Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Eclipse season & Grace Yoga for Soul embodiment

Dear Beloveds!

A new season is beginning for us, which does not only apply to entering a new energetic month and transitioning into a new season of the year. The transition we are experiencing is something much greater and vaster. The transition of becoming New Humans will always have its ups and downs, depending on what we are currently surrendering and what of the New we are integrating. This is not karmic, it is evolutionary! The great emptying created a vast void, which will Now become an offering for a New Creation pathway, and yet this is something that cannot be rushed. It is not something that our mind can control, and it is certainly not something that we try to make happen. It is born of Love, for only Love is the primordial force of Creation, so to surrender into Love is all that is required of us at this point. Conception stages are never easy, because to feel so "blank" might cause stress and a sense of overwhelm, while our minds will try to overcompensate for that which is dissolving. But there is simply no need, for the Way forward is always perfectly revealed to us in Divine timing. 

This time holds a lot of intensity and that push-pull kind of vibration! As we move deep within our Being, we will see that there are parts of us that desire to get things done and get them straightened out, and other parts of us just want to play, surrender and relax. The key to our Self mastery is to move in flow between both, to find a resonant synthesis and discover our inner harmony through the dynamic tension of these polarized opposites! They are only seemingly polarized, as outer worlds of Creation are built that way, and so we must become as steady as a rock and as fluid as water simultaneously, to understand Life in a natural way and become wizards and priestesses of our own Divinely intelligent reality! 

Here is a Spirit channeled song by me, from my Heart to yours ... it's called "I AM Home."

We need to stay true to our own inner creative vision and not back down against anything, as against all odds the most wondrous opportunities can come into being! When our creation is purified by the Divine, it becomes an immaculate conception! So listen to the wise guide within You, become your own guru and allow the abundant blessings to become all that they originally are without any distortions! When we are learning to refine the balance between the information that we receive and learn about externally and that which comes to us internally, we master discernment! At this time much is being offered to us, but mostly Spirit is teaching us about the new Divine knowledge about ourselves and our path! All that we create from Divine Love carries in it Self understanding. We cannot truly thrive as a Human Being without Self understanding. When we give birth to that through Divine trust in the infinite Life force, we will always be guided by the right visions, ideas and guidance. It's time to have utter faith and step into a radical change of what it means to Be a Divine New Human!

The more we ascend, there might be less and less need to engage with the world and those living in it in the old way, as everything is falling away and leaving us bare naked! Would You not like to be completely free, beyond all imposed rules and norms, mind regulations, dogmas, spiritual beliefs, opinions, comparisons, judgments, self evaluations, criticism, performance expectations, forced manifestations and complications!? You can live in pure simplicity of Truth, purity and harmony of Core Creation Self Being! It can only come from complete acceptance of your own Creation Self and who You really are.

As Humans we wear so many masks of falsehood! But this purity is a masterful domain and embodiment of all Masters and it's what we continue to refine each day through Spirit devotion and service to Unity consciousness. This is where sovereign Mastery lies and what we are committing to on all levels of Being when we choose the path of Ascension!

These can be perfect days if we allow it, and I know that for a lot of us who have done the inner work of Self mastery and inner child fulfillment, it shall only get better and better! A stairway to Heaven indeed! A conception phase begins, we can be full of new creative ideas! Whatever we may conceive at this time shall come back around a thousand more times! The seeds always sprout in perfect Divine timing, showing us that everything is aligning! We are so lucky, so blessed and Divine, everything will happen for us in time! Patience is a virtue, and optimism its result.

How do we optimize and master our Earthly experience?

Yup, it's happening ... We are getting there! Spirit is making sure that we get the message that all the masks are falling off, and that we are ready to just be who we truly are regardless of the external circumstances. No more trying hard to make life happen, no longer pleasing others and trying at things to work! This is our ascended time to simply become the Great Masters of the New that we are destined to become! Feel the welcoming into the White Light of your unified Self and Unity consciousness in Divine Oneness!

To Be a Human embodiment of Grace means to have full Faith, no matter how things appear to be on the outside, as it's the outside that always follows the inside. Yes, we are entering into a new season of the Soul, but in order for us to truly feel it and experience full on participation, we have to vibrationally align with it. We have to allow ourselves to be carried into it without our control, we have to learn to enjoy without a sense of duties and false obligations, so that only that of the Soul remains. We have to trust our Soul and we need to know how to have fun, dance and laugh.

I made a long video about energy mastery, Soul embodiment and longevity:

The time between the Eclipses tends to make us feel more "wired" and electrified. What works best for that? Being in a forest has a deeply grounding effect on us, especially if we are in the midst of energy overload, buzzing with too much energy, getting hot flashes, shaking in our body, having difficulty breathing, etc. I call this energy burn out, and it means that we are experiencing an energy excess, which we need to unload by de-electrifying and grounding! The forest is the most magical place of Nature where this happens naturally! When we allow our body to dissolve and let go of extra energy, we are not losing energy that we need, quite on the contrary! The excess energy no matter how potent it is, always needs to leave our body, because our Ascension goal is to live in a harmonious energy optimum, not excess. So when we de-electrify, we can breathe more fully, feel calmer and more centered, and a new wave of Life force can start settling within us! Don't forget to de-electrify, ground and center yourself through harmonious body stabilization!

A lot of us no longer wish to tap into any kind of reference to the "past", as we know it's from the mind. We are simply no longer those things of the past, we do not let it define us. The old ways and experiences are no longer there, and they are not who we are, for they were merely stepping stones. But we are who we are only here in the Now, awaiting to receive this Divine blessing of a new Life season. We can walk or plunge into it, but either way it shall come as we ready ourselves! We are being called to become ambassadors for physical Ascension, which means to embody the alignment of purity in how we are in all ways, from word of mouth to action time! A true ambassador fully represents their cause on all levels, becoming the living embodiment of it!

Sacred devotion to any kind of ritual and spiritual routine is becoming more important Now too. Starting the day with routine and sacred intention is an important part of being a Master! It is meant to create a void before anything gets created that day. Masters of the New have to ground and integrate a lot of creative energy on a daily basis, so it is super important to know what one is anchoring and being deeply present with it!

We entered into a new energetic month, which began with a New Moon Eclipse Mercury retrograde and much more! Even I AM coming slowly back from my personal holiday, although I was shown that this month will be my Solitude month focused on Self mastery. September 1st marked a Solar Eclipse and a New Moon in Virgo! This is a powerful time for setting off new intentions and beginnings that will be supporting our spiritual health, devotion and well being. Virgo is the great healer and purifier, if we only allow this archetype within us to work its powerful Magic. It's important at this time to consider what we hold as having the highest personal value for us and focus on that with unwavering faith.

All else will take care of itself naturally as we trust that deep surrendering process. It is so important for our Self mastery to constantly live in non attachment and simplifying modesty. A big tendency at this shifting time is to feel anxious and nervous energy of the collective. The point of Self mastery is to actually transcend the collective and move away from the entanglements, drama and a world of Human ego through pressure, worry and fear. We are Now powerful enough to do that and engage with Life and relationships in a new way. In times of great intensity people often feel pressured by the external world, and so they seek solace and refuge in endless streams of information, plugging into books and Internet resources to find out about what current energies are supposed to "bring us" all. 

Here is my latest Ascension update for the month of September:

In Truth, nothing can be so largely generalized, and often the desire for more information serves as a means of avoidance and escapism. Our Souls can spend lifetimes in the search of something that is so very simple. In Truth, Life is already happening through us, and our strongest connection with Source is living our Life through our internal awareness and guidance. As we observe the patterns of energy through what our own living reality reveals to us, we are already receiving what we are meant to activate and anchor within the New. We need to learn to tune into Nature rather than the artificial world of Human data and endless resources. That can often cause even more frenetic energy. We need to learn to receive organically through Source itself, not merely information about "source." This is how we trust our own receiving guidance and become the New Human beings ... Masters of the Self in Creation!

We are opening new gateways of Divine opportunity, learning how to relax and ease into the flow to invite in a new Life! Abundant blessings go out to all! Our desires are coming true always, in every way!

We are in between the Eclipses, and this is a time when the new Light streams continue to pour through us, whether we are aware of it or not. As we dance the spiraling dance of Ascension, we are sometimes pushed forward, and sometimes a little more back, but we are not actually traveling backwards in time, for that is not possible. We are simply experiencing either a fast forward momentum of the stairway of the Soul, or a flat line of those steps that are leading us towards integration. The more we understand the organic nature of Soul evolution, the more we will come to understand that this is how we grow into our Soul embodiment. Around the first Solar Eclipse, things started coming to the surface, which is anything that is seemingly blocking us to be in our fullest Light expression.

Now as the Moon grows towards the Lunar Eclipse, we will be shown how to integrate all of those impressions and knowings. At this time many of us are receiving new Stellar and Solar upgrades which will translate as new ideas and guidance for our Soul expressions and projects we wish to deeply immerse ourselves into. This is a blessed time when blocks feel lifted and we feel more inspired to allow our enlightenment to blossom. We are becoming through the knowing that resistance is futile, and that the more we work on Soul embodiment, the more we are actually tuned into who we are as a Being of Light. Soul embodiment is a sacred alchemy where our Spirit and body are no longer separate, but rather fully infused with pure awareness, melded and integrated within Unity consciousness.

We feel internally connected, whole and luminous, and our focus shifts towards Divine service and holy Creation. We are no longer passive, as we actively engage with Life in a creative and abundant way, seeking a balanced embodiment of physical Ascension which leads us into perfectly embodied harmony, longevity through Life force cultivation and immortality awareness. This is a practical pathway just as much as it is deeply spiritual and mystical, and Now is a perfect time to unwind, allow and be blessed by the Universe through our Core Creation Self.

It's time for many to embrace their ascended Mastery! You can embrace your ascended Mastery in my new Light activation to truly become a Master of the Self:

What is truly of major importance for all sovereign Beings, true Masters of the Self, is that giving and receiving should be in balance and come without guilt, shame or judgment. They are about nothing that needs to be proven! Self worth and value comes from the purity of our authentic Soul Existence in radiant illumination! Being true to Soul alignment might require constant practice and devotion, but it's also important to embrace our Humanness which means not forcing or pushing anything, for true mastery needs to develop organically through Soul maturation! Point being: we can't fake it!

Although things may feel like in a whirlwind of energy in great intensity of the shift, we can always choose to be aligned with inner harmony of Self mastery. In the Truth of All Creation, every pulse of the Universe in Existence is already harmonious, and things are not fragmented as "this or that", but truly they are synthesized as all of it included simultaneously. Only our experiences may still feel fragmented, but the more that we stop trying, the less strenuous the energy we will feel.

We will see that we don't have to try so hard to perfect or better our Human experience as it is already perfecting itself through the alchemy of our awareness. We don't have to make anything happen, not even inspiration and creativity, for that is a blessing of Divine Love giving birth on its own.

Every Creation through inspiration must come through naturally, and we know that this is so when we simply feel alive, period. Feeling truly alive comes from the recognition that all things are, and that everything already is perfect the way it is. We cannot control anything, we must simply become the conscious participant with Life. It's not always easy to allow this next Human evolutionary phase to become physically embodied, so we must allow for this process to be what it is and allow ourselves to be carried into a new way of Being, synthesized, surrendered and whole. It is perfectly natural to feel and radiate Divine pleasure in complete Self awareness!

So many of us are moving deep into Soul embodiment through deep dedication and mindful Being. Here is the thing! Yoga (the embodiment-breath practice of meditation) is not meant for us to control our body, it should be entered into in order to fully merge with our body in the process of Soul embodiment. The reason why I do yoga is to not see it separate from my other creations, but as a blending in and merging Soul alchemy!

The desire is to master the flexibility and flow of movement so that I could make it more like a sacred dancing ritual, and to refine my sacred Goddess dancing style! First I need to start with simple poses and then I work on how to synthesize them. This is how all life should work with our multidimensional skills and Soul Essences that come as gifts and talents. They truly are just unique Source expressions. It needs to come from the Soul as totally channeled and unified, so it has to be in an organic flow which I call Grace yoga! As I AM mastering that, there will be no separation between yoga and tantric dancing ... Both becoming one and fully merged! That is what I AM devoting to at this time!
The constant shifting energy (weather) patterns are teaching us how to Be New Humans as well, totally present in our bodies, surrendered in the moment without assumptions, forecasts and predictions! We need to get used to enjoying the moment as it offers itself! And enjoying those offerings makes us live a sacred life!

On our path of being Ascension Pioneers, all that is not aligned with the Truth and Divine Love will come out simply by being touched by our Presence and holding the sacred Pillar space. A lot of us are powerful Light transformation Beings, working to transmute energy from one state into another. Not all is of the light yet, and Human ego still holds a lot of greed, selfishness and competition! There are still many who see this as a game of "win or lose" or who will be better in this spiritual arena and "business"! It has become such a distraction and disillusionment, that those of us who firmly and steadily hold the sacred fire of Truth in service, have to be very mindful and courageous in holding our light. Often people come to us out of Love and we inspire them with our encouragement and good will, but there are also those who are simply curious and only come to pass us out of a mental game that still loves to play tricks with the Human consciousness. 

We have to be observant and discerning when this occurs, recognizing those patterns and behaviors of others that are still based on separation and try to go not only against us, but the alignment with Truth. At such times, we are called to hold the flames of Purity even deeper and listen only to Love, sending all else their own way through sending it compassion and Love in awareness. Good will is the perspective that comes from the knowing that there is enough for everyone and where we all encourage each other as we progress in our Ascension and mastery!

When egoic competition comes instead, we have to focus on a state of good will which will dissolve that and make way for more of Love! Someone has to do it without reacting, judging and falling out of alignment. And that is us, all of us together in Cosmic sisterhood and brotherhood! Choose to send everything and everyone their own way through Love in deep compassion and understanding that everything eventually finds a Way Home beyond selfish tendencies, and that is why we don't have to fix, save or help anyone! We don't engage in any battlefields and wounded ego ... We simply hold our own fortress of Divine Love!

The Light (or the shadow) of the Solar Eclipse that was exact on September 1st was strongly felt. So much is being released for good (especially due to that triple 9 Master frequency of completion that the new month brings). Our bodies are more tired and require more stillness and rest, for they are integrating a lot, preparing for a powerful new Creation cycle! Eclipses always activate us for the next 6 months and beyond ahead! Slow down, listen to your body and honor yourself by enjoying the Magic of Life ... Nature!

I AM stepping deep into Self mastery this month, moving into my 33rd year of Earth embodiment. As I grew in my Spirit through my Soul I changed more with each passing day, I evolved. The things that once brought me joy no longer interest me and I outgrew so many things, with new ones coming along. I matured in my Goddess Wisdom, becoming who I truly AM, passionate, devoted and strong! There comes a time when man needs to let go of the childish things and pursuits, which are then replaced by a higher calling so pure and so true! P.S. Living in the Alps has profoundly transformed me, and I AM loving it more every single day. There is absolutely nothing I would change ... So here is to exactly 3 amazing years of my life which marked a new pathway for me!

Since last year my Mountain "mission" has been shifting, which means that I AM being guided to stay down in the valley more, turning my focus to Mountain gorges, lakes and river streams! My mission has changed because I no longer need the same experiences as in the past! Before moving to the Alps, I was activating and seeding a lot of energy that moved through these sacred lands. As a Creation Pillar, my purpose was clearly shown to me, and Now again it is shown to me in a New Light of the sacred fire that I carry. My seeding "mission" is complete, and that is why I no longer need to go way up high in order to bring that energy back down. 

I embodied all the codes and Now the purpose with my grid point is to simply hold this embodiment as I venture out into new pursuits. It's strange, but we will always feel when our Life force starts to withdraw and move into different things. Now I created a strong void, which will open and initiate a new Creation cycle! It wasn't easy for me to let the old ways go as I got so used to them, but my Heart keeps showing me a new Way!

Here is something that Spirit reminded me of recently, and I got a complete confirmation through an interview with an old yogi from India. He spoke about how genuine yoga as mindful meditation that is sacred is disappearing and how Humans have been distorting it, creating it into a business and something that it is not. I totally agree with Him! True yoga always takes place between the initiate of Spirit and His/Her own Spirit.

It works through Soul embodiment only, and it's not merely about stretching ourselves or making ourselves super bendy. It is not a sport and the more requisites that we use, the more we get away from the true connection with our sacred vehicle of consciousness. The more tools that we use, the more it is a sport, and although sports can be fun for a seeking Human being, Homo luminous is all about ascending in and through our body's Life force alone! Ascension is a complete Light body assimilation and merge, and it's not just a game. 

So being aligned with Truth we have to discern between sports and yoga! Natural movement that only requires our body and sacred breath of Life, such as mindful belly and womb breathing, walking, running, swimming and doing simple yoga poses preferably outdoors in Nature, truly cultivates the most of our Life force that is the seat of all Divine creativity in Divine Love. Do not strive, make goals or aim for achievement, simply be present in your body through Divine Grace and allow it to become a natural channel for Life Force in its own organic flow and unique way! 

Just Be You without strenuous trying and pressure and allow your body to truly become the ultimate vessel for the Light of Spirit! Grace Yoga is not doing ... is pure knowing of who we are.

What I call "hammock yoga" is all about mastering Divine trust! Knowing that You won't fall, that something always holds You, that Life force truly always holds You! It's so simple! All You need is your hammock (preferably a light one) and some playful moments in spontaneous movement that You create for yourself! Allow your body to enter a state of total playful surrender! There are no rules or fixed poses, You are simply a Divine child of Creation playing with yourself! 

My sacred meditation/yoga space is not much, but it feels amazing and it means the world to me! My favorite altar is the Great outdoors, but since I can't always do yoga outside, this is as best as I can get! All my life I have actually lived in smallest spaces imaginable while my Angelic wings have been huge, and this wasn't always the easiest for me. I have been dealing with a lack of proper space all my life, but in turn I mastered the arts of inner space, so delving deeper within and creating my own sacred spaces as making a lot from scratch! Masters mature in the most challenging conditions, just as diamonds do in the ground through intense pressure ... And out of seeming lack of space comes the most beautiful Divine Creation!

I wanna give a big hug to all of You! As Ascension Pioneers we can be so used to giving Love in all forms that we can sometimes overlook the receiving end of the Human experience! Even when we are rooted firmly in our "I AM" of the sovereign domain and deeply anchored in our Self, we are still Human creatures that require TLC, meaning love, respect and care! 

The more devoted we become to ourselves in all unconditionality, the more we will invite that into our physical reality from the outside resources as well! The Light of Unity consciousness originates from a unified brotherhood and sisterhood of One Light! Let us support one another and unite in one ascending cause!

The blessing that we are to this world is making itself known only as the authentic value that we behold! The feminine and masculine service to Life are reemerging and merging, paving the pathway of true Love! All the gifts of this world are ours to enjoy, as we radiate with a simple Joy! Only to love even more means to increase our awareness through the birthing of Life, for we are the Gift and the Magic of One! To reinforce is to become who we truly are! Being Love for the sake of Love itself! Nothing else truly matters and all selfish Human tendencies dissolve and fade away through the sacred Fire of Divine Love! We are the New Human generation of respect, compassion and devoted courage!

You will always Be You no matter what, so there is no need to compare yourselves with the living realities and choices of others. We are the lifestyle that we live, for it's all created through our Soul. The more Soul aligned we are, the more our lifestyle reflects our genuine Purity. By doing the opposite and forcing things upon ourselves through the separate ego, we will constantly attract inauthentic situations and people into our life! 

The moment when we live through the simple Magic that we carry within our unique Soul signature, everything else seems to align for us naturally, simply by choosing our own authentic Essence and how we are organically guided to carry it out into a physical reality ... Which is our own piece of Heaven on Earth! 

The dog days are over, the Sun is coming! It is everyone's Divine birth to Be in the Light, we do not have to earn it. But we do have to choose it. We choose it with each empowering thought, action and enlightened expansion. The way into the New is through the shadow of all doubt into the Unity Light!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

P.S. These are sacred Mountain crystals from the Crystal cave we have here in the Alps, and they are raw and all natural, so only those gathered pieces that crumble and come out in the ground by themselves! P.S. You can get them here:

And a special offer is my new Light body product which You can also find all about on my Crystal page! These are highly charged Alpine crystal baths! They work to unify the Light body with our physical body. They compose of many different layers, but it's all pure and raw crystalline power from the Alps!
So I have a crystal healing tip for everyone who loves to work with the crystalline kingdom! You can rub some incense or pure etheric oil like neroli into them! Then You will work with both fragrance and energy restoration and alignment! You can place an infused Crystal on any part of your body that currently feels like it through Soul resonance! 

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