Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The 8.8.8. Mastery Gate

Dear Beloveds!

So many of us have been reaching our highest potentials at this time. Our polar opposites are merging and unifying, which is bringing a salvation and freeing of the old self and all the imposed convictions and beliefs. With that process, many Beings are ready to recognize their own unique Light in the Greatness of All That Is! The sacred marriage known to us as "Hieros gamos" does not only refer to a sacred Union between a man and a woman or masculine and feminine. In the most mystical way that is a spiritual Union, a marriage of opposites, of yin and yang, of Spirit and matter. With the full understanding comes the potential for embodiment, and when we can unify all the polar opposites within ourselves on one level, there will always come a new level to merge and unify! So why do we take Divine Union as something so final!?

It is a Soul journey from the most micro to the macro, as we are growing from our personal unification levels into realms of greater mastery, stepping into sacred partnership Unions, planetary Union, Galactic Union, Universal Union ... So that we remember how Cosmic we actually are as that Cosmic Beloved within God consciousness! The limitations or imposed beliefs (even spiritual ones) are the only thing that is keeping us from truly becoming all that we are, a Being within its own sovereign domain! The sacred marriage is an alchemical process and we will even be able to feel the ascended descent of our Soul, because the most profound sense of freedom, harmony and Self Love will be rooted and embodied within us!

Here is my video Light activation for the 8.8. Gateway:

We are outgrowing one stage of our life as we move into the next stage of our Soul's journey! As this transition period is at hand, we might often question our life and the choices that we are currently making, which is a natural part of the physical Ascension path, because the more Soul that we embody, the more we wish to consciously choose for ourselves. When we feel unloved, unsupported or even totally overlooked, the main reason behind it is usually the fact that we are still not making our choices through our sovereign Self, the conscious Creator spark within!

I recently created a FREE Light activation for our Universal child of One Self, called Stargazing. You can get it here! 

The more we choose to ignite and create our reality according to our own resonance and vibration, the more we will feel internally loved and provided for, and the proper help and support will begin to appear in the outside world as well, as a pure reflection of our willingness to create through our authentic Soul Self!

This is a state of receiving without being needy. The aspects of us that might still feel fragmented can create temper tantrums or stubborn clashes of will, but the parent part of our Soul is always there to call those aspects back Home into the Whole that we are! The pathway to create that comes through conscious allowance. The more we create willingly, the more our Life force rises in the body, and the higher our awareness will become ... The more Bliss we will radiate!

We are becoming the New Gods & Goddesses, watch my video about this update here:

We had a Mastery Lion's Gate, which comes through the frequency of 8.8.! Every year this portal opens up a bit more potentiality for Cosmic Masters in training, fellow Initiates of Spirit! But this year specifically it's a triple 888 Gateway, for the month of August is also an 8 Universal month. What is so different this year is the fact that there is a first wave of Masters of Self that are choosing to walk through this doorway as a fully empowered sovereign! This in turn unleashed a giant wave of Self fulfillment and creativity. 

This also means that we cannot move through this doorway with things from the past still holding or weighing us down! We are asked to fully free ourselves so that we could enjoy the fruits of our labors! The liberation that each Initiate will feel will propel them to aim for new adventures and experiences, which will Now come from the fully synthesized Self! We are asked to take a few moments to truly tune in to what is shifting for us, for everyone is shifting, no matter how big or small. This is not a competition, this is merely a revealing of where each of us, fully beyond the veils and illusions. We are who we are and we are where we are in the moment, period.

By embracing that fully, we are open to much more than we ever thought possible before. The completion of many layers can be felt with simultaneous new beginnings. Yes, we have a Stargate today! Each year we align perfectly with the Star Sirius and the Galactic center, and although we are always aligning with something in the Great vast Universal flow, the 8.8. always brings a special tone to the whole Divine equation. We can Now take a moment to truly tune into all of the New, the endless possibility of your ascended Self! It's time to fly and explore! We are becoming the New Gods and Goddesses of the Earth, and for that we had to work on our high frequency with great diligence and precision. 

There are still those who would choose to say that "mass Ascension" is not happening, and that they are not seeing any results. Why is this so? Firstly because the New Earth is a frequency, through which we can only experience the kind of reality we are tuning into through our own vibration. The higher our vibration, the greater the clarity and a sense of Home as of Higher Realms would co-exist on Earth. Not everyone is yet fully ready to experience this, and some perhaps only partially, with the passing moments of higher mixed with lower. That is all a part of the process.

A sense of "mass Ascension" only comes from a lack of understanding of the true nature of Ascension. We cannot ascend into our Light form embodiment if we are not evolved and ready on a Soul level. There are great many who find it fascinating as an event, and see it as very rewarding, and yet they are not doing the proper work of alignment in order to feel and receive those Cosmic rewards. 

The Truth is, we already are all of that, and it's not reserved for just a select few, as well as it's also not there if we don't do the work. Get the point? We are Ascension! Only we are the Portal for that true ascended experience. Every Master Initiate of Spirit will eventually come to realize that, and free themselves from all the external expectations and musings of the current "global" reality. There is much expectation placed on the whole "mass" Ascension, and yet we all know that with great expectation always comes a bit of disappointment.

So what can we do? Nothing. Simply nothing. We are all where we need to be, and there is no one stopping Ascension as some perceive from the outside standpoint. No one is able to prevent that once we initiate this sacred alchemy within our Human body form. So who can truly stop us? Only ourselves. There is nothing on the outside that can get to us, unless we perceive it so and allow it to become that outside force and a masked force in disguise that is "stealing" our right to ascend. Ascension is a state of Being for which we need to be ready on all levels, and that takes many lifetimes of culmination and Life force cultivation. Many have done this work already. And some have not, as they did not feel ready yet on a Soul level. Period. It is as simple as that. No one can compare anything, as in Truth all is One, so everything eventually unfolds perfectly for the Greater Good of All. It is all pure Perfection of Creation coming into its own.

What about those that have done the work and Now feel like they have graduated from a major cycle of their many (not just one) embodiments. Well, for those first few Masters in training, there will Now come a time of a major Life shift, where a new Creation cycle shall begin, and more Creativity from Source levels will want to be translated through. The world needs the utilization of these masterful skills and Divine gifts, as it was all preparing for that. Each new Master of Self will receive these new graduated upgrades very soon, in the times to come. 

What we have been creating so far will become our personal and worldly legacy, and a Divine remembrance reference for many who are still climbing on top of their real Self. There is always more to experience and bring into the Power of Unity consciousness. The Diamond Gateway is Now being sealed and embodied, and many are feeling a sense of a happy "return." The words are: "So it shall be, and so it is!" This means that anything that we are contemplating on and setting into motion at this powerful time, has a massive opportunity to become something grandiose.

Big things only unveil themselves over the course of time, and many who have been truly patient are Now about to be rewarded. But again, these are not only gifts of financial resources that many often think about at the mere mention of the word "abundance." These are many new ideas, creative opportunities and potentials that are not just there to "kill the time", but truly create a powerful new legacy and lead the way. 

Many beings did not wish to lead, as they had previous memories of that not paying out. The thing is, that we are not to take anything with us as we cross the threshold of this powerful Gateway. Everything must remain only a neutral experience which served our mastery, which made us the Masters who we are today, ready for greater Divine tasks and responsibilities. The Humble Ones are Now ready for a perfect merge of their will with the Divine Will in Unity consciousness. The Masters only love and serve.

So when new pathways for Divine service shall come, we shall be ready, for we have been preparing for quite some time, and we will be able to recognize the clarion call of the Great Divine Beloved, our own Soul parent/teacher that calls us back home into our Sovereign domain. But make no mistake, the New Masters are not some "boring" figures on the podium, or teachers and nothing else. They are most perfect children of Creation who choose to play and create. They know how to entertain and have fun in a New Way. They are One and All, so many Essences combines as One, so many aspects lived and experienced through the Law of Divine synthesis. They are living the Law of One through a powerful magnetic resonance of the Heart. From large to small, from macro to micro, they shall rise ... and rise again!

Trust the flow of the Now, and take some time to truly absorb all of these energies! Let them help shape You into your New Self ... the baptized New You!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

P.S. Catch the frequency of the Sun all around! Too many people still fear the Sun, and yet our body will tell us just how much Solar Light we need to nourish ourselves and feed with liquid Light so that we slowly adjust to it becoming our inner sustenance!

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