Monday, August 1, 2016

How to live as a sovereign Master

Dear Beloveds!

So, who are the New sovereigns and how are we going to live from Now on? We are right in the midst of New Life, although Life is always and constantly happening. We Now stand bare naked in front of this simple Truth, ready to fully digest it with arms wide open. A lot of us knew this already, but the living reality experience Now wants to be fully understood and embodied. It's almost like learning to fly with the idea of flying already placed inside of our Divine minds. This recent unfolding is happening for those who have consciously embraced their mastery, walked the needed steps, did their inner work of Soul integration and synthesis in Unity consciousness, ready to become their own Sovereign by practicing the ultimate integrity and discernment. This can almost be seen as a Graduation point of sorts, although we never fully graduate from Life because of its nature in constant expansion. This current Life cycle just makes us so much more aware, present and embodied. But what comes after this period of Life, might we wonder?

The next steps will be all about how to live the art of that conscious discernment and masterful attainment in daily practice. How to make Life a permanent playground of happiness, which is no longer about the pursuit of happiness and the idea of "Ascension" through mental or emotional processes, but entering the actual path of physical Ascension. This is not coming from separation, because we are simply aligned with our current level of integration and embodiment. So saying that a few Masters in training have passed that level is simply a fact that speaks on its own.

This is my video on attaining and maintaining our sovereign Mastery:

I also created an Audio course about how to live our Master Sovereign, so attain and maintain it. You can get it here!

This audio course is designed for all the sovereign Masters in training, initiates of Spirit and Ascension Pioneers who are on their path of complete Self mastery of the Sovereign Soul Self and potentially physical Ascension. If You feel this to be your calling and path in Life, this audio course will help You to further activate this and live it daily in your life. The course is meant to help You to bring this consciously into your daily reality and personal relationships with others and the world at large, to eventually become a complete sovereign within your own Soul domain. If this resonates with You, then You are guided by your Soul to further integrate this Wisdom.

Our lives and how we live them in daily devotion to that attainment are a witness of this process as it continues to develop and grow. Many might come to our personal Vortex and even question us, because they are not yet there and they do not have their personal understanding developed yet. Understanding is only born out of experience that becomes integrated Wisdom. We might have the knowledge, and yet discernment only comes through constant practice, the development of our Soul character over time and the maturation of our Soul.

A lot of us had to walk through many pitfalls and fall into many gutters to know how to life ourselves up, and this process was needed so that we could assist others one day, which are those that have chosen to master themselves and their own Soul energy in this lifetime or another, meaning those who have taken a vow to ascend and are choosing this consciously, regardless of the goal or success that we ascribe to this process on a mental level.

In Truth, once we choose Ascension, we must also realize that it will have its own Divine timing for us, and that we must allow for this organic process to unfold in every cycle of our personal mastery. We are always focused on mastering ourselves once this choice is taken, and yet there comes a time when One knows that they have arrived at their own personal God consciousness attainment. Many still don't believe about this perfection of Human embodiment because their personal visions have gotten so foggy and unclear, blurry even ... from all the painful experiences they have been choosing through free will.

The fact of physical Ascension is such that One must begin choosing Divine Will, which is not a predetermination only state of understanding, bur rather a knowing that from Now on, a much bigger part of us is now in charge, which is our God sovereign Self, no more our fragmented/separate self. The understanding for this must come from a Soul evolved enough to know and feel that they are ready for it, for they have passed all of their previously chosen lessons and experiences that carried them from the path of Self healing into the path of physical Ascension.

In a higher Truth, the lines of dimensional spaces and consciousness attainment are rather blurred, so it's not so white and black, and yet there is a fine line that assures One that they have stepped from one path onto another. When such a timing would come, One would simply know it, for they would be activated into a feeling state that makes that a living reality for that particular Human embodiment. They would simply know that to be true and every opportunity presented to them from there on will align with that Truth.

In the Truth of eternal Source and infinite Creation there are many levels of awareness and attainment and yet from the perspective of Unity all is One. But for those of us who are learning to take those first baby steps as the New ascended Masters of New Earth, new guidelines are coming, because as of Now, very few Masters in training and constant expansion were capable of holding that much Light quotient in a Human body. They would rather choose to dissolve, move into spiritual Ascension or continue their journey onward "somewhere" else, assisting without a body.

What we are capable of doing Now is moving with the Life Force of the planet that is ascending, collaborating with it for a mutual gain. Yes, when the quotient for enough sovereign Masters in Human embodiment is fulfilled, this becomes a Divine decree of Prime Source to pave the way for such physical resurrections. Those who feel that to be their path will simply know this, but they also won't focus so much on personal goals only, for they will also understand that this Ascension we are moving into Now, is both individual and planetary One, so our Life Force is a collaborative effort of Spirit in Unity.

Those who have been called to this path as the first wave have nothing to do with belonging to a particular group, such as the many religions, new age and spiritual movements or even the "Ascension" circles. Each Master is already a sovereign unto their own Self, so the decision to become that in physical form creates a withdrawal of their Life Force from anything less than, inauthentic and dense to degree that it would limit their own resurrection process. Because of this many have been called to completely withdraw from engaging with the physical world the way they used to before, which includes other people and relationships that we are forming with them.

This does not mean that we are becoming the isolated Hermits, alone on top of a Mountain peak. This simply means that this process requires a solid withdrawal in order to initiate this new chapter of embodied Mastery. Each sovereign Being has undergone this process, and those who are yet to walk those footsteps will continue to be guided so in their own Spirit timing.

Because this physical Ascension is also lifting the body along with the planet, we are being guided to spend much time/presence with the Presence of Nature, which is the planetary Life Force in its physical embodiment. So just like our own body temples serve as our own vehicles for the embodiment of consciousness that becomes Life Force, the same goes for Nature and all its magnificent beauties. So those who are guided to immerse in the natural worlds at this time, do so for many other reasons than just adoring the physical beauty of the planet.

This process is once again reestablishing the disconnected link with the Divine Mother's Life Force, so that it can help our final ascending phase into the New Earth. There is no New Human without the New Earth, because otherwise our Ascension would be only a spiritual one, but those choosing physical Ascension are moving with the new Light body of Gaia. This is a very simple dynamic that we can easily understand if we ask for the true Creation Principles (held by the almighty Elohim and many other Beings of higher celestial Realms and God realms) to be shown to us, through simple examples, Nature living and the Heart centered Human logic (not a mental reasoning).

Through this ascended perspective we are Now gaining much greater clarity, we are becoming our best and highest company that no longer needs to compromise the Self and Divine integrity in order to fulfill our Soul desires. We have embraced the pain and the doubt and walked on through to the other side, which is complete Divine Trust and the knowing that every single potential that we need to realize already exists, and that by trusting our Life Force, we will physically get there so simply, without strenuous effort on our part.

Because we have replaced our fragmented free will with a much larger Divine Will, we are Now feeling Life as more abundant, resourceful and rich with boundless Beauty. The phrase of the land of milk and honey cannot even compare to what is possible for us once we claim our sovereign choice and Mastery in its fullness, and through a playful exploration of it all, we will slowly get all the evidence in practical ways. We simply need to trust and know that this is so, because all good comes to those who create it. Masters do not try, they simply know the Truth and in the choice to live it, they simply do!

Are You ready to become your enlightened Sovereign Self and choose for yourself without any external input? We are still participating with other Life forms, but we do so from first tapping into our own Source connection. There is simply no more need to trust another or the external circumstances over ourselves. Masters are sovereigns and that is how they are choosing to live! Because of that so much in our Life is falling away, which mostly relates to how we spend our time and what we feed our energy. It needs to be Life affirming and authentic for us on a God Self level Now, for nothing less will do for a Master sovereign!

The path ahead can become very natural, spontaneous, magical and adventurous, with the refined Self expressions we are choosing to live Now! The path onward is full of creative potential that we will be turning into a reality in times yet to come, nourishing many Souls who are following our footsteps simply by being who we are, for there is no greater service than that within the Divine Will of Unity consciousness.

We are learning to cultivate true Bliss of the Soul. It's a common Human thing to do to jump from one activity to another, leaving very little room for post Bliss, the afterglow of pure Magic! Every activity invokes an Essence within us, but then we don't always allow it to ripe within us, to stretch ourselves beyond the comfort zone and leave the space of pure Magic to blossom, for the alchemy of Soul to do its thing. Maturation of Soul takes place in those silent moments between our actions and deeds, Spirit answers come and the voice of our all encompassing Self can easily be heard! It is so easy and so simple, but we tend to make it so hard on ourselves. Why? Simply because we have gotten used to it and it's the best way we know how.

But in constant expansion and evolution of Soul, there is always more! And if we wish to expand and taste that Bliss, we will have to go beyond the known and familiar. This is almost like resting after a stretching exercise or nesting within after a Soul orgasm! For us to create our New Human Bliss experience, it's something we need to start doing, or better yet allowing to be done through us. For when we are truly undone, the New always comes! When we allow ourselves to pause, rest and reflect, we will actually be able to do much more with less effort and allow our Soul to soar in its infinite creativity! We do deserve to live in pleasure and bliss, but we need to firstly affirm that there can be more, for there always Is more in the infinite Love of All That Is!

We are always deepening our Self mastery through Soul maturation. For us to mature as a Soul on all levels, we have to evolve emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically! This means that we will often go through stages when we will outgrow particular behaviors and beliefs, simply cutting them off by dissolving them into a greater unified Self! This is when this energy of sovereign integrity comes in. 

For us to truly mature as a Being, we need to not only develop firm visions and ideals about our reality, but also develop proper Self boundaries that then help us to build those dreams as a solid reality. In the physical form, we are always moving in between the energy of creation and destruction. Our personal discernment helps us to hold the balance between the two as we build upon greater Self mastery! So as we evolve and mature further, the energy of "divorcing" things simply means our ability to cut away what no longer serves this maturation process! Things and relationships that don't serve us simply must be released or they would hinder our natural Soul evolution.

As we deepen the understanding of the Self and personal integrity, this will simply come naturally for us and our choices will become more Soul aligned! But as we are still practicing that, we often need a more intense approach to learn how it is to stand up for ourselves and what we believe! Love is not only gentle and kind, as the Creation is both shadow and light, lightness and brute force! We must simply align with the Truth to know what is necessary for us in our Soul! Love in its deepest reason is Truth, and as we align with it everything flows. There is a difference between fake perfectionism and solid personal integrity where we know what we need and deserve because we have already mastered and embodied it ourselves from within! The Queen within us all knows this exactly to the point, we must only align with Her Wisdom and become it!

How do we truly develop this sovereign integrity within? Whatever it is that we think we know it all, there is always something more that wants to be expanded upon! But we must not look only at the current facts and the surface of things, true forgiveness comes from the acceptance of what Is, what truly stays beneath the surface of everything, always waiting to be revealed! Perseverance into such great depths requires patience and Self mastery, for us to truly feel and see! 

Everyone has the potential to master crystal clarity, to know exactly where to go and why, to answer what is one's true calling! When we accept ourselves, the Self comes naturally through Being, forgiving all in truly seeing, witnessing the perfection of the Divine, in every single word and rhyme, the perfection of infinite space and time! And so we move on always growing, never fully knowing Everything, simply owning the ability to see and to be seen!

The word "synergy" keeps showing up Now and whenever something is repeated, it usually comes from Spirit! Synergy is referring to the unification of energies, first within ourselves and then harmonizing our own resources with another, from Self Spirit connection to spiritual relationship with another! True synergy can create miracles, especially when we work together for a mutual cause and to serve the greater good beyond the little self, moving into the realms of unified Divine Will!

Every day we release something new, so that we may live more aligned with our truth! We are not the person we were yesterday, every day we mature. As we make new choices day by day, we know that there isn't room for all to stay. Things will come and go, only our creative spark truly remains! And some things are worth the wait!

We can only feel so good when we truly dismantle what we no longer need from our energy field and physical reality! As Masters of the New we understand that everything is Love and for us to create with Love, we need to consciously feel into what we are truly and authentically creating with Love, for all is energy and the energy never lies. We can continue to fool ourselves with the way we feel about certain things, but we can truly not lie to ourselves at our deepest core. We know what we know and eventually that will come out! To create with Love we need to feed and sustain that which can be sustained and maintained with our energy! Energy of Love creates in the New Earth, and so it's important to feel into what we are energetically investing in. Is it Life affirming or energy depleting?

When our Life force is being depleted, it's also being drained! Everything of physical origin requires energy sustenance and our current physical make-up can only sustain and maintain as much through our vibrational Light quotient! That is why true Masters always need to live in the flow of giving and receiving, creating and destroying, attaining and maintaining! We need to become sovereign and Soul aligned to know what this literally means for us, not just figuratively speaking! Know who You are, and feel how You no longer need to facilitate your Soul, for You have become your Soul! You are the liquid Light of your radiant Self! You are the miracle of Life! So choose wisely and choose through yourself! It's enough Now to simply Be yourself, the rest gets taken care of automatically!

Let only Love prevail, for everything is made of Love anyway. And what appears to not be of Love is only a state of temporary forgetfulness! And how to attain and maintain perfect balance? Well, that is something that as infinite Souls we always continue to refine and perfect in alignment with our evolution and expansion, so it should not become an ultimate goal, as well as the pursuit of happiness, but rather wholeness and Bliss in the Now!

A lot of us have been undergoing a major death/rebirth transition with profound new levels of inner fire! Whenever there is a lot of fire energy, we are being overly stimulated and our bodies often feel that as overwhelming burning sensations, inner power struggles or stress where there is too much happening at once, causing burn outs and increased bodily sensitivity! This simply means that new energetic upgrades are at hand, but our bodies need to align with all of that stimulation! Plus, we have so many planets in fire elements Now, awaiting the New Moon in the passionate sign of Leo!

August will open up new doorways for us, with a 17/8 code of immortality and infinite creativity! Anything that we are being upgraded with Now will bring us a sense of upliftment, wisdom, joy and inner happiness! We used to be told that physical happiness is not real, but there is a difference in physical happiness being non permanent, although it's very much real when we embrace being our powerful sovereign Creator Self! We are awakening to increased power of the Self which simply radiates as the Sun, the inner Sun of our christed Union!

When this increased power of Self feels like too much for our body and others in our Presence (as the intensity of our Light quotient increases and magnifies), we are assisted through many Divine dispensations, all in equal Divine measure. One such is Divine Mercy that helps us with inner dissolution and fusion as our body processes all of that intensity! On the path of physical Ascension we continue to expand and bring in more of our infinite Soul in the body. Because of this Truth we will always feel like a totally New Self after each new energy wave.

Know that there is not just one energy wave that comes and goes, for it's all a radiant field of Liquid Source Light which we embody as much as we are ready and able to in our personal Divine timing. Those who might not feel aligned with this intensity might not always agree with our resonance, so we need to soften our approach and simply bathe in our Light quotient as much as we can through total Self acceptance and only share it in such intensity with those who are ready! A true sovereign Being does not force anyone against free will or impose beliefs or ideas upon others who are on their own path.

Also, when so much New Light comes in, sometimes we have to take a while to just rest and let the body absorb all of the New Light organically! There is no pressure, so with all of our activities and busy active lifestyle, Ascension is also knowing when to relax and take a short break, because in the long run that increases our productivity and constant busyness lowers it! Here is to a proper balance of everything!

We are Now simply ready to Be who we are! The levels that our Sovereign Being embodies are far enough. Are You ready to fly?

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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