Sunday, January 17, 2016

Reflecting & expanding beyond the norm

Dear Beloveds!

We are still in a reflective period of Mercury and Jupiter retrograde. This was an intense week with so much deepening. Lately we may have shifted in vibration so much that some of the things and experiences have left our close energy field, including situations and people that we have previously resonated with. But the nature of Soul embodiment is such, that we always align with that which serves us and our personal evolution in the Now moment. In Truth, even seeming losses are victories, for they bring an energy opening that leads us into new energetic potential and personal development. As we rise up from the ashes of the old, we will be looking into new directions as we feel ready in our Heart. There is no forcing to this process, as it all unfolds so naturally through our Soul's guidance. We are becoming more aware of the fact that we are the only sovereign creator of our Reality that needs to choose and claim our personal timeline of Ascension!

Here is my video on that!

Vigor and success are ours, if only we are open enough to know there are no limits to our success, for our victories come from Soul, not the limited ego so blind with desire. True desires already lie in our Heart and are shown to us as whispers of the Soul, and so we need to develop the ability to truly listen. With the coming first quarter Moon, what do we wish to experience in this new cycle? What are our deepest dreams and what stands in the way of making them real? How may we close this gap and bring our desired future into the Now? Every sacrifice of the old will align us with something New, we simply need to have faith and will it so! The Key is living in the present and dreaming of the 'future', feeling into the endless potentials of Spirit!

A lot of us might be feeling a sense of a void and a total energy rewrite at this time. This is not because there is something wrong with us or because we are not on the right path. This is because many of us have reached the culmination of yet another cycle in our personal mastery and Soul evolution, and Now our physical body is getting ready for the next level of Soul embodiment. As we reach spiritual maturity on one level of our Being, the energy of our integration will neutralize and this is how we will know that we have completed the current cycle of advancement.

With each phase of culmination and completion comes a point of neutrality which creates a round circle around our current physical manifestation. If we feel like we are flying above it all or moving into a totally new space which feels completely unknown to us, this is definitely a sign that our energy is shifting and that a new Ascension level awaits us. These levels are like chapters of our multidimensional self on its journey back home, into the full Divine remembrance of our pure Essence! Don't fear taking that flight, because the New is already in sight! 

A lot of us have been through a rather tumultuous time with so many ups and downs, and although everything was chosen to deepen our Self Mastery, we are Now feeling a greater wave of calmness. We will begin to feel new waves of Divine guidance while receiving new messages. These messages will be directing us towards the beginning of a new chapter in our Ascension. The key is believing in ourselves, even when we don't understand why certain things are unfolding the way that they are. In Truth, we have explored the current potentialities and are Now being lead into new ones, with greater abundance, intimate connections and Heart loyalties. There are waves of new Light streaming into our life, and all we need to is allow this to occur.
The gentle balance of yin and yang energy will make this possible for us, and we will feel this new energy as much less needed effort for getting more done in Light, with more flow in our life. We will realize that the new energy embodiment and mastery is more effortless with a greater focus, and as we claim our personal Life force, it will co-create everything on our behalf. We will no longer feel like a tiny limited Human, but as One with the Great Life Force of Holy Spirit! Spending time in Nature and feeling Spirit in every thread of Life will attune us to this new frequency wave. There are messages in simply everything, and the more that we refine our receptivity, the more natural it will become for us to live in that pure Spirit connection!

As we are ascending, we are actually elevating the Human experience, so the Divine child ... the birth of Life in Creation! As we more deeply remember this path and calling of our already enlightened Self tending to our physical garden, we will be naturally guided to call out all the distortions that are a part of false belief systems, not our true Creation Self. Our Creation Self is pure untainted Love, and although as Humans we also experience duality, separation and pain, this is only so because on the deepest levels we are healing it and bringing back the pure Essence of Life into our physical embodiment. The highest service we can offer to anything or anyone is compassion, which means loving even when we are not loved in return and keep our Hearts open because we know that we are healing the false distortions through our Purity. The wounded healer in us knows how and why, we simply need to trust its guidance in each moment and keep going!

Our Love of Union within and without is the only real 'drug' that this planetary consciousness needs! 

Watch my video on the integration of Twin Soul Union:

As we are awakening and ascending, we are breaking through limiting ideas, beliefs and planetary distortions of the matrix, becoming more of the true Spirit Yogi that we are as an independent sovereign, a Being of its own yogic source. What this means is that our inner Fire of Life will begin to increase, and it will bring us new insight through the deeper reflection of our Soul. For that to occur, we need to create daily communion with the Soul. As we engage in practices like deep breathing, yoga and spending time in Nature in aware Presence, our Life force will begin to increase. We will find ourselves feeding with Light and answers more from within than the outside world. Our Ascension is basically the cultivation of Spirit Life force within our physical embodiment, so that this sacred alchemy will begin to reveal to us the mystery and the Magic of our inner Source.

We are here as the Source and with the Source simultaneously, for we are the creative offsprings that are completely independent in a way that we can work with energy and the mastery of it. The more we can master energy, the more Cosmic Wisdom will come through us, as this is a natural process of discovering the might of our Free Will in order to merge it with the Great Divine Will, the bigger picture of our Spirit Self! If we want to be truly free, we will first have to look at all of our limitations, for they hold the key to our expansion and advancement, out of the matrix and into the Purity of the Soul and the great Godhead! Each passing step will reveal a new Spirit initiation for us. The passions stirring deep within us are always taking us to new steps and awakenings! 

We are moving from shadow into light, and at this crucial point it becomes necessary to examine anything that still keeps us separate from our inner Union. There are so many veils of illusion that we all assign to by incarnating into this world, and yet this is not the same as needing to suffer. Anyone who believes that we need to suffer on this planet in order to evolve, is not embracing the potential for inner awakening and Ascension. To ascend is to remember who we truly are and then embodying it as the perfection of Divine Love. There are so many beliefs and stories around them that people still believe in, and yet there is also the potential of total liberation that is always there, and it begins by us claiming our personal sovereignty as a unique creator of our reality. As we no longer judge, blame or victimize, we will embrace a new Light into our Being, the Light of all Lights, the Unity Truth of our true Self, our pure Creation Essence. This Light is strongly pouring into the vessel of anyone who is ready for a complete surrender, rewrite and harmonization.

At this point, we are also facing anything that is faulty, egoic and therefore based on separation, for that all keeps us from our Union. There is so much we need to look into, from the greatest to most mundane things in our life, for they all hold the key and the seed for new opening to enlightenment. We are already an illumined Being in Truth, and so as we begin to examine and dissolve those veils, new visions of Truth will come. We will know what we know. We can even ask to see only with the Great Divine Eye of Truth! And so we allow all the rest to naturally dissolve as we invite on more of the Light of Unity! This is such an auspicious time, and so many are Now ready to see beyond the veils and embrace the Almighty Truth without any distortions.

This is how we integrate the inner and outer masculine and feminine Essence:

Too see as Spirit sees is such a Gift, and it is not just reserved for some ... Anyone can awaken and live in their true Cosmic Mastery, but we have to drop all the false garments first! Are You ready? Life will never be the same after that! 

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn