Saturday, October 1, 2016

New Moon: Evolutionary Soul relationships

Dear Beloveds!

It's a time for complete new beginnings, and many of us are already tapping in to a new Creation cycle. We are so going through a major rebirth! As Ascension Pioneers, we have been used to playing so many different roles and personas, including "volunteering, caretaking, assisting, helping", etc. What we are Now rebirthing ourselves into has the potential to alter our reality even more. We are going deeper and so we can become such powerful Beings by expressing what we genuinely love and accept as our authentic reality. If we passively wait for others and Life to always make the first move, we forget that we are Life, that we are the Essence of every desire that was ever held and dreamed within us! To make these dreams come true, we have to become an active force in our reality and take the initiative through recognizing the new potentials!

We shall be feeling the first signs of this New cycle that we initiate Now at the New Moon in Libra (October 1st) on the portal of 10-10. To better prepare for this next evolutionary cycle, try my Cosmic Beloved course! I personally developed this course through Spirit to move us deeper into our Human mastery in enlightened partnerships. This is my most integrated course which connects our multidimensional Cosmic experience with our enlightened Human experience in a unified synthesis. This is the path of the polarized Unity of vertical and horizontal enlightenment as the ultimate Beloved!

Watch my latest Ascension update on this topic:

People in our reality will always reflect these old ideas and illusions to us, especially with the influx of new energy that is happening very rapidly. By embracing our Mastery we accept the freedom within ourselves to express what we desire, need and deserve! This is how we become the most powerful, loving and deserving Creatures of Source beyond any fear and self imposed limitation! Saying yes to ourselves is saying yes to Life! And we are Life, for there is no separation! As we invite ourselves to dance with Life, it will dance with us back right away!

So much is shifting for us lately, can You feel it? It's so challenging nowadays to associate with the old roles now, because we are so brand New! I wrote this powerful decree for our New Mastery: "I refuse to be the teacher and guide, as I embrace the Divine Lover of Life!" This speaks to so many of us who have gone beyond the old and the norm, embracing ourselves as Source Beings and engaging only through sharing our Magic!

The New Moon in Libra occurred on a powerful day of new beginnings of 1 frequency, starting a new energetic month full of positivity, joy and optimism! This is here for us if we want to step fully into the New, no longer carrying things of the past into our Now, witnessing ourselves only as we are here in this moment, not seeking to recreate pleasure from the past but rather creating it in this moment. We need to be truly observant to tell the difference. Powerful gatherings with those of the like path are right in front of us, bringing us new pathways of Self honoring and recognition and sharing that magical sacred space with others.

When we have a gift of a higher refined creativity, we become an Angelic Human who is devoted to serving others by sharing that Spirit Magic with All Life, luring others into more creative ways of living. That which is old and stagnant must drop away, for the New Human is meant to live, explore and constantly create from the Self and with others! At this time we connect with others in a sacred space of genuine authenticity, wisdom and sharing from our Heart! And we watch all else dissolve back into its Prime Light! We are of the Light, and so the Divine Light we wish to recreate in our physicality!

As we enter the Libra New Moon, we will be asked to look at our patterns around relationships. We are entering a new cycle of how we are forging bonds and corresponding with others who might or might not be a part of our Soul tribe! It's very important to see where we still feel hurt and wounded in our dealings with others and why! Our trigger points will usually be shown to us through disappointment, rejection or anger that we might be holding towards others and certain life situations. In the New, we embrace everyone unconditionally as they are, not expecting more from them than what they can currently offer. 

This takes conscious awareness, observance and discernment! We are all One Being, and although not everyone on our path will be able to meet us 100% and share same Love embodiment, we can still receive valuable gifts and experiences from them.

Cutting people off without awareness keeps us in a vicious cycle of isolation and disconnection, for Human beings are social creatures that look up to one another for sharing and support. Of course we need to do that from a place of wholeness, not egoic attachment, which means practicing radical Self Love and respect through relationship just as much as we get to do that by ourselves.

Those of us who are on a path of full devotion to Self mastery cannot project such high ideals and expectations onto others, for what might be our own ideals and requirements will not necessary be that of others as well. But when they will be, all shall flow naturally, so our mastery needs no control and comparison. We have to neutrally see what others can offer us as an exchange for our Love, without getting caught in illusions and projections, as only that way we shall truly love in authentic Soul Truth! 

The evolutionary Soul partnerships that we are Now experiencing as Beings of New Earth are meant to sustain us, so they are no longer "karmic". We have made a powerful transition over the last few years, and we are stepping into a new growth cycle as Souls on Earth. We are moving from app. 6 years of constant Self work of expansion since 2010 into Soul integration through others and shared resources. That is why we Now feel different when it comes to partnerships as we are experiencing a new freedom in relation to that! 

We are Now forging unions with others through maturity and compatibility, which means that we are discerning and therefore no longer see things as aimlessly fleeting and wandering around. We want focused energy and we wish to bathe in the kind of receptivity that reflects our own unconditional giving.

But we shall clearly know when our giving is not unconditional, for others will instantly reflect that to us. As Divine Lovers of Life, we are ready for new experiences in loving partnerships, sharing and connecting with others and synergizing! We wish cooperation, new ideas and inspiration, which come from harmonious resources that we share through another. For that, our inner masculine and feminine need to meet and join as One, and so many have been undergoing this alchemical process/marriage for years!

It's not an event, so therefore the journey might have felt long and strenuous, and yet it was worth it because we have arrived at a powerful new gateway, the gateway of personal freedom and liberation that meets devotion and commitment, within ourselves and reflected through others. It's time for merging, entwining and dancing together, playfully and joyfully as One Being! We have arrived, so let's connect and commune! Our next evolutionary stages will flow through the social archetypes of our Soul Essence! This is the time, enjoy and surrender to this magical journey that yet awaits! 

The energy asks us to tune into a new Creation cycle that is right before us, a shifting reality, a new premonition and inner knowing felt in our Heart. A warrior of Truth must never look back to Self fulfill and seek pleasure from things that have come to pass. A true seeker of Truth will live boldly and courageously in each moment that offers itself in the present, without aimlessly wandering and seeking. Truth is already there, and it takes constant devotion to align, courage and perseverance! Others do not hold answers for us, not they are our Source. We are to bravely initiate our new Creation cycle on our own instead of passively waiting.

A Master of Creation knows exactly where they are headed, surrendering the details about the journey to Spirit. And don't forget, the moment You think You already know everything, your journey of awareness is blocked. This often happens to those who experience awakening for the first time, and so they prematurely wander off instead of doing the proper integration work! 

Be willing to always meet yourself beyond all that You already know, and do not try to be smart, but seek Wisdom of Truth instead. To be more graceful means to be softer, to yourself and others! Allowing the rigid ways, judgments and barriers to dissolve is the awareness of a tantric Master/Mastress!

The New Moon in Libra brings new blessings from the Divine! Open up to embrace them fully, let new Light into your Life as a Divine Lover! You can embody the Purity of Grace!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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