Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The New Sovereign Beings

Dear Beloveds!

There are those of us who have Now finally graduated on the path of Self healing and fully stepped on the path of true Ascension! What is the difference and how does this graduation or better yet maturation look like? As we are walking the path of Self healing/wholing we are still gathering and unifying the many aspects of our Soul so that we can create our unified Light body through the column of White Light! As we are healing ourselves and others, we are working with many Soul aspects and rays of light, but on the path of devotion to Ascension these unify, creating a solid pillar within us! This is where the true art of Self mastery actually begins, because we no longer need to heal as our wholeness is synthesized and embodied! We become our highest version of Self, a sovereign Master of our own reality! This doesn't mean that our journey ends here ... it simply denotes a whole new beginning of Universal expansion.

Here is my video update about this process:

From here on we no longer choose through fragmented aspects that feel separate from their Source, but completely out of our sovereign nature! Our every choice becomes fully conscious, foreseen and witnessed from the ascended (not fallen) perspective! Victimhood is replaced by conscious choosing and masterful creation through our unique Self! Because we love ourselves so much, we know exactly what we need and what we do not, dismantling all excess energy and the inauthentic and incompatible energies! 

This is not coming from a place of judgment in duality consciousness, for it's simply the act of our sovereign Will. We engage with Life in a completely new way, creating space for only that which is true for us and aligned with us on a Core Soul level, which makes setting boundaries and saying "no" much easier and organic! We have arrived in a new sacred space and we are very choosy who we share it with, for we have worked for it and we have earned it! Believing in perfection will create our perfected Self one step at a time. That sacred space creates an opening for our Cosmic Beloved Essence and our Life becomes a dedication to the cultivation of Life force!

We are constantly reminded of the art of choice! Sometimes we feel like so many choices are presented to us and we don't know what to choose from! Yes, once You begin to tap into your personal mastery levels, You will always be tested and challenged in a way, but this will all come through You! The Master You wants to give You an opportunity to become your own sovereign, choose what is right for You in each moment, making choices that are not just temporary but leading into lasting foundations! 

That is what our role as a Master sovereign truly is, and so our every day becomes a playground to refine the art of our freedom to choose and align ourselves with higher Soul levels of who we are! There is yet much to know about ourselves, so we will not just disappear or become a static being! No, Mastery is a creative engagement with the Spirit Life force which is always anew! We get to witness ourselves as New every single moment of every day! And isn't that the most precious Gift of the Self!?!

Here is how we choice in a new way in Self refinement:

For a lot of us a new Gateway is opening, and since we have been mastering the inner worlds for so long, we are Now ready to meet the outside world in a new sovereign way! This means that the internal overflow that we have achieved will want to merge with the outside world in One synthesized wave of abundant prosperity, the luxury of a higher refinement! As we slowly make this passageway, we will get to know new levels of Soul alignment in the physical world!

What those first Masters of the New are achieving with their physical bodies and the Light quotient within, not many on this planet have been able to achieve before! It's a steady devotion to this path that continuously calls out those who are ready and honor the fulfillment of their sacred vows! Our bodies are complex structures of Light becoming matter through the act of sacred Love alchemy and what we are Now bringing focus to is the embodiment of our Light body!

For that to occur, we first had to heal the fragmented aspects of the Soul and bring enough illumination into the particles of the Light quotients, in order to whole and unify them! There is only One of us there in the body as we do that work! And as we do so, new opportunities for attaining that level of Mastery will present themselves to us! Our journey does not end here, for many in preparation and constant training in mastery it's barely beginning, as this is what we have been waiting for.

We have been focusing, intending and building momentum and this is Now climaxing as a giant wave of increased awareness and Divine potency! Through the proper use of Source awareness we will Now be able to bring those potentialities into new wave forms, the actions of our New Sovereign! A new way of Being and holding this Light quotient is Now at hand, but we cannot get lazy here, for we shall be summoned up when we are needed the most, and these times have yet to come! Our influence is grand Now, and that surely is a happy news!

It is all about embodying all of our gathered Soul aspects Now to attain as much God consciousness as we are able to. Our body has its own inner guidance and wisdom, and the more that we ascend, the more we also have to descend by honoring how the Light quotient we are embodying comes through in Divine flow, which means there can be no rushing or forcing it! We need to become the perfect Divine parents to ourselves. We do everything one step at a time, honoring the cycles of our body for it is just as precious as all the Star dust in the Universe and its grander Creation cycles.

The more we honor our body as that sacred Creation, the more it will be able to repay that back by allowing us to freely float in it, as flexible as we can be in each moment! When we don't rush into things and goals we live in a state where everything already exists and it comes to us manifested in perfect Divine timing, so that the Soul desires we are nesting perfectly represent the micro within the grand macro!

Are You ready to move into the Golden Grace, the touch of the Wild Divine Mother/Life giver who has enough to feed everything and everyone through us ... and as us!? We are not less than anything or anyone else and we do deserve to drink from the plentiful fountain of Divine Love! We may think that we still need harsh experiences and heavy feelings in order to toughen up and become who we are, but tough Love is not all there is, and we are not who we are because of our stories and Life situations. These merely serve us to activate the Divine remembrance of our Truth, but from there on we need to go further and deeper!

One thing is to avoid and deny reality, and the other one is to face reality and situations head on and transcend them as the primal feelings are felt and integrated! Our feelings are only messengers for they do not make up the entire reality, and to ascend means to wake up to much more that actually makes us Human ... The enlightened New Human! We can have all the good, juicy and grand without debts, sacrifices and hard times! But it takes genuine stepping up in our Mastery and surrendering to a greater Truth of who we are and what made us ... Which is pure Love. Are You ready to know and Be only Love?!

This current initiation takes us through the path of total Self integrity. That is the ultimate initiation into Self mastery! How often do people still compromise the Self in order to please others, defend their position and overly explain it? That is not Self honoring and with lacking integrity we shall lack integration! We also can't go down a self destructive path simply because someone we may love is choosing it! That is misplacing true Love for savior behavior which comes from false sense of sacrifice! 

True sacrifice is the sacrifice of the lower and lesser in order to transcend it and move into the higher planes of the Soul! Others won't always respect us, but as sovereign Masters it's up to us to set healthy boundaries without the need to defend, explain or rationalize our position! It's enough to know where we are coming from and that place is Self respect! We must also learn to tell the difference between fragmented ego talk (which is downtalking) and Soul communication, which is pure, benevolent and always expansive! It offers suggestions for expansion of perspective, but never does it compare, judge, determine, project, fingerpoint or blame, for it has no need to analyze what Is!

Watch my video about the journey from Self healing to choosing physical Ascension:

A true Warrior Spirit of Divine Love does not need to fight or hold his/her position! Too many times we engage in activities and conversations that want to tempt our Human nature into debating, fighting and arguing! This is completely meaningless and Life force depriving in Truth! So each time that happens and we can hear those negative thoughts fed by separation repeating in our mind, we need to stop for a moment, take a deep breath and relax! We need to realize that this is not our fight to fight and that we can give it a rest and let go in each moment! We can command those imprints to dissolve and welcome in Love. The moment we do that, we are free and we help to free others as well!

Here is a crystal clear Spirit message for those on the path of Self mastery: "The time is coming to prepare, so don't despair! The portal of 8.8. is nearly there and it shall take us into a new phase! Take only what You need and leave the rest behind, for it's important that You unify! The many aspects of You are merging Now, through the alchemy of your magnificent Soul, and all You need to do is allow! There can only be perfection and joy when we truly believe them to be real, as everything else is created from fear! Watch it disappear and let it dissolve, for You are coming into your own! From here on there is only One of You, and that One shall prevail, leading You and others into the Light of the New day!"

And how do we prepare? By practicing more Presence and yoga to ground our physical embodiment! It's important to emphasize that "yoga" is truly a way of living, not just a few exercises and poses a day! Being a true sovereign Master is almost like making our every breath conscious, our every choice sacred and majorly important, and our every activity full of Spirit Presence, so that we become a living channel for the liquid Light of Source and the Holy Spirit Essence! We simply need to let our Life force guide us along the way! 

This is almost like waking up each day while tuning into what we need and what our Soul wants to create through us, and then simply letting the Magic unfold! We don't need to rush or force things to happen, because we have realized the perfection of everything, the process of the becoming and the creation itself! Life is such Beauty of spontaneity when we simply allow it to be what it is and happen through us.

We are blossoming so beautifully! It's time for so many of us to wake up to what it really means being alive as a Divine Human on Earth, a beautiful child of God, the infinite child of Creation! This higher dimensional space we find ourselves living in will take us to new elevated spaces, new ways of doing things and choosing completely new pathways as well! We need to continue to choose within our sovereign nature because we worked so hard to attain our Ascension and it makes no sense compromising it for lesser goals and ideas.

Our dreams are blossoming when we give them head value and no longer compromise ourselves for the sake of others and the "world" for these are just temporary excuses and distractions that we choose when we are not yet fully choosing ourselves! It all begins and ends with us, Self mastery is a path of constant dedication! As we fully choose ourselves, it's like a whole new doorway opens up! It's like we are with the Self on a whole new level, embraced by life as one giant dance floor! Many things that people do are not authentically coming of the Soul and that is why so much excess energy is created to keep all that going! We resist in order to persist.

The more we withdraw our Life force from the inauthentic and non true for us, the more we will have available to sustain refined Soul levels of energy mastery! Those who are choosing complete Self mastery in this lifetime above anything else are seeing that nothing is a price to be paid, for in the end it's only Mastery that we attain and so it remains! We know what we want for ourselves and that is why we are throwing away all the distractions until we fully dismantle everything that is not of our own making! We don't have to feel bad for where others are as well, for that is what they are choosing for themselves at present and they will be where they need to be in their own timing.

Only through this fully sovereign nature can we truly partner up with Spirit and others in relationships in a new way, a freely loving way of the New Human Masters! This is the pathway of a highly vibrational child of Creation and therefore Divine creativity! It takes courage to see all that it is not in order to fully Be with what Is! 

We can always create something magical once we know that Magic permeates all of Life in Creation. Life is beautiful, for all is Beauty for One who is sovereign. Every experience that we create from our Soul guiding us into more of the descended Ascension Light is so profound Now, and we are able to feel so awake, alive and fully liberated! We are the only ones who can choose and create that for ourselves!

When we disconnect from Nature and all that the Great Mother offers us, we also disconnect from ourselves! We engage in thousands of different activities only to prolong the return back Home! But the good news is, that we can always connect right back! Our shift to becoming a natural Human might not happen over night, especially on a global scale, but we are moving towards an organic Ascension one Human at a time! It starts with us and it starts with You!

How it easy it is to truly feel our body and what it needs from us! We need to learn to engage with it as if it were a precious child of Creation, for it truly is! We don't need to treat it roughly and with force, for that is the old paradigm! We can be gentle and loving, developing the liberating compassion of our Life force! We never die trying, we simply do ... Every step of the way anew! The flexibility of our Soul is to be witnessed and embodied in our physical expression ... As we become the embodiment of pure Life force.

YES, the Human body does still get tired, no matter how advanced, restless and hyper the Soul is! This is my Life long challenge as a crystal child and that of most highly tuned in and creative people, tapping into and channeling the immense amount of Life force! Nowadays they often call it ADHD as in "attention deficit hyperactivity disorder." First of all, it's not a disorder, and secondly, we simply need to bring the awareness to what this means on a deeper level! For myself, it means a hyper dimensional Being so full of energy that it cannot always all be translated into our Human form all at once! 

When it is understood and the cause of it known to a Being with so much energy, there are ways to channel all that energy properly! The old Matrix systems don't work because they see it as a disease! It's not a disease, for such Souls are super advanced and they are not well in the already established old systems! They simply need to learn to channel all that energy properly! With maturation and Self understanding this comes naturally, and so it was for me personally as well! But I don't call it by a name, I simply call myself being hyper and able to create with mass intensity of Light quotient. The balancing act comes through embracing the nature of the Human body and that it sometimes needs to rest and replenish! So a proper balance of healthy workout and rest works for me. I used to not know how to rest, but I learned this from Nature, for She rests too! Here is to all the New energy children, young and adult! 

Recently we went through another energy upgrade and I felt a lot of electricity pouring through my spine! As more of our Life force gets activated, we are able to translate greater amounts of Soul's radiant Light into our Human form! Recently we are also amidst the stormy season with lots of lightning and wind which always bring in the new energy and revitalize our energy bodies if we will allow it and work as One with Nature! Physical Ascension is Life force in action, and Nature exercise is the best for that, fueling the Life force, rising that inner serpent from down below and grounding it on the planet!

Our visions and dreams won't all manifest at once, although the Spring of the Soul can feel so intensely alive and invigorating! Yoga does it quickly, as well as just sitting in Nature and meditating on the Universal Gratitude for All That Is and the generous abundance of All Life! How prosperous are we!!!

To be held safely within is to experience the freedom of our Soul, feeling our true dreams! The Silence often speaks louder than words and it brings us to a deep maturity where we are always heard, by the Universe we are held in an eternal embrace, no longer feeling alone within All That Is! No longer safeguarding our visions in our Heart, but releasing them into the Great unknown! We are worthy, safe and sound, ready to fulfill our sacred vows! To those who patiently wait, everything Divine will come! 

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

P.S. And remember ... Masters don't try ... they do and embody!!! 

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