Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Gemini Full Moon: Becoming the Love child

Dear Beloveds!

We are currently riding a strong energy wave, which is the undercurrent of the 12-12 Gateway, the predecessor of the December Solstice which occurs on 21st of December. We also have a Gemini Full Moon (the last Super Moon of the year) in between, and this will occur in 22 Master degrees of the sign of Gemini, which is the archetype of the Lovers, the twins. For each of us this lunation happens in a particular life area which is related with our personal astrology and the placement of the houses, and yet it also has a general meaning for all of us as a collective of ascending Beings. This altogether is a strong magnetic doorway for new Twin Soul integration, which is the path of least resistance when it comes to the embodiment of our inner Divine masculine and feminine, which is then represented through our Divine form in this physical incarnation. 

The Essence of the 22 number code is Self mastery, for even in the Major arcana of the tarot system there are 21 cards, and so the 22nd archetype could be seen as a mastery of our overall experience. No wonder this Full Moon feels so energetically charged and potent for so many of us. This is a time of major revelations and a culmination of the old partnership paradigm. It is leaving so many of us, as we have agreed to bring in the new paradigm of enlightened partnerships through Self mastery, rather than codependent patterns that kept many in the learning curve of reincarnation. When we master Self Love, we also realize that a Master of Love is a Master of All, for true Love knows no separation and is therefore pure and non biased. It simply flows like a giant river, and it communicates its process as it shares the Essence of the Absolute and personal Love experience as One.
This is bringing in such a fresh new energy, but this new potency can't stand any lower frequencies, so anything that is not of the Truth of Love is dissolving rather fast. At times this may shock us and take the blindfolds off rather quickly, but that's all necessary. The more we embrace the role that the Human ego played, the more we can move beyond it by embracing it and letting go of the old Self. In the path of Divine Union integration, there shall be a lot of the masculine dropping their masks and defenses by releasing the false ego that keeps one going around in cycles and negative thinking. 

As the Divine feminine comes into Her power within us, our Divine masculine no longer needs to play that part and can drop the masks in order to return to true Love in Unity consciousness. This is the awareness of being "all in" where we can drop our defenses and we no longer have to protect our Heart. Our Souls are integrating all of their Essences, so we are becoming naturally discerning and wise. The old games of being careful and cautious are needing to make way for the New paradigm of magical anticipation and living in Joy. Those of us who are going through these intense energy waves first are really dropping into our Hearts, allowing Love to speak and guide us fully onward and upward. This is how we integrate rather than disassociate and that is how we can open our Divine presents with full receptivity and in alignment with our Soul. New perceptions and Divinely guided ideas can only arise from that alignment, and such an alignment can only come from an open and pure Heart, the return of our innocent magical Self!

Through the synthesis of both polarities we can step into true Divine service, and this is what this 22 Master code represents when it travels through the Gemini archetype and Galactic signature. This signature is having a deep impact on all of us, and that is why it's of major importance to stay in silent reverence and meditative state during the occurrence of the Full Moon as it activates us all within our psyche and the subconscious realms, being brought into matter/form through the Grand trine and Mystical rectangle (a Divine blessing). That is why many of us will be feeling a rather gentle and yet profound current of manifestation energy for all that carries an authentic Light signature. What is not of our true Essence and value (including false relating experiences based on illusion) shall disintegrate in order to make room for the New, and it will make our true manifestations more abundant and potent. That is why it's important to observe what in our reality is leaving us, and what is actually staying by magnifying. This will give us a profound knowing of what is true and of lasting value for our Soul journey and mastery.

We each take the physical gender form (not gender role) where we have a surpass of energy Essence there as Humans, and then we work our way into integrating and embodying the other counterpart, so that our physical vessel is more and more balance in equanimity and Divine perfection, which is not the same as the false Human "perfection", which is an imprint, not a real Divine Being. The feminine Essence has been integrated in the physical form for many ascending Beings, and Now is being freed and abundantly rich in order to help the masculine self to be freed just as well. If we have a surpass of energy in the masculine domain, our Life purpose led us through the experiences which helped us to integrate the inner feminine and vice versa. Only this way we can actually keep our enlightenment in physical form through perfected balance of Divine counterparts, otherwise we cannot raise our vibration further on into higher octaves of Being and dimensions.

For many Being this simple and yet profound Creation Truth makes complete Divine sense (not rational Human logic sense), for they have been on this path for many years, beginning as newborns (and yet Ancients) on this planet. There are many Divine "experiments" occurring on this planet and beyond simultaneously, and to integrate the Divine counterparts while in complete Human body form has been one of very important ones, because it's the Pillar of Creation as we know in our New Earth. For many this has been more relevant that keeping the status quo satisfied or to have a relationship in our life simply because we don't want to be alone. Our path led us through many initiations that kept us going in this right direction, the direction of a fully androgynous Human Being while still remaining the gender specifics (not roles).

Many of these initiations required us to lead sort of a "solitary" life for the most part, because we had to learn to first integrate our truest Divinity of Creation counterparts from within, before engaging in conscious partnerships. This Divine assignment required us to be very brave, to step up front as the New frontiers and bringers of Dawn! But many of us have Now arrived at this perfect juncture where we feel so whole and complete from the inside out, and that will be even further triggered by this 22 Master degree Gemini Full Moon. We shall know our completions due to the level of increased magnetics and how they will bleed through into our New physical reality, meaning that the more integrated we are in our counterparts, the more abundance we shall feel and generate through our conscious co-creations!

So this is a powerful Super Moon for all those on the path of Divine Reunion and full rainbow spectrum of the Human relating experience on Earth, in order to fully unify our Divine masculine and feminine Essence. There are many who will follow this path, as it's the New way forward, and yet there are those first pioneering strong Souls who have gone into it first. This path requires a total dissolution of the old self and all the imprinted patterns that are not of our Prime unconditional Self, and this takes much diligent work and conscious practice in awareness and embodiment. 

This reunion requires both the vertical and horizontal enlightenment, which means that we are taking our enlightenment further into the unknown Human relating experience. Everything on our path was designed perfectly, and it was all of Love, even the unpleasant and hurtful experiences. When we are able to see that, we wake up to the Divine integration of this important calling. This is to take us all the way from the conditioned and codependent Human into a Divine Lover, an Essence of our individual Self, both masculine and feminine fully merged, no longer separate. It takes strong individuals to create this pathway, and that is why we might have felt an "absence" of the other counterpart on our journey, which was to make us grow strong in our own inner masculine and feminine.

For a lot of Beings this felt like the Divine masculine (our Spirit Self) was missing, and yet it wasn't. The feeling of separation was created so that we could "fill the gaps" with our own light of illumination, to know that we are the Source of all, as perfectly whole androgynous beings. This was designed so that we could move into true Unity through separation, which is not a thing of duality. Unity is everything, which includes all the experiences, including that of separation. When our wholeness and earthly well being is complete from within, the external reunion shall follow. But for that to occur, we need to resolve all remaining conflicts, heal from past loves and relating experiences and realize why we went through them anyway.

When we find the primal cause, we heal from the Core and move into Unity. Releasing all that serves duality will help us feed with the Light of Unity and create a new partnership paradigm. So if we had a "missing" of relationships or a particular individual in our Life, we were actually learning to fill in that perceived empty space through our own Essence, which was creating more of our multidimensional embodiment on this planet. The more we unified from within, the more this was becoming our exact physical reality of Soul Self realization and true bliss that can only be experienced through actual liberation and freedom of Being. Every part of this journey was perfectly designed and "destined", and we are paving the Way through those experiences for the collective Human paradigm within the New and higher reality.

You can watch my video on this here:

We are at an important threshold where we are to decide what are our true Life priorities! The moment we choose the journey of enlightened Self mastery, we will be asked to devote ourselves to it. And yet, as New Humans who are also constantly searching for something, we also tend to scatter our energy and focus on what is not truly of major importance for our mastery. When we truly choose it in every breath, it always chooses us back! This precious point in time when we are about to wrap up a 9-year Universal cycle and move into a new one holds a special importance for us. At this challenging time we will be either called to our inner Mystic more, or choose the external ways and conditioning. Either way, we get to choose and no one else. We are also learning the importance to give birth to our true Self, to our radical authenticity that can only come with pure honesty.

With that, we are in need of taking inventory and reflect on where we still give the power of our own choices to others, external beliefs and expectations of others. As New Masters, we are not forging our partnerships through forced energy exchanges and expectations. Whatever does not come from pure Love for own life and reality first and foremost will be challenged at this time, and will come to the light of day through either circumstances or relationships. As we are culminating, we are also deeply unburdening and wrapping up a huge cycle of many years and experiences, and as we do so we are also shifting from "learning lessons" to simply experiencing life from our magical child, the labor of Love of our ascended Self. 

Here is my video on becoming that Source of Truth:

There are so many experiences and experiments on this planet, and yet we will not be truly successful, fulfilled and Self realized before we find and live our own dharma in a relaxed way of true devotion! We are waking up to that more deeply when we simplify our life and tune into what is of most deepest importance. Those are the main keys to our Self integrity and genuine authenticity of Soul expression that only belongs to us. No more comparing, repeating and following! We are here to be the conscious leaders of our own destiny! And so we best contribute to the collective destiny of All! 

We are definitely moving with Light speed! If You have been feeling a sense of time quickening, know that this is one of the signs of dimensional paradigm shift. This time may feel intense, and yet it's this New energy that is moving us to exactly where we need to be. It has always been this way, and we've always known our dreams. So whatever it may feel like it's dissolving and disintegrating, is happening because that is something that is not aligned with us. As Humans we often push away abundant energy by choosing to remain in something else, and that "something" might not be aligned with our Soul's evolution at all. We are here to break away from that and celebrate the real cause of that "celebration", which is the emergence of our real Self.

This is the Self that we are taking into our New ascended space and reality, and everything else is Now ready to be reviewed and let go of naturally. We are outgrowing so much, and as we bravely embrace that, physical changes will occur naturally. We have no reason to fear these shifts, because our Higher Self is designing it for us through all of us. The moment when we realize that personal liberation of Soul opens all doorways into everything that we will need, our reality experiences a major shift. It's subtle and yet profound. It's in our immense freedom of Being that we will actually meet our new "destined" circumstances, experiences and relationships to share it all with. 

This is my video on how to be radically authentic as our Master Self:

We are all being showered with new waves of abundance and creativity, and we are finally realizing that the Essence of abundance in the higher realms is creative flow of the Soul. Unfortunately not everyone yet lives through their Soul, but those who do are ushering a brand new world. If in any way we feel like we don't belong in this world, it's because we are here to help co-create a new one. Our Souls are being guided into a new creative cycle, because recently new incoming Cosmic waves have pushed us forward. During this gentle push we might be called to detox or exercise more, eat even lighter foods, enter into more simplicity of being and cleanse our surroundings while spending more time outdoors. Those who have been healing their wounded child are Now stepping up in their integrated magical Divine child, which is the source of all bliss and pleasure.

The inner child is our New Human creation, a Love child of our Ascension, and as we are yet getting to know it on a deeper level, it will give us new ideas and insights about what we wish to become in this New creative space, and how we get to play, so that this play eventually becomes our only sustenance and creates everything that we require for our well being on all levels. We need self discipline for that, because too often we get distracted by that which we truly don't require on our authentic Soul path, giving it far more attention that it needs. That is why it's important to turn back inwards and live through a sense of what brings us happy fulfillment, for a fulfilled Being is a whole Being, and so we are also holy! We know exactly what we need in each moment, so no more excuses on the behalf of our ego! When the inner child is fully integrated, the ego is no longer a "separate" entity, for we live in Love as Love embodied! The time is Now. Choose to feel it, own it, become it! 

May the Light of our infinite Source of Truth move into the Love of our Heart that we are bringing back Home!  

P.S. I AM such a hyper multidimensional Being, and that is all perfectly fine and good unless my false Human "perfectionist" kicks in and I tend to do a bunch of unnecessary things before I can do what I really love. And by the time I could do it, my body is already too tired and wants to rest and relax. So this final month of the year my resolution and focus is to turn more inward into my Beloved Essence and create a sacred space for truly joyful Soul pursuits of higher creativity, as all the rest can wait. This is not a time to wait for some New year resolution, as completion is here Now! Are You with me? Let's kick this false perfectionist in the butt, and let's kick it with what truly nourishes and expands our Soul!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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