Monday, January 11, 2016

The Year of Illumination & true Love

Dear Beloveds!

We have initiated a New year of a 9 Universal code of Wisdom, illumination and completion. Things will be coming together this year, as the number 9 carries the Wisdom of all the previous numbers, with a stronger emphasis on culmination and transcendence as well, just before that new beginning of an already integrated cycle preceding that which is yet unknown. The year of 2016 holds many potentials of even greater awakenings, but we need to step deeper into our Self mastery first, because that truly holds the key of aligning with the Universal code of this year. There are greater potentials for Love, Soul expansion and connections ... and also joining forces and working together as a Light Being group consciousness. What does this mean? As we begin our personal Mastery, we first have to complete and master the internal levels dynamics within our primal Soul connection, which we will then use for going deeper into relationships ... and this year is a lot about Divine partnerships of all kind, all in communion and devotion to Spirit first and foremost. I will be speaking more about this as the year progresses.

You can see my New Year's message here:

We are entering into a time of great possibilities in Love and partnership, for we have done so much Love integration and Now it feels like we are ready to also experience it on the outside! If we follow the voice of our Heart we always stay true ourselves and others! At times it may still feel like we have external duties and responsibilities that come first, and yet we are growing stronger in how we honor our Heart! As we will do so, all of the other things will align and magical opportunities will present themselves. How do we know this is so? There is no other way but to live it and allow life to show us this magical Truth as we surrender to Spirit and move deeper into our Soul embodiment! 

We have "healed" a lot of old wounds as we ascended our inner child into a new level of Being! If it feels like our dreams are coming true and yet a part of us might doubt that this experience is even possible, we can hold our Heart with our hands and ask it what it needs and what is our truth in this very moment. The Heart always knows, we simply need to step into our inner resolve and trust it fully, with all openness! We are Love and Love in its purest form is what this world needs the most! The body is adjusting to this process of Love integration slowly, and we need lots of Self compassion!

Here is my video on Cosmic Mastery:

The culmination of this journey began with the last Full Moon of the previous year, which fell exactly on the real Solar New year which we know as the Christ-Mass, the return of the Sun. We had the most powerful and beautiful Cancer Full Moon on Christmas day (11:11 UT)! It brought us a deepening of our Essence, as we are tuning into the feeling center of who we truly are as magnificent Beings of Source. We have been working a lot with the White Mother Light, the spiral of Spirit, and it's been amazing. 

There is so much Joy in our inner Magic, if we only allow ourselves to feel and experience it. We are here as the embodiment of Divine Love, and so we go on to spread our Joy of the connected and embodied Soul. For a few days all of the planets were moving in direct motion, which acts as a doorway/window of opportunity to move deeper into our New Now! Did You feel it???

We are moving into a new space where our expanded Soul consciousness will have an ability to integrate all of the New. We have been refining our personal Mastery throughout the last Alchemy year, and Now it's time that we gather all that has made us who we are today in the genuine Soul Essence, and leave all the rest behind, for it no longer fits us. If we feel like there is nothing more for us here, this only means that we have gathered all that is needed for us on this current level of Being, and that Now it's time to integrate it as we move deeper into our physicality as a Divine Being. 

The moment something no longer feels exciting or challenging for us, it's a signal that we are making room for more of the New, and that we have nothing to be afraid about as we take those guided steps into a space of the New unknown. We are Now ready to culminate in our personal year and become more of who we are as a Soul ... for there is always more! 

A lot of us are opening up to the depth and intensity of new levels of feeling, which is making us feel a lot more Life force as it flows through us. Simultaneously this can make us feel very vulnerable and exposed. The answer to this integration is not to hold back from these feelings, even if it feels like others might not understand us or follow our flow. 

The key is to find true acceptance within ourselves first, because in order for us to anchor this intensity with all the passion of our Soul, we need to first allow ourselves the pure expression of it. Love and intimacy on all levels are Key to our Ascension. Whenever we filter these feelings or water them down in order to please others or feel approved of, we block the purity of our untainted life force!

There are new waves of Love's intensity presented to those who wish to step up in their personal Ascension, and although a lot of it might come through in partnerships, we are still internally responsible for our personal integration. Whenever we feel deeply passionate and driven by something, it's actually our internal Life force giving us a signal that it's time to go ... Start or finish something that we feel drawn to! The answer to what this could be for us already lies in our Heart, we have nowhere to seek for it! We are asked to keep the intensity of our burning Love pure, for the Gift of loving with such passion and conviction is our biggest offering to All Life in Creation!

On our path as Ascension Pioneers, true lovers of All Life in Creation, we will have to be so very brave! Not everyone will love as passionately, intensely and brightly, with such care and devotion full of humble Presence, and yet we must not dim our Light due to fear and the need to belong! If we truly listen to our Hearts, Spirit already assures us that we are Home, in the Divine belonging of the Beloved. We are that Beloved, and all that we feel and experience in our life is a part of that Cosmic bubble of true Love! That Universal Love of the Mother Light is always within us, guiding our every step, overlighting our pathway into the infinite unknown! We are the caretakers of this world and all of its inhabitants, and we are the Lovers of Life! 

There are new ideas and connections coming our way, and although Mercury went retrograde on January 5th, followed by Jupiter very soon on January 7th, we are moving into a cycle of deepening. This is a cycle where we can really clarify and redefine our brand new vision of reality, for the Magic on the outside happens when our inner alignment is in tact! The deepening of inner Magic will bring to us new ideas and inspirations that are slowly revealing our brilliance! We might get intense glimpses into our future potentials and so Now is the time to also use Divine logic in how we will see them through!

Everything begins with that first step, and so we are beginning this New year full of enthusiasm which we will need to implement in a rational way as well, for our heart and logic can work miracles when combined in a mutual effort and companionship! There are waves of nostalgia and old desires coming up as well, so that we can restructure them in a new way. This is pure Soul alchemy, which is using the known components and skills in a new way in order to create new substances and ideals! Although the planets are moving retrograde, we are still charging ahead, for all in Creation constantly moves, creating in spirals of Light!

Although the communication planet Mercury is Now retrograde, this does not mean that we are not moving forward or that we are merely re-experiencing the past. It simply means that previously planted seeds of intention and manifestation are Now coming back to us, so that we can fully root and integrate them! We might be experiencing this as known and repetitive situations or people from our past returning, while in deeper Truth these are merely aspects of us that we need to take a deeper look into and integrate! We are asked to slow down, live life with deeper awareness and Presence, so that our actions are not lived carelessly but a deep focus for Life and everything that comes our way as a Divine opportunity!

Maybe there is something from our past that we have been trying to let go of, but we were doing it unnaturally and by force. Now we can take a deeper look into every motive behind our actions and see whether we are ready to let something go naturally because we outgrew it, or whether we are forcing our natural progression because we want to be somewhere else instead. When our Soul expansion is natural, our progress will be in flow and forward moving motion without goals or expectations. The more we observe our actions and those of others, the more present we become with Life, feeling behind the seen and moving into our truth! We are to keep our eyes open for all opportunities that will expand us even deeper!

The first lunation of the year reveals a lot about our year ahead, and this began with the Capricorn New Moon on January 9th/10th, right before the 11.1. code. This means that we will be guided into new expansions and manifestations that will come naturally, as we will learn to relax more and go with the flow! There is a great wave of new Light permeating us, which will make us want to complete some things and begin with something new. We might not fully know where we are going, and yet this is perfectly okay. As we will make perfect choices for ourselves in the present moment, everything will unfold for us naturally and through Divine Grace. 

Often we might feel like we don't have enough information to make the right choice, and yet our Heart's intelligence always makes the right choice based on the internal feeling which surpasses all the information and rational thinking. If we are being pulled towards something new, then we simply need to trust our higher Self, our heart and our gut. As we connect all of these into a White column of Light, we will be perfectly synchronized with the White Mother's Light, our infinite source supply of all knowing. At this time we are being asked to surpass the rational mind and trust the unfolding flow of the unique You-niverse that is us!
We are being asked to keep our Hearts open regardless of what's happening in our surroundings. As Mercury and Jupiter slow down, there will be things coming to the surface, and we will need to rise above it. The purpose of a humble servant of Life is the offering of Love in all ways and always. This does not mean that we have to force our love onto anything or anyone through force and with resistance. This simply means living in Love through the freedom of expression and building our fortress of power through Love, not control. As we allow ourselves to live in Love, we will also see through the actions and non actions of others, beyond all illusions and fears, which might initially feel like a separation from the rest, and yet in Truth it isn't so.

This simply means that we live from a much higher perspective than the collective, and yet feeling in Unity with all! The rising beyond anything or anyone does not make us feel more worthy, it simply makes us acknowledge that our source of all is internal, and that it's always Love. As we constantly tune in before tuning out, we will see deep improvements in the way we live and our acceptance of everything in deep compassion! This also includes saying 'No' to anything that does not belong in this sacred space of true Love ... We are powerful because we Love, for Love is all we are!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn 

P.S. Make your every step of this year so deeply present and aware! In deep Presence there is no need to hurry, for the timeless nature of our Being deeply feels in each New Now moment!