Thursday, December 29, 2016

New Moon & New year of Initiative

Dear Beloveds!

The time for the New year has come! Many Beings walking a path of Self Mastery are finding themselves at a crucial breaking point of our enlightenment. We had a Capricorn New Moon on 29th of December, while still integrating the Solar wave of the December Solstice. These both represent the "New year" energy, which we then officially start with December 31st and January 1st, but also more fully in terms of energy completion when Mercury goes back direct on January 8th and we can catch up with ourselves in the physical. The Sun represents the Solar logos, which is also the archetype of our Higher Self, our highest integrated Self. For those of us on the northern hemisphere, this was the Winter Solstice point that starts a new Solar year/cycle for us, and this is when we go within to plant the seeds of everything we wish to embody and create from this Now moment point. This is when we tune in and transmit all that we have gathered back into the Unity collective of our Soul/Solar Being. The more centered we are in this Presence of the Now, the more we can create a sacred space for completely new opportunities and the more we can experience ourselves as we truly are. These new opportunities can only be found in the perspectives and doorways we haven't opened up yet. 
So at this time of the last New Moon of the year we are finishing off it's so important to be the hermit in order to make clear spaces within and without that will reflect full cognitive abilities and abundant resources. In our upcoming new year, we wish to welcome challenges from a space of honoring and initiation rather than fear and stagnation. When we invite challenges in consciously, they won't feel like lessons, but more like chosen blessings that are offered to us through our creative Life force. We have been moving through an intense year of completion and letting go through life changing events. 
These always come and go when we are ready for those changes, so we truly have nothing to complain or worry about, playing the victim and fearing the possible outcomes. We are here as sovereign Masters, consciously working with energy for whatever we need in the moment, whether that be rest, meditation, contemplation, abundance, partnership or being of service. What matters is not what, but how we approach anything that we are choosing to generate and co-create with. The more we see it as a beautiful play, but also consciously and with responsibility, the more our manifestations will be conscious and become instant, always in real time, when and how we need it! The time for such clarity has come, and this New Moon works with us for increased Self confidence and Soul value! The choice is ours, as always!

Happy New year 2017 to come! Here is my last video of this year:
This was the last New Moon of this year which occurred on December 29th (Capricorn 7 degrees), followed by the New year's eve on 31st of January which sets us off into a new adventure called "2017." Capricorn is the sign of tenacity and strength through adversity, and such was our entire year. So it feels perfectly natural that we get to end it in such a fashion as well. And our Mercury is still traveling in retrograde motion in that very same sign. Many people have been anticipating this coming year because it begins a 1 Universal frequency of new beginnings and a New Creation cycle. 

A lot of us have been completing a vast pile of Mastery files, which means that this year doesn't just end one year, but 9 years altogether, beginning a new cycle of completion and rewards next year. But as anything else, nothing will suddenly fall into our laps and offer instant changes. We have been learning through experience that change is a constant process of Soul evolution and refinement. We are not here to erase our seeming past mistakes and complete "past life" lessons. We are here to learn that we are Masters of our own Destiny, which means that any moment we can take charge and change anything we wish to.

This means that we re-create our Destiny with every conscious alignment with our "I AM" and that everything is our own responsibility. We are only "learning lessons" until we know that we are our own Master sovereign. From that realization on, we are our own Master of Self, which means that everything is brought back to the Self, that everything is our own choice, creation and therefore responsibility. Lessons are needed until we are still realizing that everything is of our own choosing, and that there is nothing and no one to blame and hold accountable outside of us. When we fully get and embody this awareness, we become the Master of our own reality and experience, and whatever we choose only belongs to us and our own creation. The power of our Higher Self/Solar logos is rising within many conscious Beings who are becoming aware of who they really are beyond any personal beliefs and inauthentic projections. When the persona dissolves, the ego and Soul merge as One, for they always have been one ... and we know that everything leading up to this point was merely an experience of seeming separation.

As we are still finding lurking questions of whatever we need to understand for some reason, we still did not fully get it. Existence truly has no questions, it simply is. And the less we question for understanding, the more understanding comes to us, for it's born of authentic conditions in our sacred space that we have been preparing and gathering before our altar of the "I AM." Everything in our life is like a big giant rehearsal for the altar of Self Mastery. Everything is designed to lead us there one day, and although that always Is and exists as that potential, very few get to awaken and live it fully in the course of a lifetime. It takes so much preparation, so it seems ... for something that can so simply occur in one speck of a moment. So much is gathered, and then one day in one moment ... enlightenment Is and is no longer withheld from us. We are ready and we can live it as a more permanent reality. This is how it feels to master ourselves in the physical plane of Existence. This is how it is to merge Spirit and matter, Soul and body.

The Solar logos represents the unified experience of our Christed Self, which in this game of planetary embodiment on Earth, is encoded in all the planetary bodies within this Solar system. And so the Sun/Sol represents our highest aspect (Higher Self) and potential, and when we integrate all these aspects into our awareness, we can attain and maintain all of our Solar consciousness. Many have been undergoing many shamanic journeys and adventures in order to embark upon this path of integration. It took much practice, patience and persistence. Devotion is the Essence of everything that kept us going when there was a lack of momentary perspective or when we felt like we don't belong where we are. But in Truth, everything is always chosen on some level of Being, it just varies how aware we are of that. There are many who have Now successfully gathered their consciousness fragments and brought them into a unified field within this embodiment, although they are all independent and also exist on many other parallel levels of reality.

What this integration completion represents for many of us, is a "ticket" into the New, a new way of Being and conscious initiative that could not have truly begun without this integration journey. So when One realizes that every single shamanic journey was perfect unto itself and designed to call out that fragment of the Whole. And so as each fragment was called out, contemplated and recalibrated into this Existence, a New way was being created. The pathways of many realms were able to merge into this singularity that has the potentiality to Now hold the consciousness of multidimensionality. And as we went through numerous changes and Life transitions (through death and rebirth), each one of those fragments was able to return back "Home" in the course of one lifetime, not many. Such is the reality of the physical Ascension path, which is when One knows that they are choosing a lifetime of completion and artistry of Soul alchemy. So each death was actually a rebooting into this New paradigm while remaining in this same physical form.

All this will soon take root and sprout many new conscious choices on our behalf. If we have felt varying degrees of desires and passions, we will Now be able to synthesize them and live them out in unison more easily, with less need to choose either "this or that", because the degree of clarity will be firmer and deeper. We will more easily recognize what we need to do in each moment, because it will be guided through the clarity of our integrated Solar consciousness. Every planetary and Stellar influence is participating in this grand design, and the more aware we are of this process, the more reverence we hold for every filament of Light and our natural astrology through the understanding of passageways, transits and celestial alignments. We no longer see ourselves as separate from these "bodies", as we flow through the tonal attunements of All, and we weave our own Creation story within the fabric of time and no-time.

This means that we are sort of creating a new kind of legacy, an understanding that is more primal than studious, a learning more intrinsic than knowledgeable. We are receiving in direct transmission and we are in awareness of how and when more through deep feeling than anything else. Complexity is being replaced by simple cognizance and clairvoyance and Heart intelligence that permeates our Being Now, as the Light body is merged with the Human form. Any sense of experiencing "Ascension symptoms" comes from further attunements that are always being created in real time, as we progress in our Human evolutionary spiral. We are becoming living holograms of Creation, without the need to know everything ... we know when and how we need to. And this is the most natural form a Human Being can assume. We are returning back to the Original Creation Self, to our Existence Self that knows no questions, for they only lead to more and more questions. Our true Self knows only the intelligence of Universal Love and Love in its highest form is Truth!

Let us carry this forward into our New world, as we are that World/Word. There is no separation between one and the other, as they are One, and we are always in that state wherever we are and wherever we may travel from here on.

Happy New year ... off we go!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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