Friday, November 11, 2016

11-11 Gateway: Portal of New Union & Soul embodiment

Dear Beloveds!

So, we are moving through the 11-11 Gateway and coming into the Full Moon in Taurus (November 14th), which is one of the biggest super Moons that is very close to the Earth! It's very important for our earthly manifestation at this time. This year we have done so much inner work that we often question our reality simply because nothing seems and feels the same anymore. The energy of the late has felt intense, and it's not just because we are experiences huge internal shifts and adjustments, but also because the world at large is experiencing big collective shifts as well. Many of us were doing a lot of "dream work" in our sleep, and that is why we were guided to either sleep more, go to bed earlier or take more time to rest and just be. In those altered states of consciousness, our Souls use all of the time to do the work that we are doing while we are in between realities, and lately so much of that was needed for where the world is currently at. The energy has Now shifted and opens a new Gateway on 11-11, a great day of change! Happy 11-11 Gateway! And congratulations, for we have made it far since the point of 2012, and yet ... there are many new heights that still await!

Watch my 11-11 Gateway video here:

The 11-11 Gateway is a magical gateway of the two Twin Pillars, standing and inviting us to move deeper into Unity consciousness, a deeper Union with Self and others. This is a multidimensional Gateway where many timelines are converging into a one unified one, but this happens for us personally only if we are choosing it and doing the "work"! As Humans we still tend to get stuck in a passive mode of waiting for something to happen or some miraculous occurrence that would get us away from our Now. In Truth, the potency of Now has everything that we need to move into Union, if we go deeper and break through seeming obstacles and layers of illusion.

This year brings a graduation point for many Beings of Light who have been diligently and devotedly working on their Self mastery, and they will be able to step up beyond the norm in the years to come, as the new sages, shamans and mystics of this reality. We are all carriers of the Cosmic seed, but all are not sprouted yet, and so those few who are finally ready to "get it" and move into the New unknown with profound faith and courage, are being strongly rewarded at this time. Don't forget that we are multidimensional Beings which means that not all of our personal achievements are felt on a physical level, which is an understanding of the multilayered awareness of a Mystic. We know what we know on many levels which are simultaneous and parallel occurrences and so we don't see things as black and white, but rather multidimensional, limitless and optional.

As many Now shift into this new vibrational space with Soul embodiment, their offering to the world deepens and expands, with greater Self Presence and responsibility. The time to leave the old comes with that as well, for as we move into a higher dimensional space, we pass on the torch to others that follow our footsteps into the New unknown! The pathways have been created by our Souls, and Now it's time to claim and integrate them into our daily reality and creations of Love, rejoice and celebrate our achievements. Many of them are leaving a legacy for future generations, so it's important to see and feel the big picture!

How do we shift inner timelines? Many Beings are still not integrated in their Soul, which will feel like parts of them are separate entities/identities, for when we are fully Soul integrated and embodied, all of our Essences work together in harmony and unison of the White Light, and the inner and outer feel the same, unified. That does not mean that our personality gets lost, it simply means that we no longer live those aspects of who we are separately, but that our Being is at the forefront, leaving our mind and heart integrated as One in our Human experience, while our Being is the middle point of our inner Mystic. 
So as we continue to shift, we can imagine all parts of us working together in unison, or we can even imagine our inner Pillar as a Giant 11-11 Gateway that continues to come closer in its Essence until it becomes a Giant number 1, turning into a zero space in the middle, creating a powerful Vortex of personal Ascension and Self Mastery. With any 11-11, we are always working with the Vesica Piscis Creation Truth, which are the two circles entwined as One, creating the third Creatrix energy of New Creation. We can visualize this powerful Creation seal embedded into our Twin Soul Gateway, uniting both the shadow and light, and our masculine and feminine Divine Self. We then ask to be shown how to daily and devotedly integrate that Creation Truth into our daily reality, so that we don't just connect to it, but we actually become it ... becoming the Essence of the Creation Truth in deep Soul honoring and embodiment!

For a lot of us the energy felt quite stagnant lately, with surges of Light streaming through our bodies that we needed to integrate! In Truth we were being rewired. The energy Now moved forward, and we feel ready and free to dream and create away, choosing new pathways and directions! There might be a new calling for our Soul, but we are also moving away from something or someone, as our Life force has completed its work on one level and wants to move into something new and beautiful! As this transition occurs, we can feel supported and taken care of, although no change is ever easy! 

The energy of the 11-11 Gateway can be strongly felt, but it's still adjusting, so we may feel strong "ups and downs" at this time, with increased body symptoms as we are each tuning into our renewed "skin", meaning that at times we may feel surges of joy followed by waves of void and a lack of orientation! This is normal, so relax and take it easy, dear ascending Beings of Divine Love! We can feel more drained than usual, because so much energy processing is occurring, but at the same time we are so aware and conscious of how to infuse ourselves with Life force, so that we can do anything at any time! We can consciously begin to breathe into a new vision that we might have, take new priorities, start a new devotional routine or an exercise regime! When the energy moves forward, we have to engage with it and become the conscious participants with Life! Grab a hold of your driving wheel and imagine yourself ready to go into new streams of Light, allowing them to take You where You need to be next, Soul aligned and embodied! 

Speaking of Soul embodiment, my latest course finally came out!!! I'm so excited about this, for this is my Soul embodiment course, which is the most synthesized and profound course on the nature of Soul embodiment and Divine Union. In this course You can learn about the most basic nature of integrating your Soul in all of its aspects and Essences fully, through the unifying process of Divine Self Union and through conscious partnerships that reflect that.

The key to this Human-Divine integration is pure feeling, which means that we are practicing the full Presence of it in all our "partial unions" until a complete Self Union and convergence is established within our physical body, which is the temple of our Soul. Soul embodiment is not just about connecting to our Soul (our Source), for it's about bringing its Essence into our Human form fully and consciously. In the Wisdom shared, You will be more at ease with your Human experience here on Earth and its integration through deep understanding ... into every aspect of your Being! 

You can get it on my main page here! Just scroll to the bottom of the page to find my main 3 courses on multidimensional Mastery and many packages as well!

You can view my short presentation here:

As we feel into the 11-11 gateway, are You noticing those 11 signposts and synchronicity that calls You into Unify consciousness yet? This year we have an opportunity (since it's a 9 Universal year of completion) to clear away anything that is no longer authentic to our Soul alignment and embodiment, perhaps even toxic for our Being. We have been clearing so much all year long, and Now this 11-11 code acts as a reset button, wiping the slates clean if we want it to. As Humans we often endure toxic situations much longer than it's actually needed for our Soul growth, simply because we fear the unknown. We are afraid of new experiences because we believe nothing new ever happens to us. But what New can happen to us, if we are not consciously creating it?

Everything begins with the sacred breath of our life force, and so if we continue to breathe into stagnant and passive situations, our Life force gets depleted and our inner reserves temporarily dry out. But we can change that by getting proactive in our Life! The first step is becoming aware of our Creator-hood, the second step is detoxing from what that is not, clearing away the layers that prevent us from fully feeling our Life force and experiencing a Life of bliss, and then creating anew! 

The New is a state of constant Now Moment presence, so when our almighty awakening Presence comes knocking, we have to heed the way! These are powerful transformative times, so we better use it wisely, eliminate the weeds, being only with helpful (co-creative) people and in situations that serve a higher purpose! Our time is valuable, and our value is precious and priceless! So what and who will we spend it on? Fast shifts call out for fast actions!
We have been doing so much cleansing and purging, all so that we would prepare our sacred body vessel to embody more of our Soul. Our Soul is pure creation Light, and so the more Soul we embody, the more creative we are, and that is why many of us have been changing and transforming our earthly vessels and stories into most sacred creations of Source, pure crystalline tuning forks of the Divine! That is how we then use our earthly embodiment to become the most sacred act of most High, a meeting space of Spirit and matter, a Union of the Divine masculine and feminine. We have chosen many triggers and mirrors on this journey, all so that we could unify into Truth and turn our earthly stories into acts of higher service, where our unique realities become a meeting space for the Light of Divine service. What does this mean in practical terms?

Those of us who have chosen the most sacred journey of sacred Union in this lifetime are always functioning through integration waves, which means that we select the proper conditions, people and places that hold proper keys to unlock our dormant potential that then turns from latent into embodied Soul template. For that, we have to honor our sacred Soul agreements and walk through each ring of fire through precision and integrity, for it's integration that bring integrity. 

When we walk through each initiation, we receive the new codes that we have set up for ourselves on higher levels of Being, and this is almost like collecting gifts in a "video game." These are Soul attributes that we acquire as we tune into each new level of our "newfound" templating. The people, places and situations are simply potentials that help us to unlock and integrate our own Essences, each time on a new level of Being.

With more Soul embodiment, we acquire more profound Wisdom that is practical and applied in a sense of what is most beneficial for us and the Whole in any given moment. We may often confuse the needs with what is truly needed, and so as we integrate more of the Soul, the gap of separation between the two will lessen, and we shall experience more Light of Unity. With such embodiment, we will be able to experience more Soul bliss and pleasure, for the physical and ethereal shall merge, as the vertical and horizontal unify more and more. 

With this, we shall feel lighter in our physical form, and we will be able to communicate more from our authentic Soul without any past baggage and filters that clog up our reality. In such a way, our reality becomes purer and more organic, and our life simplifies and beautifies. We no longer need to be addicted to struggle and pain, for it's no longer a part of our New enlightened reality, unless we choose it to be.

With each new integration we recognize a state of completion when a blank slate is presented to us, and we feel the energy truly shifting and moving us forward, regardless of how that feels in the most physical sense. For example, the energy in the physical might shift forward by us wanting to detox, cleanse and clean our physical space and home environment, or start a completely new devotional routine or project. This can be big or small, but the energy will be felt in a profound way internally. The external reality often needs more time to adjust to what we have integrated internally, and that is why we need to give ourselves the proper space of Self honoring to respect that and trust our Human ways and cycles.

Our communication represents whether we are in direct alignment physically or not. Our communication is a direct link between our inner and the outer world, and no regardless of how inwardly aligned we are, if our communication is not authentic and direct, we are creating a lot of entropy and confusion for ourselves and others. With our new upgrades, many will be able to feel more at ease in how they are communicating with others and the world at large, expressing their desires and wishes with great care and precision. We can easily notice a lack in such precision when our physical manifestations lack authenticity on a Soul to body level, so with being aware and present we can quickly shift that as the Masters that we are. We also have to be careful not to leave imprints on others that are based on faulty communication full of projection.

We have to deal with our inner feeling in order to externalize from internalizing first and foremost. When we lack to do so, relationships and situations will continue to repeat until we will master and clear that from our reality and begin anew, with a clean slate. A clean slate in each moment is a state of the mature Soul, one who is ready to be born again in each new moment, within themselves and all of their relationships. This is a state where the past is not what we have once perceived it, and the future continues to be created from our open multidimensionality. This means that we are not rigid and that forgiveness is a state of Being rather than an act.

In these turbulent times of great external turmoil and conflict, it's even more important for us to tune into our loving Hearts, Unity consciousness and a sacred space within our Soul so deep that no one can take it away, no matter what is occurring in the external world! In the Great Truth, our inner world determines our vibrational reality, and as we make peace with that, everything will be unfolding as it has to. We also have to know that we are living in parallel worlds Now, with some of us tuning into the New Earth, and others into the old Earth which is basically just a holographic reality for those who still wish to tune into the lessons of the old world! By knowing deeply which world we belong to, we stay true to our Soul embodiment and the vibrational alignment that we are choosing for ourselves. Breathe and trust, in the infinite Divine Plan of Perfection ... so be it! We are the most powerful peacemakers this way! And so it is!

We are in a transition period which reflects our state of physical well being, where we might need more rest, relaxation and a radical shift in our routine. We are getting ready to shift from one level of experience into another, and here on Earth we don't always see and make sense of those subtle shifts, so we don't understand them. The bigger the energy shifts and adjustments, the bigger the physical changes that will follow. When we choose to live in a completely new way from inside out, that seed manifestation will eventually turn us around until that desire is met, Soul to body!

We are preparing to give birth to a new Creation cycle, to open up for new Love, partnerships and opportunities that will expand us. The energy is always there and potent for us to grab hold of it and use it, taking flight into the New unknown. But because we don't always see physical proof of it, we often spend way too much time analyzing and rationalizing our shifts, or we make them too "ethereal" and dreamy on the other hand, which are two extremes.

We wish to live in the middle path of grounded Soul embodiment, therefore it's important for us to master objectivity just as well as dreamy enthusiasm. When we understand that both are one, our visions will synthesize in unison. Our common sense will come from our intuitive side just as well as our higher vision will connect to our grounded perception. It's Now time to wipe the slate clean of old energy creations, make way for more of New energy mastery and make a wish for that New vibrational space and way of living! We are shifting from mundane routines into a sacred devotional living. The energy is rising, and so are we!

We are here as Humans on Earth, integrating both the Human and the Divine as One! When there is complete harmony between both, we only experience Joy and freedom of Being. On this path, no one else is responsible for our internal healing but ourselves, and we are here to alchemize our evolutionary growth as the New Humans. Our Souls are moving through such immense growth at this time, that our lower bodies (physical, emotional and mental) often need to catch up with the New Light waves. As this is occurring, our Heart will want to move us into situations with the most dynamic tension, so that the growth can be at its optimum level for us. 

Many times we might feel very much at ease with certain situations and people, because we have already mastered those levels of our Human psyche and emotion. And yet, at other times our Heart guides us to situations that are more challenging for our Soul integration, and so we will be met up with more "friction" that will help us to move beyond separation even more deeply than ever so before. This means that we are moving into that which is deeper and more multilayered for our ultimate Soul expansion and Self reunion.

And so as we trust that true Love is always there, no matter what cycle of Love integration we are currently experiencing, everything will come into a natural alignment in its own Divine timing. We are always guided by Love, and here to apply the Wisdom of Soul through the Love of our Human Being, and that is how we are shifting the group Human Soul experience. As we sent forth particles of the Whole out into the vastness of Creation, they all sprung forth simultaneously, in parallel. That is how we know that all aspects of us are equally important, and that we always have connection and instant access to them. So as we move through these intense and tumultuous times, we have to let Love flow freely, our desires be met spontaneously in an undefined way (how and who the energy will come through), and allow the Spirit of Union to always guide our every step and action, for it's our physical actions that most show our explicit levels of vibration! We rise above things not by bypassing or avoiding them, but moving so deeply into them that nothing else is left but Love!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

P.S. And remember! Our dreams are coming true! We don't always see the evidence physically and we don't always feel it so, but we walk the path of a Mystic that just knows! The Truth of simplicity always shows itself to those who trust in the ebb and flow!

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