Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Giant Super Moon: We come alive!

Dear Beloveds!

We had a Full Moon on November 14th, which was a Taurus Moon ruled by Venus. It occurred in 22 degrees, which is a powerful degree of peace and mastery. For many of us, this Ascension journey we have been on has been quite intense for the past couple of months as we rush through the completion of a 9-year cycle. It can feel as if our Soul wants to complete certain things and agreements over what we perceive we need to do until the end of the year. The importance of what our Soul has in store for us is quite more important, and although we tend to negate that at certain times, the feeling of this being true rushes back to us whenever we are faced with adversity or resistance. This simply means that we are going against the natural pathways of our Soul, and that we need to come back into re-alignment with our center. This Full Moon is therefore a powerful agent of change, bringing the alignment of Divine Love through our physical form, which is what the archetype of Venus represents.

Venus is all about Love in Human form, as well as beauty and sensuality, and Now the light of this Super Full Moon in Taurus brings a lot of inner fire which is felt as creative sexual energy, as it is our life force activated on a whole new level. There is movement forward present with all this inner drive, but it also comes through purging that which is no longer needed in our vibratory field. Many of these old patterns and ways of Being were presented to us through our relationships, and Now with the tension of this huge Moon, the bubble is ready to burst, creating a new dynamic tension that is based on inner Union of sacred masculine and feminine in balance and harmony! How can we express more of that within ourselves and our relationships, so that they will strengthen in earthly Love in action and higher spiritual connection which are both One, unified!?

We all walk in the legacy of Light, a unique Soul lineage and the ancestral lineage of our earthly origin. Our task as the New Masters is merging both in the Light of Unity, not thinking of ourselves to be either this or that, but all of it. Our evolutionary Soul's journey occurs in many layers and levels of light, for it's multidimensional and it happens through the progression into the spiral of Light. It's not just linear and cyclical, it's also spiraling, and as we embrace all those aspects of Existence, we are embracing that which is most sacred within us, the understanding without the need to rationally understand, know and control everything all the time. Many blood (bloodline) healings are occurring at this time, and the way to make that happen in flow is to constantly invoke our Life force and breathe life into every aspect of us that still feels fragmented, divided.

We will know that because that aspect will need attention and constant validation! Our current relationship issues might stem from our ancestral lineage, and as we simply embrace and honor our Soul agreements without needing to control them, we embrace Life as it is, bringing more Love into it by being conscious, therefore opening to more Love and Joy in our Human form! We are able to do it with Grace Now, which takes courage to look into everything and everyone neutrally, with radical compassion. We don't have to be "in it" to be lovingly "with it", so we learn to love and let go simultaneously. Knowing that it's wise to love what loves us back, in mutual receptivity!
Watch my latest video on Divine Union about this: 

At this time we are releasing old memories of pain and past disappointments as well, as this all relates to our experiences of Love as Humans and beyond. If we wish to become New Humans (not better Humans), we need to release things that keep us in the old framework, which includes disappointment and regret that often come from our record memory. Many Masters of the previous Ages have been already speaking about this, each in their own unique language and expression.

To Be a New Human requires radical change, and it doesn't mean the betterment of what already is, which is an illusion that keeps us trapped (and hooked) into a reality of constant healing and improving. In the Truth of all Perfection, all is already perfect as it is, and to Be an embodiment of a New Human simply means to choose what we wish to Be radically, with full devotion and courage, not constant improvement of the indefinite "future" projection. For us to change, we have to do so Now ... and this is the the true root of all of our choices. So whenever You (or someone You know) continues to say how they wish they did something ... be reminded of bringing everything back to this moment ... the only agent of true change!

As Masters of New energy, we are becoming aware that although we have done the work of inner alignment, we will always be coming up against more of that, if nothing else through other people and what they are going through. So when we purify from within and become an enlightened Human Being that resides within their own Cosmic Mind, Heart and Being, we are still in need to refine our mastery when it comes to being faced with energies that co-exist with us. This is what will continue to expand us horizontally, in the way that we relate to one another.

This means that we bring the expansion of our "Love bubble" into the external world and the conditions and people we are meeting. This is not always the easiest task, but remember that to stay enlightened somewhere "up there" on a Mountain top is not where our Human story ends. If that confrontation relates to the falling into duality and separation of others, our tasks at hand will include how do respond to it. Do we fall into those feelings and become a part of them, or do we take a stand in Unity regardless? When we merely use empathy, it's easy for us to "fall into" things, but when we utilize and master radical compassion, it's easy for us to be with it and yet not "in it."

This is not the easiest thing to master and step into for most Humans, as we can become easily either withdrawn from the world at large, or too immersed in it. Remember that the path of Mastery requires us to Be and live the middle path, which is the path of the Mystic that is always in the Present moment, for nothing can re-create pain but parts that continue to escape either in the past or future, continuously re-creating moments like holograms and projections. As a multidimensional Master of Self, we are being invited to take a look at how affected we are still feeling when we are exposed to external conditions, environments and people we meet. This relates to the bigger world events just as much as our most intimate/personal realities. All is a practicing tool for Mastery, and the more conscious we can become of it, the more we can align with our Truth and the Core of our Being that can never be penetrated.

The only thing that can get penetrated by external circumstances or conditions is that which is already distorted and built on illusion. The Truth can never be penetrated, so when we align with our Truth of Divine Love, we become the untouchable Being of Light, living and choosing through their unique Spark of creating Life, without the need to either withdraw from things pr become too entangled with them. For most, this middle way is too elusive, as it is much easier to get sucked into the external scenarios. But we need to find a way to break through the stories in order to move into the archetypes behind them, witnessing the Essences that created them and moving into the Core of the Truth that is the Prime Essence of it all. Only that way can we claim our role as Masters of Multidimensional awareness.

For us to do so, we had to first master Self Love and respect. If respect lacks in this basic equation, our friendships and alliances will dissolve and move away, which is what needs to occur when we are choosing through Love. Only that way that which is of a greater nature within Unity can be created through our choices. So when we are faced with things that don't feel good to us, we can either fall too much into the feeling and forget about what is real for us in our Being, or we can cut it away from our reality prematurely, when we are not yet done with the full integration.

The Key is moving everything into a field of Unity consciousness, and this includes seeing the Master within everyone and everything, for only that way we actually honor our own Mastery through all that meets us on our path, regardless of the fact that this condition does not perhaps yet mirror and embody full Unity. Our Human choices will be made from loving and leaving everything and everyone where they are on their journey without a sense of falling too deeply into their space of Creation.
We can do that! We do know how to be independent and sovereign in our feeling! With that will come a profound sense of knowing who we are and why we are here, because we will no longer associate or validate our experience on Earth through others and external conditions. We will simply have value through Being and choosing what we feel is our truth, honoring the space through which we wish to grow and hold the Love in. We can choose to let Love in without fear of being wounded, hurt or rejected. For we know that any sort of feeling that another might feel, we are not responsible for, and even there might be conditions of separation that others will be choosing, we will not be affected by them. So we do not have to exclude them entirely, but merely tune so deeply within our own Divine Love Essence, that we will not be generating our feelings from external circumstances, for we will know and honor our own stand and create from it.

With these new steps, our communication in relationships will change, and we will hold more power over what is ready to unify, for we will see everything in a bright new Light, no longer captive by the shadows of doubt. So we are ready and we can love the shadow just as much as the light, seeing all as a multilayered play within the infinite Creation, and all has the potential to unify ... but we must first focus on the unifying acts that we are choosing for ourselves. So we can love just as much as we leave, and we no longer see that as separate.

We don't have to be too hard on ourselves and others through acts of perfectionism, for we merely have to do what feels right for us in any given moment and without constant analysis, we have to trust that it therefore is right for us and All. When something won't be right, it will come back to us anyway, and we will be able to revisit and re-evaluate it anyway. Things are always perfectly operating that way, for all is well ... always! The moment we step away from judging actions and conditions of others, that Love of the Divine Self will be able to return back to where it truly belongs ... to our Self, and through that Core, we connect to the Cosmic Heart of All.

We are free to do as we choose, and others are as well.
Loving is leaving all to come to us, when it's ready and ripe.
True Love is weaving a web of Light through our Core Self!

We are ready to let go of what no longer is of that simple Truth!

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Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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