Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Aries Full Moon: The Enlightened Fool

Dear Beloveds!

We are stepping into a completely new world, or so the energy might feel at this time! The Aries Full Moon began our New Creation cycle which is an extremely New and still unstable energy zone that we have yet to master. Those of us who are choosing the New Earth paradigm and reality are being taken to the next level of our masterful initiation. We have all been mastering Self trust during our personal Ascension journey, and yet when it comes to Ascension as a physical journey of our collective group Fellowship, the level of our trust will have to be deepened. As we will look for Divine companions and relationships outside of us, we will also need to learn to trust others and greater Life circumstances within the New. For that to occur, we have to relieve and let go of everything from the past, which means all the previous relating experiences that we have undergone until Now.

For that to occur, we have to become an enlightened fool, meaning the "Fool" that has gathered the Wisdom of all the previous cycles and Ages and is Now moving into a completely new territory. An "enlightened fool" is not bound to any experiences, for it has become its own powerful Source, a magical Divine child and potency of the infinite Creation. This is the return of all the knowledge back into its Primary Source, without any attachment or "spiritual ego" of what we think we know. The enlightened fool knows how to shapeshift like a powerful chameleon, using the life force of Divine creativity to shift timelines, jump through alternate realities and generating new pathways of freedom and authentic independence, which is not the same as fragmented Soul energy that leaves us confused, disoriented and dispersed! We need to synthesize and unify in order to return to the Great Divine point of Origin, the zero point of our Great "I AM"! 

You can embrace your ascended Mastery in a very natural way here!

It's one thing to know this is occurring, and it's another to make conscious steps that support this new thread of Life. We cannot simply mentally or emotionally relate to this New energy, as it's so different than anything else we have previously known from before. The whole point of a New Creation cycle is to be able to accept a drastically new perspectives and embrace Life changing decisions that might feel very uncomfortable at first. For example, we may have dreamed about something for ages, and yet when the first Initiative finally begins, we might not exactly like how it appears to be. We start looking at it and it might feel as a random materialization, considering its nature to be something old and familiar, following down a similar pathway. For us to be the New (not just in the New), we have to feel our way through everything that will be presented to us at this powerful and yet very intense time.

There are magnetic transformational forces at work, and we simply need to allow them to rush their way through us, allowing them to penetrate our reality and change what needs to be drastically changed. At times these forces will feel brutal, at other times more gentle and graceful, and yet it's all depending on how our current magnetic nature is, and how we are responding to life and corresponding with anything that is of that creative Life Essence. For us to be "in" the New requires us to go as deeply as we can, and many Beings of Love have been struggling with that, moving along a set pathway, only to find themselves walking a rather similar and familiar pathway time after time again. This Initiate for Change Now comes from our Great central nature, the part of us that only knows pure benevolence and Life Force of Creation. Can we learn to trust it, or do we believe ourselves to be separate from it?

The moment when we see things as "this and that" rather than "this or that", a powerful perspective of choice will open up and activate us on a new level. Most people believe that when they choose something, they negate the very existence and choosing of something else, but that in fact is not true. The nature of infinity is such that everything and every choice already exists simultaneously. So when we choose something as our current pathway, we also keep the infinite potentiality of the Whole, and that comes from the perspective of Unity consciousness rather than separation. For us to master this on our spiritual highway, we have to sometimes find a neutral zone (ground) where we are not simply running on an automatic pilot mode. What does this mean? When we follow along the same routines and patterns, we often fail to realize where we sabotage the New energy by re-creating the same patterns over and over again. As we try to move into a new environment, possibly through expanding our horizons through travel or meeting new people, we will see things differently, for our behavioral patterning will shift. We can see and feel the difference set between both, and then see how to make the proper adjustments in order to course correct. Another important thing is to recognize where we still operate from the false perception of perfection. Often we negate things before we even experience and feel them, because we have been pre-programmed to self sabotage in order to build a proper defense system. This means that whenever we feel threatened and weak, we again function from that "autopilot" mode.

How do we transcend this? We have to start seeing where we refuse and fence off things before we even try to move through them, because they are so foreign as a concept or unfamiliar to us, that we set ourselves up for a cancellation from the very start. Things on this planet are evolving and shifting constantly, and a part of that change is our own flexibility, which means moving through our rigid beliefs of perfection that is more static than constantly evolving and unfolding. When we know our state of natural Perfection from within, we understand that this is a state that is in constant fluctuation and movement in flow. When we see things through by facing them in a new way, perhaps how we have never even done it before, we will be open to new ways of integrating and unifying. The key point here is reaching a state of Unity from within, being absent minded and neutral, so therefore indifferent to what is occurring in a linear fashion in order to gain a more neutral perspective on a much grander level, seeing the bigger picture that is larger than just ourselves.

As we move through all these changes occurring, we are realizing that our Ascension is also a planetary one. So many beings Now speak of the "New Earth", but this is not just a label or a dream vision. This is an actual state of vibrational Essence and planetary Union with the crystalline Core of Gaia, our New Earth frequency. For us to merge with it on all levels, we first to have a focused intent that this is the only level of choosing we wish to operate from. So therefore, when we master and synthesize our own polarities and Soul Essences as gifts and attributes, we will want to see them merge with the inner crystalline Essence of the planet Herself, so the Diamond within reaching and merging with the Diamond Heart of Gaia. The diamond frequency has been anchoring on our planet, and Now it's time for us to merge with that crystalline frequency in order to utilize it in our daily lives, in very practical ways and forms.

We are those first few New Initiates, and yet this New space can feel rather "empty" at first, because it's our own sense of "newness" that feels so. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, for we are all still "beginners" in that way. No matter how much Galactic consciousness we have already acquired, and how Super of a Human we consider ourselves to be, this process will reset and reprogram us in a completely new way. There is always something New we will be learning here and Now. But we have to be so present and deeply ready to make this commitment to the New. It might feel so abstract at first, that it would feel almost too simple or "too good to be true" for us. That is absolutely normal as well, for it's just a part of the process. 

This integration shall last until the end of this year, as the 9 Universal year settles and culminates, making way for a new 10/1 frequency of new beginnings. We can either embrace this New Creation cycle or keep doing things the same old way. This will set the trend and foundation for our New Earth template. We might have a sense of just beginning with Life. We might wonder around feeling lost and confused. We might know what we desire and where are going, and yet we don't know how it's all going to unfold. All of this is perfectly okay and natural. We are each where we need to be, so we can rest easily and allow the Greatness of Life force to work its Magic through us!

Are we ready to completely let go and choose the New?

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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