Friday, August 5, 2016

Becoming an Ascended Master

Dear Beloveds!

And so here it goes! First of all, happy new energetic month of August, which is of a 17/8 frequency! That New Creation cycle that so many of us have been heading towards is Now finally beginning! The Leo New Moon set a powerful tone for what is yet to come into Creation. We have been diligently working towards this, culminating in our Self healing path so that we could start this new Creation cycle totally purified and washed over with the all permeating White Light of Unity, the infinite Creation Light of all Lights! The White Light holds such power and such glory, but it can only Be fully embodied when we reach enough Light quotient and become fully pure at Heart, mind and all the levels our Soul resides within. When we do that work, a whole new world opens up for us, and the sacred fire begins to roam freely through our Core energetics! We feel Spirit and yet we are not separate from it, for we are Spirit! 

Here is my most recent Galactic update for the sovereign Masters in training:

This is the highest attainment as of Now that many of the first Ascension wave are moving through, and although things of the old ways will still come up, we will not be energetically wired that way anymore, so our responses will begin to change! We might even surprise ourselves with our newly coined responses, being more warm and receptive in our bodies, while simultaneously carrying so much inner Fire of passion! We are here to create, to co-create with Life ... And to have fun doing it as well! We will be guided to unify all of the multidimensional gifts that we have been gathering and activating within us, for it's our time to use them and infuse this planet with our Light! 

This is that Dawn, that rising Sun, and we don't have to wait for or look for something in the future, for this time is Now! To wait for more is forgetting about what we have co-created Now! So it's time to celebrate, dance, sing and begin those new Soul projects that have been calling us. This is the time and our God Self waits for us to step up and take a leadership position. Anything that we will start up Now will have a lasting impact and leave a powerful legacy for what is yet to come ... But it all begins Now!

This is not a time to wait,
This is a time to dare to dream,
So get ready to sing and dance,
This is the arrival of our Divine Grace!

The pathway ahead for an Ascension Pioneer is becoming clearer and more focused. Many Beings are beginning to be called into higher levels of Self mastery, and just naturally aligning with this organic process is deeply regenerative for the Soul. What are the main changes that One can notice when they shift their awareness and embodiment into sovereign Self mastery? Firstly, there is an underlying sense of ease, a total trust that is placed in our Life force, which generates a harmonious Life flow. Things begin to run on their own, simply through our clarity and focus of that Prime Soul desire within us.

The Prime desire for mastery begets everything else in our life, creating the kind of authentic reality a true sovereign really aligns with. In Truth, this Life force in its complete direction becomes the only manifesting force in our realty, the need to control and plan everything simply dissolves. A person might often ask themselves about how "ascended mastery" is even possible for them, since they are just an "ordinary" person. Yes, the ego will often try to showcase this perspective. And although it's an interesting one, it's just another fragmented perspective. Our true sovereign Self speaks to us only through Unity consciousness.

To recognize the potential for our mastery is not the same as boasting about it and making ideas about it in our head without an embodied reality, which is pure illusion and the misleading of the lower mind. What we need is a simple recognition that everyone has the potential for mastery, and yet we need to choose it, honor it and fully devote to it on our sovereign path. To many it might appear very tempting and rewarding, but they will not choose it. Curiosity is one thing, the art of refined choice is something else. Self mastery can be viewed in many ways, through personal mastery that can eventually lead into Ascended Mastery! The calling of the Soul will understand the difference and walk all the required steps in total freedom to choose accordingly. Let the mind not wander and doubt, just simply recognize yourself as the potency of the Greatest Master You can choose to embody!

How to become an Ascended Master video:

How about guidance of the fellow Masters that have done it before? How do You know that You are truly in communion with higher evolved Beings, ascended Beings, Masters and Angelics!? These Beings are complete sovereigns, so they do not give You direct answers or go against your Soul evolution and free will. They see You as an equal, with the potential for your own sovereign mastery, and therefore they only encourage You into becoming your own Master of Self. The Love they radiate is a Universal Love of Divine service and Unity consciousness. Invoke that each time that You are asking for Spirit communion, as well as your own freedom, sovereignty and unity of One!

With increased clarity of our true Self and what we need, all the excess energy is removed and better yet, it is placed into regenerative restoration, so that our physical levels of vibration begin to increase. This in turn, triggers the deepest sense of well being, belonging and home coming. There is no one way of describing the feeling that marks this passageway for a newly born Master, simply a deep knowing that One has arrived and that from here on, a new reality tone will be set, as the foundations for inner work have now set up a new plan in motion, the plan for Ascension and possibly resurrection. The physical body is what we are refining and evolving, so the maximum change will take place through the awareness of the physical body. The body will just know and it will reverberate out a powerful new Light quotient, one that works with the White Light of Creation and Unity consciousness.

But for that, anything unreal and unnecessary must simply drop away! It requires total surrender, so that each sovereign Being gets what they have gathered in awareness as their most authentic reality and lifestyle! A New Mastery Gateway is activated and sealed on the 8.8.2016, and those first honorary Beings will know when they have "graduated" from it, for the Gift of that Graduation is the Gift of total dispensation of the Self in the purest liquid Light!

And here is my own personal and real Ascension update/confession! I AM so Galactivated lately! I cannot tell when was the last time I had a so-called "bad" day! All feels like a steady flow of harmony. After I completed my Self healing journey, all my days are amazing with so much Self awareness and Life force creativity! It feels like for the first time since I came into this Human embodiment I have truly arrived into my sovereign freedom, the Being of my own Self mastery domain, free to express my free Spirit in new ways, shapes and forms! I simply need to Be who I AM, accepting my mission fully and humbly. I AM so hyper and I need less and less sleep, and it's easy for me to recharge with just a 5 minute recess! 

This deeply centers my hyper Being and then I can go on with my creative endeavors for hours! Sometimes I feel like I will explode and overflow with my High Life Force, and then I remember that this is a good thing. I know that my Soul Being is fully embodied Now and that I did it, and Now I will only serve through my free ascended Being! My offerings of Spirit will expand and grow, becoming the manifest Destiny of Holy Spirit! P.S. And guess what, I AM on some new missions ... One will be my upcoming Life force retreats, and the other will be my Cosmic Tantrika expression through devotional dancing for which I might create a new YouTube and start sharing my tantric dance as the Giver of Life, through all the faces of the Great Mother Goddess!

Here is the first dance of the White Mother Goddess in immaculate conception and Unity consciousness:

So OMG, I AM constantly bursting in my Love bubble, almost experiencing an orgasmic Heart explosion and magical synchronicity with constant Love chills and resonance goosebumps! The Leo New Moon was a powerful energy burst of Light that sets the tone for a whole month ahead and beyond! I AM so super happy, hyper and grateful, experiencing sudden bursts of laughter, spontaneous Joy and Love explosions! I already laughed and cried for no other reason but pure Joy and Gratitude both at once! 

My oh my, enlightened Being rocks! After layers and levels You just arrive there, although it was never even a goal or a destination, and yet You have arrived! Your only task then is to invite yourself into this new sacred space and enjoy the magical ride! Not much left to say, only sing and dance it out into the vast Creation with the magnificent Life force that we all are!

There is a powerful message Now that the rebirth which many beings are experiencing at this time is something completely new and unknown, something which was not yet written in the history of Earth and the humankind. But this also means that from Now on, many of us are drama free, and we get to make our New history! We are becoming the free sovereigns, the living examples of what many Masters have been prophesying beforehand. It was already said: "Others will follow me and my example," which clearly denotes that in the times that we live Now and what is yet to come, a New Human kind will come, beginning with the evolved Ancient Ones who have always been guarding the gates of Human kind, making sure that everything goes according to the Divine Plan of Perfection! 

Humans often still believe in imperfection and so mistrust is born from it, and yet everything that is Divine is already perfect in its Grand design. We are here to follow that lead, but not by becoming followers, but rather leaders of our own Reality! To lead is to live a sovereign Life, not imposing our free will choices upon others, but simply walking our talk in humble Self mastery and Magic.

So, do not look up to others and their Magic, for You cannot live through someone else and most certainly You cannot live their Magic. That is meant only for them, as your only task is to create your own, by remembering who You are and bringing that as a conscious Soul embodiment into your reality! And You get to have fun and play as You do so! Life was meant to be not only serious, but playful, fun and creative! 

If You are waiting for that to somehow happen to You, You are not yet walking in the higher ascended reality, so instead of looking to others for answers and clarity, find that creative spark that lives inside of You, for each one of the Godhead was already created as a perfectly sovereign and whole unto themselves! Break free from overthinking and analyzing, waiting and putting off your own Divine responsibilities! Even Masters, Angels or ET's cannot do this for You, no one can! Each sovereign only passes on the torch of sovereignty! 

And You know those happy moments when You know that You did it and completed something, and Now You can enjoy the fruits of your labors ... And then a storm comes and brings new life yet again!?! Yup, Ascension Masters never rest, they continue to be challenged and initiated ... And it's all for the greater good and more experiential Wisdom!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

P.S. There will be some changes in regards to my web work and the way that I share my content for Ascension! I have had too many pages for too long, leaving it all too fragmented and scattered. So I was guided to keep only Serapina Light, which is my main services page for the White Light of Unity consciousness and Blog Diary of an Ascension Pioneer, where I will be sharing all my Ascension updates from Now on. So if You wish to receive regular updates and energy transmissions for the path of physical Ascension, please follow me on those pages or simply subscribe. I will add the Newsletter option to my main page Serapina Light soon as well, so that all my e-mail subscribers will be transferred there! P.S. I AM also sad but happy to announce that the long standing Ascension Pioneers web page shall be no more! It's time for new beginnings, and a new Creation cycle! 

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