Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Illumined Priesthood: Meeting all of our Self

Dear Beloveds!

Happy New energy month of November! November is an 11/2 Universal month, which brings us much clarity of our Life purpose and rejuvenation of our mind, body and Soul. In October we have been moving trough many undercurrents of energy Mastery completion, starting the journey of our 9 year cycle "karmic" completion. November hence brings us the clarity that we need in order to tie loose ends and truly bring everything that we have experienced and learned from into a conscious synthesis. The power of the 11-11 code is the full reset into our New, and although we always move through Light body upgrades, this is one of more powerful ones. Many light Beings have done a tremendous amount of "work" for the Human collective, and towards the end of last month they might have felt more tired than usual.

This does not only mean physical work, but constant downloads of New energy in order to seed the New Earth. The physical bodies are now in an incubation/void mode, needing to relax and let go of a lot, not just of the recent past but a whole 9 year cycle. It's a preparation for what is coming up next year with a 1 Universal year of a New Creation cycle. We often think of preparations in short terms, taking only a short while to retreat, but this is a long term preparation where our energy is invested in a whole new paradigm. That is why we require enough sleep and relaxation, trusting that our body knows why it gets tired more often or wants to sleep more and go to bed early. Our bodies are a delicate "mechanics" of Light and they know exactly what they are doing! As we let go of the old fears and ancient programs, we do that partially in our sleep too, and that is why our dream time might seem very busy and vivid at this time. In Truth, it's all about preparing our earthly bodies to be able to hold more Light and emanate more Love. 

Watch my latest Ascension update about this:

On the pathway of Soul integration and embodiment, we become so aware of every single detail and energy exchange, including the setbacks and pitfalls of the ego. The ego likes to approve itself and gets reassured through others, using and judging their actions for self betterment. The Soul is not as such, for the Heart language of the Soul uses every single energy dynamics and relationship exchange as a reflection in order to master and integrate that energy. Such is the pathway of our feminine and masculine Divine coming into union as One polarized Essence in Truth. On our road to Self discovery, we will be met with both challengers and harmonizing forces, in order to learn how to respond to both energies, which is Key for our Self mastery. It's easy and simple to be the grounded conscious Pillar when we master that Cosmic balance within ourselves, but our next step is to carry that forth into relationships and the world at large.

For example, can we stay firm and Self aware in our unified integration when someone else is coming from a fragmented/wounded perspective? Do we choose to Self validate through ego when hurt by another or do we choose to take the high road of radical Self Love and unconditional Love for others? Many still confuse a sense of balanced detachment through Love with cutting the ties through separate ego. This is not the same, for the healthy Heart boundaries come from loving discernment and Self honoring, while irrational calls of breaking ties that come from ego are often heartless, rigid and cold, even aloof! Choosing escapism, ignorance and a lack of perception often come from a dark place, and many love to feel self validated by knowing more than others and knowing for others. In Truth, the most humble Divine Lovers always Master themselves in their own God given silence, where there is no need for approval, validation or comparison!

The Masters of Self always pass their tests, seeking only to be aligned with that of the most High, which is the Source of pure unconditional Love! Such are the Mothers, Fathers and children of their own masterful Creation! For example, when someone is telling You something about You, feel into whether You are still tuning into your own reality, or are You actually becoming a part of their own creation? You might find a space of resonance with aspects of what they are sharing with You and about You or not, but the importance is that You feel beyond any false projection that comes out of their own ego. When people see the Master in us, they acknowledge us and act accordingly, with Self honoring and respect. When people don't see the Master in themselves and in others, they will often go against the sovereign will in how they speak and act, often wanting to counsel on the behalf of another. Such are the ways of the fragmented Human psyche, for the One who is fully whole and integrated unto themselves, will see the sovereign Essence in everyone else as well, for all are a part of the Great Allness.

Those humble Masters of the New are the quiet Ones, who don't need to speak in order to reason, defend or validate their Hearts. They know and walk their Truth without opinions and judgments that go on the behalf of others. They know how to apply their Wisdom in their own masterful Creation, knowing that it's only their own Reality they can create and Light the way for All through such inspiration. Discovering that in ourselves and in others is the next Key for our Divine-Human integration in Unity consciousness. This is where the One meets the many and the All!

Many beings are Now feeling a "loss" of interest in the things that used to bring them joy in the past. This can bring a sense of confusion and fear of change. The thing with Soul passion is that it always wants to emerge on a new level, so if a current passion for something (or someone) withdraws, it's simply a renewal of the energy that is behind it, with the Core Essence remaining the same, for the Essence of Soul is always behind everything that is of true Love. So when we shift in energy, we might realize new things about ourselves, and our Soul will want to guide and expand us through exploring new pathways, interests and hobbies. With this, we will expand our skills and interests, with a deeper knowing of Self. So if our Life force withdraws from people, places and situations, it's actually a good thing, because we are then able to change old routines into new devotions of the Soul.

With this also comes "karmic release", which is another powerful theme of this month. We simply have to move through this release, no matter how painful or unpleasant it might feel. With this done, we will be able to make room for our New Creation cycle. This huge release might come through a "karmic dissolution" via an event, a person or a place that shifts our energy and awareness in a new way. Often just visiting another place or retreating for a while might get the job done for us, as well as new people who enter into our Life with great passion and message, and exit just as vehemently. Often these things won't always make sense to us in the early stages of our karmic release, but as we will go deeper into the awareness of the Essence behind the event, person or place, we will be able to witness ourselves and what we have created energetically in a new way, with new eyes and forgiveness of all that took place.

With that, all that is not of pure Love and is merely a shadow/mask, a limitation or projection, is leaving our Light Being. A time for a Life review is here, and we could all take some downtime to sit with our renewed Light body vibration and our Soul desires. Yes, we are moving in the right direction, but we are still the Master navigator! That means that we are combining the forces of conscious creation via focused intent with the power of surrender. This is where the perfection of our inner feminine and masculine work together as One Unit, for the greater good of All! As the veils drop away, only Love can stay! All that is true shall make way for the New!

The New is blossoming ever so lightly, coming in through many gateways and various experiences. None of them are separate from each other, and so as the good merges with the seeming bad, eventually the Divine child within us realizes that there is only One, and that there is nothing separate. The Human experience was always unfolding and expanding, and from the beginning of time it was always left open and undefined, left to the great Fates of Divine Will merging as One with the free will of the collective Human destiny. The unified destiny does not mean that we have to be set within its framework in a certain way, for each sovereign Being is still completely free within their own domain, which leaves them to choose and decide for themselves no matter what. Nothing is as big as the sovereign Master that lives as a seed within every Human spark, and once it's set free and set into motion, it has the power to move Mountains. Once the seed remembers the reason for its seeding, it gains a momentum which is larger than just the seed on its own, for it begins to tap into the vast consciousness of the Almighty Reality of All-ness.

As we feel that being activated, we will desire to be pushed in all directions, moving through the known and unknown, with the third co-creative Essence of both merged as One. This is something that is so magical, that it's hard to be merely spoken about. The true nature of this conscious state can only be felt, and only through the Essence of pure Divine trust. We cannot know whether we are in the New without becoming the Essence of the New, testing it out in a real way, which is the sacred merging point and the alchemical melting pot of both the old and the new, familiar and undefined, known and unknown.

The synthesized combining forces behind it all are the ones that are driving this new consciousness forward. This is where the Giant melting pot gets stirred. This is where the Ancient teachers and Masters of the old (and all the Ages passed) meet with the teachers and Masters of the future, the New. This is the sacred origin point of the New illumined Priesthood, within the great divide that Now moves into Unity consciousness, step by step, layer by layer, sound per sound ... creating each cycle anew. Can You hear it ringing in your Hearts?

Oh, the great depths!!! We are in Scorpio times, and for the most part this will always bring us intense death and rebirth energy. As Masters of the New, we are like chameleons that are able to adapt to any situation or perception through expansion of our awareness and the application of transcendental Love that moves us beyond what is the known/norm, moving beyond the many layers of Human experience. Many people are experiencing extreme life situations at this time, and some of them are also going slightly "insane", as the 9 year Creation cycle comes to a completion towards the end of this year. We may feel like we are drowning in things that we thought were already done with. And yet what is happening Now, is a rapid energy quickening, where we are witnessing all of our precious patterns and completions in Self mastery in a new way. If we wish to be called the "New Humans", we can't bypass certain things and escape through the back door.

Everything of the old must be faced with and left in the Great void, so that we will enter our new Creation cycle purified and complete into ourselves. As our Sun is in Scorpio, we will witness new depths to our Human nature and psyche, but with that we shall also witness our greater strengths. This is called the "beyond factor", and this is as far as we can come with only mentally acquired knowledge and perspectives. The Truth of Love is all that truly matters here. We have to leave that at the door before we step through the new gateway of knowing all of ourselves, merging our Divine and Human nature as One through all the Galactic lineages and essences. Not everyone will be able to keep up the pace, as the energies quicken and so many will begin to use many forms of escapism instead of consciously integrating all of their Selves into their everyday Human experience.

We are witnessing the rise of the shadow and light, so that they can have their final dance at the gateways of New energy mastery! This personal transformation and liberation is creating the New Illumined path, by those first Illumined Priests/Priestesses leading the way! Cherish every experience, good or bad, for they all serve Self mastery and applied wisdom that is holy and fully integrated! We wanted this, and so we created it, for Now it's time to see it for the gift that it truly is for our personal Ascension. Yes, it might be challenging but there is higher learning for the greater good in play here, always!

The Halloween/Samhain we just celebrated is the time of the year when the veils are the thinnest, plus we just had a Scorpio New Moon that led us deep into the underworld of our Soul. This might relate to deepening of Self intimacy and most radical Self love that we can imagine, and although at times this brings us fear or unwanted pain, we simply have to transcend it in order to get to the other side of the lightness that we are. Scorpio always relates to the dark night of the Soul, but its highest aspect is the Phoenix, so we can rise above anything fully renewed while we engage our entire strength of Spirit, mind and body! Everyone talks about how heavy and deep the Scorpio archetype can be, but this can again only relate to our inner energy expression that wants to come out in most radical ways and Self expressions.

The "lessons" of Scorpio can be painful or frustrating (the pinching with its poisonous tail), but at times we need to receive some "venom" in order to become more resilient and prone to the natural cycles of death at change. We all know how strongly we can transform and transcend through cycles of personal crisis, which are the shadow aspects of our Light, although in Truth of All there is only one Light, and that Light always prevails when we walk our Soul path consciously. After walking through the deepest of depth, we often realize how transparent we are, so that nothing of the "dark" can touch us.

As we experience the lowest of our lows, we can only start climbing back up. We do that by evaluating our past and forgiving all that was, and then boldly and radically initiating a new Soul growth cycle! This next month of the 11-11 code is very powerful for that. We have lived and learned, observed and experienced, and so we have nothing truly to lose! We are open to seeing the new dawn and peeking through those thin veils, in order to manifest a new destiny for ourselves and the highest good of All! So much is falling away with that, and at times we may fear that process, although it's completely natural and at times we have to learn to walk fully on our own in order to recognize our tribe when the time comes!

At this time we may be feeling a grand sense of inner completion, even amidst chaos and confusion. We are being reminded that all planetary and Life forms consciousness comes from a great melting pot, which may seem chaotic in its form and various ingredients, and yet each cellular form of consciousness knows its exact place in the mix! The same goes for the birthing of our new consciousness and the rebirth into New Life! We are at an important passageway and juncture, as it may feel like so much is falling away, dissolving and disintegrating. But when we trust the almighty Life force and our own conscious Self mastery, we will find peace during this process. 

As the Creation of a new world unfolds on much bigger levels of consciousness, so does the recreation of our minute worlds, the personal realities that we are forming within that! We are preparing to be the powerful new leaders, and yet at times this will not make sense to us or even feel messy and scattered. But that is just the current story, it's not who we are. We are not torn, and we are not scattered, we are only unsettled settlers of the New, discovering new landing spaces and territory to grow our roots into. Yes, it's not easy to be the frontiers of the New energy, but we can be so proud of this noble calling and destiny that we are participating in, every single one of us!

In many cases, death is represented by the most powerful number of the 13th octave. This is a sacred number known to us also as the "death" card in tarot. So many people are afraid of the basic nature of constant change. When death comes knocking at our door, it's merely a message of transformation and further Soul refinement. Within a greater universal complex, it represents the Vortex "code", the Great Creatrix within the Primordial unknown. We have 12 gates and Divine Principles, with 13 leading into the gateway of synthesis, where they all come together as One and return to their source. 

So instead of fearing the nature of death, we could see it as the ultimate agent for constant rebirth and renewal. After death and applied integration comes harmony and balanced Being. The more in flow we are with every agent for change, the more we know exactly what to do in each moment without needing to control where we are going. We are doing it one step at a time, getting to know and master all of our Self ... the known and the unknown.

And here is my very own example! My Greece holiday ended sooner than planned, but such is the way of Life, unpredictable and raw! If we become untamed and free like Life ourselves, we won't have a problem with that and will flow through it with ease and Grace! The biggest bridge that I recently crossed over was that of deep knowing that I AM enough, and that I don't have to constantly give of myself to feel better or worthy, more validated. But still, these Human aspects of us need to play out on their own, so that we allow all the facets of who we are to integrate into our awareness and physical embodiment. To be a Master of Love is to integrate everything, no compromises, excuses and blind spots, and that takes courage and Self honesty through focused discipline and radical compassion for our Human and Divine nature as One. To integrate is not the same as leave things behind, it's taking them deep into our Self, so that we can meet and own ... all of our Self!

And Love is not always so apparent and masked by the knowledge or "spirituality." Love just is. Another one of my very own examples was also on my trip to Greece. I met this Angelic woman and slept in her house for a night! She took care of her sister with a Down syndrome and she was so full of Love, always smiling and being so positive. Her smile was like a piece of the sweetest candy. It's simple people full of kindness that touch my Heart beyond anything, because these people bypass the "spirituality and spiritual ego" and simply live their natural state of Love already, in this very moment. She brought me tea and cookies and to top it off, it was all served on a plate with swans, a symbol for pure Love! Such a blessing! And such a confirmation of what it is all about ... simply ... to Be and radiate Love in all ways!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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