Tuesday, December 20, 2016

December Solstice: Coming full circle

Dear Beloveds!

We are right on the cusp of the December Solstice, a powerful Gateway that seals the Cosmic interstellar highway that many of us have been anchoring through our own Light Pillar. Those of us who have had our Soul awakening prior to 2012 are Now coming into a full circle pinnacle that marks the transformation of this current journey into something New that is yet unknown and coming in layers and stages. We first had to go through many layers of integrating the Human psyche through radical compassion and liberation of the ancestral lineages, which came through a healing journey of the Soul, preparation of the physical vessel for the Soul embodiment and the actual Soul embodiment that follows the Soul activation when our Light Being started to enter our Human form. This is true for many within the so-called "Starseed" purpose, which was to create as many interdimensional Highways of Light that run in both directions, from us to our otherworldly connections and vice versa.

Watch my Solstice video from the Creation Principle view:

As many volunteer Souls began their journey of Earth assistance through the becoming of "Earth acupuncture" points, we have chosen our body genetics precisely for what we required for this mission. This means that what was most needed was chosen as our ancestral lineage and Human DNA, so that it would best match up our Light Being's Light DNA. The more successfully we have been completing this Light body/Being merge, the more this journey is Now coming full circle. This means that emotional triggers are Now being neutralized, and that many of us have undergone a tremendous transformation through these trigger points. Many relationships actually served us deeply on this path, especially such that we could relate to as "karmic." This means that the energy was challenging, which usually triggers the Soul as a catalyst for growth and healing the Family origin DNA repair. With that part of the journey complete, we can become a part of a New mission team, which requires us to be of service in a New way.

Watch my deep and long Galactic Ascension update here:

Beings who are of like vibration to us usually keep us in the vibration where we are, for they are harmonious alignments, and that is why agreements of Soul contracts that trigger the encoded Human patterning were needed in order to neutralize our genetic lineages, in order to set the stage for the second part of this Earth mission. As we move more deeply into this Galactic mission, we are beginning to feel more excitement and our stamina building up, regardless of how challenging we render our circumstances have been. Why? Because a deeper part of us knows that all of this served the greater good, and that there are simply no victims or victors, we are all simply playing a Cosmic game of Ascension and raising the harmonic frequency of the planet by becoming our own highest Divine Instrument attunement. So those of us who have been completing (or continue to complete) this first stage of the journey will no longer be wondering why this was so and why it was needed, because our trust is deepening and our mission is taking us to building new templates step by step.

As these New templates are created, those coming into this type of energy work are going to be able to choose this transition more easily for themselves. In Truth, we don't have to be in physical contact with them, as we continue to move further along the Spiral of Ascension, and yet what we have already integrated and mastered also influences everyone and everything as they come into that pathway and timeline. This works like a simple thought transfer, and yet it's much deeper and more complex. As Beings in Divine service we don't have to know about every step in advance. We simply have to know our greater instructions as in how they come to us in each moment, layer by layer revealed to us. This means that we receive what is for the greater good of the collective in Unity consciousness. We are not always in the knowing of things not because our Soul would not already know everything there is to know about it on a greater level, but perhaps the collective is not yet ready for such a transmission. So instead of violations on the behalf of the collective, those of us serving Unity consciousness always move within our individuality in direct alignment with the collective simultaneously.

We have been building bridges of Cosmic transference, and Now for many of us these bridges will start being used by Beings who work with us in Unison and ourselves as we begin our new pathways very soon, in a New dimensional space. Making peace with all of the 3D world marks a true pathways onto building a New reality in the 5D template and beyond. Our inner world is being attuned to and harmonized with the refined structure of the higher dimensions in accordance to Divine plan, which means that we can generate as much higher dimensional reality as we have integrated in the lower dimensional worlds of Creation, for all works together in parallel laws and synchronicity. So in simple terms, as much work of completion and Soul refinement we have undergone in the lower worlds, the greater our firm foundations in a higher dimensional reality. In true understanding and the complexity of Unity consciousness (which knows many paradox realities), we flow between all realities simultaneously, in the only real time that is ... which is Now/zero point.

Many of us are completing the establishment of these vortices and are coming back to our Prime Origin and simplicity of the "before mission" Divine remembrance. This means that beyond what we perceive as our own mission, there is more. This involves more of the collective Unity Light and transference of our own multidimensional awareness into it. The more Truth paradoxes we have decoded and mastered through our Soul's physical embodiment, the less "encrypted" everything will feel, and the more we shall understand the nature of Creation (lower and higher/dark and light as One) in great simplicity. So as we have been decoding our own personal Life realities, we have also simultaneously been doing the work of encoding a New kind of Human, the so-called Homo Luminous. And the more we have been integrated the Christ-seed in our own Creatrix, the more we have brought that into form for ourselves and the potential for embodiment for the collective. We shall feel such completions by a feeling of neutralization and being drawn elsewhere, so we have nothing to fear when things are being freed from and liberated, for we are walking into new territories and priorities.

The Grand 21-12 is here for everyone of us, and we shall each strongly benefit from it in our own way, considering the integrations that are currently at play for us. The current Mercury retrograde phase will only add spice to all of that and help us to go even deeper ... and go to the distance as well. These are long term plans we are building on a planetary and Galactic level, and those who work on such wider levels know the meaning of true commitment and devotion, and non attachment to results. We simply do the work and leave the rest up to the Greatness of Unity consciousness, which is All things in All time! Take this time to "harvest" energy at your appropriate vibrational level, bask at the Beauty of Creation and how much we have already planted as seeds of awareness in Divine Love. 

Take some downtime to truly receive from the All-ness of Life and simply allow yourself to ascend organically ... through the knowing and plan of your sovereign Soul. You don't have to try hard and need to make it happen ... it's already happening. And the more surrendered we are, the more we can feel that ... and so Ascension path becomes more than just a belief or a mental understanding. It becomes a physical reality that is a direct translation of our High Spirit into matter, and our Soul into conscious embodiment. We don't need to make anything happen, as the Divine is already happening. And our Souls know exactly why and how, through the beauty of each Now integration and embodiment.

So happy Solstice, and a Merry Christ-Mass, everyone!!! This week began our holiday week, and as Mercury also went retrograde on December 19th (until January 8th), we are taken into a slower and quieter mode of Self analysis and retrospection. Is there anything that we have been missing out on lately? Now it's time to make amends, especially when it comes to time we spend with ourselves in deep Silence and Spirit reverence. As our Soul communion grows, so does everything else. So as we deliberately slow down time, we need to become aware that it's all coming from us, we are not victims of some random external circumstances. It's all a beautiful Cosmic dance of co-creation, and so as we stop chasing time, we realize that true awareness can only be felt in a timeless state, so when we stop the chase, time also stops chasing us back. 

We gain momentum and realize the things that are truly important! It's time to go deeper within, engage in pondering and meditation, rest and rejuvenation. This quiet Being is behind everything that we do, so it's not divided into separate time of meditation and non meditation. Everything can become meditative in its Essence, so let's all make sure of that and walk the Path of most high! There is no time in Truth, only our eternal Presence and the infinite evolution in all Life! And remember that when communication feels "off", it's not because of Mercury, it's not this "poor" planet's fault. When there is a seeming slowing down, we only see reflections of our own lack of conscious communication, so Mercury only helps to bring that into a deeper awareness and retrospection ... it's not directly because of it, so let's not give our power away and get right into the Core of our own responsibility as conscious Humans and move into Self mastery that always is! Source energy is always neutral ... it also just IS and our own responses to it merely show us where we stand in accordance to it.

Big changes lie ahead of us, and we shall be presented with situations that will disrupt our normal routines in order to wake up to our newly integrated Soul gifts and how to make them manifest in our New reality. 2016 was a rather challenging year for many, but we are asked to be able to shift our awareness moment to moment, always open to a completely New perspective. The Truth is actually a paradox, and just because we had not yet experienced the full manifestation of our Ascension as we perceive it on our Human level of being, it doesn't mean that things are not always flowing and shifting. Ascension is only a belief if we associate it with a particular outcome, because we have a mental idea of it or we perceive it through the filters of others and dogmas.

Ascension is an organic and intimate experience when we feel it occurring within us regardless of what we perceive as outcomes of our physical embodiment. Earthly Ascension is unpredictable and mysterious, and until we experience it in our body as our Light Being descends into our form, it remains only a belief. If anything would challenge our perception of Ascension, those beliefs would be shattered. This is what is Now happening for many, because true Ascension is not a mental understanding. It is born of greater understanding and an actual physical experience. And when things crack and dissolve, this orchestration comes through our Soul that Now wants us to have a deeply personal ascending experience, no longer bound to beliefs and filters. All those need to dissolve completely, so that the Soul can truly come into conscious embodiment!

You can watch my latest Self mastery video here:

As the deeply activating last Super Full Moon in Gemini (December 13/14) still works its Magic behind the scenes in the days and weeks to come, we shall be feeling immense changes in the way we relate to others. Our responses are becoming less reactive and more truthful, for we no longer need to wear masks and we don't necessarily have to feel like we need to belong in order to really belong. We don't need to rationally understand relationships and their mysterious ways, but our Souls speak a language of Love that is present within all Soul mates. It feels like the old "karmic" energy is leaving us, when actually we are leaving it behind, because we are ready to move into a new state ... a new house! We have been embracing so much of ourselves, which includes the revelations that come through others. Every energy "violation" happened on our own terms, for us to see what happens when we make compromises with ourselves and our internal guidance. The less need we have to please others, be falsely polite and kind, and wanting to serve without being served in return within a mutual reception, the more we will come into our own. And many did that exactly! With not needing to belong to anything or anyone, true relating within the enlightened embodied Union can actually begin! And we shall all witness this and see actual results of our inner wholeness, so prepare to be on a look out and deeply present with all that is going on around us! True Masters know their worth and value through Divine service in all of Creation, and we are only truly in Divine service when we serve the Great Law of Love.

What appears to be happening during this time is a lot of Soul and Soulmate healing through immense liberation and surrender, Divine precipitation being offered by Cosmic manna, which we are all susceptible to receiving. This feels in alignment with a mystical rectangle that was activated during this Full Moon, and these always represent Divine blessings. The more open handed and hearted we are, the more easily and with non interference it will run through us. The fulfillment of personal desires is available through emotional fulfillment and clarity, for after going through many turmoils and perils, we Now find ourselves ready and open to engage a whole New cycle. 

As we offer our previous understandings to the celestial movements, we connect to yet new levels of our own heavenly Self that is being offered in exchange. Underneath this is an influence from Pluto and Mercury, which is beautiful because we have a T-square on Pluto and Mercury going retrograde on December 19th. This is an invitation to rise from the underworld and awake on a whole new level, with new communication skills (Gemini ruled by Mercury) and mastering the constant death and rebirth cycles. So in simple terms this reads as surrendering the lower and lesser (the already lived and experienced) for richer, deeper and higher. This is not about scales and levels, it's merely about being ready to be and embody more of our Divine light and Cosmic birthright.

We are being called to do the right things for the right reasons, to serve the Truth rather than our "separate" ego. The energy of Gemini tends to get scattered and dispersed when not approached through clear focus, but when we activate our Self mastery and integrate our embodied Wisdom, we learn how to walk our talk and follow the "leader" by becoming our highest expression and example in shared communications. In this day and Age, with the World Wide Web playground, anyone can become anything. But is this play being conducted for the right reasons? A truly enlightened Being does things simply for the Bliss that the intimate process of Self generates, not to be seen or recognized for having value within that process. 

Are we sharing ourselves to be noticed, seen and validated due to our overcompensating and inflated ego, or are we sharing and communicating with service to the Truth and fortitude? Are we sharing valuable resources or are we simply being chatty and spread all over the place? The Moon overlights any shadow aspects in our personal and worldwide communication in order to bring justice, strength and balance. And remember, things that are coming through us alone are our only responsibility. So when something comes at us as an external influence, it's not actually happening to us. That is drama. In Truth, it's simply happening, period. It exists. Are we ready to give up the lesser and grow up as responsible Humans that don't take the external too much at heart and know that our enlightened embodiment of Soul begins within!?

What is Life when we don't live it fully with the eternal awareness of the Now moment? Only a timeless state already holds all opportunity and abundant blessings that exist always, outside of time. Many of us are learning to bring the timeless into this perceived timeline of existence. The more multidimensional our awareness becomes, the more abundant we can feel, for we can literally begin to feel everything as a reality that already is, fully potent and rich with Life. In that space we don't have to search for anything, for we simply let everything come to us. As we anchor ourselves into our Hearts, we have to feel this, and watch our deep Soul longing turn into the Magic of sensual feeling. 

Everything already exists, and it's only a matter of "time" (so perception) before we can also feel it in the most tangible form. The great paradox is, that we have to feel there is no difference between the tangible and non tangible! That is the awareness of our multidimensional perception that brings everything back to this moment ... the only moment where everything truly happens by being felt and perceived through that Prime feeling. In that awareness of our Magician Self, anything can be created, as there is no more victimhood, making excuses and postponing our reality into a future timeline. Choice means choosing Now! Masters feel, for Masters do!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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