Thursday, April 14, 2016

The deepening of Star Missions & integrations

Dear Beloveds!

A lot of us have been guided to a completion of a cycle which we continued to exist in for quite some time. We are Now breaking many walls between fellow Humans and how we co-exist. The thing with cycles is, that they are as natural to us as breathing, and when a new one rushes in we often don't even expect it to, because it comes so suddenly and surprisingly. We truly do not need to force anything into Being, we simply need to will it so. At the end of each personal cycle, we might experience Life situations or relationships that may shock us and push our buttons as never before, because there are parts of us that want to be met, recognized and acknowledged. As Masters of physical Ascension, we are not meant to be rigid or mingle only with what feels light, we are merge to merge the shadow and the light as One in Unity consciousness. We are here to merge the worlds into a cohesive Whole!

This is the path to an enlightened healing through mere Presence with what Is and loving it. As Humans we need both awakening and activation, with integration and experience on the other end. In order to live our authentic reality, we need to experience everything, and as we are meeting more of ourselves, we want to rewrite old stories and scenarios, in order to exist within a new Light. This is what many of us are Now being called into.

A Divine intervention is being presented to us, and just as the Sun continues to rise in the East, we continue to expand our Soul as we grow in our rising Humanity. Divinity lies in our Humanity, and the more that we break free from false prisons and illusory limitations, the more we will feel our infinite Light. A new dawn and a fresh cycle are here for us, but we have to do the inner work in order to initiate those new beginnings. In our relationships we need to free ourselves in order to free others, which means that we can only take our own responsibility for our inner work.

No one truly has power over us as an external authority, and no one makes us feel bad, for it is no one else's fault or blame when we experience our own feelings as a reflection. Can we look at familiar things and yet see them in a completely new light? We are pure consciousness, and that is why we can! Keeping an open mind and heart is the key to continue shifting in our perceptions!

Here is my video on how to master our Human-Soul integration:

We are being literally washed and squeezed through more Divine precipitation. This can also be called Divine intervention in some ways, because it's here to gently push us out of our comfort zone and make us open up to new things, adventures and creative ideas. As we align with the vast nature of the Cosmos, we not only realize our infinite nature, but we embrace it as well, for we are not here just to think and feel ... We are here to love, and Divine Love is infinite creativity in all forms. As we feel the currents of Divine precipitation, we might feel more alive, happy to simply exist, or we may feel an upright surge of awakening energy that wants to push us out of our chairs and make us do things in a new way! The sparks of creativity and fiery energy are definitely present Now, for we have an upcoming New Moon in Aries which is gently but firmly pushing us into a new space of our Self.

Aries is the baby of the zodiac who is always open enough to embrace Life's adventures in a new way ... without limitation and projection. This can be anything from large or small, depending on the currents of our Soul, but we are definitely all being called to embrace more of our Cosmic nature and apply it in our physical reality. Physical Ascension is not something we think about, it's something we do! And as the Great Tao says, the journey of a thousand miles begins with that first step! Yes, we might feel like a baby in a sandbox, literally put in front of a new task which is so expansive and unknown, and yet deeply necessary for our personal evolution as a Divine Human Being. The question at this important time is: "What do I do for my New to come true?"

We are in an upsurge of energy that continues to rise and build up after the Aries super New Moon. We are not only experiencing the uprising and uplifting flow of new energy, but the dissolution of the old as well. These processes are always in parallel. The collective energy can be felt as much denser, but this is only because Ascension Pioneers are here on a mission to break through the old cracks of the matrix and rise into a new Dawn of their own co-creation!

We are all different energy Beings with specific missions, with one unified goal to serve the planet within the Light of Unity. We can only truly unite through our differences, which means that we have to transcend duality of comparison, judgment, control and service to self oriented mentality. We can only understand our differences by knowing our personal mission fully and completely, because there is a great Divine order at play, and no unique mission is ever visible to all. 

Here is my video on our updated and upgraded Star missions:

So many of us are deepening our Star missions and that is why we are almost being pushed into new territory, which might feel empty and isolated at first, but we have to continue to seek out the new potential. That is how we are laying the new templates for what we came here to establish. The mission always comes first, and although it might feel scary and lonely at first, we gotta move beyond the known and already established. Our mission does not lie in what others are doing, but what we are being called to do in our unique way. The concepts and 'teachings' we are to bring forward might often seem ahead of their time, but we will find our way eventually.

Our one steady "rule" is not to cling on to the old and dogmatic, and that is why we have to keep focusing on Love, which is the driving force of higher creativity and expansion. Whenever we feel pushed out of our comfort zone, that's actually a good sign, and it means that we are expanding, rising higher and pushing through into something New! Remember that although every mission is unique, all missions in Truth are One!

The power of the Aries Super New Moon brought us all new beginnings, but it's also bringing up everything that we need to surrender in order to move into the next state/stage of Being. This energy is the most intense as of yet this year, and it makes sense because it begins a natural new year for all of us. This might bring old things and beliefs from our subconscious, our dream states and as we meditate. Because of this, our bodies currently need more rest and relaxation. Whenever we push ourselves too hard, we create a stream of negative energy which prevents us from being in the flow of Universal energy. 

When the Moon is full, the Cosmic void (womb) is most deeply felt, but we are not to fear this in order to receive new blessings and insights that this brings. The deeper we will go, the more we will feel what those new beginnings are for us personally, as well as tune into the Core Creation level.

Our ascending bodies are also becoming more intelligent, because our unified Life force stream is Now guiding us through our physical template, which is a vehicle for our consciousness. The more we learn to slow down through conscious non activity, meditation or yoga, the more we create inner stillness, which is utterly necessary for raising our frequency. As we give up our need to control anything, we give into what is truly occurring for us through our natural body biorhythm and intelligence.

Our Mind, Heart and Root are merging as One column of White Light in the process of Ascension, and although this might confuse our perception at first, we are evolving and adapting to function in a new way ... as Beings of Unity! What are those new beginnings for You? What are You to surrender to make that happen for You naturally?

A lot of ascending Beings are feeling the path and the call of their Cosmic Beloved, which is the path of complete Self merge and Union on all multidimensional levels, and being met by an ultimate mirror in the physical form. Yes, the Beloved is also the path of Ascension, for they are not separate, but just as our body processes so many things during this process, so does the body of the other who is to be our Divine complement. 

This is my video on living as an enlightened Beloved:

That is why there are many preparations before the ultimate Beloveds meet and reunite. We all have many Soul mates and companions which share many beautiful Soul agreements with us, and these are not separate from our Union. In fact, these agreements are preparing us for the ultimate Beloved Union, and because in Truth there is no time, our Beloved journey is not a linear construct. It is an encoded organic process determined and orchestrated through our Life force, which is completely aligned with our Higher Cosmic knowing which knows the way.

If we feel guilty and want to judge our process so far in any way, we are not yet clearly seeing the bigger picture. We need to see the Beloved not just as our goal and something we must wait for, but our ascending destination as well. As we embrace every part of our preparation, we surrender the Divine orchestration to our Ascension team, our Angels and multidimensional guidance. We truly can surrender, for there is nothing that we will miss out on or do wrong.

Co-creating beautiful partnerships, friendships and alliances along the way is the right path for us, and will only get us closer to our ultimate Soul desire, the Core of the Beloved embodiment within ourselves and our physical experience with another. The more we surrender into it and enjoy our lives by always holding the sacred space for our Union, the more all will flow and happen through us naturally! There is absolutely nothing to worry about!

Many of us are transcending the old ideas and beliefs about relationships! We are moving towards the Scorpio Full Moon of Love and intimacy, which is all about the depth of Union. To become a Master of Love in Union is not about labeling our relationship experiences as "soulmate" or "twin flame", categorizing or obsessing over an idea ... it's beyond this! It is about mastering the Art of unconditional Love of the Beloved, for to embody the Cosmic Beloved is to embrace ourselves as multidimensional and infinite, with infinite Soul connections and associations.

As we embrace all of Life in Creation through embracing our inner wholeness, we will begin to see Life and Love much differently and old and rigid dogmas and ancestral patterns will begin to dissolve. The more free we become in Love, the more we transcend duality and the more Love we are capable of giving and receiving. The true experience of unconditional Love should feel like an infinite loop of Light and creativity, the cohesion of "upper" and "lower" in order to co-create a unified reality of Divine Love.

Here is my Light activation/meditation for our New Ascension cycle! Yes, we are becoming Gold!

We are currently clearing and healing the rigid pathways of Love that is conditional and contained, to make it free and flowing on a Human level of experience. What we know to be true as an Essence is descending into form. For that to become our reality, we will have to allow ourselves the Art of the Human experience and step beyond the threshold of what we think Love and relationships should be like. As we are changing in our density and form, our relationships are changing as well, which is inevitable and self obvious. The more free we are in how we Love, the more Cosmic Beloved we embody. And to walk this path is to know that every single Soul connection we are guided to create and experience, is already a part of our Beloved, it's not separate from it!

Becoming the Cosmic Beloved is not about seeking for the One and only, it's about becoming the One while embracing the All! The more Beloved we merge with and integrate from within, the more fulfilling our physical experiences become!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn 

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