and the basic Creation Principles. In the Essence of this flower, we can see the circle of Spirit that contains all of its fragments as individual Soul aspects. They divide themselves into various pieces, so that these individual aspects could thrust out into Creation, experience their Being independently and evolve. Every single one of them is interconnected though, and all are perfectly held together at the Core. The stem holds them in a synthesized form, which is represented by the White Pillar of Light. This is their main connection with Source Light. These aspects are all so perfectly whole on their own, and yet they are a part of something much greater and vaster. They belong not only to their individual Soul nature, but also to a group Soul complex, which acts as a Light council for their group. As individual aspects mature and graduate, they move into the template of this Light council as they ascend. Such is the nature of All Life, and through these same principles of Creation everything is designed and orchestrated within the Unity of One!

What is dimensional flow and infusion? It relates to the understanding of dimensions as structures of Source as we experience Life in Creation, but also learning of their interconnectedness and communication between the various levels of dimensions that are available as One platform of experience. Physical existence is a big part of learning dimensional mastery and flow. The nature of the 4th dimension that is our awakening reality stands for synchronicity. When we stop living in a limiting way of the third dimension, we begin to move into the synchronicity of the fourth dimensional flow, which eventually leads into the magic of the fifth dimension. This opens up a world of creative possibility of our crystalline nature, bringing in more of the higher dimensional Light of the 6th, and the 7th dimension that bridges our reality of the individual Soul with a greater Soul complex of our Divinity. All of dimensions are truly structures of Source that exist simultaneously. We do not experience them linearly, but through the multidimensional nature of our Being that explores Creation at its finest and learns to co-create with greater Source abilities!

For example, if You don't live on a paradise island, You can bring its Essence into where You are. Our power as magical Creators within the aspect of us that is 5th dimensional, is to work with pure Creation Essences as we take them from the higher dimensional blueprint of our ideal Self. And so we create through internal states of holding those higher visions. Knowledge of Creation is power, and by using that awareness wisely we are stepping into our power as co-creator Beings of Light! 

Watch my video on dimensional flow mastery here:

What is the true meaning of the experiment called "Atlantis"? What is its truest Core principle and what are its main cycles? It is actually a Galactic project of multidimensional nature, and it has always been about illumination. Those that are a part of this Creation cycle and experience are Now completing a major cycle of illumination.

Watch my Atlantean experiment video from the illumination perspective:

Those who are walking the Cosmic Beloved path are always contemplating on what true Love really means. "Love" is being sold to us so often in this world, almost becoming a modern "trademark" for those who are hungry for Love. In Truth, the majority on this planet are hungry for Love, and so they seek it by searching everywhere for it. It is a true blessing and wonder of Creation to experience the touch of Spirit born in Human form, so that the highest comes to the lowest and marries all of it in Unity. This blessing, however, begins within. For us to experience true Love that is born of Spirit, we have to first walk through many initiations of the Soul, moving deeper into the ring of Fire. These initiations make us strong and Holy, embodying the sacred Laws of Spirit. This Love can survive the tests of "time" and all things of "fallen" nature, because it's eternal and immortal.

 The greatest gift of finding true Love begins with our honest and loyal devotion to it on all levels of Being. We can't desire true Love and then go out acting against its very nature, choosing things which lack alignment, integrity and commitment to the purity of Spirit. We have to be vigilant, brave and committed to the ultimate Love expression that serves the Truth. In our daily world, this will present itself by choosing what we align ourselves with and remaining in the highest integrity of Spirit authority, the truest Divine nature of selfless service. When we know and walk this path, the Divine Beloved will eventually find its way into our loyal Heart, because we choose to live in the sacredness of true Love. This is the everlasting immortal nature of illumination!

Divine Lovers of Life see the Essence of the Beloved in everything, for it is the true Foundation of All! The Cosmic Beloved is based in Divine equality of the sacred masculine and feminine forces of Creation which create in triangulation. It is the highest Law and how all comes into a tangible form. But that in itself is all only a vessel for the experience, which ultimately leads everyone into the sacred Beloved!  

Our true illumined nature observes and contemplates on the possibilities. For example, here's a funny thing about this photo! The moment in "sunbathing" mode didn't even last 5 minutes and I was thinking about how looks can be deceiving! I have been outside in crazy work mode again, channeling and video recording all day. Then I finally get in my bathing suit to rest for a short while and it gets cloudy and windy right away, so there was no break for me today. I often experience this when I'm in my working mode, and although the conditions look perfect in this photo, it was a short moment in time only.

How many times do we assume things just by the looks of them? How many times do we create ideas about how others live just by their photos and posts? That's all of the mind. We truly don't know what anyone else has to live and experience, so let us put those judgments away, as they truly don't serve anyone or anything. Let us rather enjoy sharing that doesn't come only through technology and posts about our life, but real intimate experiences we daily live through. Let us listen and observe with the inner Eye of Spirit!

I developed a new course that goes in alignment with that point of synthesis. This is a GALACTIC CONSCIOUSNESS course, which is an in depth course on activating your Galactic consciousness, your Galactic DNA and integration of Soul individualization through the nature of Divine archetypes, tarot, fixed Stars, etc. The course has both theory and practice, through which You will gain a deep understanding of the nature of Creation and yourself as a part of the Whole. You will learn about the basic structure of 12-folded nature of Galactic consciousness and how to operate within it.

You can get the course (LEVEL 1 & 2) here!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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