Tuesday, December 6, 2016

9-year cycle culmination: The return of Love

Dear Beloveds!

We are in a new energetic month of December, and this year it's of a 21/12 frequency, of things coming into themselves through many reversals, resurrections and reconciliations. Even the planet of communication in our earthly realm (Mercury) goes retrograde this month, on December 19th. We also have many other alignments that are pushing us forward, working in unison with us, making sure that we move through those last bits of separation and into masterful completion ... in order for our return of Divine Love embodiment to be whole and complete. We are the ones doing the work, so even when things and situations seem to revolve around others, we have to make sure that we are still perceiving it through our own reflection and integration, because in Truth, everything is about our internal evolution of the Soul, so no matter what choices and moves others make, we are the ones who need to continue to choose for ourselves and therefore always make sure to choose Unity consciousness. 

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The New energy is mysterious, and no Being on the planet knows everything about it and how it's being brought forth. What all of us have in common at this special time in our Human "history" is that we are all learning as we go along the way. At times everything might feel completely clear to us, and at other times we might feel like we know nothing at all. That is what it means to surrender to the New. It is something that has never happened before, it's not repetitive, and therefore we cannot assume it for the future from the projections of our past. This time requires great dedication, surrender and ceremony to the sacred, which is that of the most high. 

As we are learning about how to work with the New energy in our own way, things will come and go, move into our life and out of it with just the right amount of that which we need to deepen our current understanding of the New. And still, it will remain only a current understanding. We will have to be brave enough to jump into new understandings each time that we take that plunge! It's all worth it in the end, especially because every end is a doorway for a new beginning. We are so blessed in all of these changes, but we have to increase our faith in the overall process, in order not to get discouraged through a lack of higher vision and understanding. Each new experience will bring a new level of compassion, and all will be equally important for our new unfolding fortune that always serves the Whole, not just us!

Due to all of this, our personal Love relationships are going through immense changes, as they are transforming from one form into another. We are the ones who are creating these changes, because we are meant to anchor Heaven on Earth, with experiencing our Love in the most Human sense, with deep Self respect and compassion. For these changes to occur, we have to see beyond the surface of all things and situations in order to transform them. We have to see our dreams and higher visions of true Love with courage and determination, in order for us to create the circumstances that we want and be successful in living them. 

For that to occur, we have to take a deep look into our old beliefs about relationships and how they are supposed to be, in order for them to become what they are simply meant to be in a higher sense. Setting ourselves and others free is the first step towards this New fulfillment, for we all have to come into our own in order to build strong bonds with others that are not based on false projections and attachments. We do this by bringing every story, event and circumstance back towards ourselves, into a deep internalization process where we can integrate Unity in our own sacred space! 

The path of true Union takes so many steps, and it takes so much courage and devotion, because it will always lead us through the path of true integration, as we will move through both shadow and light, know both love and fear as we stand tall and proud in our true Union. As our choices of love and fear unify and integrate, ego can no longer exist in the same way, and our enlightened and Soul embodied mastery takes hold of us, as we surrender the old ways of Being and unify within the greatness of Divine Love. 
It takes many steps to become a Master Soul, and yet when we consciously choose it, our everyday choices will always include that first primary choice, which leads into the benevolent Union of body and Soul, Spirit and matter ... and Love and ego. All will merge and unify on all levels of our Being, and we will become as pure as we desire to Be in our Prime Self, reflecting the path of a Cosmic servant to All Life. That sounds so beautiful, and yet we wonder how do we know that is what truly guides us, and what to do in order to more fully embrace the path of sovereign Self mastery?

We know that we are sovereign and truly living our own inner Master when we live as Love incarnate, meaning that the expression of the living God becomes the God Spark that we experience and live in our daily reality, that our every thought, word and action becomes holy and Divine, expressed with utter respect for all Life in Creation, the kindness and generosity of the Human Spirit in compassionate Presence, and the determination and persistence in Will to keep on going, always expanding and reaching for new heights as New Humans! Embodied Mastery is a sacred act where every action is conscious, deeply aware and reflective, and when our determination to serve in devotion goes out into the living streams of All! Because of this deep inner knowing, a lot of us have been continuously guided to simplify our life, in order to make our reality less complicated and more transparent. When our Heart becomes transparent from within, such external changes happen naturally, and we want to overflow with joy and creativity. It's Divine passion that ignites our Soul and offers a helping hand with our own unique contribution to wholeness.

This is a special time indeed. Everything that we experience internally is moving into how we relate to the world at large. That is why many of us are ending the way we perceive relationships, making our energy interactions less compulsive and more conscious. This is how we know that we contribute to the Whole with greater awareness levels, therefore raising the frequency in a manner of reverence for all Life, and for all the gifts of Human interaction that we are creating and therefore receiving. Two planets are making a mutual reception at this time, and these are Mars and Uranus, which are also asking us to make our relationships more mutually receptive and beneficial. When the two (or more) come together for a common and greater purpose in parallel, looking into one unified direction, a greater Whole benefits, and we become uplifted because we raise ourselves by lifting others up as well.

There can only be greater commitment and devotion when we are first fully devoted to ourselves and our inner Union. Many people still lack a proper foundation for that understanding, and so naturally they are yet unable to commit to greater causes within Unity, and therefore we must find proper discernment to know who is on our current parallel timeline of Unity, and who would only be distracting us from that, because they are still living within great confusion and lack of proper direction. Everyone needs to build their own inner foundation first, in order to be ready to unify on greater levels of Union. So we have to let everyone be who they are, find what they believe they are looking for, and focus on our own clarity and direct perspective that comes from our own living God Source, the God that can only be realized through us ... which means lived and experienced firsthand. We are doing it, we are becoming it!
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This is not a time to give up on our dreams, although at times we may feel like we are barely holding on, or needing to fight for what we believe it's just. Often justice will come back, perhaps not through the same circumstance or a person, but it will come back as the Essence of our own personal establishment and directive to keep on choosing the Truth. Those who are ready to become the New Masters have to continuously choosing the Truth beyond anything else, and that takes great courage and self discipline. It requires much sacrifice of the lower for the greater within to be born. It requires patience and allowance. And when we give ourselves this Divine Gift, we also offer it to the world, and we bless the world with it.

So this is actually a time to revitalize our deepest dreams, but perhaps choose new directions that require some adjustments and new perspectives. We are always being born anew anyway, and as we take a step forward in this last month of the year of a grand 9-year cycle, we are paving the way for much of what is yet to come. We don't always see it, but courage means that we take that leap of faith even when we don't always know our exact destination. But we feel it, and our Heart has always been feeling it. Our work does not go unnoticed, and actually we are bringing more and more others into it as well, with our focused intentions on Love and Unity. Love serves, and devotion brings that Love closer to Home, into all of our Hearts.

This is also a Holiday season month, and it will be one for the records, as we are writing history here. We can feel this in the air, and we are moving closer to that energy threshold that awaits next year. But history is also not yet written, so this gives us time for constant readjustment and refinement. If we feel like we need to make amends for something, we can always give it a go. Remember that things are never too late, and never too soon to start something new. We can live as if nothing we do matters, or we can live as every action we shift through is an act of sacred Love. Our profound Mastery is birthing that return of true Love, and it's true that merely living our Mastery makes the world go round!

Watch my video about this shift taking place here:

We are not just some tiny creatures mining this planet for its resources ... we are Grand Beings waking up from a deep slumber, ready to begin again! And the future is bright!

P.S. I have a dancing challenge for the month of December, and I call it "Dancing for Joy." I was shown by Spirit that we can raise the frequency of the 5th dimension of Joy by dancing, singing and celebrating at large. This creates a sacred devotional space for all who are ready to step into it. This is also to celebrate the culmination of our own Self mastery that many of us have finally integrated and are Now ready to live on a much bigger/grander level of Soul expansion. We are becoming the living impressions of Divine Love made manifest! And isn't this the cause for celebration???

You can also see me dancing here, and get these sacred devotional dances to uplift and inspire your own inner Tantrika Soul, the giver of Life!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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