Friday, June 9, 2017

Jupiter rising: The Heart of the Cosmic Beloved

Dear Beloveds!

The Beloved is awakening in our Hearts ever so deeply. This week we are awaiting a Full Moon in Sagittarius, coinciding with the planet Jupiter going direct after being retrograde for a while. Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius and so this is a wonderful opportunity for Soul expansion. In tarot Arcana, the Sagittarius is represented with the Temperance card, which is a card of merging polarized opposites and higher marriage. The 9th house which is ruled by Sagittarius is also the house of higher marriage, the marriage of higher ideals and values which the two righteous individuals represent as bringers of Truth. In this higher Union all sense of lower desire and attachment is transcended and devotion comes into play, laying the foundations for illumined Union. A sense of romance is replaced by a sensualization of the higher senses in order to expand and serve Spirit. When our dedication to such a Union comes from the Core of our Being, we create the most sacred inner space of reverence, so that the Cosmic Beloved can manifest within and without. And the Beloved embrace is experienced on all levels and felt by all, nurturing all Life back into Wholeness of Unity consciousness.

This is my video about the mission of Divine Lovers:

The Full Moon in Sagittarius just happens to coincide with Jupiter going direct again. This is a wonderful time of deep expansion, for all growth occurring through the Jupiter timeline is deeply associated with our Ascension. Why is this so? There are many Souls who feel a deep connection to Jupiter, and it's not only because this is a planet of our Soul expansion. This is the planet of our "future", as it's a gaseous planet which many have referred to as a form of a "Star" and it would be a Star if it was bigger in mass. It is the fifth planet from the Sun and the largest in the Solar System. It is a giant planet with a mass one-thousandth that of the Sun, but two and a half times that of all the other planets in the Solar System combined. 

Esoterically speaking, Jupiter has a vaster meaning, which relates to the creation of our Solar system from the very beginning. As Venus was the training station for the evolution of Life on Earth and so it represents our origin and descent (past), Jupiter was created as a station that represents our future, and that is why we associate it with Soul expansion and good fortune. That fortune, however, is not created out of whim and fate. This is the focus for Ascension which many Souls have been striving for in many cycles of Creation, not just in this Solar system but beyond as well.

At this time there is a vastness of Divine information coming through as the Light pouring through the ethers. We have a Gemini Sun which always relates to communication and relationships through our expanded creativity, Venus moving into the sign of Taurus, which she rules. And then we have Jupiter moving direct after a while, with the powerful Grand Fire Trine supporting our expansion as well. But what does it all mean? There are many Souls who have been gathering knowledge and information for their Ascension, as well as many volunteer Souls who have been assisting planetary Ascension process as well, and we have all moving towards the planetary "threshold" of Light through building towards our own. 

Watch my latest Galactic update and learn how to work with the crystalline grid of Light and 5th dimensional reality:

This threshold is a turning point of Light in which enough sustenance is generated to create a new reality. We have been working towards this through many angles of Creation, each with our own unique mission and Divine assignments. However, there is a process known as the "assimilation", and there is a process known as the "integration", and what we have assimilated through these many cycles, we will now be integrating as well. The first part of integration was meant for our inner Light sustenance, and now the second part will focus more on the sustenance of the outer worlds, creating new "neural pathways" within the crystalline Light grid, which will be creating a "turning point" in the re-making of the physical structure of this planet in its organic Ascension.

The process which many ascending Beings of Light are Now moving into, is the creation of their New reality, which coincides with the New Earth template reality as One. The more of these points of Light are created, the more this creates a powerful synthesis of Union. And that is why the most important message at this time is the activation of the Cosmic Beloved. This Essence of true Love from the Cosmic Heart of Creation is coming together within the many Human hearts, touching each with the most powerful inner guidance about the Truth of the Beloved. 

This Truth is here to tell us that we only require as much knowledge as we can to move us into the New threshold. From there on, we need to integrate through the Core of Divine Love. We do so by creating a powerful synthesis of our journey, which in turn generates something New to grow. This growth might not yet seem as deeply physical, but the co-creation of the New world is not as simple as many in the "New age" circles would like to imagine it. Only true knowledge of Creation and its Principles can help us attain that understanding, which we do through the activation of the Cosmic Beloved.

The Cosmic Beloved is that sacred state of consciousness where everything is received from the Core of Divine Love, and no more intermediaries are necessary in one's guidance system. This is the turning point where everything is received through the Heart of the Beloved. For example, when many other forms of guidance are utilized, they will always leave a bit of room for variety and perhaps even doubt. But the Cosmic Heart of the Beloved is that sacred inner knowing beyond all doubt, confusion and the myriad of different realities into One powerful reality which lies at our deepest Core and the Truth of Divine Love. When the Cosmic Beloved is activated, it will take some time to implement it into our reality, because we have been so used to functioning in the old system, via many different intermediaries and filters. We have been used to this sort of programming merely because there was the initial though created which claimed that it's necessary for our growth and advancement at this current level of our evolution. However, many Souls are Now moving through this level of evolution template, and they are ready for a new kind of evolutionary pathway.

That is why the planet Jupiter is of such importance, because it keeps us aligned with those higher possibilities and probabilities. Venus was our template and it was our main teacher through the emphasis of unconditional Divine Love and service. Jupiter is the interlocking point with the New. Just like in the 2010 movie (a continuation of the 2001: A space odyssey) which shows the Ascension of Jupiter and the expansion of Earth because of it, we are here to expand our visions of the coming potentialities. 

It is time to be fully taught through the Higher Heart expansion and the Wisdom of the Higher teachings, which many old scriptures and dogmas simply no longer fit due to our expansion. This is a major turning point, and the activation of this is generating a unified timeline for our planet. The more we unify from within, the more we assist the planetary Ascension as well, for the planet was created as a learning station for evolving Souls, so Humanity is the one setting the course of action.

It is time to grow in this higher awareness and allow the New to penetrate through the cracks of the old!

P.S. You can enter into the Cosmic Beloved expansion through the course I created for such purposes!

Jupiter also rules good fortune and abundance, and Now resides in the sign of Libra, so it is all about partnerships and Unions. Let us remember and be mindful that it's not just about what we have, for true abundance of the Heart is about what we are creating with it. Many people have a lot, but they're not necessarily using it for the highest good. The inner resources have to come from the Heart, because that is the 5th octave of Being or dimensional reality, based on co-creation with the Purity of Love, Wisdom and Power in Unity consciousness. In order to move into the 5th, we have to align with it on all levels, not just mentally or philosophically. We have to fully embody it.

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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