Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Equinox: The Era of sacred partnerships

Dear Beloveds!

We are in a beautiful period of forward movement, with the Sun moving into Libra, Mercury going direct, Sun conjuncting Jupiter and a New Moon forming at the end of this week October 1st, also in the sign of Libra. If You have been feeling completely spaced out or disoriented lately, but at the same time so full of peace and ready to move forward, this is that forward momentum You have been waiting for. The Universal energy is pushing us towards a new Life cycle which begins next month. We are just about to enter into a completely new space, somewhere we have not yet gone before as Masters of the New. Yes, this is uncharted terrain, but we are forming new companionships and alliances, doing the communal dance of partnership and cooperation. We have to slowly let go of the idea that we are alone in this Universe and on Earth. We are all currently undergoing the most powerful transformation! Many Masters have already spoke of a transmutation of a complete cellular evolution, when our Soul is profoundly altered into a new state of consciousness! Now the time has come for many to walk that path. Yes, Mastery of the New is something that chooses us when we are ready, devoted and committed to the liberation of our Spirit, the rising of our Life force!

This is a time of huge shifts and changes, and many around the planet are having profound awakening experiences! This is all according to the Divine plan, for that which is meant to be will always play out for the greater good eventually! The changes that we are experiencing internally are causing us to undergo external shifts in our Life direction. The things we are experiencing very strongly Now, are definitely a part of our Life purpose! If we find ourselves overwhelmed and confused with all of the New, we can quickly move into our Heart and simply trust the feeling that we have about that something or someone New on our path. We have to know that when something is aligned with us and our path 111%, we will get constant messages of confirmation about it, because the guardians and Angels always support those that are participating in this grand gesture of awakening! Old things will begin to fall away and new ones will begin to line up for us, almost as if by Magic. All guidance is partial guidance, revealing bits and pieces to us one by one, and when it's time for the grand scenario to be known and recognized, we will simply know and make changes accordingly! We simply have to trust that we have never truly been alone! There is so much support for our physical Ascension ... It's not just earthly, it's Universal! We have to let go the rigid ways of doing it all alone and being independent all the time! The New lies not in codependency, but rather interdependency. In order for us to generate and experience that, we had to walk through many layers and facets of Love, including the codependent Love. We had to expand our Human spectrum of emoting, so that one day we could transcend it and blossom into newness. So anything or any new relationship that You are being magnetically pulled into Now, know that it's a part of a much larger and destined unfolding and path, and that suddenly all of the puzzle pieces that we have gathered on our journey will slowly be coming together. When we are drawn to something or someone, we can simply say to ourselves: "Why not?" This is a very powerful decree that makes us totally open and unbiased, without preconceived ideas on what it means to be a good Human and what is right or wrong.

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Our only New comes from pure experience in the moment, unaltered and untainted. As we embrace our greater and ever growing power, our emanations on the planet are rising, and our Ascension path is no longer about acquiring more knowledge, but rather putting it all into good use. We are New, every time, in every circumstance and relationship, and this is the only key to ultimate Soul liberation and expansion. And we simply have to allow ourselves this fresh newness and openness. We are growing immensely at this time, with Spirit working its Magic behind the scenes, always!

As our power in our Human body starts to rise, our emanations become stronger influences of Light that we may Now begin to notice more broadly and in greater capacity. This means that we are bringing our Ascension and descension into our daily lives. We are ready for this magical new chapter that begins next month, within a 1 Universal frequency.

The New Moon will set the stage for what is yet to come. We are forging new "contracts" with others that are going to move us further along our descended Ascension, which means that our skills and resources will get wider and expand. We are capable of doing so much more together than alone, which will take us on a new path of Self understanding and that of others and the New Earth. It's easy to talk about the New Earth, but to actually experience it through our unique creations is something else. These will flow through our sacred Heart in Unity consciousness and last generations to come. The thing is that the New Mastery energy is fast and explosive, based on Divine passion. This means that we have to learn to observe the waves of how it slowly and steadily penetrates into our new consciousness. We can no longer project the old reactions or beliefs onto New energy, because it's so New and like a completely blank slate.

Watch my video about the Magic of New Unions here:

In a way we are like Ancients who are learning how to walk again. So we are not infants, and yet there is a learning curve as to the New energy we are beginning to master and cultivate for the greater good. This next month will begin a powerful new chapter of Love, intimacy, companionship and Bliss. We will take this into the next year of new beginnings on our New Earth, as we liberate ourselves and the collective ... one Soul at a time, together as One, always!

On September 15th it was my birthday week! We then went through a most powerful Eclipse and had a triple 9 portal (9.9. in a 9 Universal year), Jupiter moving into Libra and Mercury retrograde, and it was all meant for us to truly find the most important things in our reality that move us into Self mastery. We are all being moved forward one way or the other, as new beginnings are here for all of us. We are tapping into the vast potentials of abundance in the New, which is being supported through the Joy of our Soul!

The humble devotion that we feel in deep surrender to Divine Love is what reveals to us every thread of what is truly important. And that is the only true root of our Power ... To love truly and devotedly, without any pretenses and masks, honestly and openly with a pure Heart! As we follow the Wisdom of the Heart, the Heart follows us! A blessing is woven in time, signifying the nature of Divine timing, and how all knowing is born when it's time for it!

Watch my video on the power of Soul transmutation:

New people and connections are coming our way with Jupiter moving into the sign of Libra, and we are entering a cycle of Soul evolutionary partnerships! This means that every partnership and communion that we begin at this time will have a deep and lasting effect on our Soul's journey of Ascension. We need to allow ourselves to be free and spontaneous. True Love is pure Magic, and the more we anchor that in our daily lives, the more that alchemical Magic will become an external blessing in our reality. 

We are also receiving new ideas, and the light of the Lunar Eclipse in Pisces (which occurred on the 16th) will deepen that vision and ask us to make it a reality, because we still have that Neptune square Saturn going on! Yes, we have been learning how to materialize our spirituality all this time, so the completion of this waning influence will bring us more solidity and stability. It will be a time to explode like a giant Supernova and learn new ways of Being.

What is happening with these new partnerships:

No matter how masterful and comfortable we have gotten in our pursuits, the ascending nature of our Soul will always push us forward into the uncomfortable New! Every new beginning is a blessing, and often just when we think we have something totally figured out, something new comes along. And we are right there, ready for a new leap into the vast unknown! The energy feels very expansive, but it's also time for all of us to simplify our lives in order to make more room for the New, get our ducks in a row and finish all the pending business that yet awaits. The time of procrastinating and idealizing is ending, as we are approaching the second Eclipse of completion, entering into the preparation for a New Creation cycle! 

What can we do to finish at least something we are visualizing as a goal or deeply yearning for? How can we show up for ourselves and others in deep commitment to that culmination? We can choose one new thing/choice each day, and see how that shifts our energy almost instantly. The focus on the simple things shifts the big things for us naturally and effortlessly! And remember ... easy does it, one step at a time in this powerful time!

The energy has been super intense lately, and the body has its own language and will. The Eclipse & Equinox activation wants to move us through all the resistance and anything unwanted for our New Life in the New Earth as Ascension Pioneers. And releasing such a heavy lifting can often make us feel super drained and fatigued, exhausted even ... which is a natural part of our body integration. Go easy on yourself, and remember that You are moving from being a warrior of Light into a Divine Lover of Life, so any old beliefs around that are good to go! 

Watch my latest energy update and Light activation about that:

Although every new Creation begins with a Big Bang, a bubble ready to burst and pop, we still need lots of patience to always come back into center and refrain. What is it that needs our attention in the Now? Are we fulfilling our personal vows? Are we growing through all that we do, or are we just running around? Everything that we are to create anew should come from a space of Divine Love, a sea of Greater good! This is a space without the "could" or "should", as all comes into a point of stillness, the Great Creation void that makes all Life possible! 

As we breathe into our every making, we shall always be present with what we are creating! When the Great void becomes a fearless undertaking, we shall know that to be truly liberated and free, is to Become of our own making. This is a state of consciousness when we fully trust the Self, and trusting Life! Nothing is impossible, for everything already exists as an infinite potential of Source!

This post Eclipse season (lasting until the next Eclipse cycle) is always deeply healing and cleansing for our Soul. And boy, what a transition and rebirth this is for so many of us! We are also approaching the September Equinox, which is a time of the year when our Souls strive to create a more refined state of balance. When we focus on becoming the radiant Pillar of Divine Love, we are living our highest calling beyond all the goals and missions, and this is what anchors us into the purpose of being a New Earth leader, a wayshower within greatness of infinite potential. 

For us to become that in our embodiment, we had to go through many trials and tribulations that have often led us through chaos and confusion, because we had to move through so much of the old energy on the planet in order to transmute it. The path of chaos also makes us grow through the unknown and unfamiliar, which is learning to accept life in its infinite possibilities, which are always limitless. We have been learning through growing pains that the Soul can feel and experience while in Human form, and yet something is shifting for us Now.

We are softening, and there is a greater glow of our Angelic Self that wants to descend through us and move us along a new pathway. That path requires us to allow for more softness and vulnerability, for we have cultivated enough strength that we can Now ease into more Love. We have become fierce warriors of Light, and Now it's time to also surrender into more Love. A simple exercise would be to visualize that softening occurring around our Heart center, and then slowly spreading out into our entire energy field. As we imagine the Light body merge occur, we can feel softer and lighter, with a greater glow about us! This is also how our earthly experiences will expand and become wider and more welcoming, softer and brighter! This ease is happening through a Divine dispensation, and it's here for everyone who is willing to deeply surrender into it! This is especially true for those of us who have been playing the "warrior" game for far too long. We Now wish to extend our wings into becoming more graceful and Angelic, as Divine Lovers of All Life in Creation.

This is happening, and after the Eclipse many people shall feel more tired, drained and fatigued than usual. This equates to a massive energy release and download at the same time. Imagine carrying around so much baggage and various burdens, which suddenly begin to fall away, dissolving into the Light of Source. This is how this Eclipse feels like, for Divine Law of compensation means that as much as we release from our energy body, that much we shall also receive. And those new energy Light packages have been streaming and pouring through quite intensely, causing us to rest and reflect more, allowing our bodies to integrate all of that Light. This culmination is also more powerful because it happens within a month of completion, which is a triple 9 frequency, so everything that we release and let go of Now, has more potency within it to transform and ... transmute!

Many beings still imagine Ascension as simply floating away somewhere "up there", and yet it's nothing like that when it occurs in our physical bodies, Our physical bodies on this planet (planetary DNA has origin from many different Star DNA Races and lineages), have been preconditioned, structured and manipulated in so many various ways, so that is why Now such a deep release is occurring for so many people all around the world. Each one of us is experiencing this shift on our own level of awareness and vibration, but the change is imminent for everyone. 

The planet is changing, and so are we. Some of us have been working through different planetary and Star alliances and experiments for Eons of time, and we have always been preparing for this time. We have been well prepared, and Now it's our time to rise up and do our job. The job is simply to experience all of what we know in our Human form, in our actual Human embodiment, so that it's our physicality that transforms and ascends. As we do so, we become a sacred offering for all that is ready and willing to transform.

So if You are feeling more tired and drain than usual, do not despair, because this is actually a good thing. Imagine everything that does not support your physical well being and Ascension to slowly leave your body and earthly experience. Imagine growing roots into the planet which make You more secure and abundant, so that You are always provided for, which means that You always get exactly what You need. All the rest it's safe to let go of. Then imagine yourself becoming a sacred vessel for Divine Love, which is your only mission and "occupation" from Now on ... and all that truly matters in order for us to create enough highly vibrational physical vehicles in order to transform en masse. Many beings of various vibrations from "on high" are Now here, incarnated and embodied. Remember that incarnating and embodying is not the same, for the Soul embodiment requires a lot of processing and devotion after we incarnate here as a Human.

Here is my video on energy channeling and body work:

One more important thing is to really visualize the fullness and completion of your Soul embodiment, which is Now becoming less of a struggle and hardship, and more of a constant sustenance of Light that works always and forever for your Ascension, day and night, with great devotion and diligence. You know who You are, and it is safe to own and embody your Soul's luminous Light. This is how we shall expand in the New, creating mutually benefiting Soul partnerships and Love relationships, which will become the Wayshowers and Pillars of the New Age, in our beautiful New Earth. 

Even if it remains just as a vision for some, we still have to trust in that vision and believe in the perfection and Divine timing of the Divine intelligence of All Life in Creation. Choose Love every day, for yourself and others, and You shall be able to transmute anything into its New ascended form!

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Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn 

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