Monday, December 21, 2015

A journey into the New Earth

Dear Beloveds!

Welcome to the Journey into the New Earth! We are learning how it is to truly create our reality through our own Self mastery rather than external dictations and resources, which at times can feel like a rather challenging task, because in fact we are not ruled by external circumstances even when it feels as such. The more we resist that knowing, the more we will feel resistance in some way or form. The Truth is much deeper and more complex and it includes a whole array of various multi-layered ascending choices of Soul nature. The deeper we will go, the more will be released. So much is coming up at this powerful time, and the energy of these Holidays is meant for us to deepen our Self Mastery in deep reflection and Life review.

In Truth, everything is a Soul process that we are moving through as ascending Beings, and as we face so much of the old coming up to be released through finalized transfiguration flames, we might be tempted to judge these parts of us as if they are not "good enough" and see ourselves through the eyes of separation. Instead, let us take each experience as if it's meant for our Ascension, for it truly is ... whether we perceive it as difficult or bad. In Truth it just is and it's co-created with our Higher Self on a multidimensional level that we don't always mentally understand, but we can feel it.

This is a time of integration which is full of Divine potential to expand more and go deeper into the unknown, where the Truth of our Soul resides! Don't give up on yourself, for we are merely seeing aspects of us that are leaving us, so we need to stay in the position of a neutral observer and continue to breathe Love! This is an auspicious time to share reflections with each other, to deepen our bonds as Humans and to come closer in One Soul of Humanity! We are here to embody the kind of mirrors we wish to see in the world, to become the Essence of pure Love! The way forward is together! Let us Unite as One ascending Family of Light and walk a new pathway! More togetherness awaits us, so let's hold hands and dance together as One Cosmic Family! This is to Be our pure and genuine Holiday focus!

The Sagittarius New Moon activated a huge new wave of inspiration, which is Now coming to us in the form of new opportunities that can present themselves as new ideas, ways of Self expression and just seeing things in a new way! Our communication center is expanding and because of that our communications are Now brighter, harmonious and clearer, we can communicate with a Heart wide open without feeling burdened or overwhelmed by external circumstances, surroundings or other people! We are able to trust our inner guidance much more, and we see the importance of not just listening but also following our Divine guidance! 

We are moving towards the Full Moon in Cancer that is with us on Christmas day exactly, with Uranus also moving direct the next day. This is a time of action based energy which is sprouting new life and creating a new vital force to reinforce everything that we are taking with us as we approach the Solstice gateway, which is a true New year in a Cosmic sense, whilst the new year that we officially celebrate resonates with us more on an energy level!

This is a time where we can truly culminate and complete everything that we feel driven towards, and let go of those things that we have simply outgrown! We also don't need to rush forth, we simply need to trust the current waves of inspiration and listen to the subtle communication of our Soul! We are feeling more authentic than ever before, leaving the fears, burdens and hardships of the past stories behind! After all, we are not our stories ... We are magnificent beings of Creation and there is no better time to create than Now! A new gateway was opened during the 12-12 and it is leading us towards a new year of greater vision and clarity! When we know what we want, we also know how we will attain it, for our Soul will guide us every single step of the way! All is perfection!

Many of us are being awakened from our sleep, and although we are undergoing a period of Winter on the northern hemisphere, something fresh is beginning for us. We are inspired to take action and instigate change on all levels of our Being! This was an intense time for many of us and yet Now is not a time to quit or give up on the things that are truly dear to our Hearts! Something wants to push through and we may feel called to rest and reflect before instigating those very important changes! Old ways of thinking no longer apply on the level of vibration which we are choosing for ourselves. It is time for this return from the "underworld" although our bodies might be quite exhausted from all this integration and cellular change! We had some Earth directed Solar flares recently that once again coincided with a strong releasing/purging wave that is bringing us closer to our true Self.

We need to trust the current thrust of our guidance because we are connected to higher intelligence in our Heart and we know it! We can always connect to the Divine masculine seed of Light that inspires that Light of Creativity! No more procrastinating, for the time of implementation has come!

A lot of us have recently undergone major DNA restructurings that resulted in body symptoms and changes such as an 'Ascension flu' and other transfigurations! This deeply cleanses us and helps our crystalline form to come and merge with our bodies which will function kn a new way. These changes are subtle but when we live in awareness we will surely notice them. Any unpleasant body changes are actually a part of this Light DNA alteration and knowing this makes us embrace them with Love and excitement! We want to be more in the body for that is how our Light Presence brings light into the cells, re-patterning the old.

We are no longer our old selves, for we have changed profoundly, and so our mirrors and life reflections have also changed. We have created a new sacred space for living our reality and the changes will only magnify with time. We are more like happy Divine children every day and can express our joy in new ways, knowing that to Be joyful is our biggest gift to the world, serving all with loving awareness. Are you ready to jump for Joy?

We already celebrated the third Advent week and the Angels are ready to share a beautiful message with all of us! The Holiday time is not meant as an external thing but an internal passageway of reflection, preparation and playfulness as we are embracing all that we have been activating and integrating all year long! We are also saying goodbye to many things so we needs lots of patience and tolerance! This is mostly the time to be with the Self and our family and do all that we truly love, whatever that is! Holiday stress through all the hustle and bustle of the matrix can only be created when we look at the nature of reality through external glasses and false beliefs! The Ancients celebrated this time as an important gateway and a culmination, not materialistically ... and so we need to know that to go within and do things of Soul rather than go without and do things of the mind.

Our Souls have an immense opportunity to replenish us during this peaceful Holiday time, but we need to make conscious choices to spend this time the way we truly want to and exchange our energy only with that and those we truly feel guided and inspired to! Old dogmas and traditions no longer apply for Ascension Pioneers, so it's time to invent new ones and know that our true family and belonging Home is within our Heart! We can do what we truly want to, for the Holiday time is our time, not the time of external 'demands', for in Truth they are not real. The biggest gift we can give to ourselves is creating moments of Soul bliss, having fun and nurturing ourselves! Our dreams will come true much faster when we will choose ourselves over all the external happenings,

These are intense times, of both released sorrow and a newfound joy! We are asked to call in our Angels and work with them in loving cooperation! So much is shifting and this can feel intense and make us feel tired or overwhelmed, but as we trust the process we know that it's all for the greater good of our Soul and that the slates are being cleared! No matter what is happening, our innocence is not lost as it never can be. It can be submerged and forgotten, but we have all the power and courage to bring it back into full embodiment! A proper amount of rest and contemplation will show us where we are still fighting inner battles instead of trusting Life and the primal Creation force of Spirit!

Sometimes we need to come to the edge only to be forced into change, but we can also do it in a gentle way. We can work with the available Angelic support and become soft and live in flow! Whenever we are not in flow we will feel stressed and out of sync, and as our vibration continues to rise, we will feel this inner resistance that wants to release even more! Something within is desperately calling for a release and a deepening of Self Love, for as we love ourselves we can love All! The old patterns need to go, so that we can live a life of free will and sacred initiative, in the Holy Trinity of sound, light and breath! We can then fully become the embodiment of our true Selves!

You know, we can never fully have enough Self Love, for it expands just as we do ... More awareness requires more Self Love and vice versa! We have been so deeply squeezed this year and so we might feel tired due to all that purging and processing the old. But we are at a threshold where we can no longer fight ourselves and continue with inner battles of the limited self that is based on old projections! We wish to be free, for we are Cosmic butterflies living the constant law of transformation and change! We are ready to break free from this old cocoon and become who we truly are as Beings of Love, wisdom and power! It's time for me to make a really important big decision and change and as scary as it might seem to the limited mind, it's deeply necessary for the Soul! We shall break free and become Gods and Goddesses of the New Earth!

We are receiving so much Light information at this time, and my recent "Ascension flu" has been a real purging experience, for after this period so much more New is coming through me, understanding, crystallization and direction of what next and how to proceed ... as well as what will change. I was sitting (and recording the Ascension update videos) in Nature for hours, despite the Winter cold ... and I suddenly heard words: "Big changes next year, big changes!" So many of us feel this and we are becoming aware of just how much our Ascension is a multidimensional experience ... we are here on Earth and yet we are passing our Ascension initiations on all levels, all realms ... simultaneously.

I will begin next year with an extensive course on the nature of Multidimensional Ascension ... which I shared more about in my most recent Ascension update. Stay tuned for more and feel all the Cosmic shifts we are moving through this time ... it's intense but amazing ... I AM almost overwhelmed and overloaded with all that is coming through, so it's perfect for this Holiday season to unplug, rest and tune into the subtle Realms of Illumined Truth. It is time we step aside and release control so that our Spirit Self will take the lead and guide our way into the Age of Truth! 

Here is my latest Ascension update:

The Holidays are here and for many of us this is a time of deepening all that is sacred, which is All of Life's Presence. I got a very clear Spirit guidance on what to create within the Light of the New and I hope You are with me as well, for our deepened Light focus is much needed at this time! We are learning to move beyond the words and images as we step into the Power of Pure Essence. The time between the December Solstice (our energetic new year reset) and Christ-Mass is our actual energetic New Year and it's important to be truly present and observant during that time. The Light rises in an important Cosmic intention during that cycle and we can co-create a New way of Being by tuning into it as well, through our personal Self Mastery. We are seeding a new template of our Being, so it's important to utilize working with Essence in Holy Trinity (sound, light and breath) more than anything else.

Choose wisely and the Holiday cheer will be bestowed upon You so simply and easily! Saying goodbye to 2015 during this Holiday season! We are warping things up and culminating! This was a challenging year but so juicy and full of refined mastery! I wouldn't change a thing, what about You? Surrender yourself into the Magic of the Holiday season and go deeper within to what it truly means on your Soul level ... just for You. No others, no external ... YOU! Then take the steps to gather that initiative of following your Heart! Blessed Be!

And here is a Holiday challenge for all of us if You feel inspired and called to participate! Every passing day between the Solstice and Christ-mass we will create a vibrational altar of sacredness that can constitute of simply anything we are guided to use (oracles, mandalas, art, nature gifts, water, etc.) for the energy of each day! It can be as big or small as we want, what matters is our conscious Presence and participation with it through the Light of Spirit infusion. 

This means no words and readings are necessary, just feeling the energy ... Pure Essence of Soul! We will leave the altar to stay each day and amplify its energy Essence through a deepened focus in meditation and remove it to create a new one the next day, imagining the amplification of our Soul's expansion as well. As we use the Holy Trinity of sound, light and breath, we will create a strong Essence of Wholeness, which means that after each meditation (which lasts all day long, not just when we sit to meditate) we might be compelled to sing, dance and create something. This raises the frequency into pure Joy of expanding Soul.

The importance lies in Being with that Essence the whole day and then interconnecting (and multi-layering) all the upcoming Essences that we will personally work with as they come through us. Working with Creation Pillars goes beyond all words and images!

Watch the video for more detail: 

We are Love, Wisdom and Power ... sound, light and breath! We are Cosmic and we are expanding beyond the norm.

Are You with me? I hope You will participate!

My sacred vibrational altar images will be shared daily on my Instagram page here:

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Connect with us as a group of Ascension Pioneers!

It's time to make all sacred and truly tune in and listen!!!

Love to All!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

P.S. Ascension Pioneers and Serapina Light are going on a short holiday break, a much needed Soul retreat! Spirit messages and Ascension guidance will continue after New year!!!