Tuesday, October 4, 2016

New Creation cycle & The Mission of a Creation Pillar

Dear Beloveds!

There is a whole lot going on for us at this time! We were just upgraded by a new energy wave, a Creation wave that will push us into an upcoming new Creation cycle! We can feel this personally and collectively, micro and macro! With this new wave, our dreams will be created much faster Now, because a lot of us are bringing the timeless nature of our Being into our physical embodiment. With this awareness, we are embodying more of our multidimensional presence which is integrating with our Human form. We are opening up, emotionally growing up on a Heart level and evolving to a new level of being Human. As we grow up on a Soul level, we realize that Self Love is only half of the entire equation of Divine Love. When the Love of Self meets the Love of All Life in deep compassion, we embrace what it means to live in Unity consciousness. And with all the changes that we will experience during this 1 frequency month, we still need to know that alterations in the physical occur step by step, so there is no need to rush or make things happen forcefully. Regular time-outs actually help us to tune into the new energy and align on a Soul to Human level. It's time to learn how to bring the infinite into the finite and merge the gaps between the two, creating one cohesive Unit! We are so much more that we have ever dreamed of, and with this physical Ascension our brain is being wired to its primal unlimited capacity!

Great Change is upon us, and we can feel it in Nature's embrace. Listen to the shifting winds, pay attention to every message and sign, because it all leads You into the new unknown! We had an influx of new energy in our Alpine portal at the beginning of the week, heavy lightnings with massive light downloads and snow in the high mountains! I hardly got any sleep but I was super excited about all the New! These energies take time to integrate fully, so go easy on yourself and practice full on body compassion and well being!

In the month of October, we are entering into a karmic completion, initiating the next evolutionary cycle of our Soul. This will be a completion of many years in the making and it will be deeply felt and apparent for everyone, those that have been on a spiritual pilgrimage for years Now and those who are merely just beginning their Soul embodiment quest. This is a magical process that brings us much potential yet untapped, and we can either fear it or see it as enchanting and mysterious. Either way, we must go through the veils in order to generate new things. We are clearing our space of that which no longer serves us and moving into a brighter future, especially regarding our partnerships. As Humans we are social creatures and we are meant to connect and share Love. But for us to initiate this New Soul cycle, we have to first bless and release everything from our past. If we are still wondering about the purpose and meaning of everything, we may miss the point that everything has purpose and a reason for existence.

But as Humans we can't always dissect and define it, so we must surrender that control, let go and let God! We are blessed with the New when we can instantaneously release any experience as it comes and goes, not overthinking or analyzing it! This is how we set our minds free and allow relationships to be what they are, allowing them to become what they are meant to become and open up to new evolutionary ways of relating. We are creating a powerful alchemy through that, and although many people are still clinging to the past and old unforgiveness, it is those first few of us who will really cross the threshold and shed Light on our relating experiences in a new way. We are laying the ground work, and we are setting the stage! Who wants to come and play? 

As New Humans, being playful means to be attentive to what is occurring in the Now and blossoming into it step by step. As Humans we often want to get everything right Now and fast! But as enlightened Humans we are learning about the Essence of structure in time. In this archetype we are being reminded of long term goals and commitments which means building things like new projects and relationships over time. In Truth, wisdom only works through and develops in time, so great accomplishments do not happen over night, for all great works of art are a constant work of devotion and diligent dedication. As our commitment to the Self grows, so do our authentic relationships and life dreams. True lasting foundations develop over time, go through many layers and stages of death and rebirth, life reviews and renewals that lead into powerful new beginnings. As Humans we often see only a tiny percentage of the whole, which often makes us make assumptions and develop certain beliefs, for our perceptions are limited by time. Only when we can step out of time for a while, can we bring timeless wisdom into our reality and create lasting structures from it. Love grows and develops through time, not controlled Human perceptions. As we mature spiritually and emotionally, physical maturation/embodiment will reflect that! Wise are the Ones who exist in time beyond time and co-create everything within this awareness!

This Libra New Moon is anchoring such a beautiful frequency within us, which is full of receptivity and abundance. Libra is all about a natural state of harmony and equanimity, so it's necessary that we weed out anything that we no longer need on our journey for any particular reason that no longer feels good! We are narrowing everything down in order to live a balanced life of New Earth simplicity. Our Ascension should no longer feel hard or strenuous, but rather easy going and natural. The more organic we are with ourselves, the more Life will flow, and the more abundance we will create and experience! We are being guided into a more genuine and authentic life that truly reflects Self love and compassion for all Life! Our dreams are always valid and born of our Soul desire, a gift of Creator! Whether or not we believe in them is our choice! So we can question all the beliefs that don't support us choosing through the Soul! Questioning and examining will increase our confidence in the long run!

This time is also bringing such pure alignment with perfect balance! Our routines are being upgraded to a whole new level. Personally, I have been slowing down and learning how much more abundant flow is generated through conscious receptivity in action! We do less and create more, and Life just flows! The mind may still wander off and want to constantly plan, and yet the body's wisdom is growing stronger and louder! Roar!

I wish to share a personal confession about my purpose as well. I was embodied on this planet to bring through the Essence of the White Ray in Unity consciousness and cohesive nature of All Life in Creation. The mission of a Creation Pillar within their own Vortex is to anchor and bring back the Primary Creation Principles/seals of Creation, through the conscious devotion to embody these Essences in their own physical vessel and restore back the original Divine Plan of Perfection. You see, as a Creation Pillar I channel massive amounts of energy because on an etheric level I hold a lot of energy, but to bring it down into earthly physicality the vessel needs to be strong enough and well sustained! During my path of Self remembrance, I also came to a point where I exhausted my body and my nervous system in the past few years since it's all been an uphill climb for me ... until recently! I began to make love with the fullness of me, activating my Creation Self/Divine child in a gentle invitation to receive more from Life, as the Essence of Life itself.

As I decided to step deeper into my body and Soul integration, a lot of things have been revealing themselves and changing for me! I have been neglecting this part of me for many years, but for the last year I AM growing stronger into it! It's essential for our physical Ascension to get proper body work for physical integration and currents of energy to run through us at their optimum rate! This is how the "as above" meets the "so below"!

I created a video documentary that explains the mission of a Creation Pillar in great depth and detail.

You can watch the video here:

I explain more about the reason behind this video here:

There are many and several portals into the New Earth Paradise on the planet, and the Alps are one of these majestic anchor points. In Truth, each Creation point/Pillar has its own corresponding earthly embodiment in a Human form. What does this mean and what is the purpose of a Creation Pillar in Human form? As the sacred Ascension flame was carried throughout the many lands, it was decided where each Ray of the New Earth meridians would be, and so the great call went out to the sacred Guardians of these places, the so-called 64 Creation Pillars that hold within them the perfected design of the New Earth template.

These sacred Guardians are Ancient Beings, the Galactic and Celestial Guardians of the Great legacy of the Stars that came into Being at the Prime Spark in the Great Divine Design, the Divine Plan of Perfection, for this planet from the very beginning of its Creation. The sacred Guardians have held this sacred template from the very beginning of time, ans so as the Great 64 Pillars representing the Flower of Life (sacred Dakinis)/seals of Creation came into Being, each held within them their highest level of purity of the immaculate Design. Each Creation Pillar, known to All Life in Creation as a Creation Angel, was completely aligned with its mission and purpose, to the very last detail. They hold this design in the Higher Realms, and as they descend they anchor the "As above so below" Creation Truth. They are descending down through the ethereal energies, dropping into the physical form only through the Majestic Creation Pillar they are associated with.

Welcome to the Great portal of the Alps, the magical Gateway of Purity and simplicity of Being in Unity consciousness. The Great portal of the New Earth is located here, which is the Home of the sacred fire of the White Ray Essence, which is a synthesizing Ray of Unity consciousness that promotes harmony and simplicity of Being, Soul liberation and true embodied freedom of the Soul. The White Ray is required as a synthesis of all of the natural elements, as well as all other rays of embodiment. The White Light is the Light of the Absolute Truth, which is required for all true spiritual seekers, aspirants and Initiates that are seeking to embody Divine Truth and Perfection of the Holy Spirit. When the Initiate of Spirit is ready to ascend on a Soul level, they are first required to perform a synthesis of all of their experiences of the Soul and the previously mastered cycles.

Through the White Ray, one is ready to clear away absolutely everything that is no longer beneficial for the Soul and its genuine evolution, and enter into a completely new cycle of experience of Being. Through a sacred purification act and ritual, the Soul is ready to become crystallized and pure in its authentic Essence of the Prime Light. The Soul is ready to ascend, descend, and illuminate through its experience of the overlighted Mastery. Yes, the White Ray of the Absolute Truth is also a ray of clarity, deep understanding and crystallized wisdom. Through walking the pathway of clarity and devotion to the highest, a spiritual seeker is ready to become a spiritual knower and Master of Self, in its complete Soul integration.

The level of wisdom that is crystallized marks the pathway of walking in devotion to Unity consciousness and becoming an Universal guide for others, the fellow seekers moving into the embodied Light of Unity. As One masters and refines themselves through Soul alchemy of the White Ray, one is fully liberated, authentically free in the flow of their Life force, therefore becoming a true channel for the Life force of the Great Spirit. The Initiation into the White Ray of the Absolute in total Purity might require many lifetimes and dedications to the One through the right thought, word and action. The deeds of the Soul go through a "karmic recycling" and absolution, which acts as a dissolution of all that is untrue and within distortions and illusions. Here, One must be ready to witness, recognize and hold everything within the Truth alignment. This requires complete Divine trust, strength and courage.

When One is ready for such a Revelation, all the Soul processes that are accrued within the White Ray shall unfold naturally, without any pressure or egoic will, for the Soul matures and becomes ready to enter into the Divine Will of the Great One, the Source of All Life in Creation, as Divine masculine and feminine aspect of God/Goddess/Godhead. The Initiation into the White Ray is between the Initiate and Spirit, for it is not an act of outside stories and delusions. This is not about external proof and confirmation. Therefore, One must become completely surrendered from the outside appearances, expectations, judgments, comparisons and other selfish egoic pursuits that come from separation consciousness. There are many levels of attaining Unity by transcending separation, and yet the White Ray is that "final" destination for the Initiate of physical Ascension.

It is the "final call" towards true Soul Purity, devotion and dedication to the most High and Self mastery. This is how One initiates the physical Ascension pathway through Soul alchemy, which can only occur when all other Ray experiences are gathered from seeming fragmentation and synthesized as One Whole Unit, fully unified. When this is ready to occur as an inner Soul alchemy, One will know it, for there will be no more separation between them and their Higher Self. This means that One will become the crystalline embodiment of their Higher Self in Golden/Christed consciousness and the sacred White Fire of All Life in Creation. This path begins with complete understanding, respect and compassion for All Life in Creation, meaning all experiences and Life forms. Such are the spiritual laws that lead One into the understanding of Creation Principles and Unity consciousness. Such are the chosen requirements for the path of physical Ascension.

So, what is the Soul embodiment process like in these powerful times? The changes that are occurring in the physical body Now are dating way back to the Primary roots of the Human embodiments and the Fall from Grace, when men and women no longer felt that they have everything provided for them naturally, leaving them thinking that Now they have to earn it, strive for it and make it happen the "hard way." This belief also generated other beliefs and distortions of separation, such as: "There is never enough, my Source does not provide for me, my Source is not naturally abundant, etc." For that reason, overcompensation and hard effort through strenuous pressure came into Being and became the norm. In Truth, Source always was, Is and continues to Be pure Abundance, but it was a Human decision to choose this state and a perception of lack through the fallen frequency (forgetting), in order to learn how to become their own conscious co-creators.

In the first stages of such Soul evolution, there was a pressure to create and produce, to make things happen, which later brought forth competition and comparison, war like mentality, etc., for not all were evolving simultaneously, at the same level of Soul evolutionary stages. The results of it all are still highly visible in our modern day world, where there are all sorts of energy patterns, from greed, overcompensation and forceful materialization. Only when a Soul matures into its wholeness and Self mastery, can these tendencies slowly be let go of, and a New integration template set into motion.

When One fully merges with the Universal laws and Principles of Creation, they do so with the Divine Abundance and harmony as well. On that level, they no longer need to strive, work hard and even "manifest" to produce and go against the natural flow of Divine Creation. On that level, they strongly start resisting all the patterns that seemingly held them into Being, refusing to live that way anymore, wanting again to be nurtured and held only by Divine Love and manifest through the surrendering into the Great Life force. Divine Love is truly their true Divine origin and natural stat of heritage. And so their bodies then begin to merge with their enlightened minds and hearts, seeking full Union and illumination, ready to fully live in the perfect Balance of the embodied Soul as Divine Lover of all Life in Creation.

And as for me, I AM illumined! My purpose of a Creation Pillar is expanding and initiating new pathways! The path is often hermit like and not always easy, but I love every second of staying devoted to the Truth of Unity consciousness and my sacred portal point in the Alps!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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